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1. Please check the Catalog before you post. Popular topics and themes relating to TV shows, people, etc., may already have active threads.
2. Please contribute 3 or more related images when starting a thread.
3. If you know the source of a given image, please provide it in the post.
4. Original content is encouraged, and 'filename threads', post your Xth gif threads are welcome.
5. Remember this is a Work Safe board and Global Rule 5 applies!

/gif/ guide to creating animated gifs

Other helpful links:
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'Mindfuck' Thread

Saw this posted on /gif/, think it fits better here. Any gifs/webms like these that make you think or give you chills. Real or fictional (like local58) both fine.
48 images | 298 replies

Anime OP/ED Thread #11

old thread >>2726257
76 images | 115 replies

Russian/slavic webm.

Do not be of worryings tavorishch is just anomaly in zone.
100 images | 277 replies

Gifs that represents feelings you can never share in public

11 images | 19 replies

Japanese Music Thread

Ai Otsuka - Sakuranbo
Previous >>2700350
Please don't fuck this thread up, only webms and sauces
54 images | 68 replies

You will never go back

Boomer Caramelldansen
Those days are gone
7 images | 11 replies

Movie/TV Thread #41

er rex manning day
Previous: >>2728062
73 images | 102 replies

No title

bird stuff only
5 images | 11 replies

No title

Fresh Sunday evening YLYL.
You laugh you lose.
>no tiktok
>no bonbibonkers
>no zoomer/reddit/minion memes
84 images | 234 replies

Jewish webm's:

11 images | 31 replies

Webms with sound for other Boards

29 images | 44 replies


3 images | 19 replies

Nostalgia Thread

ezgif-5-93f49354666f (1)
Post greatness from the good old days.
43 images | 190 replies

martial arts thread

Tenshin Nasukawa vs Federico Roma
post martial arts webms and gifs
102 images | 212 replies

mashup thread

58 images | 157 replies

/ttg/ TikTok General

Tiktok Zoomer Containment Thread

Notre Dame Appreciation Edition. You better post OC.

MEGA Archives: (embed) (embed)
Online TikTok Browser:
Profile downloader: (embed) (embed)
/ttg/ Discord:

Previous Thread: >>2792880
127 images | 287 replies

No title

Music birbs
previous thread: >>2644004
48 images | 192 replies

Apple Computer

Anything related to apple
Apple hate is also allowed
20 images | 52 replies

No title

snap in to a slim jim
filename thread?
35 images | 64 replies

No title

Harlan Road - Tyler Childers
Country, Bluegrass, American Folk, Blues.
All eras.
Keep it legit.
20 images | 22 replies


Happy crowds /
Crowds singing along
43 images | 102 replies

ASMR Thread

Lita Relaxing Voice Massage Instructions Video for Face and Ears
48 images | 158 replies

Science and Technology

IBM selective typewriter
11 images | 15 replies

No title

Autism thread
14 images | 68 replies

No title

Could we have a YFYL/YGYL thread? I don't have much to contribute. But i just want to see some things that lets me know there are others with empathy out there. I'm in a rough spot. Thank You
37 images | 83 replies

No title

55 images | 126 replies

Anime Thread 469

[Erai-raws] Midara na Ao-chan wa Benkyou ga Dekinai - 02 [720p]
468 >>2793886
467 >>2781491
466 >>2770186

Anime OP/ED Thread #11 >>2793508

WebM creator (aka WebM for Retards)

/g/ guide to WebMs:

Sauce guide:
52 images | 71 replies

No title

Post LIKEable vidya webms
26 images | 56 replies

00s internet stuff (and possible very early 10s)

00s internet stuff (and possible very early 10s) -
Man the internet sucks these days; watermarked memes, every topic, no matter how innocuous or unrelated, can turn into /pol/spam, shilling and astroturfing everywhere, search engine results are so heavily tilted towards paid results, "content" "creators" begging for money at every turn instead of doing things for their own sake or passion, "memes" degenerating into complete nonsense etc

I think one of the worst things about the internet these days is how it's killed authenticity.
11 images | 17 replies

Hottest women you've ever seen

I'm starting with this.
31 images | 109 replies

Comfy gif/webm

comfy morning city
post stuff that makes you comfy/relaxed
105 images | 158 replies

Hilo Español

Tlacuachote tuturututuru
Anything in spanish
38 images | 129 replies

Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel message for Justin Timberlake 2019
ywn have a wife like her edition
18 images | 22 replies

/VGM/ - Video Game Music

Run Toward The Sun
Post vidya game music.
Anything goes.
59 images | 77 replies


Post OC or your favourite dances
56 images | 120 replies

No title

Wild Mountain Thyme
Folk music.

Bonus points if it's more than just a cute girl singing quietly with a guitar.
37 images | 45 replies

You laugh you dont win -------

funny stuf pls
110 images | 229 replies


Saturday - Wi Fi
Webm Programs:

VP8 Video:
Vorbis Audio:

Light Editing:

Before asking for the video's source, make an effort to find it yourself by running a search on the webm's title metadata. You'd be surprised what can turn up if you simply append "kpop" to the search query.

Title metadata may be read using 4chan X ( inline or by downloading the file and using a video player like vlc (press ctrl+i) or mpc-hc (press ctrl+3).
Conversely, for those making webms, include the video source within the title metadata to help those interested and for the information to stay with the webm if it's ever reposted.
e.g. ffmpeg -i input.webm -c copy -metadata title="Your Title" output.webm

Try to not post webms that were just in the previous thread, unless requested.

Previous thread: >>2785411
131 images | 254 replies

ITT: Wrestling

I'm making WebMs from NXT Takeover Brooklyn. Feel free to add shit
46 images | 63 replies

Clown Thread

110 images | 208 replies

No title

22 images | 71 replies

Nicki Minaj

nicki swan
Been a while since her last thread, plenty of material to catch up on
33 images | 69 replies

Last Jedi!

Post Last Jedi Content
61 images | 220 replies

Combined Bonbibonkers/YLYL-Thread

Neptunes featTwaimz feat Bebe Rexha
Welcome to /wsg/!

Here's everything this board has to offer in ONE thread. Very handy.
107 images | 286 replies

Toku Thread

Ultraman Orb The Movie when the Heisei is ready, the Showa will appear
Previous thread

118 images | 193 replies


This is a laugh thread, to brighten your day
7 images | 7 replies

Dodger Thread #188

Dodger Leigh of PressHeartToContinue
DexterityBonus (DexBonus) on YouTube.

Past Threads:
119152 YouTube Girls #1
132860 YouTube Girls #2
137444 YouTube Girls #3

16 images | 46 replies

Ricardo Milos General - /RMG/

Ricardo database:
Music playlist (over 1k vids by now as well):
Mega (over 1k vids by now):!lsVCyYhT!X_QsQ6yaqqKFmK-zw9oQ-g

As long as tik tok plagues this board, we must hold the line, post anything ricardo you got
98 images | 278 replies


Anything Moonman. I only have 2 to post sorry
4 images | 8 replies

Star Wars prequel clips

Everything set before A New Hope counts.

Starting with explaining how you can save the one you love while you drain the one you hate.
86 images | 216 replies

No title

attractive women
76 images | 310 replies

Comfy Creepy Thread

Comfy webms with creepy audio.
I would post more but this is all I have.
58 images | 284 replies

Red Letter Media

And that's when I knew...
The rest of youtube still sucks.
80 images | 223 replies

war thread - World War I

first day in the trenches (1)
43 images | 70 replies

No title

107 images | 277 replies

No title

the moon
88 images | 193 replies

/mymy/: Music You Made Yourself

Jacques Juteux - Denver Omlette
34 images | 106 replies

No title

more gifs like this. Can't really describe the feeling this gif gives me. Sonder? Some type of intoxicating sadness perhaps
68 images | 232 replies

Happy Birthday Hitler

Lets all get together, and honor him on this say.

Smoke Jews, not plants.
4 images | 4 replies

No title

gondola thread
89 images | 148 replies


Cyberpunk / Futuristic / Sci-Fi
11 images | 17 replies

80s Thread

Nik Kershaw - I Won't Let The Sun Go Down On Me
Lets go
118 images | 200 replies

No title

get this gay ass tik tok out of here
70 images | 124 replies

Trek General

tng defector
All Trek, any Trek.
Now with 100% bickering guaranteed
68 images | 96 replies

YGYL: You Know the Drill

Rap is a Mans Soul!

I refuse to allow this board to have sixteen ygyl threads and each one has some bull-huckey about how it's only for "Russian polka set to classic 1960 films" or some madness.

Post music, any kind at all, as long as you like it and think people will enjoy it.
150 images | 275 replies

Elle Fanning

elle lover or warrior
Pure girl
106 images | 171 replies

No title

Anyone still do [wsg] bumps?
4 images | 6 replies


cursed 1
Give me all your cursed webms, I need to boost my collection.
61 images | 284 replies

Boomer Thread

Last one got sage'd. Crack open your boomer juice.
57 images | 153 replies

YGYL - no specifics

New YGYL -no topic- thread. Anything goes.
49 images | 55 replies

Anime Thread 468

467 >>2781491
466 >>2770186
465 >>2758794

Anime OP/ED Thread #11 >>2793508

WebM creator (aka WebM for Retards)

/g/ guide to WebMs:

Sauce guide:
150 images | 303 replies

webms that make you go "wat?"

Green Needle - Brainstorm (audio)
Does he say "Green Needle" or "Brainstorm"?
37 images | 156 replies

Metal Thread

Metal Thread
Freezing edition.
Starting with 3 unusual ones.
150 images | 290 replies

No title

/swg/ - Synthwave General
124 images | 194 replies


previous thread: >>2658224
Create and share LOONA webms!
59 images | 118 replies

/ck/ webm thread

Kim Joy Aebleskiver Danish Ball The Great British Bake Off S09E08 1080p HEVC x265-MeGusta
27 images | 86 replies


This world needs more light and warmth.
Music, movie scenes, excerpts, etc. All welcome.
Post wholesome stuff.

Previous thread: >>2703730
60 images | 193 replies

/zurry/ Zureeal General

zr ed 1.2 by Keklo
Post Zureeal's Tik Toks and Instagram videos here. Discuss the queen/king here.
No personal information, peperoni or Ricardos

34 images | 68 replies

Earporn thread

Airbus A380-800 Brake Test
Old one hit the limit
70 images | 184 replies

Y2K Aesthetic

Gameboy Advance Commercial
Y2K poster from >>2758323

Post webms and gifs with the Y2K aesthetic. Commercials, music videos, TV clips, etc. Any regions are fine.

What constitutes Y2K?

Tight leather pants, silver eyeshadow, shiny clothing, oakleys, gradients, and blobby or "hi-tech 90s looking" electronics. Mostly content between 1996-2003 but anything with the look will do.
39 images | 67 replies

Japanese Idol Thread

Prev: >>2689231

hit image limit
70 images | 95 replies

No title

Gachi thread
66 images | 106 replies

/jvy/ - Japanese Virtual Youtubers

Virtual Youtubers

Virtual Youtubers rankings:

Make WEBMs:

previous thread
102 images | 204 replies

Dog thread

Post dogs/doges/doggos doing dog/doge/doggo things.

41 images | 165 replies

GF experience

Gf Experience
A thread for lonely anons who never got to experience love.
7 images | 12 replies

Creepy shit thread

Post any creepy gifs/pics/webms you have
5 images | 16 replies

No title

dance my spooky scary skellingtons
17 images | 32 replies

No title

67 images | 148 replies

Zizek Thread

Zizek Devours Into Hotdogs
and sho on and sho on
4 images | 4 replies

YGYL Video Game Edition

Furi - 6m24s by Danger
The rules are simple – you groove to video game music, you lose. Your punishment for losing is:
a) posting another video game music piece you find groove-worthy;
b) explaining why you lost to that particular music piece;
c) enjoying yourself.
47 images | 53 replies


happy 420 co
Cartoon thread

Happy 420!

Previous one hit image limit
Old thread: >>2769691
15 images | 15 replies


you lose
96 images | 219 replies


it's my happy birthday,

who's coming?
7 images | 10 replies


New rose thread old one 404d again.
21 images | 236 replies

No title

119 images | 201 replies

Useless wooden toy

paul shier - waiting for the world
121 images | 289 replies

Dancing animu girls

Let's have one of these threads
68 images | 118 replies

vidya thread

old one was archived, here it is >>2756372
try to avoid recent reposts to keep it fresh, but all are welcome in case someone missed the last one. pic related is for autismo/schizo-spec anons, very trance-inducing when you play it, if you have the right tunes playing, like risk of rain.
the rest are from archives, if anyone has some webms you haven't seen posted in a while, please post
124 images | 297 replies

No title

WebMs of whatever this sort of thing is called.
34 images | 206 replies

[wsg] - [as] style bumps - Thread #29 : The Last Bastion edition.

Come hide from the TikTok threads and share an [experience] with us.

>What is [wsg]?
Anything you want it to be.
Music, Video, Animation, Culture, and Fourth Wall breaking [as] titlecards.
All styles and risk-taking experimentation welcomed. [wsg] is strictly nonprofit, everything used in the bumps belong to their rightful owners.
If you're stuff is way off the wall, you might get bullied, but don't let it discourage you. We don't bite - much.

>Suggested Editing Programs

HitFilm - iMovie - Windows Movie Maker - Shotcut - Resolve - Da Vinci

Adobe AE - Sony Vegas - Adobe Premiere - Final Cut

>The Font
Helvettica Neue Bold Condensed

>Font download

>How into webm file?
Save your video file as an mp4 and then transfer it to a webm through this site:
Reminder that file size limit is 4mb

>Or just use Webm for Bakas or XMedia Recode.
No seriously, they're infinitely better than the online converter.

Download 4chan X and check the title field. Or use VLC to check the metadata. You can also use Shazam or Sound Hound. Or you can just ask after exhausting everything else.

Don't be in a rush and double check your work, trust me
There's no need to feel pressured to follow the standard format, as long as it feels like an [as/wsg] bump
Try to include the song name in the metadata to calm the saucefags
For more [as] inspo go to

Check the thread for [wsg] stream announcements by Sleak42 @

Archive Channel:

Old Thread >>2616118
110 images | 269 replies

No title

13 images | 43 replies


Wazguls la Gay-dRTkxagnUU0
Forgot to bump because I was watching 音MADs edition
OMGTSN is still alive
YTPMV Radio:
Pastebin 1:
Pastebin 2:

Previous Thread: >>2717530
31 images | 43 replies

No title

Christina Hendricks
95 images | 237 replies

No title

Burger King
61 images | 155 replies

No title

56 images | 134 replies

Initial Eurobeat thread

crank up to start
41 images | 96 replies

Christmas Carols, Songs, and Comfyness

Its nearly Christmas, so post Christmas stuff.
Bonus points if its something thats not playing in every Target around the country
142 images | 180 replies

No title

bootleg fireworks in paris
too soon?
23 images | 101 replies

Avengers/Marvel Hype

Avenge the fallen
3 images | 12 replies

Nazi Germany / Hitler/ Fascism Tread

Post humorous, feels, pro, & anti webms.
118 images | 191 replies

Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson - Men In America
Can you get more based than this guy?
31 images | 239 replies

Fair Rides, the best ones

Post different ones if possible. Tha crazier, the better.
5 images | 5 replies

depressive webms

Also Webm/songs that make you feel anxious or depressed.
83 images | 264 replies

No title

Thot Patrol filmed on location with the men and women of anti-thot enforcement. All suspects are guilty until proven innocent in the court of public opinion.
44 images | 323 replies

No title

REALLY small gifs
12 images | 12 replies


Magic, sleight of hand, illusions... WIZARDS

Fuck it, I don't care. Anything magic related.
31 images | 113 replies

old news / man on the street / home video

In 1979 Kids Like This Were Considered Nerd Geniuses clip
7 images | 9 replies

Revealing Quotes

Juval Aviv
made some OC
if you like it i can make some more
just post a link to the quote and i'll see what i can do
39 images | 95 replies

It's hacking time

Post hacks
14 images | 16 replies

No title

comfy rain thread, post relaxing rain gifs
129 images | 179 replies

Eerie/Fascinating/Mysterious Sounds

I can't find a single word or words that describe this genera, but this thread is for those strange, eerie, mysterious, and all together fascinating sounds that man has recorded.
From space to vibrating trees and moving tectonics, to massive Russian radars. Anything that has a certain level of singular loneliness, and isolation from anything remotely human or normal in any way.

I just love these kinds of sounds, especially from space. They give me this feeling that whatever creates these sounds, has no care for human existence at all. Space abides by the cosmic laws, and whether it tears you to shreds or not is of no concern to it. You can float unheeded past a black-hole, and hear the beat of the heart of darkness as it marches onward from nothingness into oblivion.
12 images | 40 replies


Humbled by a Chimichanga
Cartoon thread
Previous one hit image limit
Old thread: >>2720019
150 images | 187 replies


114 images | 321 replies

Gotta Nuke Somethin'

WebMs of nukes please
110 images | 268 replies

Other boards

Ricardo vs Bonbi
Webms with sounds for other boards
Previous thread >>2734359
150 images | 293 replies

No title

Boat sword sound
Anyone got some Pacific Rim webms? Or just giant monster action in general?
131 images | 273 replies

/bbg/ Bonbibonkers general #194 - Discord africans edition

who did it better (397 Videos) (232 Posts)

WebM Pack:!fINk1A5B!RYrzmj2LlQ-PBBJLXeaxpw (WebMs, MP4s, 60fps, Photos, Edits)
Chronology Pack:!gJ1AlYwJ!TFORcOzEIEERs19J7b97LQ (MP4s, Instagram Pics & Stories)

Useful links:

Previous: >>2805020

- New IG story about hair colors
- One new TT video (to complete the symmetry?)
- still waiting for discord "announcement"
143 images | 893 replies

Rihanna Thread

riri wild thoughts 2
Post your best RiRis
101 images | 162 replies

Tornadoes/Hurricanes/Severe Weather

34 images | 129 replies

Felix the cat gifs

Post felix the cat gifs or webms
10 images | 13 replies thread /obama/

back for round 2 boys
119 images | 156 replies


africa eating fly
itt African webms
13 images | 43 replies


special move Weaponized dad bod
blue retk webms
76 images | 393 replies

Webms with sound for other Boards

ENTER THE BOWL {This video has been prepared solely for informational purposes}
150 images | 236 replies

Minecraft sounds and hud edits on vids

All right my negroes I've got no fucking idea how to find any more than the couple I'm gonna dump here, please contribute however many you have, and maybe places you can get more of these
32 images | 193 replies

PewDiePie highlights

Good or bad, all are welcome.
37 images | 99 replies

Run Rabbit Run

looking for a webm with a soldier running across a mountain, filmed by a drone. music in background has lyrics 'run rabbit run' although its not the same song i find when searching joutube or joogle. anyone have it?
4 images | 8 replies

No title

Motorsports webms or any with cool motor vehicles
76 images | 117 replies

St. Patrick's Day thread

A Little Bit of Heaven
It's comin', lads and lassies, so let's get a wee thread goin'.
34 images | 39 replies

Craig Ferguson

Alice Eve on Craig Ferguson 2011 HD
I have some Craigy Ferg Late Late Show webms made and saved. I have made a thread on ForeChanel to post them.
Make sure you whitelist ForeChanel!
126 images | 281 replies

Quality Ear Rape

Post your best ear rape vids.
No shitty bass boosted music trash, I want actual good shit.
7 images | 7 replies

19th Birthday!

Isto - Up on The Roof
Today, I turn nineteen.

In honor of this, post your 19th webm/gif, out of whatever file you prefer. I'm going to start off with some of my fave YGYL stuff I've saved over the time I've spent here, and I've spent a lot. Laughed and cried, grooved and lost.
33 images | 42 replies


VE Never Coming Back
I made my first OC, originally I just wanted to do something with the Music, but it ended up sort feely too, so I figure I'd make thread for stuff that sort of fits bothand get feedback on my OC
13 images | 21 replies

Reaction GIF Thread

Posting some of my saved reaction gifs, please join in the fun!
90 images | 99 replies

/bbg/ Bonbibonkers general #193 - Working through some stuff edition

dothework (397 Videos) (232 Posts)

WebM Pack:!fINk1A5B!RYrzmj2LlQ-PBBJLXeaxpw (WebMs, MP4s, 60fps, Photos, Edits)
Chronology Pack:!gJ1AlYwJ!TFORcOzEIEERs19J7b97LQ (MP4s, Instagram Pics & Stories)

Useful links:

Previous: >>2802402

- New IG story about hair colors
- One new TT video (to complete the symmetry?)
150 images | 665 replies

ITT: Colorful / cool gifs

14 images | 15 replies

Doctor Who

Anything Doctor Who related, I'm posting a few things that I found around in old threads and on /tv/.
150 images | 270 replies

Happy time

Happy posts please.
If laughter makes you happy,post it.
2 images | 3 replies

No title

Woman refuses to move for car
Public freakouts
35 images | 367 replies