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/trv/ is a slow board, you don't need to bump more than once a day -- it's OK if your thread is not on the front page, we look several pages deep here. You can do that. too, looking for threads on your topic.

Questions are welcomed, as are threads sharing experiences or generally discussing travel. For very general questions, you can get answers faster at other sites. Google is your friend. Start there, then come back here for specific questions. Some good links for basic info, and a few Pet Peeves of the board, are included within this thread.
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Japan General

Extra long golden week edition!
Post about
>Your favorite Japanese drinks, bars, and degenerate drinking activities
>Getting drunk with salarymen
>Traveling to Japan
>Living in Japan
>Teaching in Japan
>Joining the Yakuza
>Getting your weeb fantasies crushed

"Dude what should I see in ________?"
Solid general guides - sights, sample itineraries, pre-travel considerations, etc
/JPG/anon put together an autistic supermap of sights, restaurants, and shopping. Go nuts.

*Info on prostitution*
Please try to refrain from asking questions about prostitution. If you're coming to Japan solely for prostitutes you should probably consider a different country like China or Singapore.
What is available can generally be found in the following links

*JR Pass*
Many people ask about whether or not the JR Rail Pass is worth it. It depends on your itinerary.
Plug your itinerary into Hyperdia to determine ticket costs, then compare to the below JR Pass options:
>7 day Pass: 29,110¥ (approximately a Tokyo-Kyoto round-trip bullet train trip)
>14 day Pass: 46,390¥
>21 day Pass: 59,350¥

Super-easy rail pass calculator. Fill in your planned trips, get a quick yes/no response.

Please check the /trv/ sticky before asking questions. It's filled with links to great resources, many of them specific to Japan travel.
Old thread >>1575730
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Is there a forum to find people living in countries to rent with that will show you around all the destinations? I don't really want anything touristy. I'd like to genuinely get to know the country and learn the language.
I just cut off my engagement and I really want to get out and see Asia. Korea, Thailand, Japan. Is there any way I could find a family or some guy to live with who I could pay rent to live in his home and he could periodically show me around on weekends?
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What's the worst country you've ever visited?
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Philippines General

Summertime edition
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I work online as a translator and am thinking about going abroad to a cheap country for a while to work. Preferably in Europe, or not too far away. Anyone have any good idea? Just looking for somewhere cheap, somewhat safe and where you can smoke weed
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Top 3 best/worst travel vloggers

What's your top 3 best/worst travel vloggers?
3: Drew Binsky, yeah I know he shills shitholes like pakistan and bangladesh but I like that he's exploring countries like Afghanistan, Papua New Guinea etc...
2. Indigo Traveller, like Drew but he feels more real.
1. Bald and bankrupt, he's NT as fuck, entertaining and he shows us the shitholes of USSR that no one ever goes to.

3. Mark Wiens, I just can't stand his ugly fucking face everytime he eats something.
2. Sam Chui, shills shit airlines such as Biman Bangladesh, not sure if you can call him a travel vlogger
1. Lost Leblanc, I just can't stand this ugly cuck and his ugly dwarf girlfriend. He clickbaits, travels to boring destinations such as bali and he's so fucking boring with no personality.
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Anyone been to Colombia?
Is it cool?
Is it safe?

Colombia discussion thread
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The levant

What are some of the best cities to go for in the levant. My interests are for any old and intact architecture of roman, crusader or old caliphate buildings the more dense, the better
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>of course do i spend my summer holiday in iceland. I love vikings
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Strategy against sunburn

I'm travelling to the Caribbean in a week. Being pretty white (though not super Albino-white), I know that I turn "red" quickly. I'm going to have a well-deserved 3 week rest on different beaches (DR/Colombia/Puero Rico).

What's the optimal strategy to get a well-rounded tan? I was thinking of only going from 8-11 AM and 4-6 PM in the first week or so until my skin has adjusted. Always applying and re-applying sun cream and some Aloe Vera in the hotel room each noon/evening. Any better strategy to run or other things to consider?
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images (3)
Tips for Hong Kong anyone?
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Me and a friend want to travel Japan extensively some time after college, but we don’t just want to meme it. That being said, is knowing the language vital to the experience/a basic need there?
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Where's your next trip and how will you go about it?
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If I have a ticket to the Vatican Museums and I want to go to the Sistine Chapel, would it be possible to:

a. buy a ticket in advance
b. be at the queue right when it opens
c. run to the sistine chapel imemdiately
d. see it before it is full of people
e. see the rest of the vatican museums and not have to worry so much

theoretically, this seems like a good idea. is it possible in reality?

also, rome tips thread, please.
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anyone ever been to Egypt? for anyone traveling for long periods of time, what do you recommend for a translator?
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thoughts on this guy? his videos are pretty comfy
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Am I the only one here to love flying in business ?
Prices are quite expensive but it's so much more enjoyable. That way, holidays start in the airport already.
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Meeting Locals while Traveling

Meeting Locals
What are the best ways to introduce yourself to strangers why traveling? Have you ever been approached or interacted with a fellow traveler?

I usually just meet people at the hostile and go from there since we already have the basics in common. But what about meeting some rando on the street? I'm not looking to pick up chicks or anything like that. I just want to know how some people can break through the local barrier and enjoy the traveling even more.
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Blackanon visiting Estonia this summer

I'm a Black guy planning on visiting Tallinn, Estonia solo this August. What should I expect and what should I look forward to doing?

/pol/failures are not invited in this thread.
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Tips for Amsterdam?

download (4)
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I've been watching BnB for a couple days now, he's got some good stuff. I especially like the Belarusian/Russian videos, it makes me want to just ditch my job and head that way with what I have saved up now. /trv/ have you any vloggers who are sort of on his level (less editing, the charisma is cool but not necessary)?
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Any tips for someone who is afraid of flying?
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/trv/ ever sleep in abandoned or under construction buildings?
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Taiwan General Thread, we survived the earthquake edition

Your thread for:
>night markets
>bad oil
>computer parts
>where to go
>what to see
>whom to do
in the Free and Independent Republic of Taiwan (a representative democracy not affiliated with the People's Republic of China).
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>be amerifat

>fall for thirsty yellow girls meme
>realize you’re the joke
>demand revenge wipe
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How has traveling evolved with you + expatting in Bali

unfuck yourself
'Sup /trv/,

Just wondering how traveling has changed for you, over the years, if at all?

>When I first started, I was hardcore backpacking and trying to really save and stretch my money. Eventually, I got to a point where I was in all these new places but couldn't afford to do shit but exist there and eat.

>Then, I started trying to make more money so I could have a bigger budget. I like to travel on a budget, without actually having to worry about being on one because I like the social atmosphere and meeting new people that are more like me.

> Now, it seems that all I really care for are culture and food. After a while, a waterfall is just a waterfall. A pretty beach is a pretty beach, a temple is just another temple. And I hate that I take these things for granted but you can't change how you feel I guess.

Now, I find myself wanting to stay in one place for longer instead of trying to move every couple of days. I like getting to know an area, making local friends and other expats. Anyone else like this?

Is this the point where traveling takes a backseat to other pursuits in life?
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What's some weird or interesting food you've eaten on your adventures, /trv/?
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Do you honestly think India is a good travel destination?

top 5 destinations
Tell me what you think
Video below provides some info on India as insight
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HaHa Do not skip out on blue lagoon
Anyone travel to Iceland? If so, tips?
We're planning to hit up Reykjavik and the South up to Westman Island.

Is the south better than the north?
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Southern USA road trip

GG0316_roadtrips_01 (1)
Any southern connoisseurs on /trv/?

We're three european duderinos planning to do at 11~ish day long road trip in the southern USA.
The hard part is planning a route, considering we don't know much about the south.

Which cities is a MUST to visit? Also, what is a do-able route?

So far we've been thinking something along the lines of:
Miami -> Everglades -> Clearwater -> (maybe Orlando) -> Mobile -> New Orleans.
Is this a good route? Or are we fucking up by missing Atlanta, Savannah, Charleston, Augusta, Jacksonville etc.
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Free food on Spirit Airlines

This will work for any airline that has no internet in their planes along with a food menu.

All you need is a canceled credit card, it works because the internet is down and can't verify if it was accepted or not. I've done it around 5 times now and I've gotten cloee to $150 worth of free shit.
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What do you guys think of the whole "hop the fence with whatever's on your person" philosophy of travelling? Any success stories as far as this goes? Particularly through multiple countries/regions
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jew binky
How much is Pakistani Government paying him to shill their shithole
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Can we start a /trv/ video content thread? I haven't seen one of these in a long while.

What shows do you watch? Do you follow anyone on youtube, T.V., or any other vloggers? What content do you like to watch? Ever meet a vlogger in real life? What are your favorite countries to watch content on? Etc. I guess this should be a fairly generalized thread about /trv/ related video content.
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Travelling to the Domincan

Staying at the casa marina reef resort in Puerto Plata. Should my stomach be worried? What's the deal there?

Pic not related.
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sup /trv/, thinking of traveling to Cuba for 10+ days
>plan is Havana for 4 days
>Vinales for 2 days
>Veradaro for 4 days (just to chill at a resort)

the hard parts for me would be:
>not knowing Spanish (ordering food, getting directions, traveling from one place to another)
>getting around without internet and Google maps
is it still possible to go without knowing Spanish?

anything i should definitely check out while there?
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No title

I'm heading off to SE Asia for a month next week and I've not even thought about it. Not made any plans whatsoever, not even looking forward to it really.

I feel like I'm maybe getting too old for travelling (mid 30s). Either that or I'm borderline depressed or something.

Anyone else ever feel this way? How do I get myself excited for 30 days in Thailand and wherever else I might end up?
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Rate my route /trv/

What are some cool things to do in Edinburgh, Bergen, and Reykjavik?
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Georgia (Country)

is it safe to travel?
im interested in Georgia (Country)
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No title

Going to Italy next week. Any tips?
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Phnom Penh General

>we will discuss about Phnom Penh in this thread
>cheap booze
The streets became packed and smelly again after Khmer New year.
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No title

anybody here ever been a victim of crime while traveling?
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maxresdefault (1)
Just booked a trip here on a whim but don't really know anything about the place. Thinking 3 nights in KL and 3 in Penang? Is there somewhere else I should go?
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Anywhere left in the world to have experiences anywhere near this?

Just finished reading The Beach by Alex Garland. You've probably seen the movie. In it the narrator speaks about how areas have slowly been taken over by tourists and everyone eventually searches deeper and deeper for the bits untouched by everyone else. But this was in 1990. I know the world is a lot different now, but are there any places where you can experience things like this? To really get away from it all and experience some sort of adventure? Surely there are some places left.

And yes, I know the book ended badly, I'm not talking about living in the trees until it goes all Lord of the Flies.
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No title

I'm going to NYC for the first time and going for a week in May

Is there anything you guys recommend I check out?
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Just a thread for anyone to talk about their experiences traveling/living in Vietnam. I'm off to Hoi An and Saigon in a few days, getting excited to see the joint find some commie propaganda posters and some good street food.
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No title

Where is your preferred seating position?
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How do Thailands malls stay in business?

They build so many of them, they're all empty after a year but all the shops are still occupied and have staff. I don't get it.
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No title

Thought on Baltimore?

With this place being much cheaper than DC or DC suburbs, would this be a good place to live if I commute to DC or Bethesda?
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No title

Californian here. Which affordable, medium sized city should I relocate to?
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Taiwan general Thread

pic_10207_8 (1)
Your thread for:
>night markets
>bad oil
>computer parts
>where to go
>what to see
>whom to do
in the Free and Independent Republic of Taiwan (a representative democracy not affiliated with the People's Republic of China).
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Georgia DMZ

If I have a 3 day weekend, is 1 full day enough to rent a car and drive to a few of the border villages between Georgia and South Ossetia?

I just got back from the Korean DMZ, and geopolitics is pretty interesting to me, but I'm trying to find enough stuff to cram into a single day. Anyone have experience here, maybe with ethnic Georgian refugee camps or Ossetian villages in Georgia? I know the main highway leading from Tbilisi to the Ossetian capital would be cool to see, and possibly bullshit with the soldiers. I may go to a day tour provider
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No title

Going to Portland for a week next month, anything I should do/see? Already doing a 2 day trip to Seattle and a day trip to the beach. Figure will visit Mount hood one day and check out the strip/sex clubs around Portland at night
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Is Seattle really that bad?

Thinking of heading to Seattle for a weekend trip soon. Just wanted to know is if it's really that bad after watching the "Seattle is Dying" doc, especially in the downtown area, or if the problem is just exaggerated and things are no worse than places like Vancouver, BC.
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Best countries for each month

What are the best (different) countries, in your opinion, to visit every month of the year? I take a trip every month or so and I hate the cold, so I'd like to make a chart of sorts where each month I just pick from a suitable country and go there.
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No title

>spending 3 days in denmark
>remember that Norway has fjords, no longer want to stay in Denmark for 3 days
Is it possible to see the fjords of Norway in less than 3 days?
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No title

Hello I wanted to know where are the best places for sexual tourism hetero sex with how much money should go as specific part or city or if you can recommend a forum or can contact me to do a sexual tour I'm looking for places where for little money you can fuck during hours and days of those places that with a dollar has a girl for 1 hour to fuck and have little risk of contracting HIV or any of those diseases
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Switzerland - 1 day and a half left

Hello guys, I'm in Switzerland at Bern. I was wondering what to do next while I'm here. So I spent this day to Bern and I have all day tomorrow (19/04) and half day until 12:00 pm (20/04) to go to somewhere else. I was thinking into Lucerne or Geneva or what else? I'm a bit more into landscape.
Thank you in advance.
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No title

what's the worst tourist trap you have fallen for?
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What would be the best route to travel all the American countries (excluding islands) by land in one go?
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Going Turkey for 10 days all inclusive

download (6)
How much Lira should i bring got 1400 so far about £200 worth, is stuff really expensive ?
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No title

What is /trv/'s opinion on the spanish Semana Santa (Holy week)?
I'm specially interested in opinions from americans who have seen it, but everybody is welcome.
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Prague Advice

prague church
Will be there alone this weekend, and looking at reviews/images tripadvisor and other sites all bars/clubs see in the old town are tourist traps where the alcohol is highly overpriced and filled with drunk teenagers, oftentimes a sausagefest.

Can anyone recommend non-trapsy bars to drink and listen to some live music, and dance clubs to dance in (personally I prefer electronic over hip-hop/R&B), where it's not all just 18 year-old British tourists? Was also thinking of a commercial pub crawl for shits and giggles, are all the bars they get you to dedicated for those tours (nobody else there)?

Thanks fellas!
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No title

I am heading to the west coast for the first time. Any anon familiar with San Diego and its surroundings? What's good?
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Is new Zealand worth it?

I'm planning to travel to New Zealand later this year. Is this country worth a visit as a german?
any advice on the bests sights there Because i only have 5-6 weeks there
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No title


I'm a finnish male, without any money anymore and alone at Varsova.
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No title

I have to fly to Copenhagen and take a train to another Dannish city.*

I've been told I can buy the train ticket on the station the same day. Is it true? How much time before the departure can I get it (e.g. 30 minutes before)?


*There are many trains to that city in the same day according to the internet
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No title


Can these things be fun? They have a bit of a reputation for being for plebs and boomers and seniors and suburban people. But I dont really mind those people when they loosen up.

I'm pretty shy, but I feel like it's possible a cruise could be pretty relaxing as there's nothing to think about or plan.

im also 30 and would go alone, will people think that's creepy?
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China General

Is there pasta for this somewhere? Either way, I didn't see any active mainland threads, so here it goes.

Question: does Didi still have a time restriction, or is it 24/7 again by any chance?

Some links


Better than Google Translate:
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Hi guys im in Venice rn, anything you can rec here?

also if you wanna see pics of a specific place just ask and maybe i can take some in the coming days
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No title

Do you guys carry a day bag when traveling?
I want a bad to carry the stuff I don't want to leave at the hotel/airbnb but I don't want it to scream tourist.

However just being white in a lot of countries will do that.

I am really looking at a bagjack sniper or should I just go with the traditional fanny pack?
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No title

whats the most typical, white, american suburb. always been fascinated by this as a rural brit bong
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Flights up $75+

Wow and Jet airlines filing for bankruptcy is just an excuse.

Want to know why a collapse is imminent? schengen zone visas and increased flight costs to keep people contained in the USA.
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No title

thoughts on fixed gear bikes?
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I like this
How the fuck do I not die when I travel?

I am 18 years old and from suburbia and planning a trip by myself, am afraid that I'll be naiive.

Pic unrelated.
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East Germany

I know there's a lot of touristy stuff and Ostalgia places selling GDR flags and souvenirs, but is there any specific national day and place to see old East German veterans unironically waving their old banners and commemorating a country that no longer exists?

The history of East Germany is so plastic and artificial, it had interesting Cold War happenings but it seems so erased, apart from a few museums and memorials. But what about the veterans - I know Rhodesians have weird niche commemorations and parades, but I've heard nothing about GDR guys
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Eternal TEFL Thread #1

All things TEFL-related go here. Where are you teaching, and how do you like it? Also, daily reminder:

I'm an engineer. I was STEM major in college like any sensible and smart person. I was guaranteed $100,000 staying salary and job security for life. A couple years into it now. Living the dream. Married. Have a house. Gonna have kids soon.

This is really the only acceptable way to live your life. I'm almost in a hiring position and I will make sure to turn away anybody who has taught a English abroad, took a gap year, or otherwise abandoned their standard career path to fuck around. Cant wait honestly.
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Hang-gliding/para-gliding thread

Anybody done either of these? Planning to do it in Cape Town and again once I get back to Rio.
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Gaijin Hunters

Why do people have an issue with this again?

Also, it’s not only limited to Japan btw. At least not in my experience. Hong Kong women practically make it a statement that they “don’t date Kong boys,” and gun pretty much exclusively for foreigners. Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Korea aren’t very different either. No experience with China yet. But it seems to be an Asian thing, not a Japanese thing.
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No title

What are the best places to go on your honeymoon?
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No title

Anyone ever have a greater success of forming a relationship or even hooking up with women while abroad?

>If you can't get laid/a gf at home you won't get laid/a gf abroad.

I get that, but I feel like I'm in some weird middle ground. Like I'm no slayer by any means, but I've been called anywhere from a 5-8/10, and every once in a great while I actually get laid. I also tend always at least get first dates via apps (I don't use Tinder as much), but the girls are always extremely basic and I rarely get past a first date.

I don't know if it's me slipping, or if it's just the US these days, but I've always found it easier to strike convos with foreign girls. Would traveling be beneficial for someone in my situation?

General thread as well, share stories and advice.
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No title

I just saw this, this is terrible. A moment of silence for those who never got to see it in person. Those who have seen it recall your memories here. R.I.P. Notre Dame Cathedral
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Traveling with Business Class

Do any of you guys Travel on business class?
If so then how was the experience?
Are there free beverages or lounges you could stay in?
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No title

Let's talk about Myanmar. Sounds like one of the few countries in the region not completely ruined by mass tourism.

Thinking about going there for a month later this year, probably December.

Bagan, Mandalay, Yangon and Inle Lake sound like a decent staple itinerary. Anything else worth a visit?

Would love to add some beach time but Ngapali is fucking far from everything else and not willing to pay 200 USD for a one way flight.
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World tour

I recently took a year-long trip that took me to many places:
Figured i’d be able to help if anyone has questions about these places, especially re: choosing between destinations, relative interest, etc. or about specific sites, people, transport, accomodations. All that. Here to help.
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Kiev - Ukraine

I am travelling to Kiev for a week over easter.
Do you have any special recommendations for my trip? Could be cultural or culinaric.
And what to be careful about?
4 images | 61 replies

No title

Hello, /trv/.
My wife and I will have Obon off from work and are therefore looking to travel somewhere in South/East Asia. Where are some good, off the beaten path places to visit out of those countries? We like exploring nature and I like getting drunk, so, no Muslim theocracies, please.
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No title

I'll be flying to Colorado tomorrow and will be driving from Denver to Las Vegas, visiting all the usual parks in between.

Question is - will I need my hiking boots for this or would comfy sneakers be fine? We will just be doing the main/common hikes in most places, nothing too off-the-beaten-path.
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Washington D.C. general

Personal thread disguised as a general

I'm going to the Nation's Capital in August. My current itinerary is ~10 days:
5 days for the Smithsonian/National Mall
1 day for Georgetown
1 day for Anacostia
1 day for the Virginia side
2 transit days

Some questions:

Should I be looking to be spending more (or less) time anywhere?

Any locals have advice on what to do/see or any hidden non-touristy places?

Is there anything to see/do in Baltimore?

Any interesting small towns around the area?

Thanks in advance. And if first reply gay-poster comes back, no, I am not gay. Nip that bud before it grows.
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Thailand general thread

Thailand General Thread.

Ask here about where to go in Bangkok, Pattaya, Hua Hin, Hat Yai, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, and Trat! What silly statues to go see, which tailoring shops are legit, how much to pay for short-time vs long-time ladyboys, get tips for prison after drunkenly insulting the King, and how to enjoy the many wallet-draining scams of Thailand, the Land of Fake Smiles.

Link to old thread: >>1562466
50 images | 322 replies

No title

I have around £100,000 ($130,000). I am happy to live in most places, but where is best for lifestyle/money? I am university educated and have worked in specialised (financial) law enforcement for 10 years. It appears that I am splitting up with my long term girlfriend, and a fresh start would be beneficial. Ideally, much like everyone else, I'd like to work as little as possible but I know that it isn't possible. Based on my family history, I am unlikely to live past 60, so somewhere to sustain me for around 30 years would be great.

Any experiences from anyone else who has taken the plunge to start a new life elsewhere is appreciated.
1 images | 18 replies

Kansas City

I was raised in KC, but I haven't been there in ten years. Is there anything new that I should know about? I'm staying for two weeks.
2 images | 11 replies

Map thread.

65 images | 117 replies

No title

Is it weird that I enjoy plane turbulence?
0 images | 8 replies

No title

Has anyone around here some experience with surfcamps?
I‘m about to do a stop in Indonesia for a month during my trip through Asia. My first destination is Bali and since i‘ve never surfed before i‘m thinking about booking one of these camps like kimasurf. Is it worth it?
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No title

Los Angeles is just 500 square miles of houses and sad people pretending to be happy. Truth to this?
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No title

Considering traveling on my own for the first time to Spain. I'm American living in Florida and have only travelled before to Canada and Bahamas with family / friends. Was thinking of doing a couple cities / towns in Spain over a 2-3 week period. I have family in Santander so would like to stop there. What is the cheapest and most efficient way to travel around ? Train pass ? I was looking at Euro Rail and don't really understand the travel days thing. I'm into drinking and old buildings and stuff. Was also considering maybe visiting a whiskeria while I'm there. Any advice ? Thanks.
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No title

>actually got laid while traveling
I fucking made it bros. Anyone else?
2 images | 58 replies

No title

Which cities in America have the most attractive men and women?
2 images | 26 replies

No title

airline backpack2
Hey /trv/, looking to save a bit of money and avoid checking a bag in for my next trip.

I need a backpack I'd be able to stow under the seat, while also having a good enough amount of space to handle a few changes of clothes, electronics and weather gear for a 17 day trip.

Which backpacks do you guys use?
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How to dress in Spain?

I guess this could go on /fa/ but that place is full of teenagers and trolls. You guys are better.
How to dress in Spain so as to not immediately look like a tourist? How do Spaniards dress during the hotter months? I've heard stuff like they don't wear shorts, don't wear tennis shoes and all that.
My wife(CHI) speaks Spanish so we wouldn't be full American tourist-tier, but I don't want to stick out.
13 images | 90 replies

Colorado Camping

I have about 5 days worth of free time in Colorado in the first week of May. Could anybody familiar with some great Colorado scenic camping recommend a place for me to camp out?

Will also take suggestions for general nature spots in Colorado to visit.
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UAE Thread

This thread is about the UAE. Feel free to discuss topics related about:
>tour sites
>trip planning
>attending schools
4 images | 34 replies

No title

Is Los Angeles truly the only city that has no personality? I get a screamingly blatant NPC vibe from it
21 images | 69 replies

No title

Screen Shot 2019-04-15 at 9.09.50 PM
I have 9 days to do something crazy.
Is this crazy?
1 images | 18 replies

Riyadh Saudi Arabia

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Hey guys I may go to an exhibition for business to Riyadh. I was with the commercial attache of thr embassy of my country in Saudi Arabia. It will be my first time in Arab, after that I would like to go to Dubai or someplace near. I want to know how safe is the city, avg price of meals and hotels. I only speak spanish (native lenguage), english, bit of french and very little russian. Thanks
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what happens here?

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art school students from Brno, Czech republic coming to Kaunas this May to film a short documentary for our city and the Kaunas university
interested in culture, minorities, architecture
any suggestionss? ideas places etc
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Who else here travels alone?

Any tips for my first upcoming solo travel?
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London things to do

I have a lady friend from japan coming to London for 6 days in 2 weeks.
We’re gonna get busy but also need things to do.

I have ideas but more is always good. Any good evening bars or activities you guys recommend? Preferably somewhere more cool, but not partying or crazy. Rooftop bars etc.

Day activities too, good light art shows etc.
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I’m looking to travel to the English countryside and do some hiking while staying in Inn/pub in a quaint town. Any brits got any recommendations on where I should be looking?
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Working while traveling

Is it realistic to travel and work as a chef? I'm not schooled in culinary arts or what ever but I have been working in different
kind of establishments since 6 years back, nothing too fancy really but I know the basics and can manage the working hours and stress.
I'm tired of my job, lack of meaningful relationships and not being able to grow further in the field I'm working in.
I'd like to travel around the world and learn to cook traditional food, local cuisine and finance my traveling hobby in the same time (I will have more than 10k to start with) but I don't really know where to start.
I'm not interested in western cuisine, since that's what I've been cooking.

Is my idea realistic? Where should I start and what kind of countries and restaurants should I aim for?
Anyone else did something like this?
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So im taking my girlfriend to bali because thats the cool thing to do and ive never been to that oart of the world. Anyone have any tips or cool places we should check out? We are going to be staying on kuta (i know tourist central) and ubud (i know other tourist central). Just looking for cool stuff to do
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is the British accent in America meme real?
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Laos Thread

I'm thinking of heading to Laos for a few weeks when I'm done with Northern Thailand. Flights to Luang Prabang seem fairly cheap.

Any good advice/recommendations for things to do in Laos? I'm not interested in all the partying shit in Vang Vieng but I would like to try mushrooms and eat them alone somewhere if possible. Whats the deal with mushrooms, weed etc and is it available everywhere or just in the degenerate areas like VV?

Anything else to be aware of or avoid? All advice appreciated.
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Chadification Holiday

Unironically what is a holiday that I can take that will make me a social chad. I can speak English and Russian if that helps and live in UK. I've been improving my life for past year, going to uni in September, gym, made a friend. But I'm still lacking social skills and 19 year old virgin. I've got £4k and want to go for ~3 months. Cheers in advance guys.
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anyone living in new york possibly know what "magnet rocks" in central park that my professor may be referring to. My physics professor is sending us on a scavanger hunt in the city for extra points.
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What European travel (road/hybrid) bike brand has good reliability and a fair price?
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Duty Free Booze

Which duty free shops have cheapest booze? Which ones are rip offs? I found ones in Manchester UK to be pretty good. Also in Ben Gurion Israel and a border crossing in North Dakota between USA and Canada was cheap on both sides. The ones at most US airports seemed to be rip offs. In Moscow they were all rip offs too. Oh Hong Kong was cheap also. Share your experiences?
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Austin, TX

What are some things you should do when visiting Austin?
I live in Dallas and checking out Austin has been on my to-do list for a while now. Think of it like a 3-day weekend more so than a full blown vacation.
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Travel tips, share and tell

For urban shitholes like LAX and SFO, when you go through security be sure to placed electronics/passports/wallet in a separate tray than your carryon and shoes. Wait for the tray to enter the x-ray machine for a few seconds before going through yourself. Never allow the tray to sit there while you go through security because due to their shit security some nigger/spic might walk up and steal your valuables.

Also try to use the lane with the most white people or near a cop. Nigger TSA agents don't give a fuck when they see you getting robbed.

PSA: most Duty Free are rip offs.
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I've been gradually preparing for a trip to the Democratic Congo I want to do (well me and my friend). Looking into it over the past month it looks like a fucking nightmare to even get past customs. You need:

•A personal letter of invitation from a private host, stamped by the City Hall in Kinshasa
•A letter explaining the purpose of the trip, the locations you're visiting, how long you're staying, and hotel reservations
•Proof of funds for the trip
•Professional photos of yourself
•A letter signed by the local authorities in your country
•A stamped "travel permit" to travel thru the country
•And probably a boatload of bribing fees you'll have to pay just to get out the front door of the airport

I ain doing all that shit. What "hotels" am I going to reserve if I even want to travel into the country lol?

So I'm thinking a better idea would be to cross the border from another country. Republic of the Congo is much easier to travel to I hear. And Lake Tanganyika is right across from Tanzania.

Does anybody have any experience or knowledge about walking over the border and what happens?
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No title

What region/city in America has the best black girls? Also outside of America too (Africa of coursd, but where?)
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Post photos you've taken while traveling

>No sideways pics
>Please declare the location/country

This is Barentsburg, Svalbard
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Las Vegas

I’m thinking about moving to Vegas long term.

How is it like to live there long term?

>is cost of living still cheap?
>can you get around the city easily with Uber or lyft
>how’s the job market?
>does it get unbearably hot and can you avoid it by being inside all the time?
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How do you feel about Notre Dame?

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Real Travellers™ how did you get used to discomfort?

Travelling on the cheap and being adventurous can lead to some rough or uncomortable situations; sleeping outside, not showering or whatever the fuck, how did you guys deal with it and get used to it?
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Safety and tracking

Does anyone used tracking devices on their person or luggage? Wife and I are doing a Eurotrip and I’d like to integrate some kind of tracking system for each other as a redundancy over phone calling in case we get separated/lost.
Also, anyone carry anything for self defense? I’m leaning towards a tactical flashlight with a bevel.
I’ve read people making a makeshift musical instrument out of a metal pipe, disguising baton as selfie stick, etc.
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No title

I'm 26 and live in wisconsin and have never travelled in my life.

The notre dame fire has made me realize theres alot of cool shit i havent seen in this world that might not always be here, and were living in an interesting time where you can travel the world for very little money.

Would it be worth it to spend the next few years paying off my shit, selling my possessions, and than travelling the world?

I have no path, I work in landscape, i wouldn't be leaving much behind. I'd like to get out to the east coast united states, canada, and europe.
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No title

My life has been meaningless. The only love I've ever felt has been from my parents. I've accomplished nothing. As childish as it sounds, I feel like escaping to some foreign country and starting over in somewhere fresh, new and exciting might bring me some renewed hope for my life.

I spent a month in Florence two years ago while studying abroad and absolutely loved it, I particularly enjoyed Sienna when we took a day-trip there. How feasible would it be for me - a young American that speaks no Italian, has no useful skills, and a useless degree - to just make a living in Tuscany?
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No title

has anyone here have traveled to an extreme 3rd world country?
not softcore like south america but like middle east kind of dangerous
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estonia in summer

Anyone been here around June-August time? The islands look great, as does Tallinn, is it /trv/ approved?
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First time Disney world

My wife and I are taking our 9 yr old daughter to Disney world for 8 nights. We’re staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge with the Savanna views. Anyone have any tips to help make this a magical vacation and also as stress free as possible? We don’t have much money, but we do want to hit up some restaurants while we’re there and are thinking about going to the Harry Potter stuff at Universal.
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I am visting Croatia in May for around 8 days and spending time in Zagreb, Plitvice, Split and Dubrovnik. Post about must see sights, local cuisines, tips and surreal experiences.
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Does every country have a Deano?

What are Japanese/European Deanos like?
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No title

Anyone have experience with lost or stolen luggage? Just got back from Japan and the luggage I brought with three different souvenirs and one for my sister is missing. According to what the people at baggage claim said it's most likely someone else took it before I got there. One of the guys was pretty confident that whoever took it would bring it back soon and that 99.9% of the time that's what happens but at the same time there's the possibility that the dumbfuck who took it doesn't bring it back or simply just decided to steal it for some reason.

Needless to say I'm pretty pissed right now.
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No title

I'm moving into Southern France with some family I have, do you guys have any tips or advice, what should I expect?
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No title

Whats it like in Greenland? Any thoughts?
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I've been looking at travelling to Slovenia for a while now. Is there any particular areas I should check out? I'm only going to be staying in Bled if I end up going.
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Maui, Hawaii

Traveling to Maui here in a few weeks! Any tips? Any restaurants or site seeing to recommend? Ty!
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Sumatra this August - what to do/see

I'm planning to go to Sumatra this August. I'm flying to Kuala Lumpur from Europe and then to Sumatra. I will do the orangutangs in the jungle trek and visit some island on the east side of Sumatra.

I'm also planning to see the lake that was once a super volcano. Aside form that what would you recommend ? Any cool towns, nature spots, things off the beaten path ?
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How do you deal with your family not approving of your travelling?

Does anyone else have parents or relatives who think the idea of travelling is extremely stupid?
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No title

So I'm in Japan. What the fuck do I do now?
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No title

Is there anything worth seeing in Denmark outside Copenhagen? Thinking about heading there for about 5 days, seems a small enough country to see the most of it in that time. No specific interests, anything cool would be nice. Thanks.
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What would you do?

I have $100,000 saved up for a down payment on a house, but I'm second thinking my decision. On one hand I could have my suburban house and a vacation every other year, until I eventually die in it. On the other I have a chance to get out of the rat race and start a small travel-based business overseas.

So /trv/, what would you do and where would you do it? You have 100k USD and no real responsibility, family or otherwise. Would you start a taco stand in Costa Rica? A bar in Vietnam? A cafe in Alaska? A scooter rental shop on some island that only Real Travelers© know about?
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No title

Hi everyone! I just wanted to share a helpful guide I found on where to visit in Paris!

I know the city of love isn't for all of us here, but i think if you give it a try you'll be amazed!
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Have you ever been to Korea?

If you have
How was it?
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No title

Its not just a rock.... its a BOULDER!!
Heading to boulder co thursday night till sunday any tips kwers?
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Have you learnt a 2nd of language? If so how did you do it? What were your best learning methods? How have you failed?

I personally have failed French and then Italian as a native english speaker. Tried learning some prior to visiting and temporally living in those countries.

Found my Anxiety greatly inhibits my ability to try and converse in another language. Gonna try again though, in a country i prefer more.
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Wildlife tourism

I really want to do more wildlife tourism when I get older. Map related. I'd like advice from anyone who's been to these places, especially Africa
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