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/trv/ is a slow board, you don't need to bump more than once a day -- it's OK if your thread is not on the front page, we look several pages deep here. You can do that. too, looking for threads on your topic.

Questions are welcomed, as are threads sharing experiences or generally discussing travel. For very general questions, you can get answers faster at other sites. Google is your friend. Start there, then come back here for specific questions. Some good links for basic info, and a few Pet Peeves of the board, are included within this thread.
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brazil flag
Why is the term Gandula meaning ball boy, used so commonly as an insult in Brazil? What do they mean?
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Spontaneous get up and go

Have any of you ever just decided to get up and move to a different city/state/country? For the longest time I've had this itch and recently I've been really wanting to scratch it. I have a girlfriend but we don't have any kids and we have family here but she would be willing to go anywhere with me. How much do you need saved up and where did you find your next place? I live in Kentucky.

I don't have any debt.
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How can I fucking trust hostel evaluations?

I mean, I was disappointed with HostelWorld evaluations, so this time I'm backpacking in Mexico, I put only good evaluated hostels. The result? This is my very first night Mexico City in the best hostel according with (plus HostelWorld - I crossed the data), a +9, and IT IS FUCKING TERRIBLE! It is hot as fuck, no air conditioning and we cannot open the window because there is a fucking party going on the roof.
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Travel maps

Non-autistic maps edition.
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Going to apply for Erasmus in Porto. What am I in for? Porto thread, please!
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Sup /trv/, any Denver fags here or frequent visitors have any recommendations on unique things to do here.

I'm visiting the gf for the weekend (from OH) and would like to do some casual hiking, visit unique places, or anything like that. We will have a car and can drive for a while...thinking of maybe going to Boulder as well. Thanks in advance.
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Life in European towns

What is it like living in medium sized european towns? Are Uber and food delivery services used often? Are grocery stores, banks, etc within walking distance? I'm curious about /trv/'s experience with this.

In American suburbs you need to drive 10 minutes to get to anything, which is why it's really shitty if you don't have a car, unless you live in a major city which sucks if you don't like city life.
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Berlin guide

Looking for must-see non-tourist places. Cheap shopping places helps as well
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Cheap flights

Hi everyone.

So I'm trying to figure out how people are flying around domestically in the USA for uber cheap prices. E.g. LAX to CHI is average usd 230 round trip. I'm wondering how I can find those magical 50 or 100 round trip deals.

I use a bevy of search engines and aggregators like momondo, skyscanner, hopper, etc, but I never am alerted about prices drops that are so significant.

Any advice?
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How do you get a secondment or expat job in a place like Singapore or Hong Kong? Is it just luck or what can you do to go about getting such a job?
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Winston (Serpentza) and Tkyosam make the best travel vlog duo

Anyone else find Winston and Tkyosam to be the best duo for travel vlogs?

They should collaborate more often.
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India or Myanmar?

Yes, I know they are completely different countries, but I'm thinking of visiting one of them and I can't decide which one.

I'm listening, guys.

Thanks in advance.
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What places do Deano and the lads like to visit? Alternatively, do other countries have their own version of Deano or is it exclusively a British phenomenon.
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Just a thread for anyone to talk about their experiences traveling/living in Vietnam. I'm off to Hoi An and Saigon in a few days, getting excited to see the joint find some commie propaganda posters and some good street food.
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Who here in the military? Where have ya been? Where are you at? Where are you going? I'm coming up on my first deployment and were going to be flying to a bunch of different places in the EU. Was told not to expect a lot of free time but still excited.
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Japan General - Kagoshima edition

Post about
>Your favorite Japanese drinks, bars, and degenerate drinking activities
>Getting drunk with salarymen
>Traveling to Japan
>Living in Japan
>Teaching in Japan
>Joining the Yakuza
>Getting your weeb fantasies crushed

"Dude what should I see in ________?"
Solid general guides - sights, sample itineraries, pre-travel considerations, etc
/JPG/anon put together an autistic supermap of sights, restaurants, and shopping. Go nuts.

*Info on prostitution*
Please try to refrain from asking questions about prostitution. If you're coming to Japan solely for prostitutes you should probably consider a different country like China or Singapore.
What is available can generally be found in the following links

*JR Pass*
Many people ask about whether or not the JR Rail Pass is worth it. It depends on your itinerary.
Plug your itinerary into Hyperdia to determine ticket costs, then compare to the below JR Pass options:
>7 day Pass: 29,110¥ (approximately a Tokyo-Kyoto round-trip bullet train trip)
>14 day Pass: 46,390¥
>21 day Pass: 59,350¥

Super-easy rail pass calculator. Fill in your planned trips, get a quick yes/no response.

Please check the /trv/ sticky before asking questions. It's filled with links to great resources, many of them specific to Japan travel. Old >>1538892
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I'm looking for an onsen that allows people with tattoos (I have degenerate friends) and preferably is mixed gender.
Anyone has some expertise?
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Hey /trv/ bros i need your Advice i'm having a hard time choosing between AZEIRBAIDJAN and VIETNAM for a 2 months trip this summer so what do you guys think if it's been up to you? Thank's in advance guys.
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ire land

Is this worth visiting in the beginning of March this year. There's supposed to be a lot of rain this spring, especially in the Western parts. I don't mind that much. But the landscapes won't be green either and more dull. Anyone who has been, would you recommend postponing to early summer or just say "fuck it" and go anyway. I have around 10 days. More or less. I am travelling solo by car.

I've had a thread saved with suggestions but can't find it anymore. I was planning on doing Dingle, Kerry, Galway and up to Slieve.
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I need opinions on the Seattle-Bellevue-Everett area.
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Spring Break in Central Europe?

Currently studying in Florence, have 9 days in late march to travel around. I have English, German, and basic Italian, and would like to go somewhere where I can get by on those. I've been to Germany plenty so I was thinking Vienna, and then maybe Budapest or Croatia for a few days before heading back. Anyone have any experiences? Mostly looking for places with good architecture and alcohol, nightlife isn't as important.
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Colombia general

discuss destinations, people, culture, food, pose stupid questions for locals to answer
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I have the change to leave my country and start living and working in Switzerland.
Should I take it?
I will earn more money and live a more comfortable life, btw.
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Best-Worst Toilets
Okay what's your best and worst experiences in using a toilets aboard.

UK and Japanese

Netherlands and India
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2 weeks in Ukraine, where to go, what to see? For now I have Lviv, Kiev and Odessa on my list.
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Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Alright, I'm going to Phnom Penh in a few weeks. I'll be staying two months.

Any recommendations for cheap monthly rentals, cannabis pizza, and other forms of degeneracy? I am on the lowest possible non-hostel budget.

I will probably visit Angkor Wat mainly so that I can pretend this trip was edifying back home, but also because I am interested in architecture.

Next stop: probably back to Vietnam on another 90 day VOA with invitation letter, because I miss this place even as I sit here typing.
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Screenshot_2019-02-17 1200px-Wikitravellogo svg png (PNG Image, 1200 × 436 pixels)
Why are they so anti-car?
So many cities have no "by car" section under "Get Around", and those that do are usually described in a discouraging tone, usually something along the lines of "you really shouldn't rent a car because this city is too congested/drivers are crazy/it's difficult to park, use public transport or a taxi instead".
Renting a car is the best way to get around the vast majority of cities. Unless you're a fucking retard who wants to drive at rush hour you should be fine. Yes on street parking can be a pain in large cities, but that's what paid underground/building car parks are for, and they usually aren't a lot more expensive than using a whole day of public transport.
There is not a single destination I've been to where I regretted renting a car.
What about you, are you car rental master race or do you still go "sight seeing" on some smelly bus like a pleb?
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Traveling outside of what I'm used to

Hello friends. As of today I finished doing all the research needed for a big 2 month trip I'm doing to Eastern Europe this summer, but it feels weird. I'm just not nearly as excited as I get when I've planned for other trips in the past, and I'm wondering if it's just because it'll be very different from past trips but once I get there I'll enjoy it. My previous travels have only been to different countries in Asia and SEA, which I all loved. Has anyone experienced this feeling before?
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I want to do TEFL for a year after my graduation since I'll have my bachelor, will I be doomed to a lifetime of shitty employment if I do this for a year like /trv/ says?
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I have a little game of sorts for you /trv/
Each colour on this map has a colour, and each colour represents a certain number of points.
>dark green - 1
>light green - 2
>yellow - 3
>orange 4
>red 5
For every country you have been too (not counting lay overs or your home country) add up the points.
lets see who has the most /trv/ points.
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Continuing from >>1499308
Taipei is great. Ate a shit load tonight for cheap at this market. A lot of stuff equates to 50c AUD a piece.
Let's keep the discussion going.
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Advice Needed

Recently one of my friends ended up traveling to Vietnam to try to live there. He ended up finding a girl on some sort of site from some village. Long story short he is now in Vietnam and they living together.
Recently some crazy happened: Apparently the girl in question father in law gambled a shit ton of money and well basically offered up the girl in question for marriage. My friend got a visit from the local mob saying either pay the money ( 800 US ) or she comes with him. He tried to pay but after a while, they said they just want the girl. They are currently in some hotel that she's been renting out for a few weeks for them. They tried to go to Saigon to disappear but apparently, she gave the passport to the hotel management and now she can't get it back for some reason that I don't quite understand. Girl basically says to leave her and he should forget about her.

He's asking for advice but I got 0 so I thought I'd post here to see if anyone of you guys can give some stuff.

So is this Scam? and if not how fucked is he? Any Advice you can give?

Pic related, WhatsApp Convo we've been having.
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Am i Stupid or smart?

Hello, I want to spend atleast 15 years of my life teaching english. Doing this i can live my dream of learning Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese, while living in the country and exploring. Is this a stupid idea?

pic not related.
xiexie arigato(Thanks)
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Turkey general

I'm going to Turkey in a week or so for the first time.

I definitely plan on visiting Cappadocia region and spending some time in the capital. What are the must-do things in Istanbul other than visiting the major sights like Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, etc.? Is food better on the Asian side or the European side? Any general Turkey tips?

How long do you need to stay in Pamukkale to see everything?
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hello , me and my friend are going to visit Albania , Macedonia , Kosovo , Montenegro , Bosnia , Croatia and Slovenia this summer. we want to do mostly hiking, any good places to visit in one of these countries?
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Elon musk location Melbourne

Does anyone know the location of this painting in Melbourne ? Impossible to find the exact location.
Please anon help me !
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How does /trv/ prefer to shit?

>based solely on travel experiences

As an American I grew up with the typical toilet paper only method of cleaning. It never worked great and resulted in me wiping 15-20 times per shit. I went to Europe in my early 20's and got to expierece the Bidets of Italy which I liked, but I thought they were a bit cumbersome. Later on I visited Cambodia and I thought their little wash-nozzle thing was a great invention and it made it super easy to clean my asshole. A few years later I visited Japan and Korea and holy fuck, the washlet method of cleaning your asshole is top tier, it is an absolute dream when it comes to cleaning. Most recently I visited India and you can imagine how efficient that is.

>Korean/Japanese washlet method
>Cambodian Wash-nozzle thing
>Italian Bidet
>American dry wipe method

>Backwater Indian/Thai/poor areas with the communal bucket to dip your hand in
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foto_no_exif (35)
post photos from your journeys
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No title

is it true that dubai is better than the united states in almost every way?
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No title

question to people who have been in poland
what was your biggest suprise regarding poland?
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No title

Any anons here that can give me a qrd on Russia?
I plan on moving there to teach English in a few, months.
-things to do
-what to expect
-places to see
-things to know ahead of time etc.
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Traveling to France in June for the Womens' World Cup
Never been to France before, any tips/tricks I should know?
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No title

Is there a gay version of Bangkok somewhere on this planet? Asking for a friend.
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Ranking the Countries of South East Asia

Rank em and your reason
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No title

Have 2 weeks off in May. Want to try weed legally.
Where should I go?
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The small things of travel

>having a layover in a Foreign country
>that little thought of "whoa I am actually in X albeit for a few hours"

What are some small, seemingly innocuous situations you really like about travel/?
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Czech Republic, Poland, or Hungary?

Hey /trv/ which one of these countries in your opinion would you want to live in?
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Losers and creepy expats living in Japan

A lot of expats in Japan seem to have no talent or real qualities… Guys like Tkyosam or Ryan Boundless

How can they afford living and staying in this country for years? Are English teachers considered gods there?

Does it give unlimited visa even if you are really low skilled and offer close to nothing?
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No title

>which of these 4 cities deserve 4 whole days

I have a trip planned for these 4 cities, and due to time constraints 3 of the cities I will visit for 3 full days (not counting the partial days flying in/out) and one city I will be able to spend 4 whole days in. Which would /trv/ spend 4 in?

>Hong Kong

I currently have 4 days on Hong Kong but I think 4 days in Singapore may be better.
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No title

Where do you guys get your money to travel? Where do you work?
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Philippines general - Subic bay edition

Feel free to ask any questions about traveling or expat life in the Philippines. Keep politics and posts about your sex life or lack thereof to a minimum. Remember you can't stop people from making retarded posts but you can deprive them of replies.
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No title

Rank the countries you've visited by how good their cuisine is
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Ask any and everything travel related that doesn't require a whole thread.

>going to Indonesia this summer and will be flying into Singapore, how many days should I spend in Singapore? Total time is around 16 days
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No title

What are the best and worst things about South Korea?
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Hey friends, going to Montreal and potentially some surrounding areas for a week in March. Looking for pointers. Interested in the FLQ history of Quebec, wondering if there are any FLQ sympathetic neighborhoods with murals and/or radical bookstores or whatnot? Something like IRA murals in Belfast, idk if it exists tho hard to find info on in English. Also looking for the grittier neighborhoods in general if possible, French speaking Canadian ghettos sound interesting. Also interested in good contemporary art museums, architecturally interesting neighborhoods, what of the main tourist areas is worth checking out or not. Mont Royal looks cool for a hike and a view of the skyline, anyone have a rec for a good trail or location and time to go? Sunset/midday/late evening?

Im from Philadelphia and have travelled pretty widely for a poorfag, I'm not against the nice tourist sites and will check some of them out but would also like to prioritize finding neat local stuff that gets at the character of the city as people there understand it. So ideally nice local restaraunts, working class neighborhoods, nice little parks in peculiar neighborhoods, local bars, good music venues, unique industrial features/urban landscapes, etc. Anything within an hour or two of Montreal is fair game as well -- especially hikes/national parks along the St. Lawrence up near Quebec City, or in the countryside north of Montreal, if any of those have something at all worthwhile or unique.

Thanks ahead of time, let me know if I can narrow down interests and intentions any better.
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No title

Who has experience teaching English in Vietnam? Moving there in 2 weeks with an online certification and no university degree. What can I expect? Will I get arrested and deported? Did I mess up
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How to travel

Going to Toronto in a few weeks and It'll be my first time traveling "alone" although some friends are going they're practically useless when it comes to responsibility. So im kinda just wondering, how do I do it? Do I get a hotel near the airport or farther away? As far as the City goes does it matter where we stay I mean is there a specific part of Toronto where everything is at? Will we have to uber to every location we go to or can we walk?I know all this shit is probably stupid but I could use the help.
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No title

a380 is officially dead
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No title

I'm looking for a place with the following climate:

>Tropical temperatures
this means daily highs of around 25C/77F to 30C/86F in winter months and 30C/86F to 40C/104C in summer months. Preferably as tiny diurnal variation as possible.

>Dry climate
Absolutely no more than 500mm rain / year

>Sunny skies
Absolutely no less than 3000+ sunshine hours a year

I have some candidates but none is really quite doing it for me:

>Los Angeles
>Palm Springs
>Southern parts of Baja California Sur (e.g. La Paz, Mexico)
>Northern parts of Western Australia (Pilbara region, mainly)
>Guajira Peninsula

Any other ideas? Also no Middle East / Northern Africa please
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Shah of Iran
I am very intrigued by Persian culture. I know some Persians, and they are lovely people with amazing food and traditions.

Have any of you been to Iran? How expensive is it? Safe? Can a Canadian go?
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Acquiring drugs in cities you're visiting

Screen Shot 2019-02-11 at 7.13.36 PM
Hey /trv/.

Last year I went on a solo trip to (among other places) Ibiza. I didn't bring anything illegal, but it being Ibiza and all, I wanted to find some drugs, so I ended up trawling Insta for promoters and found this awesome guy who delivered club tickets and molly on a scooter right to my hotel.

My question is: is this a common thing in American cities as well? I'm visiting NYC soon and I'd like to do something similar, but I'd be pretty bummed if I spend time finding a promoter and negotiating for tickets only for them to balk when I bring up drugs.

Is it pretty standard for promoters to moonlight as dealers, or is that only for certain party destinations?
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No title

>tourists keep getting killed and raped abroad
>"Lol stay inside your boring suburban home loser"
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Ethiopia trip report

Sup /trv/

I used to do some trip reports a few years ago, and for the sake of posting some interesting /trv/ related content I figured I'd do a trip report from my last holiday, as I spent most of December in Ethiopia.

I'd start my trip report with a pic from where we landed, Addis Abeba, but suffice to say that after having visited 11 Sub-Saharan countries I concluded that cities in this part of Africa aren't really worth visiting. I will immediately add that Addis is generally cleaner and nicer than most other African cities, as well as being a lively city with fun nightlife and a number of quality museums buuuut it's also a very young city: the city as we know it was only founded in 1886 by emperor Menelik II. As a result, there's relatively little of the either the history or the tribal culture which are prevalent elsewhere in the country, and I selected a different first pic. Explanation of said pic at the end of the thread.
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No title

Got an 11 hour flight ahead of me. Will my doc prescribe me some kind of sleeping pill for the flight if I ask him? Europoor here, if that matters.
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Traveling to Argentina, need serious advice.
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Things that will always stay secret

I got my dick sucked by a black African prostitute in Tenerife in a back alley for 30 euros while drunk AF
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AirBnb stories

I've only used AirBnB once before in Delhi and it went smoothly, the host went above and beyond to accommodate us.

I recently just booked an AirBnB in Salzburg and I told the lady that I would be checking in around 2100 at night (thats the absolute earliest I can get there due to the time my plane lands). And she sent back "the latest check-in I can do is 1800 as I have a late job." Is this normal for AirBnB's to be flippant to the customers or what?
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No title

Can travelling make you happy?
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No title

What are some gross misconceptions you've found out when traveling
>Assumed: Canadians are nice polite people
Found out they are just more quiet assholes, oh what's that you absolutely hated everything about the trip? Why the fuck didn't you speak up about easily fixable things during it?
>Germans have great beer and you won't out drink one
Yet then never seem to drink any of it. Every one I meet either goes for some cheap alternative or what not but never drinks the stuff they brag on
>Japs/Koreans/Chinese are really smart
Aside from some heavily skewed book knowledge depending on their government, they really are boring people.
>You can't get laid in Japan without knowing the locals
Convinced this is a actual belief weebs have to make up for the excuse they couldn't get laid
>British people are great people to meet abroad
Most either fall into 2 specturms, either easily offended by everything or alcoholics
>France is really great it's a gorgeous place
>Florida is a good place for foreigners to visit
Never again going to florida, hot rains a lot and full of weirdos
>if you have the chance you should really visit NZ it's a beautiful country full of wonderful people
Fucking tricked by aussies yet again, Land is nice getting around to see all of it is a mess, half the people are just trying to get away from aussies
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Yellowstone/Grand Tetons

So my wife and I are heading out west late may/early june and I was wondering if anyone had any tips regarding trails/camping/general good stuff to see related to Yellowstone/Tetons?
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10 day trip to Germany

Hello /trv/,

I'm taking a 10 day trip to Germany this summer while also stopping in Salzburg (as well as Berchtesgaden nearby) and Prague. We'll be renting a car and splitting up the driving on the Autobahn. We are starting in Frankfurt going counterclockwise. We are flying out from Frankfurt so that creates the loop.

What do you guys think about this route? Anything on here that we should skip, something not here that we should go see? Where do you think we should spend more time in than others? Anything in these cities you recommend? etc.
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Overland General

Is overlanding this route on a motorcycle feasible these days, without getting shot, kidnapped, exhorted or robbed? I know it's meant to be safe but a Russian coworker told me not to try it.

I generally wouldn't mind but I'm with my girlfriend this time, so I'm being a bit more risk averse and I also speak no Russian. Anyone been in the area, any alternative routes? Must-sees?

Also down to talk motorcycle overlanding in general.
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No title

Anyone know how to see a cockfight/cricket fight in china (preferably beijing, shanghai, datong, pinyao, dunhuang or xi’an)?
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No title

If you have some travel experience under your belt is South-East Asia even worth it?

There are better beaches in the Caribbean. More interesting animals in Africa. No rainforest compares to the Amazon. No snow-capped mountains or deserts. It is filled with 18 year old scum from the first world. You will never speak their language.

It just seems so bland. Whenever I hear someone say that they went to SEA I just smirk.
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How was your experience with Bali? Is it just a tourist trap?
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No title

Is it "muh heritage" to want to visit the village your ancestors came from?
29 images | 220 replies

Techno Tourism

What are the best places in the world to go listen to house/techno?
18 images | 310 replies

Indian subcontinent General

download (10)
India, nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, bhutan.

Post your general questions here
13 images | 127 replies

United Airlines

Does United have USB charger outlets in their econo seats for long haul flights?
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Guatamala tips? Going there in july. First 3 days in NY and 3 in Mexico city
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Çabër trip report

Sup /trv/,

this summer I went on a pilgrimage to real traveller Mecca, a small village in northern Kosovo called Çabër. I don't think this place needs any introduction. It's a much celebrated destination on this board and if you haven't heard about it you need to lurk more. Any self-proclaimed traveller should give this place a visit. I'll post some pictures, also feel free to ask me anything.
21 images | 44 replies

No title

country that has the best infrastructure to give access to pristine beaches?

I'm thinking it is either thailand (great infrastructure, pretty good but not great to prettygod beaches depending on location) or malaysia (pretty good infrastructure, fantastic and unfrequented beaches)

I've never been to vietnam but I'm assuming it's a clusterfuck

anyone else have any other input?
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Cuba or Costa Rica

Which would you choose? Which have you had better experiences in while traveling?

Im gonna be traveling solo most likely, looking for someplace relatively safe where I can just lounge on a nice beach, eat and drink well and cheap and the occasional woman during my stay.
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No title


My girlfriend from South Korea is coming to live with me in the US for 5-6 months until I graduate from university and then gtfo the US. She got approved with ESTA to stay 90 days but had a B2 visa interview the other day in which she was denied on the basis of the officer not being convinced that she was not intending to immigrate.

What sort of information can we provide for the officer next time that will make a more convincing argument for proving that she has no intent to immigrate? She lives with family, so cannot provide any property information with her name, works infrequently, but she does attend an open university there that has exams which she must be in Seoul for every few months, which apparently was not enough to convince the officer. Any help on what else we could bring, eg load more funds into her Korean bank account? Documentation of her family living there?
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First International Travel

Sup /trv/, I'm getting out of the Navy a bit before the end of March, and I'm trying to plan a trip to go on in April. I've had my mind set on Greece because I'm really interested in archaeology and it's a great starting point for that, but I figured I'd ask if y'all had any recommendations for a first time trip?
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No title

What does /trv think of Wales?
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Hostels - Age Limits?

Hey /trv/

I'm travelling to Europe with my 60 year old boomer dad soon. Is staying in hostels gonna be a problem for him?

I know hostels tend to cater towards millenial / zoomer Real Travellors(tm), but neither of us are bothered about shared bathrooms and would rather have more beer money.
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Most / Least based travellers?

from my travels in europe, south america, and asia I’ve made some observations about other foreign travellers. I’m a swede btw so i might be a little biased towards some countries

Most based (in order):
>Dutch - Good sense of banter and fun people to travel / drink with
>Irish - Same as above, and also fun to chat shit about Brits with

>Aussies - I swear there’s no mid ground with these fags, either they’re super obnoxious or down to earth
>Brazilians - Fun people but a little annoying at times
>Finnish - Quiet but once you get drinking they open up fast and are fun
>Spain - Cliquey af but most are fun to hang out with especially if you speak the language
>Koreans - Also cliquey but probably the funnest people to drink with, saw many korean girls outdrink american guys in Laos
>French guys
>Japs - Nice people but so easily scammed and quite boring

>Also some Aussies
>French girls - All I met were vile and disgusting offenders of the elephant pants meme and smoked 3 packs of cigs a day
>Scandinavians - Most vanilla travellers I’ve met and usually boring
>Americans - Genuinely clueless about the rest of the world, had an american in Japan ask me if the language spoken in Tokyo was “tokyoan”
>Brits - Always have a chip on their shoulder when talking to other Europeans

Least Based:
>Chinese - I don’t have to explain
>Israelis - ibid ^

what are your experiences like /trv/ ?
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Ask An Airline Agent Anything

I'm bored and I figured /trv/ might have some interesting questions for me, so fire away. First the basics.

>Who the hell are you and why should I care?

I am a cross trained agent for Piedmont Airlines, a wholly owned subsidiary of American Airlines.

>What is a cross trained agent?

Ground based airline employees are generally referred to as agents. For example, someone who works the gate would be a gate agent, someone who works on the ramp would be a ramp agent (AKA fleet service agent, and sometimes shortened to "ramper"), plus ticket counter agents, baggage service agents, bag room agents, operations agents, etc. etc.

At regional airports, staffing restrictions mean that there are not enough personnel to have individual agents for individual tasks, which is where cross trained agents like myself come into play.

We are trained to fill multiple positions, and in many cases all positions. I fall into the latter category. I am fully trained and routinely work at the ticket counters, gates, ramp, operations, baggage service office, aircraft cleaning, security searches, emergency response, and more. I come from a rather large regional airport, therefore unlike most other cross trained agents I am fully trained for both regional (American Eagle) and Mainline flights.

>Can I ask about...

You can ask anything as long as it's not considered sensitive security information. It is against federal law for me to divulge some of the finer details of my security related work. I will also not reveal where exactly I work.

>Why aren't you using a tripcode?

Because I'm lazy and I don't care.

Tl;dr I do pretty much every job there is to do in an airport, from checking passports to loading baggage to rebooking dumbasses who miss their flights. Ask away.

Also, the travel benefits are great. I couldn't imagine actually paying for plane tickets anymore outside of exceptional circumstances.
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Japan General

Gero edition
Post about
>Your favorite Japanese drinks, bars, and degenerate drinking activities
>Getting drunk with salarymen
>Traveling to Japan
>Living in Japan
>Teaching in Japan
>Joining the Yakuza
>Getting your weeb fantasies crushed

"Dude what should I see in ________?"
Solid general guides - sights, sample itineraries, pre-travel considerations, etc
/JPG/anon put together an autistic supermap of sights, restaurants, and shopping. Go nuts.

*Info on prostitution*
Please try to refrain from asking questions about prostitution. If you're coming to Japan solely for prostitutes you should probably consider a different country like China or Singapore.
What is available can generally be found in the following links

*JR Pass*
Many people ask about whether or not the JR Rail Pass is worth it. It depends on your itinerary.
Plug your itinerary into Hyperdia to determine ticket costs, then compare to the below JR Pass options:
>7 day Pass: 29,110¥ (approximately a Tokyo-Kyoto round-trip bullet train trip)
>14 day Pass: 46,390¥
>21 day Pass: 59,350¥

Super-easy rail pass calculator. Fill in your planned trips, get a quick yes/no response.

Please check the /trv/ sticky before asking questions. It's filled with links to great resources, many of them specific to Japan travel. Old >>1534182
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No title

What's the worst experience you've had flying?
2 images | 49 replies


How safe is it?
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No title

Anime Gopnik
I might want to visit a slavic country some day. Which one would you recommend the most and which one would you recommend the least and why?
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31 y.o. wanna go backpacking for 3+ months

>be me
>30 y.o. dude who loves backpacking
>traveled through 87 counties
>software engineer who loves/hates his job
>feels happier backpacking than living in his shitty Scandinavian paradise
>wants to travel
>stressed about giving up his source of income for 3+ months and potential savings (financial freak)

Tell me I should do it, chan
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No title

Which latin american countries can i stretch my dollar the furthest? Really just looking to post up somewhere for a month. I enjoyed santo domingo and mexico city if that's of any importance. Good nightlife are definitely a plus
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Eastern European trip

What do you think about this roadtrip? I will be travelling by buses/trains. Itinerary is as follows:

Kiev - 3 nights
Odessa - 5 nights (to chill by the beach)
Chisinau (Moldova) - 2 nights
Bucharest - 2 nights
Brasov - 2 nights
Cluj Napoca - 2 nights
Budapest - 1 night (but I was already there, just needed a place to stay before heading back to Poland)
Krakow - 2 nights

I know many of those places need more time to get a real experience, but I have limited time and wanted to make a bigger trip rather then choosing 1 or 2 spots.
I've been to Lviv before, that's why it's out.
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No title

I'm going to visit New York City for a week and I have a few questions. Maybe this can become a nice NYC thread?

So is there a special cheap ticket for the subway stations around Manhattan?

If I want a bagel with something on it, that'd be a sandwich, right? Also what is a 1/2lb on those menus? Kind of stupid questions, but I thought I'd ask.

And what food places/restaurants do you recommend? I wanted to try Five Guys, Taco Bell, Joe's Pizza, Baohaus and Totto Ramen. I'll be in Philadelphia for a day, so I wanna eat a Philly Cheese Steak at Geno's. Someone recommend me that.

Pic unrelated but he who doesn't like that cast the first stone.
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Does anyone know about going here?

It’s got pristine forests and beaches, but it seems sketchy. Is this one of the last unspoiled parts of SEA?
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No title

What are your worst turbulence stories, /trv/?

>flying a 12 hour flight from LAX to Japan
>flight is going smoothly
>starts to get a little bumpy around 10 hours in
>out of nowhere, the plane shakes quite violently
>a sudden rush of G force hits me and I'm getting that weird feeling that you get in roller coasters
>lasts a good 2-3 seconds before the plane levels out

That was a crazy flight. I swear the plane must have dropped a good amount of altitude quickly for it to feel like a roller coaster.
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No title

Is there anything worth doing in Ukraine besides visiting Pripyat/Chernobyl?
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No title

What are the best and worst things about the UK?
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No title

>blasting Down Under at full volume from your rental car with the windows down when you go to Australia
Be honest, anon, do you?
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Longest possible continuous road trip

Would you do this? Longest possible road trip (without boat or plane)
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Going to Prague for three days this weekend. It was unplanned (decided just yesterday) so I haven't been able to plan anything, and I'm clueless about the city. Any suggestions? What to see, what to eat, what to drink (beer obviously, but type/brand)?
Also, are there anything reeeally interesting outside of Prague that'd worth a day-trip, or should I spend all the time in the center?
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What are the most cyberpunk cities in the world?

Which cities have the most cyberpunk atmospherics?
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Real Travelers shit their pants

Don't call yourself a Real Traveler if you've never had the Authentic Experience of shitting your pants in the third world.

Pic related, literally just shit my pants in Hanoi
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Syria Travel

What are your guy's thoughts on Syria?
5 images | 27 replies

Tinder do's and dont in Vietnam

Well it's all in the tittle. Share ya dating tips to an ignorant future traveller
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México General

images (10)
General thread about México.
I'm a local and me, other locals or foreigners that have visited the country can answer your questions and give advices.

A little poll:
1. Favorite city
2. Favorite town
3. Favorite beach
4. Favorite archaeological site
5. Favorite natural sight
6. Favorite dish
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Traveling in Taiwan

i'm planning a trip to Taiwan, so I'm wondering about what I should pack and bring into the island. Also is it possible for me to be able to rent and operate a vehicle with my American driver's license at all?
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Cologne Germany

Me and my gf are taking a day trip to Cologne this weekend. Mostly just as a little Valentines celebration where we can fag out at the old architecture and grab a bite to eat. Is there anything we absolutely can't miss?

Also restaurant recommendations help... Japanese, Italian, Spanish/Hispanic or whatever other tasty places you've visited.

What is the thing to do there? We may see the chocolate factory and maybe a museum but is there anything else exclusive to the city we could do?

Thanks guys as always you're coming through with some good advice
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Asian cultures more superficial?

Anyone noticed this?
I’m british and since I learned chinese and got familiar with some different asian cultures in past years i noticed this.

Designer goods are extremely prevent in asia, way more than here in europe. Japan was the country least obsessed with them but women particularly still enjoy them.
China was the eorst bordering on vulgarity with designer goods and how they wore it all.

Another thing is social media. I know it’s popular everywhere, but it seems in asia a lot of people use it to gain face in a different way to how i’ve seen elsewhere. Mostly again by showing off clothes and goods in a very obvious way(vs holidays and activities which is most common here in Europe i noticed).

Why is this? I dated some asian women snd for sure this is more prevelent behaviour, good in some ways as they care for their appearance a lot.
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BC Thread

I'm planning on traveling to British Columbia for the whole month of April. Got any ideas on what there are to do there?
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Living in Mexico

So, /trv/ I'm an American who wants to live in Mexico, how do I go about that?

Also, what would be the Pros and cons of my decisions?
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Fiance Visa

true love
I've known this gal for about a year and a half, we would like to marry in the states. I noticed to sponsor her I need to be making a certain amount of income.

My current job does not meet that requirement, but I have my own house and two cars.

Does anyone have personal experience on if assets can help meet the income requirements?

Rapidvisa says yes, but ASL law firm says
>Assets in lieu of earnings (property instead of income) is generally not allowed for fiance visa processing. Certain assets help show financial stability, but do not help meet income requirements. So, don’t rely on assets to help meet the income requirements for fiance visa processing.
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What's the best country to find gay escorts?

What's the best country to find gay escorts not too expensive and who don't have AIDS?

Just curious, asking for a friend
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San Jose Del Cabo

Hey fellas,

So I'm going to san jose del cabo next week. As far as I've heard it's a little bit less lit per say than cabo san lucas, but I'm hoping there will still be a good scene in terms of partying.

Give it to me straight, will it be lit due to being over school break, or will it be full of boomers? I don't really mind if it's a bit slow paced because I'm going with my gf.
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No title

I've got an extra thousand bucks coming back to me as a tax refund and I want to take my gf somewhere cool with it. She's dead set on visiting Walt Disney World, which sounds fun, but I was thinking of either going on a national parks camping trip or do a week vacation in Barcelona (I can get a RT flight for $180). What would you go with? I'm leaning towards Disney world since we wouldn't have to fuck with passports and my girl has been dying to go.
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French life outside of Paris

I get that Paris is beautiful and all, but I'm more interested in the reality of French life outside of Parisian marketing and Francophile romance. If you've gone off the tourist circuit and been to lower income areas, please share your experiences.

> what do alcoholics drink?
> are RYO cigarettes more common than packs of ready made cigarettes?
> have you ever eaten at a tabac - was it any good?
> are prostitutes common, or it is a stereotype?
> does anyone talk about Algeria, the Congo or any other part of the the Francophonie?
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No title

Hello /trv/. I'm planning a Maine trip with my girlfriend for may this year. We live in the Midwest and plan on staying in buffalo on our way. From buffalo we'd stay in Portland for a couple days to explore cape elizabeth and kennebunkport further down the coast. Then drive up the coast and stay in bar harbor for the rest of our trip. Do you have any recommendations on places to eat, visit, or explore on our way down, and up the coast? I'm not an avid traveler and would like some tips on the area and etc. Thanks!
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No title

>be me
>going to europe in april
>fly into barcelona on the 13th
>leave from rome on the 24th
>very interested in history and waking around cities and museums, less so in art
>never been to spain or italy before
so far i have thought about a few itineraries, such as:
>barcelona + madrid + rome
>barcelona (briefly) + venice + florence + rome
>barcelona + naples + rome

what would /trv/ do?
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What's it like there? Is it a good place to visit, or is it far too populated with SJWs and post-modernist hipster weirdos?
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No title

I've looked at plenty of "top 25 medieval cities", "best places to explore medieval europe" etc articles for one day.

I'm trying to immerse myself in the medieval world. Firstly it's cuisine and then the architecture of it's castles. Besides what I've learned from these sites I'd like to know from some anons who are well traveled, what points on the European map you recommend to find these things?
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No title

What is foreign travel like for non English speakers?

A person who only speaks English can travel to almost anywhere with relying on others knowing slight English but how would it be for a non English mono language person?
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No title

Do you have a travel health insurance? How much should it cost? What kind of services should it contain?
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No title

How does /trv/ deal with fear of flying?

I have flown dozens of times, however in the last couple, let's say five years, it got worse and worse

for me it is the combination of fear of height and powerlessness inside a plane

leaving for a 2,5h flight saturday, however I'm already thinking about not going due to the sleepless nights I'm having over this. Any Anons with similar problems?
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No title

My girlfriend and I want to travel Greece, Italy or Germany for 14 days in the summer. How much in CAD are we looking at? She's adamant on getting a "4-star hotel." Leaning towards Greece since i've been to Italy twice with my family and Germany seems like it'd be more fun with a group of mates than with a woman. I don't see us being able to spare $5500 CAD.
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No title

What are some comfy african cities built by europeans?
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Travel Jobs (Anything but Teaching English)

elegant chinese design sensibilities
/trv/, what sort of jobs can you get while traveling that don't involve teaching English?

Basically, I mean jobs with international companies that don't care where your permanent residence is, or location independent jobs. Maybe also short-term jobs such as bartending, working at a hotel or resort, or serving as as English speaking guide for tourists.

My experience of the working world is pretty limited, so I don't even know what the possibilities are, but what I want is to live here and there for in three or six month stretches, doing different things that don't involve small children.
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No title

Where can I make serious bank teaching English abroad?

Saudi Arabia?

Can any anons weigh in?
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Las Vegas General /vegas/

Lately there's been a lot of shitty Vegas threads. I've created one thread to rule them all. Please direct all other Vegas posts to this thread.

ITT we discuss the best hotels to stay at, and the best things to do in Vegas.
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Great Barrier Reef

Is the Great Barrier Reef still worth visiting/diving? A friend visited a while ago and said there were still some good dive sites, but that was before the 2016/17 bleaching events. I don't want to drop $2000 to see a bunch of dead coral when I could go somewhere like Fiji or French Polynesia where I know there are good reefs.
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I am planning on moving to Texas for college. I have options between Austin, San Antonio, Houston, College Station, Denton, and Dallas. Any Texans on /trv/ willing to give me a quick rundown on these options? Thanks.
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No title

Ok boys a bored adventurer here coming at ya with a challenge
I will visit the first five locations that the first five users post

1-One entry per person
2- Post a pic of that exact spot don't just say "Oh Paris" and post an aerial pic of the city I am asking something like "Oh the Eiffel Tower in Paris France" and post a pic of the Eiffel Tower.
3- Nothing too mainstream (like the Eiffel Tower and Statue of Liberty ).
4-Doesn't have to be a hot or known tourist spot, I will legit take a cool looking alley in NYC or an address that was posted on 4chan, as long as it's relatively interesting with a given location and a pic I am in.
I will be traveling to all of those locations in "One trip" and will record all my adventures on video and Text
Show me what you got!!!!!!!
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No title

Friend self invited new gf on a roadtrip we've been planning. Hiking in banff and glacier national park. How do I politely tell him that was kinda a crappy thing to do since we have limited vehicle space and now might have to change or camping schedule to accommodate her. I'm also going to the 2020 Olympics with him it's a trip we've been talking about for awhile and I dont really want him to invite her along so I'd be third wheeling on a trip I've been planning for years.
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Alternative to Australia

Hi. I want a visa in an English speaking country. For Australia it is probably not possible. I don't think I can get the highest score on IELTS (some people say even for native speakers it's not easy) and I am just a software engineer with 2 years of experience. Also I am 31, so minus another 5 points for being old.

Ireland is easy for me to get into (I have an EU citizenship) but it is a bit boring. I wanted to go somewhere further away. Preferably where it's warm and there are tech jobs. Also look at the women @ pic related; I have been to London and Dublin before so I know it's not just daily mail picks.

Any ideas where I could go? I want a full worker's visa, not just some working holiday garbage for kids.
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Hi. Visiting Warsaw this weekend, what are some interesting places to see there?
0 images | 5 replies

I need a german friend.

Hello dudes, i have plans to travel to Germany and stay there for some time. There is any german here who can exchange experiences and information about Germany in general? (I'm a german immigrant descendent, so, no problem if you are racist)
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Where is this Ryokan?

I saw this on a video, and now I'm wondering where this is?
1 images | 3 replies

Small Canadian towns?

I want to move to a town somewhere in Canada to write a book for a 2~3 years. Any suggestions?

Looking for nature and seclusion.
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No title

I literally quit my fucking shit wageslave job that I've wasted a year of my life in.

I have around $30,000 in savings and 2 months until I start my next job. Where should I go to recover from the absolute mental torture of the last year?

I will be armed with a ThinkPad and a bunch of books. Ideally somewhere with cafe culture so I can get some fucking personal projects done.
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No title

I'm contemplating a ~2 week trip to Taiwan, a couple days in Taipei, and then the balance of the trip traveling around the island on a motorbike.

What are the sites to see / things to do? Does anyone have experience renting a bike there?

My main motivation is to 'see China' without having to deal with visa and other bullshit in actual China.
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Mask shops in Japan

I'm a big fan of handmade masks, traditional or modern and would like to know about mask shops in Japan (Prefer Tokyo).
As an example, I'd like a place like
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Cheap travel to Europe in the summer?

How can I travel to Europe from the East coast US to Europe to visit my qt in Berlin during the summer? All the tickets I have seen are well over 1000 dollars and I mean, I know it is peak travel season so they will be more expensive, but surely over a thousand dollars is too much right? I really won't have any luggage except a carry on and don't need any comfort I just want to get from point a to point b and back again. Is there anyway out there to get there and back without having to pay so much?

Pic sorted related but not really
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Bali to train + eat healthy vs other cheap beachside suggestions

'Sup /trv/

I know there's a Bali thread but I had very specific questions and didn't wanna threadjack the other dude(ette).

So I'm in Canada training twice a day (Crossfit in the morning and gymnastics at night) and eating super healthy as I'm taking time off work and I love it. But I figured I could be doing the same shit in a sunny, different country for a month or 2 and come back in April when the weather is better.

I was looking at Bali as Crossfit Wanderlust looks a little memey but is supposed to be decent. But I'm looking at the meal prep options (I just want my food taken care of when I'm training full time) and shit is like $150-200 USD per week. Seems like a lot for a third world country as that's what I spend here in Canada to eat well. Is that right?

I'm also a little worried as Bali has a bit of a reputation. Is it really as full of shitheads and super crowded? Am I better off going somewhere else?

Also, if you're there around that time you're welcome to train with me. Been pretty fit for most of my life so I can teach you if it's something you've always wanted to get into.

tl;dr I just wanna keep my head down, train twice a day, eat healthy food and get laid every now and then in a sunny, fairly cheap place. Is Bali the right choice?
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East Coast Greenway

Leaving next week to bike from Boston to Philly. Can you recommend me regional dishes and or places to eat that won't break the bank?

Major cities that I'm spending time in are: Boston, Providence, Hartford, New Haven, New York, and Philadelphia

I'll post some of the things I intend to go see below if you feel like suggesting something or have similar interests. I like architecture, bridges, street art, and city life/culture. There is a large gap between Providence and New Haven where it seems like there is very little to see for 3 days of biking.
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No title

I'll be in Miami soon, as a tourist from Europe

What are the good things to see/do there or generally in Florida without having your money sucked in the pit of insultingly expensive Miami night clubs, which I don't have a care about
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No title

What do you think of people that book your flights in the early morning hours? like 2-3am?

Boiled in oil?
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going to Glasgow tomorrow for the first time, what should I expect? any good tips for things to see or do (daytime or nightlife) any good places to eat?
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