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Welcome to /x/ - Paranormal. This is not a board for the faint of heart. If you need something to get started with, see the below lists for some basic resources. We hope you enjoy your venture into the spooks, the creeps and the unknown.

The resources in this thread are not exhaustive and are merely meant for beginners to get their footing.

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Red Pill Me On Extraterrestrials

Alien meta physics 2
Any and all information will be appreciated.
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What are /x/‘s favorite creepypastas and ARGs?

Seems like there hasn’t been any good new content in forever and I’m looking to get spooked.

Here’s my god tier list:
>Abandoned by Disney
>Ananisi Goatman Story
>BEN Drowned
>Candle Cove
>Cervine Birth
>Charlie Noonan’s Last Photo
>Dionaea House
>The Grifter
Yeah, it’s meme tier now like Jeff the Killer, but it got to me when I first read the posts.
>Lavender Town Syndrome
>Local 58
>Mereana Mordegard Glesgorv
>No-End House
>Normal Porn for Normal People
>Obey the Walrus
Could be real...?
>The Russian Sleep Experiment
>Sad Satan
>Search and Rescue Woods
>Smile Dog
>The Sun Disappeared
>Ted the Caver
>Username 666
>You Live Here

Shit tier:
>Dead Bart
>Jeff the Killer
>Squidward’s Suicide
>This House Has People in It
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The Way Forward - Brink of Awakening on the Horizon

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Post /x/ approved movies
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I've come across owls in the woods and they always seem to coincide with periods of silence, like they have the ability to silence a forest or critters are scared into total silence by them. has anyone else experienced this or have any owl stories?
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stones (1)
i know nothing about stone/gem/crystal but i just randomly bought the three in the pic.

can you tell me what are them, how to cleanse them charge them, if they are associated with specific things or specifi chackra, and good material to read to know more ?

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/omg/ - occult magic general

Frittata edition.

Ape's library:!AE5yjIqB!y7Vdxdb5pbNsi2O3zyq9KQ

Previous thread:

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Post 9th circle/pizzagate stuff
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Are the human being a sub-annunaki?
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Nephilim in Far Cry New Dawn.

Why does the PC game Far Cry New Dawn have giant humanoid creatures in it? Are they Nephilim? Why have this in a post-apocalyptic game? It almost looks like a mutated angel, but it's huge. The hands alone were as big as a human character's legs.
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Baalbek thread.

How did they made this blocks?
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Hey, /x/, What's some of the scariest, crazy, shit you've experienced?
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My God, the Earth IS flat!
>pic is Chicago skyline seen from Lake Michigan
>supposedly mirage
>well, it's not
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a re interpretation of genesis

God said don't eat of the tree or you shall surely die, he made our bodies from dust and breathed the breath of life into him...
now read that again: Dust. bodies of dust. our bodies were not flesh they were dust. our original form was dust. dust does not die. it was some other thing other then flesh, then the serpent tricked them into eating the tree of the knowledge of good and evil: this tree was not arbitrarily named obviously nor was it a plant. Tree has two definitions. The Hebrew interpretation is the "melding of good and evil." once man ate from this tree, their eyes were opened, implying a revelation of their own actions. It was only after eating the apple god gave people skin. I don't know if skin and sin rhyming is a coincidence or not, but it makes sense. the flesh brings about limitations to the soul. Instead of being pure energy controlling a broader spectrum of molecules our spirit is confined to the subscribed physical form till we get too powerful for it to contain, as it fades our consciousness grows. I don't know what the dust was, maybe bone, maybe just matter itself, but the image of god in the visible sense disappeared with the cycle of death brought about through the apple. adam eventually died, and by dying, he became what he was before: dust. Why live, x?
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Greentext/Scary Story Thread

Creepypasta Plague Doctor
I'm gonna start up a scary greentext thread, if anybody is interested.
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The Impossible.

Post here if you want to be part of the impossible.
(note you are willingly opening your body up to a global chain link service with the main function of achieving "The impossible")
a few notes to know you should be here
- 18-24 yrs
- overactive imagination
-depressed or other form of mental anguish
-obsession with unlucky numbers 13 , 9 ,1 etc
- an unnatural urge to walk off into caves/ wilderness
posting here will be a battery for us to achieve realistic improbabilities. share your soul
release your heart.

[linked those from previous thread who matched the criteria the clusters are now 3 in number and running efficiently]
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Astral Projection / OBE Thread

Okay so I've been attempting this for the past few days and every time I can only get to the stage where my body is numbish and can feel tingly sensations throughout my body and hear a soft white noise. Except last night I thought I felt the pop along with a feeling of floating and brightness but I must've fucked up somehow because I didn't leave my body. Is it possible to fail after feeling/hearing the pop or was that not it? Also I was surprised by how exhausting the whole process is, makes it hard to do several attempts in one night.
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Potao duck
I saw the numbers 102 and 45 in a dream.

Does anyone know what this could mean?

I was getting told about a system of making a city or some shit that can support humanity and the numbers 102 and 45 kept on coming up.

It was something like making a house or living quarters and that 45 people could fit in there. The number 102 was somewhere in there but I forgot

Pic unrelated c
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Cyber Magick 2

Hello /x/, I'm here again to practice cyber-magick using the cipher I have created.

Now, I know I missed some of you in the last thread [and let me just say, how interesting is it that it was not archived -- but deleted?] I made the mistake of saying I would create a spell for as many people as possible. This time however? I will make 7 spells, for 7 people.

>how do they work
Gaze upon them, save them to your computer and look at them occasionally. The changes will manifest gradually.

You could if you want, masturbate or do something fun while "charging" them, it helps.

>how do I read it
If you know what it says, it won't work.

>how do I break the spell if I don't want it anymore
you must personally decode the spell created for you.

I refuse to write any spell that would bring any being to harm; or any spell that would disrupt freedom of will; or any spell that would influence death; or any spell that would influence love.

I will choose whose spell to write based on who seems to need it the most, here is what you must give me
>Thine name
>Thine request
>background as to why you feel you need a spell for this
>gaze upon my cipher for 30 seconds
>tell me from a scale of 1-5 how hard you want it to be to decode your cipher should the need arise
>Know that if you ever need to decode but cannot, you will have to summon me. usually I'm in /div/
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Werewolf dream

>have dream about being a werewolf
>wake up
>remember dream
>welp, full moon must be coming up
>check moon phase
Anyone else know this feel?
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/lm/ - Lost Media general

Welcome to the first lost Media general!

This will be the replacement for /saki/. All Lost Media discussion is welcome
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spoopy face
What spooky shit is out there in space, /x/?
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Kundalini gone wrong

Anyone have experiences with Kundalini meditation done incorrectly that resulted in less-than-desired side effects? New an acquaintance that did some meditation and induced some panic attacks on themselves for quite some time due to what I suspect was incorrectly done Kundalini meditation.
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The Torah does not point to Christ--it points to the opposite

How can Christians believe Christ is the messiah when he does not meet the criteria for the messiah outlined in the Torah? The Torah says that the messiah will be a military leader, accepted by Israel, who wins a war, personally survives, and reigns physically over a Kingdom in Israel. Jesus Christ on the other hand was not a king of anything, and was executed by the Romans shortly before the Romans destroyed ancient Israel, leaving no Kingdom remaining at all. It's not even certain that Christ had the Davidic pedigree needed for the messiah.

Everything in the Old Testament prophesies a messiah who is the exact opposite of Christ. The Torah, the OT, points you away from Jesus Christ. There is no way to believe in the OT while also believing in Jesus Christ. The two are completely incompatible.
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>when you meditate for 5 minutes
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If, after reading the entirety of what I have written, you are not struck with the irony of my even having begun its construction then I will have failed in my quest. I could nearly use the word ramble instead, because I understand the futility of what I'm attempting to do. If I'm being honest, the true purpose is boredom. I write this with as much purpose as the flame of a candle has for its dance. The flame dances of itself.

The goal of these words is to bring, in no uncertain terms, an initiation of the reader into the what can only be called the End of Knowledge. This deepest of truths has not been hidden, though appearances deceive one to believe it has. In fact, once it is known to the Initiate, it is so plainly obvious that they often wonder what took them so long.

It should be said that this knowledge does not convey anything of value to those who posses it. It is not magic in that you will not suddenly gain some control over your material existence by your understanding of it. If you are reading this for any other purpose than pure curiosity then I urge you to turn away now. Additionally, those who have been initiated into this knowledge, myself included, often experience a refractory period in which they experience a sort of trauma with which they must learn to cope. Now is the time to look elsewhere for entertainment if you do not wish to experience discomfort. I say this not to create an err of mystery in order to pique your curiosity, I say it as a genuine warning.

The End of Knowledge is known to relatively few. Some of these people live in solitude, others lead normal lives. Many are famous. The End of Knowledge was known to Albert Einstein, Hegel, Emerson, Thoreau, Giordano Bruno, Spinoza, Jung, Tesla, Walt Whitman, Beethoven, Goethe, Carl Sagan, and Alan Watts. There are many thousands of others. You have undoubtedly met Initiates and perhaps even one or more those we call Adepts.

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When did you realize Myst universe was real in a memetic sense?
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I'm probably asking the wrong board, considering most of you are fucking nuts, and if what I'm observing is true, maybe it isn't wise for me to be so vocal, but,

has anybody else noticed most everybody is acting fucking weird today? everybody I know is cold and distant, unresponsive, it's strange. people are giving me cold, black stares and family is not responding to texts. It's like people are going to sleep.

the fuck is going on
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It finally happened.
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Are there any SCPs that are 100% original? Like, not based on pre-existing artwork?
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the 'quiz bus'

does anyone else remember that 'quiz bus' that came to your school in the late 90s?
i remember from primary school (ausfag), this bus used to come to our school once a year... it was plain white on the outside with white coverings on the windows, and on the inside it was covered with dark felt/carpet, making it almost pitch black inside.
it had a row of about 8 PCs in a line in the middle (2 rows of 4 PCs facing each other).

they would select different groups of 8 kids from the school and take us inside to answer a computer quiz/test..
the quiz would show us random images and ask what emotion we felt, or which emoji face best represented our feelings.

i remember one part of the quiz showed a blurry red shape and asked us if it gave a 'positive', 'negative', or 'neutral' response.
the next photo revealed that it was literally a blurred puddle of blood and asked what for our response again...
that memory alone creeps me the fuck out, how is that appropriate for primary school children ever?

it was not that harold the giraffe bus (pic related), but it was similar with the dark carpet/felt interior, and it came to our school at around the same time.. (i think i remember seeing the harold bus, and the plain white bus parked together once, but there was also a dentist bus that came to our school).
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The strangest things that’s ever happened to me.

I’m 20 years old now, but around the time I first got my license I started having to drive back home late at night from work.

My parents lived really far out in the country so it’s pitch black at night out there (Wisconsin, USA).

I was the only car on this rural bluff/hill that only locals really go on to get home. I’m driving up a large bluff that’s forested and at the top are a bunch of dark vehicles parked on both sides of the road. I would guess at least 10.

As I drove up, and got closer they all peeled out and dispersed like a convoy. I would say half zoomed in my direction down the hill and half zoomed the other way. It was clear that they were very organized.

Till this day I still do not know what they were up to. It was just a weird situation.

What are your thoughts?
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Edward Keitel

Last night, I had a weird dream. Normal shit happened, but for about a minute, it became fixated on a man named Edward Keitel (1831-1936), a lightskin black man who escaped slavery and became a notorious criminal and later a top associate of the Italian mafia, who was killed by a police officer after raping and killing a prostitute and attempting to dispose of her body. The motherfucker lived to be 105 years old, yet the only available picture of him was a mugshot from 1924 where he was arrested for murdering a close friend of the governor's and was found not guilty. The strange thing is, he looked to be no more than 30. His face looked to be that of Septic Tank Sam's, but with more caucasian features and a Shaun King mustache, and he was positioned like 6ix9ine in pic related. Then, my dream went back to normal. I have a feeling that this was a real man and that his existence has been covered up to prevent us from discovering something bigger.
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Anybody can give me information about the Urmah? (Feline-Humanoid)
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Does anything truly exist beyond the grave, /x/? People who have had their brains shut down all say the same thing, that they felt nothing, they don't remember anything. Is it true that there's really nothing after this? I can't even comprehend it. I was never afraid of death until it came to me in a dream, and I'll never forget that crushing feeling, the absolute certainty that it was all over. There can't just be nothing, right?
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What is the "higher self" to you?
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/div/ - divination general

Welcome to Divination General!

Come here for readings and discussion of theory/practice

Every method is welcome: Tarot, Runes, Cartomancy, Scrying, Pendulum, Cleromancy, I-Ching, Tasseomancy, etc.

>If you're NEW, please READ the STICKY:

>Guides made by some of our readers:
Rustig wrote this to help beginners on how to choose a deck and start with the tarot:

Thoth, made his own tarot and rune guide:

The Reader's MEGA resources and notes:!N89xXQyB!c2-6SZdI-mgdVavD4MQL7Q

Hijink's re-re-revised divination guide:

>Some useful tips before posting:
-If you're a reader post that you're offering readings and what information is required from the querent; same goes for trading.
-Look for their posts in the thread to determine if there's an active reader, what's needed and before posting, check if they finished reading already;
-Some readers will refuse to do certain readings - respect that choice.
-Traders should respect that a traded read will be granted, as per an agreement of a trade. Free readers have the options of picking their queries.
-Bullshit queries will get bullshit answers;
-Making an air query (not addressing a reader in particular) is possible but doesn't guarantee an answer;
-Avoid making the same question over and over and/or to different readers in a short period of time, as this may lead to more confusion than clarification;
-Please refer to the Dream General threads for dream interpretation
-Provide feedback when applicable. We're a growing community, and many readers are starting.
Let's help each other to improve.

Previous Thread: >>22215823
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/sspg/ - Secret Space Program General - Moscovium edition

Previous /sspg/ threads on /x/

This time topic of /sspg/: moscovium reactors in ET spacecraft. For good info, distance your perception from what MSM is telling you.
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Doing dream interpretation Part 127 on /x/

What I need from you:
>Feeling during dream
>Lucid? (yes or no)
>Type ?
>Dream itself

Type: In order to give me the best occurence, i will now set it to types:
Type A: Dream happened during your normal sleep shedule
Type B: Dream during a Nap
Type C: Nightmare only half or an hour into sleep (30-60 minutes)
Type D: Nightmare in the middle of the night (4+ hours)
Type E: Nightmare after normal sleep and you wake up in the morning with it. (6+ hours)

If you swear or you use any memes in this thread, you will be ignored.

Do not beg for being read.

Be nice, stay classy and pray.
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Jesus for adults.


The gnostic Jesus answers questions in a deeply thoughtful, and intelligent way. He also says things that imply that merely forming tribal ideological gangs and telling out-group members they’re going to hell is not the path and the way.

Don’t let the hateful, judgmental, spiritually lazy, and bigotted religious mobs turn you away from the truth. Our actions matter, we are the instruments a force that wants to help us help ourselves and each other if we just listen.

The truth belongs to no group or human, it is self evident and for all, and it never ever stops trying to reach you through brand new speakers (pic related).

Take charge of your own impulses and emotions for good, and truth will find you as you it.
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Vampire thread

No vampire thread? Let's make one.

This thread is about the blood succing immortal creatures.
>Vampire enthusiasts welcome
>Vampirologists welcome
>Vampire hunters welcome
>Vampires welcome
>Psychic "vampires" not welcome

Last thread: >>22202395
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Black demons, Parasites and Alcoholism

I have a recovering alcoholic friend who is plagued by black figures and entities. They are almost like mental parasites that attack him when he is mentally and spiritually weak.

Any information out there on this? How to get rid of them?

>inb4 stop drinking
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No title

>>22229860 (last post)

I have to go now. But if people are more interested in their reptilian heritage or just talk with a reptilian i will leave my instagram account here. I'm trying to be very care of this. I will post again. Thank you all for listen to me. All the answers will be response.

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No title

I am becoming more and more convinced in the preexistence of the soul, previous lives, reincarnation and so on.

If this is true, then it means that I myself have lived before and should be able to remember it. I know that there have been very well documented cases of children (and other people but manly children from what I read) remembering past lives spontaneously, but my question is: is there any sort of deliberate practice that will help me be able to "remember" my past lives, or any in-depth literature on the subject?

Thank you to whoever helps.
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AI generated human faces

corroborates the idea of organic portals
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Lost video

Hello 4chan. You ever heard about video palochnicom? According to legend, this video was shot in Russia. Guys from one group were able to establish that it may have been filmed in the city of Perm. But the video suddenly disappeared around 2012. They said that it could be seen on YouTube earlier. Leaving only the screens with this video. Anyone have any ideas? Has anyone seen this video?
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NPCs are God's vessel

So you think you are sexy and special because you ares a Playable Character? but what does that means?

You accept your player's commands, your player know how to act in that world but he didnt design that, he barely knows that world, he is a entity of other layer, the meta, with his own desires but limited to the laws of the game unless he knows how to hack.

However the NPC accept the game's commands, commands coming from the game dev, one of the real oniscient beings of that game with actual power to create and modify that world that you live, he can change the laws and change the npcs dialogues, but your player cant do shit.

So which one is the vessel for something more godlike?
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I believe in you

I know you can be better than you were before, I know you are capable of doing great things, I believe you can let yourself become what you dream.

Trust yourself, love life, live
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No title

earth's magnetic field surface : .25 gauss
in the core : 25
bermuda triangle : 25 degrees
north atlantic ocean : 25 ( lat + long x 3)
christmas : 25
day out of time : 25.7 (mayan calendar)
terrawatt facility: 5625 fox ave reno
: UTM 11S 252612
ALL THE 25's in pi
FBI facebook page url: 7209-25-91211
pentagon FB url : 10841713-25-119-43
P (in GPX EBCDIC) : 0050-215
9119 div 360 = 25.3305555'6
911 div 360 = 2.5305555'6
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UFO Shot down near Blackwood - 3 aliens captured - 1 alien on the loose

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hearing voices

why do the doctors say people who hear voices are crazy? wouldn't they need to prove that the brain can create sound all by itself, for that conclusion to be valid? what if they're hearing media broadcasts or phonecalls?

also, they say some people hear voices no one else can hear, but is that true if other people hear voices too?

what sounds are created because of harmonics in the audio spectrum?

what about telepathy? military radio? taxi and police radio? public radio?

are they saying our brain can't decode radio waves and hear them as a voice in our head?
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No title

If there Is a false light,
Wouldn't it be safe to assume there is a false darkness?
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Info Graphic Dump

Kabballah Supreme
Any and all information will be appreciated.
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Weird, disturbing websites

Anything weird and disturbing. Anything with AI involvement or makes you ask, "for what purpose does this site exist?"
0 images | 17 replies

Weird, Influential Media you Remember

haunted tv bwg sm
ever watched any videos or read anything, or heard something weird on the radio that captivated you and made you really wonder about it? anything strange happen that stuck with you for years?
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Mandela moments

dude why won't it turn on
You know I don't even believe in this crap, but I swear to God the last time I read some Lovecraft (June last year) his middle name was still Phillip, like I always remembered it, not Phillips. Weird.
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People Hidden in Photographs

One of my biggest fears is taking a photograph and finding out later you weren't alone, that someone you weren't aware of at the time of the photograph was there with you. It's a bit irrational because if you have the ability to check the photo later, obviously nothing happened to you, but it's still very scary. The fact that you might've been being watched and not know it is the part that scares me. Post more photos that meet this criteria (I don't know how to google this).
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No title

I've been a practicing mage for 7 years now. Magic has always been intuitive for me but last night was something else. I'll start with a little backstory first.

I met my first irl energy vampire between 2013-14. Dude has studied energy work and reflexology and had sensed my strong aura. He was a benevolent vamp that told me what he was, asked if he could vamp me, and would never vamp if I was sick or weak. Being the curious young mage I was I let him and observed that he truly was a good person but happened to be addicted to energy vampirism. I learned a bit from obsersving his methods and eventually went out and applied it to people at the bar when I would drink. I learned how to not only vamp energy but how to give it as well. I began dumping drunk onto my friends as a joke so I could sober up.

Fast forward to today, 2 years after my bar vamping days. I went out last night on the prowl for some irl roastie sandwich, drank when I struck out, smoked a cig, and headed home. I knew I was lowering my vibration but I thought why not. At around 7am this morning I was visited by a succubus in my dream who took the form of the first pornstar I ever found who was my favorite. Ive had one dream succubus encounter before years ago and it sucked out energy through the kiss. This succubus tried the same tecnique however subconscious dream me is apparently woke af and he applied the same technique right back. She left me upset and dry. Fastforward a few hours later, I'm telling my close friend who's into the occult as well. He had a succubus dream right after me with the same form as mine and he's never seen this pornstar before.

Ask an aspiring succubus hunter anything your heart desires.
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Lilith/Succubus thread

Continued from >>22159908.

Unanswered question from that thread: Can Lilith turn me into an incubus?
29 images | 179 replies

No title

large (1)
How do i know that theres something/one else in my mind ?
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I have seen the aliens

They look like a flesh version of wall-e’s and have left their print in our world plus in the sky (if you have the right eye) ama
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prayer thread

many of you have fallen into satans trap. come and pray with me. tell me your problems and i will pray to the lord for you. please pray for me too.
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Noah's Ark Is The Matrix

A simulation that we fled into to escape some kind of catastrophe on the higher plane. Every being that got led into the ark had a counterpart of the opposite sex, which is a metaphor for soulmates, or your literal other half (remember, duality is omnipresent) outside this reality. The rainbow in the story symbolises the creation of color, which you can only experience in this lower plane. That's why stories like the Wizard of Oz depict the fantasy world in vibrant color, while the real one is monochrome, grey. So what exactly was "the flood"? Who was "Noah"? Was the ark a trap, maybe even a prison of some sort? Did we get tricked? Who exactly is the demiurge?
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redpill me on skinwalkers /x/, i've lived in tucson/mesa in arizona for most of my life and i've never even heard mention of them
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No title

I dont think any of you realize how predictable you all are youre all worthless animals who are way too under evolved to be this self interested.
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Jesus is Satan is Saturn is Mithras is Dagon

What do you guys think about the theory presented in this video:
3 images | 24 replies

No title

stasn dosnt lire for once
Does Satan even have a chance at defeating god ?
4 images | 26 replies

The pope won't fly over Kansas

Apparently, Stull cemetery in Kansas is one of the 7 portals to hell. It's said satan uses it regularly, and the pope orders his jet to fly around it.
Where the other 6?
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I believe I've just experienced something paranormal. For context, I'm 22, finished college and moved out of a shitty apartment and into a real house. The rent was super high, so I called up some friends who also lived in shitty apartments to split the rent with. They agree.
About three months after we settle in, I notice my phone goes missing assume it's one of my housemates, we'll call him Whalebro because he's super fat. He has a habit of borrowing stuff without asking. When I confronted him Whalebro denied it.
"I swear Anon, I've been in my room all day, how could I have stolen your phone." Luckily I took the liberty of installing security cameras in the house. I check the cameras and see Whalebro was right. He was in his room the whole day. Naturally, I think it was one of my other housemates. One of them was playing resident evil downstairs all day. We'll call him Spookybro because he's interested in scary shit. My other housemate Gymbro who spends a lot of time at the gym is out taking his girlfriend to a movie. So who the fuck took my phone.
Flash forward five days, I finally manage to set up my new phone when I notice something behind a bookcase that was there when we moved in. I move it and notice a crawlspace. I open the door and decide to take a picture of it to show my bros.
I can't take them to it because Spookybro and Gymbro are going to a movie, and Whalebro is visiting his parents in New York for the weekend.
I take a picture and notice something weird.
I can clearly see the inside of the crawlspace, but my phone picture shows the crawlspace entrance being solid black. I debate on whether to enter or not, eventually, I give in to my curiosity and crawl inside. I don't see any blatantly ghostly stuff, but I do see my old phone, as well as other missing stuff. At first, I thought it was an intruder, but there was no stolen food, water, or money, plus an intruder couldn't survive in there because the only exit was blocked by a bookcase for 3 months.
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False awakenings

Hey /x/ can someone explain the reasons why i have very commonly so many false awakenings and multilayered dreams? The dreams have always same pattern and i can remember the part of the dreams very well. Usually the dreams which i see have this same exact pattern:

> Flinch and realize i'm late from somewhere
> take bike and start cycling to place x
> Day goes normally with few exceptions like people who are in real life complete jerks being nice
> Start cycling back to home
> There's this huge hill which i have to always go over
> midway to that hill suddenly the atmosphere changes, i can feel how darkness decends
> I get exhausted because the hill keeps getting more steeper when i'm getting closer to the end of the hill
> i give up and try to go downhill but as soon as i turn the downhill changes to the same hill as what i just tried to ride up
> i'm trapped and can't get out
> soon darkness covers all my surroundings and i feel cold.
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No title

Pics ayy
19 images | 20 replies

what's the title ?

where this come from ? is it a book ?
do you know the name?
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Can someone help me interpret this dream ?
I had the weirdest and bloodiest dream last night. I was a passenger in a car with my siblings and a relative driving back home at night. On the way there was a big bloody accident. The road was covered with blood and mutilated bodies thrown all over the way.. there were even some mutilated people who are still moving like zombies and screaming in pain and asking for help.. it was so bloody... I was so confused and scared but everyone with me seemed kinda chilled. We ended up going back home in the morning and I remember feeling confused and scared but grateful and kinda chill toward the end because we were safe
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Why was Lucifer casted out of heaven and is he really that bad?
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how do you kill someone and get away with it

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Alright /x/, some weird shit has been going on and I can't explain it.

>be me
>sleeping soundly about 2 weeks ago
>suddenly jolted awake
>can't see shit because its 3 am and theres no lights on
>moonlight slowly provides vision
>look off of my bed side
>room now completely visible, but a spot is completely black
>focus on dark spot, and see the dark spot illuminate into a human figure
>its now glowing white on the edges of its figure
>I turn away, trying to get myself back to sleep
>close my eyes, only to open again facing the figure who is now fading into white particles
>I stare in wonder now, as it begins to disappear
>I turn over again, but I find myself again in the last position staring at it, now back into a more solid state
>it grabs me, and its suddenly morning
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What is the spiritual significance of the heart? Some people who receive heart transplants report taking on characteristics of the donor.
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Serious question does anyone remember the interdimensional insectoid attack of 2016?
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Space was invented to support the big bang theory which is designed to get us off the thought of living in a firmament (dome) as stated in Genesis.

Prove me wrong.
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what the fuck is dark matter/energy
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The Second Coming is walking around on Earth today. He is Anonymous (let him that readeth understand), and his face won’t be unveiled until that time when people will see the Son of Man coming in clouds with great power and glory (approx. 40 years from now according to Kabbalistic and Chassidic tradition).

He does not speak on his own; he speaks only what he hears, and he tells you what is yet to come.

When he comes, he will prove the world to be in the wrong about sin and righteousness and judgment: about sin, because you do not believe me even as I tell you the truth here now.

But he IS Anonymous and you will never even know his birth name or what city he lives in.

The end of history is finally here, bros. The time has come once again to repent and to believe.

Yes, I’m telling you the truth. That’s why you don’t believe me.
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do you think the chronic wasting disease is going to spread up to humans? like a zombie apocalypse
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I have the Stigmata in the Right places.
on the bottom of my palm, right on the wrist and I have a dent in the back on the wrist. They're not holes...which makes sense since people would accuse me of self harm
I have 2 red mards and dents marks on my feet, through the ankles and through the front.

wat do
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share creepies photos or recordins here
and we gonna see who is the winner.
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mentra new theory
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Have a nice day !
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Sleep Paralysis Stories

Share your stories.

I've only recently been having sleep paralysis and I'm genuinely convinced that it could be something paranormal. I've watched documentaries about how tons of people have the same things happen to them, like seeing shadow figures and that one of them wears a hat. People have seen demons etc.

The last time this happened to me I woke up around 5 or 6 am and tried to fall back asleep, but weirdly enough I kept phasing in and out of REM sleep it seemed. I laid on my back to sleep and that's when it happened. I dreamt of sharks underwater. Then I briefly woke up and fell asleep again and ended up somewhere on a farm or something next to a barn. Again woke up and went back to sleep then was sinking into the ocean as I watched the surface getting further away from me and as many claim I got the buzzing sensation in my head and instantly had it happen. I was just seeing all this random jumbled mess of images and suddenly was interrupted by 2 shadows moving towards me quickly shouting "HEY HEY HEY!". Super bizarre. It's actually the first time I saw the shadow people. The last time I can recall having it was trying to take a nap and fazing in and out of sleep and I imagined a flamethrower burning my face, but I couldn't move. It only ever happens when I lie on my back.
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Is Trump the anti-Christ? pic related.
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Is this board pure LARPing or shit like that? Anyone here cares for some REAL shady shit?
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Can ghostps see your insides? What I stuck a flashlight down my throat and let a ghost see inside me what happens?
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Schizophrenia gives us. Power. Strength. Utility.
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Do you guys meditate?
If you do in what position do you do it and which mantra do you use if you use one at all?
Finally did you have ever some weird experiences while meditating?
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i feel like im going crazy bros

i read about a murdercase that happened in the 60s and i've been fucking sad about it for 3-4 days now.

i feel almost connected to the case, like i was there or some shit

what the FUCK
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If two people are born with the same astrological data, will they have similar fates?
Let's say you're born in the same hospital as a childhood friend, roughly minutes apart.. what's the likelihood that they lead very similar lives?
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This is Patrick Caddell who died at 68. Helped Jimmy Carter & President Trump get into office. So, I found the argument of Jimmy Carter in actuality as JFK. Thoughts & additional reasoning thread / JFK thread / deep state thread.

(Gold standardization is why he was shot is what I knew)

How closely related is the laughter? (Jimmy Carter laugh @ 1:37) (JFK laugh vid)

What is there to notice about this deaths?
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In his first video he depicts a symbol, sacrifice and what appear to be seraphim angels.
In the second video we get the sacrifice again, along with the seraphim angels and this new five faced thing.(Pic Related)

So what is it?
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i had a dream where there was a boat fire and there was muslims, mormons, and jews in it, it crashed on the beach and blades were stuck in the sand still going and then the friction was bad and it
caught fire,
God hates false prophets, people who worship them are punished badly, they are stuck inside their bodies for eternity
the many spirits told me, they surround me fro the gates of heaven - holy spirits
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Are fungi alien?
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New leads on Madeleine McCann case

Look no further than the FIESA International Sand Sculpting Festival. It's been held in Algarve, Portugal every year since 2003, One of the organizers of this event has ties with those who we are all searching for.
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Can you share some of your favorite youtubers, cult following or obscure people who give you a window into their lives and madness.

Here is Masao a French-Canadian lawyer who is a hoarder and cooks strange things in his run down apartments (he has at least 3 different filming locations):

there is also a backup channel run by a fan with some of the older videos:
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Yeah pretty much without them the surface web has _675d82976d1beb034c643ba78ac1bc8a
Did time slowly start to speed up?

I've noticed a few songs I've been listening for years seem to be playing at a faster rate all of a sudden.

I am playing some n64 games on my phone with an emulator. The sounds are faster than usual. I checked the speed and it wasn't increased.

The people I've talk to seem to be talking a lot faster than usual.

Shifts at work seem to be a lot shorter.

Days don't feel as long as they use to
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How do I cast/activate this sigil? Or can someone maybe cast it for me?
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flat earth psyop

why there's so many retards actually believing that earth is flat? it's obviously best way to further discredit conspiracy theorists...
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Anymore information on Myziam

Has anyone seen anything else about Myziam??
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/x/ greenpill me on pirates
>Weee they real or just a mass panic caused by a subconscious current in the zeitgeist?
>If they were real were they human?
>Why did they bury their treasure, was this some kind of ritual?
>How come their skeletons can stand up without muscles?
>Have you had any pirate sightings?
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No title

What will the technological singularity mean for the paranormal?
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No title

Post paranormal music

Preferably with spooky album covers
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Look guys.

i am going to tell you the truth.


Some of you dont want to hear it.

but i am going to conintue this same post

for the next 5 days alright.

5 days.

i am not going to hide my info. if you wanna dox me you can. okay i am nothing.

This starts right here. right now. and it finishes right here right now

1/4 are jews
1/4 are muslims
1/4 are stupid
1/4 are not aware of what is happpening.

every thread you see. [HAPPENING HAPPENING]






This will be time i will do this.

God Bless you.

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No title

what's heaven like?
is it boring and whole some or do people have sex and go clubing every day?
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Doing readings

Tell me your day, month and year you, or someone you know, was born.
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Scientifically accurate mythical creatures 17

Let's once again show mythical creatures/cryptids in a realistic light with the help of speculative biology and evolution.
>And ffs, please don't die so bloody soon this time.
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No title

Dream sigils
Guys help
Lately I had dreams full of strange chanting with this sequence of sigils repeating a lot in them
Anyone has idea what they could mean?
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Recovered extraterrestrial artifacts

These are the only known photographs of artifacts recovered from a debris field of a UFO crash. Can anyone help identify their function, decipher their runes or have a clue as to their origin or use?
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No title

What are some conspiracy theories that you believe?
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First trumpet was blown 9th January

Every prophecy, i felt the painfull heat of the spirit
The first trumpet was blown 9th January, i got a vision the earlier in the day of the impending blowing of the trumpets
I got hospitalized as i began to prophesy the same day, i thought we had time, but that is not the case. The last and most important vision is below.
First i saw the earth, and flaming objects falling rapidly, then i saw a construction made of steel, a ark of steel, with a white dome, alas parts of it blew off, and then i saw a great white silhouette, holding hands with smaller silhouettes, and as the comets fell, they dissapeared trough a field. The last thing i saw was the number 11

Pray, repent, labour and spread the message, this is the 35th day that i have been imprisoned in this hospital, they have not found brain damage, nor schizophrenia, nor drugs. This winter is not a normal one
«The first angel sounded, and there followed hail and fire mingled with blood, and they were cast upon the earth: and the third part of trees was burnt up, and all green grass was burnt up» REVELATION 8:7 KJV
«And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth» REVELATION 6:8 KJV
«And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams» ACTS 2:17 KJV
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I just watched a movie called Frankie & Alice based on the true events surrounding the life of a black woman with dissociative disorder and 3 distinct personalities; one of them was white. in her the case the cause of her condition was trauma from earlier in her life.

I see posters here talking about schizophrenia (not the same as dissociative necessarily) as if it isn't a serious issue when it is found to be a legitimate problem causing dysfunction in a person's life so let's get something sorted if you like:

serious mental conditions are not "gifts". they are not talents nor anything for anyone to joke about. we live in a very confusing world and millions of people right now are going through their own struggle, to varying degrees of sanity. many of those people aren't insane at all. we all have our issues, but for some, those issues are difficult to overcome.

trivialising serious mental health issues by saying things like "schizophrenia gives us strength and power" is utterly absurd. it is also horrific to presume you can tell if someone is "schizo" or not, from a single post.
some might call that assertion delusional.

human beings have a tendency to wear negative labels like a new coat, from being called fat to making obesity a fashion statement, to being called nigger to making it an affection term between blacks, to being labelled crazy to making it a new car bumper sticker.

it's not smart to take the shit people throw at you and wear it. also I doubt anyone here is qualified to comment on anyone else's mental health and should probably check their own.

the world is full of enough pain and delusion as it is. try not to contribute to it and please don't misinform others about any of these disorders.

they are not meant to be a marketing ploy.
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watts in a name? VIBRATION

a whole entire world - given to you without your consent - and sometimes - you use a different name - that matches your self-determined vibration - or for fraud.

take the name James, for example. a whole entire world of warmth. but say you're name is really Tristan - see the difference?

I see icepicks and tinsel on a Christmas tree - a boat on the sea with a single sail - adrift.

If you want to - state your real name - type it on the screen - and see if it suits you by how it feels....

How is it, that a combination of letters can create an entire feeling?
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false reality dream?

Just woke up from a weird dream, i was trapped inside a reality similar to this and i started to notice shit wasnt how it was suppose to be, by this time i started cussing saying this isnt my reality and then this is where it got weird, a bunch of random events started happening like dodgy people in cars started rocking up at my house, helicopters everywhere, just the most biggest clusterfuck unfolding infront of my eyes.

It honestly felt like it was trying to keep me in there, i can't remember how i woke up but it was from realising im not truly in my reality.

Now, how the fuck do i know this reality isnt just another level of this dream? We dont know.
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No title

Hello, would you like to hear about the lord and savior of this board Echs?

If you are a devout follower please just leave food for echs in this thread, a meme, a poem, an experience you had, art you made. Echs needs substance
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No title

tell me anon, do we really have free will??
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No title

"Magic" is real. Where's the evidence? I see that question frequently on this board, and I must be honest with you, the evidence for magic is likely beyond your mental capacity to comprehend. If you find topics such as statistical mechanics or computational physics abstruse, you're simply incapable of comprehending it. Only a small elite body of humans are truly able to understand the esoteric aspects of our universe. I am one of them, and I assure you magic is real. I hope this clears it up.
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Dead Man House

the house in the woods, which contains a dead man
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Real videos of ghost

Real videos of ghost and other paranormal phenomena.
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Missing Girls Of Panama

Let's Settle This Once And For All

What really happened to these girls

ITT: we finally solve this case

where did we leave off last time?
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Dreams/Lucid dreams

Hello everyone. I had a lucid dream the other night (2 days from now), and it was the first one I ever had.
I always was able to remember everything from my dreams, but I was never able to control my actions or the environment.
But this time I was able to do as I will. I started trying running through a street, but I couldn't run more than 2 blocks because "something" in my dream was like "no, you're not supposed to go there". So, I decided to generate someone. Like making him appear. But what happened was, that person appeared, but sightly different, and before I could even say anything it turned into some kind of slug and started dissolving, which was really frustrating.
Then, something that always happens when I'm about to wake up, I started to feel my shirt (since I almost always sleep in pajamas), and feel like flying, but not up to that dream's sky, but in a dimensional way, I can't really explain how, I just "ascended" until waking up.
I really want to feel another lucid dream, but I don't know much about it. What am I/was I supposed to do there? What does that slug means? And the "block"?
I really would appreciate any help
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No title

So mote it be
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Does anybody else feel kind of weird when they think about the future? I haven’t had cable in a long time, but recently I’ve been around somebody who watches it. The sheer amount of robot commercials, as well as YouTube. It’s specifically AI themes for the most part
Maybe it’s a case of just growing older and experiencing generational disconnect, but they give me a really eerie vibe
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No title

Have you ever consciously experienced the gamma state, /x/?
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African Cryptids & Stories Thread

Pig genii and human hunters, Jean Claude Thibault
I wanted to put together a thread detailing Africa's cryptid beasts & listing any stories about them. Feel free to post any info you have.

>Pic attached is the 'pig genie'
>It's described as a small ape x human like creature that is very curious and capable of simple animal husbandry.
>It's description is similar to the 'Agogwe' (another African apeman), both have features known to exist in extinct Australopithecines.
>The pygmy tribes of central Africa claim the 'pig genies' used to occasionally hunt alongside them.
>They are supposed to have died out in the 1960s.
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It's cold and I'm staying in and drinking tonight. Give me some documentaries that aren't garbage please :)
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Conspiracy Theories

Post your best conspiracy theories / hidden wisdom

pic related
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No title

>be me
>get bored one day
>after 3 nights of watching paranormal activities videos,i decided to give it a shot, out curiosity
>wanted to try contact a dear friend that commited suicide 2 year prior,because he never gave hints of depression,or wrote down about it
>also did hope to contact any "ghost"
>played ouja table
>readed carefully instructions and all related stuff
>starting it
>after 4 calls nothing happend
>decide to stop and declare "paranormal" bs in general
>felt kinda retarded doing that stuff

If this garbage was real,i would definetively got responses,but since i dint got any, i will not believe any further. If you actually have instructions on how to contact spirits or entities,please leave it down below. Im into a point of life wich i have nothing to lose,so ..even if this turn out to be real and anger some supposed "ghostly apparition",i could not care less. Im ready to give it a second shot,just for the beneficial of the doubt and because i want to feel it on my skin. Until then, to me it all remain self-suggestion and fakery 100%
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No title

You have one week to stockpile food, water, medicine, and ammunition. By next Saturday, a military confrontation between the USA and China, over evidence of Chinese participation in North Korea's nuclear weapons program, will result in a number of high-altitude nuclear explosions. This will destroy the vast majority of Earth's orbiting satellites, and the placement of the blasts will occur within direct-line-of-sight of a number of major cities, including NYC, Washington, DC, Shanghai, Beijing, and Taipei. The world economy will grind to a halt. Food distribution will collapse. Expect the worst. Protect your family. Remember, you have one week.
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Conspiracy Theories

What is (((REAL)))
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No title

Is this a good place to ask real question about ghosts.

Everywhere I go, I find people role playing and faking their knowledge. I have many questions and seek real answers.

Collie someone maybe direct me to a location where I can find real knowledge?
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No title

The harbinger experiment was real, it happened. But fuck, I would never want to see the place again
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No title

Hello /x/, me and my friends were planning to go camping in the woods this summer at the same place we always go to. It's a nice place near a lake without many people. We thought it would be cool if we did a occult ritual there. Are there any cool rituals that we could do that you can suggest me?

We already have some idea. We thought of sacrificing a chicken while dancing around a big bonfire. Are there any spells we could do or anything we could summon?
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Thinking things

I often hear things in metaphors, like during a conversation that I am not participating in or when the television is on in the background. I’m on the maximum dosage of psych meds, so that doesn’t seem to help. How can I stop this, it’s distracting! Plus, other stuff that I don’t want to talk about...
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The Aruna of Aranara, Alpha Centauri

The Aruna are a semi aquatic hammerhead shark race that live deep within Earth's oceans and also reside in Inner Earth. This race is 8th - 10th dimensional and can live on land just as well as in water.

The Aruna take care of Earth's natural star gate way portals and monitor the timelines on the planet against manmade disasters. This race wishes for full disclosure to occur so they no longer have to live in secrecy on Earth and can openly show themselves on the surface of the planet. Originally the Aruna came from a planet called Aranara in the Alpha Centauri region of space. The Aruna are part of a super confederation ET species called the Urta who monitor what the Secret Space Programs do in concern to Earth's welfare and how negotiations are progressing for the full disclosure mandate on the planet.
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creepy food and candle arrangements

I keep seeing this setup of food placed in shoeboxes with candles with clay and onions diced to look like a ceremonial cult thing and it is left overnight scattered in my neighborhood in queens new york and other neighboring neighborhoods. the person or people who are doing this have kept a consistent presence of these ritual arrangements that spook me the fuck out. I have seen these about a dozen times in the past 3 or so years. I would like to know the meaning behind these

the person has recently upgraded to pots and pans from shoeboxes and paper plates and elaborate candle setups with this putrid soup substance that sits overnight with clay figures that look demonic in nature each time. It creeps me the fuck out. they are usually left in the quiet part of the neighborhoods that have old abandoned warehouses with untouched grass that people usually look over or left in sidewalks in quiet residential streets meant to unsettle people. If anyone living in the area know what these are or anyone know what these arrangements are called share your thoughts

pic related
I found it in the wee hours of the morning going to work with the candles out
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pic related
Hey /x/, I need some help and I don't know where to start looking so I came here.

I'm in Cape St. Claire Maryland for a few more days and tonight I saw this thing go running through my backyard. It was covered in slick black fur and it had glowing orange eyes, looked around my height.

So I'm chasing this thing and it leaps over my fence, runs into the woods, and when I went over to the fence I saw at least a dozen more pairs of eyes start popping up in the woods.

Fast forward an hour later, I asked my Dad on Facebook (because he used to live here) what the fuck these were but he didn't respond so I figured I should go out and get some pictures of them. I go over into the backyard and I see 3 sets of eyes far off, so I start sneaking over towards them. When I got a few steps closer they all turned and looked at me, then started spreading out.

I went to go back to my house and I noticed there were more of them trying to circle around my side
so when I turned and ran one of them screeched at me and ran at me so I took off back to my house. I got back on facebook with my Dad and one of them started banging on the back door, and then I saw one running down the front yard onto the road.

All I have to defend myself is a knife and some worthless tiny dogs, legit wtf please if any of you know what this is please tell me.

Pic related, imagine this but with red-ish orange-ish eyes
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do you believe we have soulmates?
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Feng Shui

images (2)
Does your home got a good energy flow?
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No title

If ever you find yourself in a reality which refuses to reveal a single fundamental truth to you no matter how hard and how long you search, then perhaps the only thing left to do is listen to your soul.
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Leonardo Giza

Did Davinci puzzle over how the great pyramid was built?
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Cicada 3301

Does anyone know what happened to the "chosen ones" with cicada mistery?
4 images | 13 replies

No title

Gary Mckinnon
Soooo redpill me about this guy.
3 images | 26 replies

No title

any good Victorian Age creepy pastas?
stores that deal with explores discovering ancient alien civilizations or dark forces controlling the world from the shadows?
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No title

The demon Andras teaches those whom he favors to kill their enemies, masters and servants and sows discord, trouble and dissension among people.

Over the past 100+ years the ideology of Communism has served the same purpose. As such it was also responsible for around 100 million deaths between 1917 and 1979 and many more since. I am personally of the opinion Karl Marx was an earthly incarnation of Andras.

If this is the case then is killing Communists a form of exorcism?
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Describe how nonexistence feels like as best you can
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