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Why not solar "COVERED" highways

so solar "freaking" roadways is universally panned on /sci/ why not solar covered highways, would look cool and futuristic
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hindu we was
>The most widely discussed talk at the Indian Science Congress, a government-funded annual jamboree held in Jalandhar in January, wasn't about space exploration or information technology, areas in which India has made rapid progress. Instead, the talk celebrated a story in the Hindu epic Mahabharata about a woman who gave birth to 100 children, citing it as evidence that India's ancient Hindu civilization had developed advanced reproductive technologies. Just as surprising as the claim was the distinguished pedigree of the scientist who made it: chemist G. Nageshwar Rao, vice-chancellor of Andhra University in Visakhapatnam. "Stem cell research was done in this country thousands of years ago," Rao said.
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Spaceflight discussion / Starship watch

birb edition
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Who are the modern day mathematical geniuses & what are they known for?

Who are the Galois, Eulers, Gauss' of our day? What are they known for?
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How do I get better at math?
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Pure consciousness creates matter (solid, liquid, gas)
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Energy is fake prove me wrong

You can't isolate a joule of energy and show it to everyone because it's not a real thing. Anyone who says otherwise is a brainlet hoaxer.
By extension mass is fake too.
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>The year is 2050

Post degrees that will be attainable in our not so distant future. I'll start

>Internet Historian
>Video Game Philosophy
>Waifu Psychology
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>he believes in the Copenhagen interpretation and thus thinks that he can alter the random number generator in the CPU with his willpower
>unavoidably resorts to shitposting digit meme magic thinking it works

Why do so many people actually believe this? The pilot wave interpretation is the only correct one. Anyone who is seriously putting forward anything else is either trolling or intentionally tries to misinform others.
Everything happens for a reason.
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The Cow Question

How do we deal with livestock emissions?
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Is transitioning to a green economy with current technological capabilities a good idea?
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Elon Musk exposed

>according to his biography, he was a lazy fuck who had terrible grades in high school
>all of his high school classmates believed he was a dumbass
>he attended queen's university for 2 years, which isn't one of canada's top universities
>he then somehow swindled his way into a prestigious ivy league university
>he then somehow got accepted into stanford's phd program without any research
Elon Musk is a fraud. There is no way he is an alumni of UPenn and Stanford.
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Why do physicists have to pretend some things are more complicated and mysterious than they actually are?

What I am talking about specifically are 1: Black holes and 2: Stupid Schrodinger’s cat

1: Black holes are obviously just huge stars that are so massive that light doesn’t escape. No need to talk about event horizons, infinity, singularity and all that quackery.

2: Schrodinger’s cat is dead if the atom has decayed. Quantum physics says the atom is both decayed and not decayed until observed. Well the cat is dead in that case because it’s not like the atom not decaying undoes the part decaying.
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/engi/ engineer thread

the thread for people who can’t find a job or who have just recently found one and would like to brag
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>falling for the nootropic industry's marketing when the solution is far simpler and cheaper
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Akane smug
does infinity exist in the real physical world?
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Why don't we colonize some people just can't build muscle no matter how hard they try?
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Is High Speed Rail a meme? Why not just make airports way more efficient?
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download (1)
What is a /sci/ approved career that is guaranteed to make millions in the future?

Hardmode: Can't say physics, math, or genetic engineering.
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What does /Sci/ think of autistic meltdowns and regression? Where can I learn more about it? How badly can someone regress?
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thoughts on this stuff ? Seems to me that this material could replace concrete
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Textbook recommendations, Topology / QM

Hey /sci/, in around 7 months I'll be going to university for maths & computer science, but I can't wait.
I'd like book recommendations so I can tell whether I'd like / fully prelearn the maths required for understanding quantum mechanics and general and algebraic topology, I believe including:
Linear algebra (rigorously)
Multivariable calculus
Vector spaces
Analysis (& complex analysis)
Fourier analysis
Dynamics and vector calculus
Schrödinger equations, time dependent / independent
wave functions, dirac notation (what is a Hermitian conjugate?)
Peturbative expansion
algebraic curves and surfaces
differential topology
projective geometry
topological field theory
quantum groups
Lie groups

Are some of the things I'm aware of. Which books are good to self-learn from, considering I haven't started uni yet?
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Thread for dumb questions that do not warrant their own thread.
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What's a cool country to move to to be a researcher/academic in?
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what is the hardest thing to get a degree in
i say chemistry
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Anyone here using any nootropics? Share your thoughts and opinions here. I'm not currently using any but close to buying some phenylpiracetam and lion's mane mushroom to increase energy, motivation, and memory.
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So there was this broccoli shit circulating in the mainstream shit feed for a while. Chopped up broccoli a cancer prevention wonder drug.

Whats the % chance this factoid actually holds any water? I eat a lot of broccoli anyway, I might as well blend it and wait for 40 minutes.
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God I fucking hate entitled-ass pre-meds.
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The mathematics of magic

Does this make sense, scientifically?
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Moonlanding fake

I'm seeing more and more people (especially young people) deny the moon landing recently.

What's /sci/'s view on the subject?
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download (5)
How does this post make you feel?
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Who does this brainlet think he is? How can you be skeptical of something you can't even comprehend?
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What's the consensus on neuroscience? Is it a field worth going into?
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Why do people shit on the Hyperloop like it's some impossible technology? How is it not just current Maglev technology with lower air resistance?
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Is the multiverse real? And what is /sci/'s opinion on it? Is there just one universe? Is its destruction and birth cyclical? What are your theories or credible theories that you support?
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Why empiricists should believe god exists

When I perceive a slice of pizza I am struck only with ideas of a pizza-like fashion. For instance, the appearance of cheese, the smell of tomato sauce, and the feeling of hot grease. Nowhere in these ideas is to be found anything material. Of course if there are ideas, then there must be minds to perceive them, so we can see that, as empiricists, we really only need two ontological commitments: ideas exist and minds exist.

Great, so that's out of the way. Now we must ask wherein the source of these ideas lies? After all, given the consistency between my ideas of the world and the apparent consistency between my experiences and the experiences of other minds, it stands to reason that their must be some common source behind them.

Maintaining the ontological simplicity that we already have, there are three possibilities. First, the source of the ideas is my mind. Second, the source of these ideas is some other idea or ideas. Third, the source of these ideas is some other mind.

The first possibility is implausible, for I do not have the mental capacity to imagine the whole world, yet ideas of the world exist even when I'm not think of them. As well, I cannot help but notice that I have no power to change the ideas the strike me. I cannot force myself to perceive a pizza in the way that I perceive my keyboard in front of me. So I am not the source of the ideas.

The second idea is unhelpful since it opens us up to an infinite regress with no real explanation in sight.

That leaves us with only one possibility, that the source of these ideas is some other mind. A very great mind, in fact, that would be capable of imagining all of creation at once. But what could such a mind be besides God? There is nothing else it could be, therefore God exists.
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so anons here are claiming that life was created just by pure luck and chance. so why wasnt air planes/ cars/ computers etc created just by luck. they are way simpler than life.
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Where the fuck is particle physics going?
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>launch nearly 12,000 satellites to orbit
>1,000,000 fixed satellite earth stations

Will this mean I'll finally have internet faster than 6mbps?
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What can I do with Cauchy's theorems and Cauchys Integral formula in the real world?

I'm a computer science major whom decided to sperg over some Complex analysis this semester for my math minor.

The more I study this stuff the more I get redpilled on the art of pure mathematics as a study. It truly is, along with physics, the most pure art of knowledge creation I have discovered thus yet.

Will learning this stuff make me more marketable in the future with a wagecuck software engineering job, or will it be a waste?
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download (2)
No body understands but me but you all think you do.
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If an AI is programmed and becomes self aware, does that count as being born? And as such, an AI can be a Libra or an Ares?

Can an AI become a catholic?
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whats the point of this
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Opinion on Common Core

Yukari Smart
So in your most humble and sagacious opinion, /sci/. How do you view Common Core? Is it a success? A failure?
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Anyone use an iPad to read and annotate papers?

I want to read stuff comfortably on the bus and other places without having to carry printouts everywhere. The iPad seems to be the only viable tablet option nowadays (not a laptop+tablet hybrid), but holy fuck are the Pros expensive.
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I have my first calc 1 midterm on Monday, and apparently it's on fucking derivatives which I barely have any experience with so wtf. I need you to help me learn how to find derivatives ASAP
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If A = B, is dA always equal to dB?
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Where would you rather be in life?

>28 year old engineer B.S (first job, just graduated)

>32 year old physics PhD (just graduated)

>35-37 year old practicing physician (medical doctor at 35 or surgeon at 37-39~, just finished residency and fellowship)
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Why is average iq of arabs,iranians and afghanistanis so close to india?

Iranians,arabs and afghanistanis are much more caucasoid than indians so why do they score so low?
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New Black Hole Photo

Astrophysicists gather around the new photo to divine it's meaning and present their findings to the waiting masses to underscore their valuable contribution to society.

Shamans used to scatter chickenbones and predict the future so they could eagerly present their findings to the head honcho and underscore their valuable contributions to their ruler.

Seems like the same cheese to me, ones just a bit more ripe then the other.

Each religion has it's holy text books, this one is hardly any different. People used to believe it when someone said god spoke to them, or was seen by them. Now people claim to have gone to space and seen the stars (or nothing at all if you believe one of the very first astronauts.)

Key word here is believe. Scientists believe.... well I want my scientists to know or they aren't very scientific in MY book. All those theories and hypothesis and flat earth can still fight it with few camera's, social media, and a dream.
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machine learning hate thread

>all math
>involves no real programming
>glorified excel spreadsheet job

why are so many brainlets attracted to it?
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Should I buy a Ti-84 Plus CE or a Ti-Nspire?
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does math and logic discriminates against women?
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Are near death experience accounts real? How could so many people have similar accounts without ever meeting and lie to the extent of detail they share? Sometimes revealing information they shouldn't know.
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is it worth to do a phd?
t. biology graduate
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Hi /sci/ I need your genius help,

I need the exact value from this equation, and I don't understand how to plug my numbers in to get it, or if the equation needs to be rewritten in order to do so.

Omega is = 1.1*2*pi
Eta is = 2.5

The timesteps I will write my code in will increment at 0.1 per step.

Any one smart enough to figure this out?
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Artificial "life"

>the field of artificial life has been stagnating for 20+ years

This is sad.
Where is open ended evolution? How can we say we understand something if we can't build it?

Maybe the creationists are right after all.
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99% percent of life can be broken down to some sort of algorithm

Idk if I am the only one who noticed this but whether it being successful in your academics, relationship or career can be broken down to some sort of algorithm when understood can be exploited for your own success. Pic unrelated
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Take for example high school. You were there thousands of hours and how much do you remember? Some random flashes and that's it. Why is this allowed?
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just send the cat itself

Took this from the previous thread
>Neumann probe and Dyson sphere bullshit:
>A response[5] came from Carl Sagan and William Newman. Now known as Sagan's Response, it pointed out that in fact Tipler had underestimated the rate of replication, and that von Neumann probes should have already started to consume most of the mass in the galaxy. Any intelligent race would therefore, Sagan and Newman reasoned, not design von Neumann probes in the first place, and would try to destroy any von Neumann probes found as soon as they were detected.
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Female intelligence is vestigial in the same way that male nipples are. Prove me wrong.
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burn this shitty planet to the ground.
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is McDonald's the land of philosopher-kings that plato described?
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How do I find x in this equation, where A and B are vectors?
(A+B*x).magnitude = 1

It can also be expressed as:
(A+B*x).unit = A+B*x

This is for acceleration, where A counters gravity and B is the desired vector of acceleration.
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brainlet here
why is IA such a buzz word
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Don't know if it is already a thread

images - 2019-02-15T141428.358
Will laser/plasma rifles ever become a popular thing ?
Some people may say that it's to exagerated and unecessary, but doesn't people in WW1 thought the same over full auto weapons ?
I do think it was possible
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Is evolution convergent? Is there a singular best evolutionary solution to a given environment that every organism in the environment converges to?
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What's the most unintuitive math concept for you?

Mine is probability theory. Makes 0 sense to me.

I understand calculus, linear algebra, even statistics, but probability theory is just a menace.
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I have an important biology exam in 2 days, but for some reason my brain just wants me to do nothing all day instead of study for it (even though I know it's important). My brain is willfully acting against my own self-interests. What is the scientific reason for this?
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A million billions is the same as a billion millions.
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Why does relaxing my face causes seborreah/dandruff

Its the only place I can ask. I have it for a long time and when I relax my face, feel good and can breath perfectly my face become as if I had put my face in snow. Can please someone tell me about muscles relaxing, is it bad or maybe my body is not used on it and it causes stress?
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>Have to give 1 minute long "speech" on math
what the fuck can I possibly say in 1 min
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Scientific management

The PERT method, as well as the critical path method, was used for developing advanced plans during the construction of the first atomic bomb.
However, as far as I know, the PERT method is outdated. Which method of scientific project planning and management succeeded it?

FYI: The PERT method also allows you to plan your life in such an advanced algorithmic manner as to outperform others and move at an ease through life overall. Think of it as a to do list on steroids.
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Post mindmaps/conceptmaps
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Pascal's wager but for climate change
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It was all going along fine until he started raping.
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How can electromagnetic waves with huge wave lengths like radio waves pass through solid matter?
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Matching HF networks

Could someone explain network matching to me? I was led to believe that a mismatched network is one where ImZ of the load is not zero, which causes wave reflection, and reflected power is not deposited in the load. But then the Smith diagram is supposed to have all the points on the ImZ=0 line equal to zero, but any point on that line, where ReZ != 1 has a non-zero reflection coefficient, so they aren't actually matched? Where did I go wrong?
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>Einstein BTFO
why do people fall for the Einstein meme?
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Major Genetic Breakthrough

I'm a Semen Analysist and I'v been frequenting this sight and decided to make an exciting announcement you might not hear about for a year or two, here, as an exclusive gift to the community that has entertained and made my life better for the duration of most of my middle ages.

Race has been a very complicated subject which for a long time now, people aren't really willing to talk much about in the scientific community for obvious reasons. People have tried to link DNA directly to race for a long time now, but, apparently DNA isn't entirely the force which dictates race. In fact, most of the major physical features and behavioral features a person will have is based off which sperm cell will survive into the egg of the female. Individual sperm cells do behave somewhat differently, into bunches. These bunches, which a single male can end up producing dozens of in a single sample of sperm, will end up moving in groups and competing with other groups in such a way that this pattern decides what sperm cell gets to make it inside the egg.

This was already a theory on the table developed by previous analysis and shared in the community through publications of different science journals, but, now multiple female volunteers who came from different backgrounds and different races, have managed to, not through genetic manipulation, but, by manipulating which specific sperm groups can make it into the egg, have all had children that look vastly different than the parents. This means that by identifying different sperm groups by the behavior of the sperm groups, we were able to separate them while keeping them alive, incriminating a female, and making that female who's body naturally tries to resist those specific sperm groups by giving advantages to other groups, have children of races that aren't the race they are.

We can now control if we want, what race our children are, without ever having to change DNA. Enjoy.
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Can any of you nerds give me the skinny on adderall? How does it make you feel and is it basically the limitless pill?
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Does circumcision affect male psychology?
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Thicc femanon here
How do you make all humans want to be fat by using neuroscience?
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why is materialism frowned upon by sciencelets? don’t they see that it’s a liberating fact that the “objects” around and within us is the only real stuff?
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Is it possible to make a black that is vantablack only under ultraviolet light?
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Should the Australian Outback be turned into a rainforest to combat climate change?
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the hard part is coming to grips with the fact that your puny mortal intelligence cannot come up with a proper way to do the diagonalization 99% of the time (either analytically or numerically)
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Why hasn't there been a cure for balding yet /sci/?

We've sent robots to mars and cured many diseases via vaccines yet can't get fucking hair to grow back? How is this possible and when can we expect a cure for balding?
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/PhD/ - PhD tard general

Thread for PhD comradery. Old one died >>10360265
>discuss the ways you fucked up
>bout how you're holding up
>your work
>any other bullshit related to being a PhD stu
Also post your stipends and any other income sources
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Is there a way to measure the energy of a particle without making the wave collapse ?
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How do we know computers aren't conscious when Silicon is very similar to Carbon? We don't even know what consciousness is, so there is no reason to assume computers (which can do complex problem solving) aren't already conscious.
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Which class is harder - Physical or Organic chemistry?
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>Is a degree in engineering the most useless thing ever?

I spent a good amount of time in an engineering school before realizing it was a scam. I went to engineering school thinking I was going to learn to build some cool shit out of wires and old engines and all I learned was purely theoretical knowledge useless in the real world. Engineering physics is just fucking useless, because it considers all situations as being ideal, but we will never work with ideal conditions in the real world. I spent 5 fucking years in engi school and I learned nothing practical, absolutely nothing. All engineers I have met said they never needed calculus in their work. A guy who spent one year working on civil construction is more capacitated than a guy who spent 5 years in engineering school.
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>tfw started out at a community college in a biotech training program where I spent 20 hours a week in class heavily involved in all the modern molecular techniques
>tfw cant even get an unpaid research position in any lab
>some premed probably is taking up all the spots so they can get a stamp for their med school app
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Can we get an amen for opportunity?
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paulie portrait
how is hydroxyzine compared to ambien?
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>Mathematicians in a nutshell
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What is a better location to set up a secret base off the grid and why?

A) Subartic
B) Desert
C) Island
D) Tundra
E) Semi-Arid
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god i wish some otherworldly entity did this to me and telepathically conveyed the true nature and meaning of the universe
math is too boring to study
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Is there any special name for the numbers in the sequence of prime numbers which have an order which is also a prime number. For example, the 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 7th prime numbers which would be. 3, 5, 11 and 17.

Has anybody studied these before?

I'm writing up a script to calculate a few thousand of these now.
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Science (life is a simulation)

Explain the theory that life is just a simulation. With proof.

I'm writing a part on it.
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Why yes, I am a herbivore.
My diet?
It's leaves... and flowers... and grass... as you can guess.
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Hard questions rendered easy

On average, male variability is greater than female variability on a variety of measures of cognitive ability, personality traits, and interests. This means men are more likely to be found at both the low and high end of these distributions (see Halpern et al., 2007; Machin & Pekkarinen, 2008 and, especially, the supplementary materials; for an ungated summary click here). This finding is consistent across decades.
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No title

What is the significance of the derivative of momentum being force and the integral of momentum being kinetic energy?
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No title

Can anyone recommend me good physics books for beginners? and have a portuguese version of brazil?

I'm brazilian
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Mars colony

ITT: larp as the 3rd generation of the Mars colony
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what do celebs eat to get lean?

i saw a youtube of various celebs saying they ate some "cardboard" like substance. anyone know what this could be
i tried googling
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No title

Can a mathematical algorithm create an unmoved mover?
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No title

This is what the first swede looked like. According to /sci/ence. (

What did your ancestors look like?
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No title

What's /sci/'s opinion on this guy?
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No title

Neuroscience says you’re just an imprint of your environment. Whatever the worst insult or compliment you can thing of represents only you ultimately. The human brain is a closed circuit system.

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No title

Why has city design gotten so much worse over time? When will we have cities with both the charms of the past + modern technology?
4 images | 26 replies

Ascension and transcension through personal, collective, and civilizational scales

What are your plans and contributions anons?
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No title

i is literally the only field that matters beause it makes all others obsolete.Along with 98% of jobs why don't you study ai sci?
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My brain is very large AMA.
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Sci feels

How you getting on /sci/?
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how do you construct the natural numbers?

brainlet here, i dont get how the ZFC axioms can generate the set off all natural numbers.
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Calculator Thread

What calculator does /sci/ use? Thinking of getting pic related since it does complex numbers.
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No title

Proof Mathematicians are better than engineers at their own jobs

I am the inventor of the Glideabout scooter, for those of us with lower limb (foot, ankle, knee or hip) problems. As you can see from the video, you can glide along at about eye level with everyone else and take the strain off your legs. Too bad it was not received with more enthusiasm. Most people want a motor, even though this scooter glides like ice on hard surfaces with VERY LITTLE effort. -- Steve Roman
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No title

>law of excluded middle
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No title

What do you think of students who attempt to go into fields for money? I have noticed a lot of people talking about how they are gonna make all kinds of money and talk about the cars their gonna buy when they get it. These same people are always the ones complaining when they have to learn the most basic concepts from math or physics or chemistry. I remember hearing one guy talking about how software engineers make so much money and how much he was going to earn. Do you think people like that know that those who do make that kind of money work 90 to 100 hours a week and have personality disorders?
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No title

Will there ever come a time when you can clone your own foreskin and graft it on?
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No title

WHY THE FUCK ARE THERE SO MANY ENGINEERS IN MY LOCAL UNI GROUP. Why did you faggots stop shitting on engineering? Now in 4 years there's going to be less demand and I'm not going to be able to keep getting 40k pay rises every year. FUCK YOU DOGS YOU HAD ONE JOB.
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Kant glasses
Is it possible either through natural means or artificial augmentation, to gain a sense perception that would allow thought beyond a priori and posteriori ideas?
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How come putting down old doge is common practice, but putting down old people is not?

People should be able to die with dignity if they choose
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>Why, yes I majored in math, how could you tell?
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No title

what king of job should I persue as a guy with a 120 iq?

any help is appreciated
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No title

>Study game theory extensively like a savant
>Can describe the logic of every situation I encounter like a god.
Imagine being a non-game theorists
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>tfw PhD in Chemistry
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Chem help?

Hmmm so, say someone had a few gs of pcp that had been cut with coffee creamer, how would one go about separating the two? Hypothetically speaking of course
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No title

>tfw 7km away from the nearest nuclear reactor
Is this a curse of a blessing? It would be nice to work there, and the house prices are going to go up because of it, but living near that thing makes me uneasy. I'm sure there's nothing to worry about, but accident happen all the time.
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Doctors of 4chan: For a male, how would you get a genital STD?

sti blog 2
Lets say you don't have a cut in your pubic region or balls or shaft. Does the bacteria or virus have to go in the opening of the urethra? Or are tiny tears made on the shaft under the head through friction and the STD inserts itself through those?
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No title

Hi /sci/, I’m an idiot when it comes to math and science, but I want your insight. I’m thinking about going into a career in the petroleum industry in a job that requires skills that would be hard to transfer into another industry. A) How long into the future do you think petroleum will be the dominant energy source in the world? B) how destructive will the effects of climate change be in terms of human suffering over the next 50 years? (I’m afraid of the social stigma of contributing to the problem)
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Carl Sagan

I'm gonna get allot of hate for this. Carl Sagan wasn't one of the greatest minds of all time. I can respect him as a man who wanted to give people a gateway into science, but not as a great mind. He's no Newton or Einstein, he ain't Darwin, and he's not Heisenberg. Anyone who thinks he's one of the greats is obviously just a 14 year old.

But he did introduce a whole generation of people to science so he has my respect with that.
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No title

>Want to double major in CS/Math
>Not smart enough for Applied Math
>Studied my ass off in Calculus 1, got a C
>Struggling really badly in Calculus 2

What do? I like both subjects but I really am starting to think I'm not smart enough to study math. It's depressing to sit in class and seeing other people pick apart examples and see what to do immediately, while I have to do hoards of problems on my own and barely make any progress. Any other brainlets study math and end up doing okay?
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Am I a npc? I noticed I dont really think but just react properly, like if I see a math problem I dont say the numbers in my head or anything but the answer just pops in my head.

When I try to study and actually think everything out and understand it becomes a lot harder, I had to reread a sentence multiple times just to understand it and I cant hold onto a thought(s) if im trying to think of multiple things at a time like a multiple step process. I just want to be smart
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hello /sci/, idiot here.

a friend of mine and i are playing yugioh, and some of the deck building theory behind it is the testing of starting hands and how well you do. there are many probability calculators out there and we got in a discussion about what calculators there are.
so there ist and and after testing some stuff in it we discovered that both calculators displayed 2 different outcomes for the seemingly same calculations.
so we wanted to ask what is better? did we miss something on the yugioh-party one that whe didnt account for in the more manually way? where do the 0.22% come from?
i hope the calculations are clearly showed in the pic.
The probability to draw minimum 1 if each 3-ofs in a 40 card deck with a 5 card starting hand
thanks for the help
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What kind of designs are these even?
Looks like the United Steven Universe Military of socialism and California School. Imagine being space-al qaeda and seeing this symbol on a spacecraft, would you even bother bombing it?
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Hey, brainlet here. I'm going to read this again and again until I understand Relativity. Anyone wanna explain it to me before I get stuck in?
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Your thoughts on Brane Cosmology

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I do not believe in intelligent extra-terrestrial life.
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>its a girls save the entire first 10 rows in lecture episode
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How early are babies able to recognise human power dynamics?

Can a 3 year old easily tell if someone is an alpha/beta?
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Opus Magnum - Unstable Compound (2019-02-16-02-16-53)
Yeah I'm a CS major
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Why does focusing on certain numbers change what happens when I play fighting games?

Why does the number 11 have so much power and flexibility to it?

Pic related sorta... uh..not saying exactly why, you figure it out
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I'm struggling with writing this proof mathematically (intuitively it is easy). Can anyone help me with the following question regarding quasiconcavity? I would greatly appreciate it.
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Can we colonize photons?
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I have these measurements between two points, each row and column correspond to a point, which are then "plotted" against each other.
I need to find the triangles - meaning i want three distances (numbers) that are each connected to three points (column/rows i.e.)

How do i this? If there is anyone that has a suggestion on how i can do this in a way, which can be computed into excel?
Thanks in advance.
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Applying to European universities

I've got pretty low gpa, is it possible to enter european university? Currently i want try German universities, bcs my brothers are there. I will choose below average and average universities with low competition My first course were great, i've got pretty great grades, but everything after sltart going down
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My God, the Earth IS flat!
>pic is Chicago skyline seen from Lake Michigan
>supposedly mirage
>well, it's not
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