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"/vr/ - Retro Games" is 4chan's imageboard for discussing retro console video games and classic arcade games.

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This board is for the discussion of classic, or "retro" games. Retro gaming means consoles, computer games, arcade games (including pinball) and any other forms of video games on platforms launched in 1999 and earlier. With the release of the 8th generation of consoles, the Sega Dreamcast will now be considered "retro", though the remainder of the sixth generation (Xbox, PS2, GameCube) will not.

Helpful links:
Game Tech Wiki
Emulation General Wiki
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doom gorilla
DOOM THREAD / RETRO FPS THREAD - Last thread >>5363875

Gameplay, WADs/Maps/Mods, Source Ports
All other retro FPS welcome
~~ Let's post like gentlemen ~~


Doom, Quake, Duke, Marathon, or Thief:
-Album of infographics with setup information and user-made content recommendations

Same thing, but in video format:

IWADs and more (>3 GB):
Quake pastebin (2016-06-22):
Downloads for various /vr/ shooters. (Includes Duke Nukem, Doom, Blood, and Quake.)!QXIk1bjB!NHRWGIfjcc77PyGgRlga4Q!GtEQTISJ!CCJGyPEEEsZasc1PMXicUA

Doom RPG series

Launchers for Build Engine games










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No title

Let's talk about the classic Game Boy game Link's Awakening in this very innocuously timed thread.
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No title

What are the best retro WW2 strategy games?
RTS or turnbased everything is ok.
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Inquiring minds must know

Why are most menuvanias trash?
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No title

Mario the murderer
Oh my god...
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No title

>credits for Japanese game roll
>Director: Victor Ireland

Something doesn't seem right...
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No title

It's Lara Croft's birthday today! Say something nice about her and her games.
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Do NOT use FirebrandX palettes

Accurate my ass! It looks so washed out and shitty!
You can’t accurately recreate the NES color palette using RBG values, anyway. So why settle for a shitty approximation when you can use something nice and vibrant like Sony CXA?
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No title

Was this the toughest choice of your life?
11 images | 74 replies

Was Nintendo right in not releasing the original Mario 2 in the states?

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No title

Which PSX belt scroller aged the most poorly?
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No title

NES/SNES Mini are perfect for playing the classic games thanks to god tier official controllers. Cheaper than an everdrive and they look great.

Why settle for anything less? You don't still play on blurry old TV's do you?
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No title

I'm dying to play SNES, GB, and GBA games on a portable device. What's the best device or method to go about doing this without trashing my wallet to buy a $200 device?
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Strider High Score Challenge

Lets do a Strider high score challenge. Try beating my high score.
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Why was this allowed?

Claude ingame model
Just look at this hideous blocky mess. This would be unacceptable even on 3DO!
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Is Dragonball artwork related to SMB2/Doki Doki Panic?

While rewatching Dragonball (note, the original, not "Z") I noticed this scene in episode 2. It instantly made me think of the artwork of Mario 2 and enemies like Shy Guys. The Dragonball manga and Arale manga have similar artwork, that could pass for a setting in Super Mario 2 (USA). I've noticed the look before but the similarities didn't really register before.

Dragonball came out in 1986. Doki Doki Panic came out in 1987, while Super Mario 2 (USA version) came out in 1988.

Was DDP/SMB2USA inspired by the artwork of Dragonball? Was it just a "style" or "school" of animation that looked similar? Did some of the same people work on the two? Did Nintendo just straight rip a popular style of art?

I'm just curious if anyone has done any research in this before. It would make sense for a group of animators to be trained in the "Dragonball style" and naturally they would get other gigs eventually. This would result in the Dragonball style cross pollinating in other forms of media.

Well, what do you think?
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Nobody autosages our thread.... and lives!

Rest in pieces: >>5348076
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No title

Is Klonoa making a resurgence? I oddly often see him brought up these days.
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No title

Is building a PC with period appropriate hardware a meme? I've had an itch for it and it sounds like a fun project.
What would be the best build to cover as many bases as possible on one system?
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You want S.T.A.R.S? I'll give you a stars!

Picrel doesn't come from actual game. Background was treated with Gigapixel AI software. 3D models were taken from in-game, that is rendered with 8x internal resolution thanks to the Retroarch Beetle PSX HW core.
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No title

Is there such thing as a ""good"" remake?
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Super Mario Bros. cartridge sells for $100,150

T-The bubble will p-pop anytime soon, r-right guys?
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No title

what is the best version of this game?
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/mmorpg/ - oldschool edition
It was a long time since I saw a thread like that.

Share your past experience on old school mmorpg.

Write down what you want.
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No title

>19 years old and still the best monster catcher game
Say something nice to it!
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HoMM/MM (of Might and Magic) Thread: Valentine edition

>Previous Thread >>5349335
HoMM3 pastebin:
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Cyberpunk General

Let's jack into the mainframe or whatever
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No title

>ominous and haunting music softly plays foreshadowing the unbearable sadness of human
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No title

>try my hand at romhacking
>Test a pc98 game with english in order see if I can do it
>pull out hex editor
>Some english is visible and in full words, but most is ineligible (game is Wizardry btw)
>Look online and apparently this means the text is compressed
>Recommended diskexplorer
>can't use nfd with diskexplorer
>download another tool to convert to fdi
>still doesn't work

Should I just give up and leave it to the professionals?
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CRT Thread - Tiny Tube Edition

Previous Thread >>5351271

>Try to keep things /vr/ related: Focus should be on 5th Gen (+Dreamcast) games on back. Slight off topic is fine so long as it's related to CRTs, such as later 16:9 models, HD models, etc. Systems with backwards compatibility are also safe territory, as are re-releases on newer hardware. PC CRTs are also welcome and appreciated.
>Produce OC! Bust out your camera and take photos of your CRTs displaying all sorts of games, featuring all sorts of tubes, using all sorts of signals. Getting good shots can be hard, but if you take enough, at least a few will turn out alright. Tips'n'Tricks™ coming soon.
>Try and give as much information as possible when asking for info on a specific set, or troubleshooting an issue to expedite and help you may receive. As always, Google is your friend and we are your friends with benefits. Older archived threads aren't a bad place to look either; Seriously, there's literally 6 years of backlog at this point.
>Share appreciation for other's choice of technology and personal philosophy of gaming. Always remember to show courtesy in your discussion and moderate yourselves first.

Limited discussion of video processing and scaling devices is alright, but remember to keep the focus on CRTs and CRT accessories.

CRT Pastebin (Never Ever) :
Guide to CRT Hunting :
Guide to Video Monitors :
General Purpose CRT Adjustment Guide :
S-Video Pasta :
BKM-10R Protocol Info :
JVC RGB card cloning guide :

/crt/ Discord Server :

!!NEW!! Thread Survey :
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No title

Anyone else fuck with Neo Geo stuff? I've been seeing a lot of consolized MVS boards online and I've been thinking about picking one up but I don't want something that is of dubious build quality.
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2nd gen

Do you remember the pre-NES days?
What were you playing?
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Help me

Have been stuck against this guy for two days now. that's really hard.
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No title

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Half Life was a mistake

>boring gameplay
>muh story telling revolution cancer which lead to nowadays interactive movie games bullshit
>boring gameplay
>cs was the only think good that came from the good enough engine

carmack should have killed gabe and made "gameplay first, fuck game history faggotry" law
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No title

Why can't an N64 emulator on a nice comfy handheld from the 3rd market producers create one that runs at a good stable speed? why is the N64 so fucking impossible to emulate well?
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No title

Let's take all of the great design aspects of Rondo of Blood and throw that shit out and instead spam 4-5 Knight Spear guys in each room, let's also make the game shorter but harder, and we can't let players play as a little girl so no Maria. Oh you know how pussy the Dracula fight is? Let's cover half of the arena with pits so the player will fall off and die after getting hit xD oh and make sure to spawn the player at the start of the entire stage if they get a game over!

What a shitload of fuck
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Mega Man X

Tell me about Mega Man X. I heard X to X5 is the core series and it stopped being relevant after that.
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No title

post "that" boss
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No title

Has the expression “a jack of all trades but a master of none” ever been more applicable to something?
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No title

Redpill me on the PC Engine
No one talks about it
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No title

These fucking trees use to give me nightmares when I was a kid I was fucking scared of these mother fuckers
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iD Tech 1 in 2019

Considering how easy it is to mod the living shit out of Doom with ZDoom's features and shit, is it possible you could make an entirely new game using Decorate? I mean look at Hacx. That's an entirely new game made with the Doom engine.
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No title

>you can just easily resurrect dead characters for a few peanuts
and here I thought these games actually could be fun and challenging when playing without savescumming
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No title

Are you guys actually paying these prices?
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No title

did the soundtrack age well?
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No title

How come Sega's games didn't age as well as Nintendo's? E.g. who the fuck would still want to play the pic related? Nobody even talks about it anymore.

Or what about Golden Axe? Phantasy Star? Comix Zone? Ha, thought as much.
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No title

I just got an NES Classic, and I'm about to play this for the first time. Any advice?
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Starting out!

Uncharted Waters (2)
I really like the first three Super Mario games, and I'm also a big fan of Sonic 2.

I recently played Startropics and had a lot of fun... I can't really tell what I'm into, but I think I'm looking for some easy to pick up platform-y games that aren't heavy on story.

I'm pretty interested in finding some games like these. I'm willing to go for any platform- do you guys have any games or series in mind?
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High score challenge

Anyone want to do a high score challenge? We can vote on a game and post our scores.
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No title

I'm trying to get into JRPGs. What are some good games I should play?
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Anyone remember the Earthworm Jim cartoon series?

It featured Dan Castellaneta as the voice of Earthworm Jim:
And it was pretty weird.

Could we have a retro videogame media thread? Cartoons, anime, movies, OAV's, music, comics, manga, and stuff like that.
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No title

Before I buy this I'd like to ask your opinion. Is it better for fighting games than the Dualshock 4?
Yeah not necessarily retro games but a retro controller
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No title

Have you ever written a guide for a game?
1 images | 24 replies

What is your favorite puzzle game /vr/?

12 images | 39 replies

No title

Been feeling a bit down lately. Got PS1 emu loaded up with a DS4 controller. Recommend me some wholesome games (besides the obv must have titles like Crash, Spyro etc). Thanks, anons~
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another one of these threads

I'm finally buying a flatscreen TV after living on only A CRT for the past 15 years. I'll be getting either the LG C8 or C9 OLED.
current systems:
nes (composite)
snes (currently using a scart > component adaptor box)
n64 (svideo/composite)
genesis ( currently scart to component but also modded for svideo)
Seems like my options for retro games are either composite only or a upscaler, correct? LG's dont have component video support. I'm not tossing my CRT but i also dont have another room to set it up in either.
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No title

Today is February 11th, 2019. On February 11th, 1999, the greatest video game of all time was released. Final Fantasy VIII turns 20-years-old today. Bow down before your god.
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N64 hi-res mode

I just discovered today that there's a patch for Goldeneye to enable a higher resolution display for the game, which made me wonder: how difficult would it be to implement this in other games? Is it as simple as disabling anti-aliasing, or is it a far more complicated process that potentially breaks games completely?
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No title

What are some game with floof waifus?
10 images | 35 replies

No title

Why does the sensitivity on this feel like fucking garbage?
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No title

What the fuck? The m64p guy made it available to Patreons only? When did this happen?

It was the easiest way to get everything for N64 emulation together. Fuck him, I'd rather learn which fucking obscure config files to edit and how than to pay.
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No title

worth playing?
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laughing haunts
hate the autosage shit desu new thread
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No title

What's the verdict on the PlayStation Classic?
3 images | 85 replies

What translation or retranslation for SNES ff6 is better?

this is the last time im going to ask this, I know the GBA version is better in translation terms, but i was thinking what is the best form to play SNES ff6 excepting the mess that is the rpgone/skyrender translation
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Awful Doom Maps

Boomers near and far, gather around and hear me. There is a great sin among us that must be talked about.

That sin is overly detailed doom maps and the unbridled autism of some doom mappers. Why the fuck do mappers find it necessary to do pic related? The game isn't a true 3-d game but they make maps as if it is.

They add all this unnecessary god damn detail that you don't need and on top of that they make their maps way too damn big. I notice this on Zandronum a lot. There are servers that host awful mappacks where you just spawn and there is an army in the start of the map ready to kill you instantly.

On top of all of this, as a side note about Zandronum, you guys know the meme about games that have the signature red flags such as open world, crafting, survival, early access etc.?

There are several Zandronum servers that have similar red flags, these flags are as follows: Survival (gamemode), LCA, CD (complex doom), bad maps/mappacks and Clusterfuck.

If you see these red flags, DO NOT join the server. That is all I have to say on that matter.

Anyone here feel me on this issue? I fucking hate it when autist mappers do this unnecessary, high detailed bullshit as well as making their maps huge.
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What are some good games you found on GameCenter CX?

Also GameCenter CX thread
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Microsoft Flight Simulator

I never played it. Is it that addicting? How about other sim games like it? Best? Favorites?
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No title

Redpill me on this game
2 images | 32 replies

NBlood Thread

The REAL Blood source port is OUT, fuck that Java shit, you no longer have to use it.
28 images | 167 replies

What does /vr/ think of AVGN

He’s ok in my opinion I guess. I like to binge watch his videos but his jokes are somewhere between nostalgia critic and quarter guy
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No title

How the fuck do I remove a cursed item equipped on the Hero in DQ3? I managed to remove the Stone Wig from my Priest by making him a Sage but how do I do it on the little faggot?
2 images | 52 replies

No title

How the fuck are you supposed to beat this stupid level? This is supposed to be a Disney kid's game right? Why is this so hard?
1 images | 23 replies

No title

five million years in photoshop
Weebs eat this up.
3 images | 34 replies


I'm having a motherfucking blast with nightmare in dreamland. The movement is so bouncy and dynamic, the powers are so fucking cool.
Is it the best kirby game?
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No title

17 images | 34 replies

Brigandine: Grand Edition (English)

Has anyone been able to get the English translation/patch to work? It seems like there are multiple attempts from different fan groups over the years. Last time I tried in 2012 or so, it broke towards the endgame.

Also, Brigandine thread. (Iria is best girl).
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It's Friday, /vr/! Whatcha playin' this weekend? Picking up something old? Starting something new? Doing some multiplayer with buds? Emulating? LCD? CRT? I wanna hear all about it!

I've been switching back and forth between Wild Arms and Harvest Moon: BtN on the PS1, first time playing both and liking them a lot so far. Also been reading a lot of Uncle Scrooge comics which always makes me wanna play DuckTales.
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>all the enemies are drug users or involved in the drug business
>except the clown
So, what’s the point of having a crazy clown in an anti-drug game?
1 images | 7 replies

No title

>tfw nobody ever talks about the most kino video game ever
Can we talk about Torin's Passage and Al Lowe in general?
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No title

What did she mean by this
1 images | 21 replies

No title

Screenshot from 2019-02-16 21-47-12
Has anyone here touched the Clockworkpi yet?

Wondering if it's a decent platform, or if the processor is fast enough to do GameCube or PS2?
1 images | 7 replies

No title

>pokemon will never get this comfy aesthetics-wise again

they're not even my favourites in the series, but still, it hurts
9 images | 37 replies

No title

Fantastically dogshit old covers thread?
25 images | 61 replies

Blocky 3d weapons

I like my guns as i like my womans edition

>extra point for unreal
4 images | 6 replies

No title

Post favorite vidya music.
3 images | 10 replies

No title

A while back some dude on Lemon64 was working on a port of Metroid to the C64 and...yeah, he didn't have the coding skills or the time along with his day job+family so he gave up.

Lesson learned: Don't take on retro projects that are over your head, especially considering back in the day that games of this scale were usually coded by a couple of people instead of just one guy.

Failing that, try doing a smaller, less complex NES conversion like Hydlide or some other NROM game first.
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No title

Anyone play dual orb 2? What should i expect?
0 images | 2 replies

How is this possible?

In my 1st grade classroom there was a Packard Bell PC running Windows 95 that had the arcade game Major Havoc installed on it. I was fascinated with that computer as it was the first I ever used, and I'm pretty sure I clicked every single file I could find on that thing. Eventually I stumbled upon an executable file called Major Havoc under the programs listed in the start menu. From what I remember and having played it on mame now, it was a 1:1 port of the arcade game, with all the controls being mapped to the mouse.
Does anyone else have similar experiences with different games? Were these likely running on mame or was that not a thing back then? I haven't been able to find any information on a PC port of Major Havoc.
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Action Replay Saturn

So, I installed pseudo Saturn to give it a try and I’m not impressed. Anyway to use my action replay as it was intended again? Can I remove pseudo?
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No title

*blocks your path*
1 images | 2 replies

That HAD to hurt!

Unreal/Unreal Tournament General

Share some of your stories from Single-Player/Multiplayer, show off some new maps, mods, mutators, etc and just have fun!


Thread Music:
12 images | 35 replies

No title

So many ways to screw up the ending
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No title

8 images | 37 replies


rank em
8 images | 47 replies

No title

What's your favorite retro Batvania?
3 images | 17 replies

No title

So I just ordered one of these. I don't have an SD port, so can I just put the SD card into the cart and then plug the cart into the PC via USB and install the firmware and ROMS that way? I'm new to this so bare with me here.
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Ogre Battle 64 on Wii VC. They changed one thing.

Jihad Seraph2
HAHAHAAHA! I just had one of my Angel nights level up to the Seraph, and her attack was changed from "Jihad" to "Laser". I can think of at least a dozen cooler things that a Seraph's ranged attack could be called, and "Laser" is fucking retarded. I don't even get why they needed to change it at all.

Any other VC games that quietly succumbed to PC bullshit?
2 images | 11 replies

No title

What other shmups have no powerups? I prefer no powerups because they often lead to huge difficulty imbalances (too easy with a fully powered up ship, but too hard without any powerups). Without powerups, the game can be balanced much more intentionally.
3 images | 32 replies

No title

Hey /vr/, my local game store has a turbo express for $125 CAD (~94 Freedom bucks), but the speaker doesn't work.
It's probably just a capacitor that needs replacing, but I'm probably too stupid do fix it.
Should I buy? Seems like a good price.
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No title

>Kirby's adventure comes out on the nes classic on the nintendo switch
>beat it in one day
Kirby is best
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Draw Thread

request and draw!
35 images | 98 replies

No title

average shump fag
Are there any irredeemable genres in retrospect?
2 images | 43 replies

No title

Did you "Get Into It" ?
0 images | 3 replies

Just got Pokemon Crystal

Got around to picking up a copy of Pokemon Crystal. I've never played the original Johto games, only HeartGold and SoulSilver so I'm really looking forward to trying out the original. But since I have already experienced it in a way I'm looking to do something a bit different.

What should my team be?
What sort of extra challenge should I undertake?
Any other ideas?


What's your favorite memory of retro Pokemon games?
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Banjo Kazooie

Banjo kazooie
Will the Banjo Kazooie Franchise Ever Return or are they just permanently dead?
2 images | 7 replies

No title

I couldn't enjoy the Chao-raising and so I threw myself into the main game instead and ended up liking that more.

Am I bad person with bad taste?
6 images | 21 replies

No title

Resident Evil headshots

last thread here: >>5348341
24 images | 46 replies

No title

serveimage (1)
system shock looked like shit even in 1994
3 images | 13 replies

No title

2 images | 37 replies

No title

What are some interesting rendering capabilities of hardware from the last millennium?
Apparently, the Dreamcast is capable of normal mapping, which is something PC hardware could only claim the following year.
1 images | 4 replies


4 images | 26 replies

Handheld emulators?

Are there any cheap handheld Chinese emulation devices that can play NEO GEO games well?

I want something that I can just pull out of the box and play. Basically all I want it for is nes and neo geo games on the go.

Is there anything that is worth the money?

Image unrelated.
0 images | 8 replies

VGM Posting

What's some of your favorite videogame music?

One of my all time favorites will be the Mother series.
1 images | 4 replies

No title

What does /vr/ think of Shadow Dancer: Secret of the Shinobi?
5 images | 35 replies

No title

3 images | 6 replies

No title

Has anybody played this? I don't know how but I remember playing it when I was like 5 years
0 images | 11 replies

No title

What was the last "real" era of gaming with soul?
19 images | 213 replies

No title

ITT good educational games
0 images | 2 replies

No title

Just a reminder that these are the only good pre-2000s Zelda games.
2 images | 9 replies

No title

Does /vr/ like old gambling/casino games?
6 images | 44 replies

No title

how do you get good at master cup in f-zero x?
I fucking swear I can't reach 1st place at all, the CPU just reaches me in a flash even if I'm boosting like crazy.
0 images | 5 replies

ITT: Favorite /vr/ levels

For me, it's ripsaw rage
0 images | 4 replies

No title

Didn't you know that the turtles in the original SMB series are sea turtles? Most modern art referencing those games fucks that up.
3 images | 12 replies

No title

>psx has no good platf-
0 images | 0 replies


I had a thought the other day, would it be possible to take the SQUARE playstation ports of SNES games and backwards engineer them to the SNES CD-ROM emulator?

Obviously it would be the actual PSX versions running as that's impossible but what about the possibility of ripping the cutscenes?music from the ports BACK INTO the snes versions? Is it possible? has it been tried already?
0 images | 16 replies



Imps taste like Beef Jerky

Barons of Hell taste like Roast beef

The CyberDemon tastes Ground Beef

The Spider Mastermind tastes like Jumbo Lobster

Archviles taste like Boneless Ghost Pepper Chicken Wings

Pain Elementals taste like Grilled Steak

Lost Souls taste like Spicy Pepperoni

Hell Knights taste like Roasted Turkey Legs

Revenants taste like Pork Ribs

Pinkys when fried taste like Bacon & when not fried taste like Ham

Spectres are invisible Pinkys so They Taste like Invisible Bacon or Invisible Ham

Archnotrons taste like Tiny Lobsters

The Mancubus tastes like Canned Tuna

Cacodemons are Hellish Meatballs that taste like Crab also they Bleed Blue like a Horseshoe Crab

The Icon of Sin tastes like Black Peppercorn Salami

Any and all possessed Humans taste like... Well I don't know lol YUCK I'M NOT A CANNIBAL !!!

Reply with what you think they would taste like below! Have Fun!
0 images | 7 replies

No title

This is unironically the best 2D mario
6 images | 57 replies

No title

Are you guaranteed to lose in beat 'em ups?

I feel like there's no way to avoid damage no matter how good you are.
4 images | 115 replies

Hello! my first post in VR!

Hey! this is my first post in this board.
I recently finished a game called Terranigma, it was the first real RPG game that i played from start to finish.

And i have to say, it's probably the best game i ever played. i have been missing out on RPGs all of this years, but i'm not too upset about it because i will get to experience them now using emulators
23 images | 110 replies

No title

This is the best home console beat 'em up of the 16 bit era. Other games might have better visual/audio aesthetics or more interesting settings/characters, but all of that is irrelevant to what truly rules the day, gameplay.
10 images | 66 replies

Repair/Mod Thread

Repair and mod thread. Consider contributing to .
11 images | 62 replies

No title

>been hearing this stage is the hardest stage in any game ever since there's been a gaming community on the internet
>finally got a chance to play the game recently (i don't own an nes)
>made it to the turbo tunnel
>expected it to be just as hard as people said it was
>beat it on second try

This isn't even bait. It's been like 15 years of hearing this is the pinnacle of difficulty in classic gaming and I beat it on my second try. Are people bad at this game or just plain retarded? Holy shit.
3 images | 46 replies

No title

.>Menu autocloses after I enter a name, making me unable to pick a class and create a character
>Find out its because I only have the first disk and the user disk

Thanks Neo-Kobe!
3 images | 17 replies

No title

Jarpigs, warpigs or carpigs? Twll ne tour preferences.
1 images | 16 replies

No title

>play d2 as usual
>latest patch, no mods, no hacks
>3.8ghz quad, 8gb ram, 1tb drive
>suddenly pic related happens
So this is the power of Blizzard's best-selling game of early 2000s
3 images | 49 replies

No title

Is there a patch to edit the shakespearean english from this?
4 images | 80 replies

FM Towns emulation

Good evening /vr/, please share with me your insight into decent FM Towns emulation. Any hints for a proper start are more then welcome as well as serious tips and tricks from your personal exp.
0 images | 9 replies

No title

>Play NES emulator
>Bad at gaems
>Get NES Mini
>Good at gaems again
The controller makes all the difference.
2 images | 28 replies

Is there anything worth playing on this pile of shit?

>160x144 resolution is so low that even Super fucking Mario Bros. is cropped and basically unplayable
>Graphics somehow worse than NES even though GBC is technically superior
>Sounds like shit

It blows my mind that this thing came out in 1998 and not 1993. I regret wasting the bandwidth on the romset and the wear and tear of writing it to my hard drive.
33 images | 147 replies

Chrono Cross

I'm re-playing this again for the first time since I was a kid and forgot everything, what should I know beforehand?
4 images | 43 replies

The Return of the Goemon Thread

When you need more Goemon. We offer it.
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The perfect game. And the perfect game to showcase what retro can do what modern can not.
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Where were the good 16-bit Castlevania games?

Not on the Super Nintendo! That's for sure!
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ruby G3
Recently picked up another G3. What are some underrated games for OS 9 and early OSX?

Currently playing through Eastern Mind.
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how to get good at shmups/shoot em ups?
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Magic & Mayhem

Has anybody else played this? I've never advanced too far back when I had my (pirated) CD copy. I also remember it having a sequel (though it wasn't made by Mythos Games).

Is there anywhere I can get a legit copy? Neither GOG nor Steam have it (or the sequel).
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>*poisons you to death*
>*throws a grenade that 1 hits your sentry nest*
anyone remember tfc?
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