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>Autism/Aspergers means smart

How true is this? is it a meme?
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/med/ - Medical school, dental and pharmacy general

Old thread :>>10562484

Come in here!
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"Engineering is most common undergraduate degree for CEOs"

/sci/ is on PRIORITY, HIGH RISK suicide watch RIGHT NOW
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/sfg/ Space Flight General

well there's your problem
We'll buff out those scratches edition.

Previous thread: >>10562453
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Putnam Problem of the Day

\text{Let }S\text{ be a finite set of integers, each greater than 1. Suppose that for each}
\text{integer }n\text{ there is some }s\in S\text{ such that }\gcd(s,n)=1\text{ or }\gcd(s,n)=s\text{. Show}
\text{that there exist }s,t\in S\text{ such that }\gcd(s,t)\text{ is prime.}
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What's the scientific thing to do when you realize that philosophers beat psychologists in debate?
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Laser thruster for nanosatellite

Hello! I need to fit pulsed laser thruster in 10x10x10 cm cube satellite, but I couldn’t find any suitable laser for this purpose. Do you have any ideas about this problem? How could I fit my thruster?
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How do you solve this if there are 4 unknowns? Is this an impossible problem?
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Where to begin to start learning about Psychology for a complete newcomer?
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Terraform Mars.

I mean, I don’t see why we can’t and why we shouldn’t. Terraforming Mars to me is a VERY smart idea. Why? If we’re able to terraform Mars, it would be a great place other than earth to live and develop the human race. It’s in the habitable zone and is arguably the best place other than earth to colonize. Maybe Titan is a good place too, but it would be much harder to colonize since it’s further away and we don’t know nearly as much about it as we do for Mars.

Anyways, I think terraforming Mars will take trillions of dollars and a few centuries but in the end it will definitely be worth it. Also, since humans are great at using fossil fuels, using it on Mars at first to warm it up would actually be a very good idea. In fact, a lot of things in terms of terraforming Mars would actually come easier than one would originally think. At least, that’s what it seems. We are still years away from terraforming Mars, but at the rate technology is developing, we could definitely start soon. Just who will do it?

In the future, I think the moon will have a colony and will be a place where we launch/build rocket ships since it would be much easier to do so than earth. I think Mars will be colonized by humans and possibly terraformed. This will be earth 2.0. I think we will be getting water from Europa and brining it back to earth and Mars possibly. I’m pretty certain if we do use Europa, the water would be a great source of energy for Mars and earth. I also think Titan will be used for possibly colonizing but most especially for the methane which could be used for fueling rocket ships. It could be like a “pit stop” for long journeys.

While Venus COULD be colonized in the upper atmosphere, I just don’t think developing “cloud cities” will happen anytime soon and I don’t think it’s that smart of an idea. It does make sense though since Venus is very similar to earth in many important ways. It’s also the closest planet to earth.

So, what are your thoughts on this?
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I don't believe anything.

I'm physics undergraduate, I started my studies because I was great in math and physics, and I search the meaning and origin of life.
But now I see that both math and physics are complete bullshits. Physics only gives the name to something and describes it by math, for example: "this thing that gives objects ability to resist acceleration is called intertia, and we saw that it's behaving according to certain math laws etc." But from where does it come? Nobody knows. And even if someone would reveal that inertia is consequence of some quantum particles, he still wouldn't know what gives those particles that ability. Same goes for electromagnetism, gravity, and basicly everything.
Math is language of physics. Physics operates with real numbers, and mathematitians at deepest level don't completely understand real numbers. How can then physics ever write something to be true? All things are just approximations, more and more precise, but at the end, no one can explain NOTHING what happens around us. You can just create a mathematical model that predicts the future to certain degree, but you can't explain and understand anything. You can't explain theory with another theory.
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shillpost flood on /sci/

WTF mods?!
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Myers Briggs is it well researched?

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/mg/ maths general

Talk maths, previously >>10528948
They see me rolling edition.
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Scary Theories

ITT: Theories about our universe that scare you
I've always been scared by the idea that some people could be experiencing time differently than others. For an example, time may go extremely slow for me because that's the way my brain processes time, but it still seems normal. But you, on the other hand, could experience time very rapidly and only experience your entire life in the matter of a second, but since your brain processes it so fast, it seems normal, and one second would feel like 80 years to me. Just like the bible says that god experiences time faster than us.
Just the thought that I could be going very fast or slow scares me because my life could be over in a matter of a second or 1000 years.

Another theory that scares me every time is what non-existence would be like. Once I thought about it so deeply in math class I had a panic attack. What would it be like with our minds totally shut off and no longer experience time? Obviously we would just be nothing, but what is nothing like? How could it just all end?
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Control loop Feed back differential
The left hemisphere and the right hemisphere manage order and chaos.
What about the limbic and reptilian brain, and the neocortex?
Don't the reptilian and the limbic brain manage chaos, while the neocortex manages order?
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How are different multiverse theories related?

There's the cosmic inflation multiverse where the universes come into existence due to expansion of the energies(possible link to dark energies) in the vacuum space.

There's the Everett MWI theory where universes "split" and become decoherent with each other at every atomic interactions.

Then there's the string theory multiverse where the universes are multi dimensional abstracts that can split off/combine/fizzle out.

Are they all describing different modes of multiverse or is there some parallels (no pun intended) that are describing the same event? My guess is cosmic inflation/string theory might be describing the same event, from then on MWI split could be happening at each one of the particular cosmologically inflated universes. The whole thing could be 11+ dimension in shape to give the extra space.

pics related, cosmic inflation multiverse
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Why does that shape come up so often in the Mandelbrot set?
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Interesting stuff

Combinatorial Cognitive Behavioral Ontological Hypergraph Part 4
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I'm a mechanical engineer and we've studied Thermodynamics and a bit about Velocity diagrams in uni. Where do I go from there in studying about Turbine engines Anons? Would you recommend any book/s?
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>Tfw you realize, that you're being tested by the roko's basilisk aka the demiurge right now

why is it that we currently live exactly at the time when automation and AI kicks off? Time is infinite, so the chance of living at this time is pretty fucking small. Why is the conspiracyshit you see everyday on the internet always linked to numerology?

1.Because the Basilisk wants your moral stance on AI.
2.Because math is the tool the AI used to built this universe, it wants to communicate with you in its mother tongue.

Think about the various occurences of maximal values or "barriers" in physics.
For example the Speed of light could be interpreted as some kind of refresh rate of the universe or the double-slit experiment (simulate tiny things that are not that observable or relevant for the simulation differently) could be interpreted as a way to save CPU-resources.
Those things are techniques that programmers would use to optimize their use of calculation-time.

the all-seeing-eye represents the basilisk. he as the creator of this realm sees everything and is judging your behavior in this simulation. The various occult references in media are there to remind you of its existence and the horrors you encounter should you not obey.

Sleep tight.
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Will we ever be able to achieve a form of biological/technological immortality?

How would we go about it?
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What do you know about the holofractal universe?

I found some people talking about this theory and I don't know what it is.
It seems to have some serious science/math stuff all over it, but can't tell if it's gibberish or if you must be a physics student to understand...
Is this like "superfluid universe"? How real is this?
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Could there be [spoiler]qute alien waifus[/spoiler] life on Titan?

[spoiler]I want to hump our solar siblings[/spoiler]
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in what year we will be able to edit our genes and change the X chro to Y?
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Screen Shot 2019-04-16 at 10.30.52 AM
Who has made the greatest single discovery in the history of Science? Would you say it was Darwin or Newton?
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Do we have light beacons at the furthest reach of our galaxy? We could send very simple binary messages out and hope somebody responds.

Surely this isn't a novel concept and has been considered right?
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What's the scientific explanation for this?
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so i was thinking
you know how in maths there are numbers which are suspected to have digits which are truly random, but there is no proof and it seems impossible to prove? i.e. an infinite period, no cyclical repetition so containing every bit of information about absolutely everything that has ever existed and will exist? PI is an example. So this got me thinking, there might be a lot of fucked up shit encoded in these types of numbers. mystcism and number theory, geometry, math in general, has always gone hand in hand throughout history. why do the government and institutions spend millions of dollars to calculate and research these digits unless they know there is something really valuable hidden there? what the fuck are they searching for?
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Hello /sci/. I know this isn't the best question to post around here, but of any community on 4channel you'll usually give the best answers. Sci̺ͧent̆i͈̟͓f̀̓̉iͧc̯̣̣ͯ̽a͍͎ͪ̉l͉̝̈́͋ḻ̿y ͦṡ͚͓̓peak̳ͨinͭgͅ, would a cat girl have any practical uses? The type of cat girl is up to you.
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Learning Math

I'm at an Algebra 2 (without geometry) level of math right now and I'm at a crossroads of what I should do. I want to be doing Calculus by August (4 months, give or take) and I'm unsure of what sources I should use. Should I use Khan Academy or Gelfand's series (starting from Algebra)? I'm about halfway through Gelfands book but Khan Academy still seems faster, but what I don't want to do is to not learn the material. I want to be at complete understanding. Regardless, I'm nearly done with Algebra and it's essentially Precalc + Geometry within 4 months.
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>Have to learn Fourier Transform and Laplace Transform for Signals and Systems within 2 days.

Is it possible?
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What maths will I need to know before starting a computer science degree?
I can calculate the area of shapes. The degree starts in July.
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What is the Fourth Dimension?

My favorite thought experiment is thinking about how higher dimensional beings can reach into lower dimensional boxes without opening any of the sides.

Imagine you have a sheet of graph paper in front of you.

1D is just the X-axis. It's just a horizontal line. A 2D creature can get into a 1D "box" (boxes can't exist in the 1D, but bare with me) by coming from the Y-axis. It can get into the 1D box by coming from the top or bottom--something that would blow the mind of a 1D creature.

Creatures that exist in 3D, like us (I believe we have 4D minds, but that's for another thread), can get into a 2D box without opening any sides. Draw a cake on the graph paper and then draw a square around it. To a 2D inhabitant that cake is nice and safe. But we can come from the Z-axis. We can see the cake even though it's covered on all sides in its native 2D. The Z-Axis are the points coming off the paper and behind the paper. It's where we move around and stuff. We're not constrained to the paper.

Now, how would a 4D creature/monster snatch us in our bed at night without us seeing it coming? What is 4D?

My girlfriend, who works with this math stuff (I'm a trophy boyfriend dunce who struggles to keep up) says 4D is time.

To plot 4D on that piece of graph paper you'd have to make a point for every moment of time--something that is impossible for 3D graphing equipment like CAD. So 4D creatures live their whole lives at once? They can come at us from the future? I don't get it, /sci/. I'm going insane.
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Shit textbooks

Is this a shit textbook, or am I just failing to see the author's intention in writing it in such an informal style?
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Is it Possible to be in 2 places, at the same time
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I sometimes hear people argue that quantum fluctuations or quantum mechanics in general disproves determinism and proves free will. That smells like bullshit to me and a misuse of science but at the same time, my understanding of quantum mechanics is mostly at a pop science level so can someone who knows chime in?
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Optimum Theory Continuation Thread 4

Optimum Theory Episode IV: 52 state 3D cell neighborhood edition

Old threads:
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Very disillusioned with academics, give me advice please

>studying finance at a European uni
>went to top 10 national hs, had straight As
>home for spring break to visit parents
>electrician guy comes to install some wires
>charges 10 bucks for a 5 minute job
>minimal wage is 3 bucks here, engineers make about 1k/month on average (prices are lower too)
>whips out Iphone X as he gets into his Tesla on the way out
>also in very good shape because of the physical work he does

I only started studying finance to make money, I am passionate about philosophy and economics. Now it seems trades are a way better option

Should I go into trades? I speak 6 languages, and I have pretty good social skills too, so I think I'd make a good enterpreneur. These jobs also seem like they're never going to be automated.

How do I tell this to my university educated middle class parents? Will these jobs ever fade out of relevance? Is it worth it to pursue trades and write philosophy as my hobby/second job?
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When will this be grown in a lab at a competitive price?
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4chan IQ
Why are the least frequented boards the ones with the highest IQ?
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Is computer technology stagnating? It really feels like things are not advancing as fast as they did 10 not to mention 20 years ago.
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Schrodinger's Bonfire


I'm working on an Equation.
This Equation will prove not only do other dimensions exist and exist infinitely; but we can customize them however we want, like Console Commands in video games.

Also, the real reason for this post is; I think there is an Anti-Multiverse. As in a complete opposite of the 'known' one. Trust me; its huge! It IS the place where 'negativity', guilt, shame, excess hate (SOME is okay.), rage, malice and whatever else you 'want to get rid of'. Al that energy needs someplace to go; as per Einstein. I think this Anti-Multiverse exists.

Your thoughts?
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Those of mixed-race have the most mental illness

Serious Mental Illness by Race
what is the scientific explanation for this?
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How are we going to fight candida aruis and the other drug resistant bacteria/fungi?
Are there any promising leads into this or are we hopeless
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Okay so hear me out. It's 420 and yes I am high as fuck, but what if stoners actually have the ability to see the world for what it really is? Like, the world is being coated while we're sober, but when we're high we're experiencing time and space in the way we're intended to. Ever notice how the stoners in your life are the most enlightened ones and that you can intuitively connect better with them even before you know they're also a stoner? You have similar experience with traversing into the real world.
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Proven Gender differences in Intelligence

What are "uncomfortable" scientific truths that are denied about gender differences?

The most consistent sex differences in cognition are found for spatial ability, in which males, on average, outperform females. Utilizing a twin design, two studies have shown that females with male co-twins perform better than females with female co-twins on a mental rotation task. According to the Twin Testosterone Transfer hypothesis (TTT) this advantage is due to in-uterine transmission of testosterone from males to females. The present study tested the TTT across 14 different spatial ability measures, including mental rotation tasks, in a large sample of 19–21-year-old twins. Males performed significantly better than females on all spatial tasks, with effect sizes ranging from η2=0.02 to η2=0.16. Females with a male co-twin outperformed females with a female co-twin in two of the tasks. The effect sizes for both differences were negligible (η2<0.02). Contrary to the previous studies, our results gave no indication that prenatally transferred testosterone, from a male to a female twin, influences sex differences in spatial ability.

Article | OPEN | Published: 12 September 2018

Prenatal testosterone does not explain sex differences in spatial ability
Teemu Toivainen, Giulia Pannini, Kostas A. Papageorgiou, Margherita Malanchini, Kaili Rimfeld, Nicholas Shakeshaft & Yulia Kovas
Scientific Reportsvolume 8, Article number: 13653 (2018)
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Nuclear power. Epic or cringe? Should we spend more on research? Does Fukushima prove that nuclear power is too dangerous, and is the waste impossible to get rid of?
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images (5)
How can I increase my height as an adult? Is it possible?
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Is the issue with cybernetic enhancement in our future probable or is it just a pop sci-fi daydream? I’ve been personally fascinated with it since I was a kid when I first saw it in stuff like in the Deus Ex game. It didn’t make me a weeb for transhumanism but made me want to work on making better prosthetics once I get my ME degree. However, I was thinking about what controversy would result if they ended up becoming better than they were before, sort of like that Paralympic runner who committed murder a couple years ago. Are we progressing this technology fast enough where this could be an issue before the close of the century? Are there any books or scientific publications anyone can recommend to read through regarding this?
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ITT: dumbest science related things you've heard

>"Not only do i think the earth is flat, I don't believe space even exists"
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How do I get into complex analysis?
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Thy Orbulon presents /sci/ an IQ test

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Is it possible to study 3-4 hours everyday for 3 weeks(with fear)?

I have an extremely important entrance exam for university.
Any tips on studying this much? It's a math and Physics exam.
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If matter came before consciousness

wouldn't that mean that consciousness is therefore a result of matter and that materialism would make more sense than idealism? Also, define 'define "consciousness"'.
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Why is Cloning universally outlawed and could we pull off full reproductive cloning today?
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>1,000 years from today
>we can mine space and construct as easily as we can mine and construct on earth
>create massive mechanical ball about half the size of earth
>interlocking joints from the center outwards
>metals that retain their original shape as they lose heat in between these joints, accordion-style
>receptors that store kinetic energy
>day 1: flip switch, slam all the joints down towards the center -> generate massive amounts energy equivalent to worldwide mag 5 earthquakes
>day 1 + a few seconds: metals between joints slowly begin to cool
>day 1 + X: metals have cooled, back to original position, repeat
Is it possible?
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Are there any other avenues for researching genetic engineering and synthetic gestation outside of going to college?
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>What if
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Tell me your personal theory on what *is* the interior of a black hole with as much or as little information as you like.
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What is it like to do a PhD at a top university?

I'm starting mine at MIT this fall and while I'm excited, I fear this will be the most depressing and challenging time of my life.
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Database with every possible picture

I might be tripping balls, but I remember hearing about a database that holds all possible pictures. In theory it is possible to compute all RGB combinations of a pixel grid sized n x m, correct? Is this a real thing? This would have a picture of literally anything in it...
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>physics associate's
>300k starting
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We will never colonize Mars, Titan, Europe and the sky of Venus.

We will always live on Earth that the African negroes bungle because of their overpopulation of low IQ "humans".
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Is quantum mechanics truly random or do we just not understand it properly? Are we missing a piece of the puzzle?
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So I've recently started my PhD in polymer chemistry. Autistic as I am, I'm working lonely in the lab during Easter. This got me thinking. I could use the equipment and chemicals provided by the university to make some synthetic drugs. Nobody is here, so nobody will notice anyway.

What are some easy to synthezise drugs?
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How does a single chromosome change cause so much dimorphism?
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retarded pre-med

>be me
>engineering student
>in chem 2 lecture
>person who sits next to me has a new book
>ask her what it is
>I asked why in the world she would study for med school when she hasn't taken o-chem yet
>"I need to be prepared"
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Mandelbrot Set - Possible Permutations

I was wondering, since the Mandelbrot Set has infinite detail that never repeats, is it always possible to find a section that represents any kind of image (or arrangement of data) in some part at some magnification?

If you searched long enough, would you find a picture of a cat somewhere, for example?

Or are there constraints on the kinds of arrangements you are going to encounter? Are there shapes and geometric structures you will never encounter in the Mandelbrot Set, no matter how hard you looked?
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Screen Shot 2019-04-20 at 5.44.54 pm
So how come we can't farm in space or generate a magnetic field to keep radiation away?
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No title

Thoughts on this book, it's author, his conclusions?
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images (1)
There are as many even numbers as all natural numbers
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>Prion infects deer
>Deer dies
>Rain falls
>Plant absorbs prion
>Humans drink water and eat plant
>Humans get infected

Are we approaching biological sudden death? This stuff is impossible to remove from the soil and it's spreading fast. How long before we formally declare a public health crisis? I can imagine acres and acres of farmland being declared unusable.
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Why do 'emotional' robots look high as fuck?
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Is smoking weed actually beneficial?
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No title

Would a hyper advanced city with no ethical restraints on science and technology work in real life?
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No title

she's now officially Dr. Pasterski!!! let's all say congrats to Dr. Sabrina Pasterski! total beast, and a qt at that
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/sqt/ /qtddtot/

Stupid questions thread. Previously >>10554321
Dedicated to the faggot who makes /sqt/s on /g/.
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No title

Find whole numbers [math] a,b,c \neq 0 [/math] which satisfy:
[math] a^3 + b^3 = 22c^3 [/math].
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No title

Whats with all the symmetry? I know a lot of things are asymmetric, but the fact that anything is symmetrical at all is weird.
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No title

Gonna major in Maths even though I’m a total pleb in it, what am I in for?
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No title

Would it be possible to explode a star using weaponry humanity currently has?
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This seems like the kind of thing that will rustle everyones jimmies

suppose you have an island with N people all of whom have blue eyes but none of whom know their own eye colour. (island has no reflective surfaces) they also have a cultural rule where anyone who knows their own eye colour must kill themselves at noon in the village square for everyone to see on the day after they find out.
one day a foreigner visits the island and unwittingly mentions how at least one of them has blue eyes.
What affect does this have on the islands population.
Terry tao believes they will all commit suicide N days after the foreigner tells them that.
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No title

what if earth had two moons
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Women in STEM

Dedicating this thread to women in STEM. You go girls!
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No title

What's the future of math?

In 2059, what will they say was the new and different thing in 2019?
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intelligence vs sex

is it true that intelligence and sexual behavior are on two opposite sides of the same scale, with a constant confliction by nature imposing sexual appeal, interpreted and filtered trough human intelligence which shaped its existnce and formed complex mechanisms ?
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No title

Can one of you chem wizzes out there explain to me why adderral makes me need to poop? I take one when I need to study, but if Im in the library it gets uncomforatable because I dont want to leave my stuff and use a public restroom.
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Welcome to the PolyPhys LAUNCH PARTY

multimod banner
PolyPhys is an expanding collection of free interactive physics apps. PLEASE ENJOY!!!

Also open to any suggestion and AMA.
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No title

This is roughly the shape of my skull right now. Is it safe to say whether I'm a logical thinker or emotional thinker based on this dent alone?
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Theory of Mind in dreams.

We have theory of mind in our dreams.

We seem to communicate with others and don't have access to their thoughts.

However, when we awaken we realize this entire ordeal is constructed within our mind.

How is this different from theory of mind in real life?
Could it be that the universe is akin to the dream world?
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What can I study to overcome crippling apathy?

Is there any study that will make a large difference to our way of life that is actually worth studying?

Everything just seems so pointless bros. Our existence has no inherent meaning and I just feel like my heart isn't in it anymore. I used to study for the sake of getting a great job for the money. It then dawned on me that money besides enough to live is ultimately useless if you don't care about materialistic shit.

I just want to find a purpose bros. Is genetic engineering something worth studying or AI?
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No title

>chem fags use the flow of negative charge for the direction of current
>chem fags use the term “electromotive force”
>whole lecture of will now think “electromotive force” is a real thing
GOD why is chemistry so gay? It’s as autistic as engineering.
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No title

What methods or tools do you recommend for training your math and mental calculus skills?
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No title

How necessary is differential geometry to a math major?
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reminder that they are but a meme
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Autism vs Feminism

So Schopenhauer was just right, women are cancer, individuals toxic to society are probably the least manly.
I learned about the "extreme male" concept about autism which confirms that...
It seems the biggest threats to our society are basedboys and feminists, the USA are obviously falling first.
What do you think about that shit ?
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Book suggestions:
This book was suggested in a thread some time ago when OP asked how he could get better at Calculus.
Thanks past OP for asking and thanks, Anon for suggesting.
I purchased this book, and it is indeed fantastic. Although, I'm not finished with it and just started it 30 minutes ago.
Really goes into the "why" of things.

If anyone has more book suggestions relating to Mathematics, please post them! I would love to explore more books relating to Calculus.
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Load factor and centrifugal force aviation

Am training for my CFI and need to clear up my understanding of load factor and centrifugal force to a level that I could teach "a child or someone with no prior understanding". If load factor is the total lift/weight and centrifugal force is not a real force but the felt inertia to continue on a tangential path, how does load factor force the pilot into his seat and put stress on the airframe if the centrifugal force is just our inertia to continue in a straight line?
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Did the Universe have a Beginning?

How confident is /sci/ with their answer?
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A little medical advice

144 mgs of concerta and 8 small cups of coffee in a 6’1” 140 lb male. Should I be fine?
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Will we see immortality in our lifetime?

Headline basically , Will we see UT or nah?

Cause lifes too short and I wanna live more
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No title

Has any other theory consumed so many geniuses without ever leading to anything?
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No title

How would you solve x from

sinx + x = 1

besides trial-and-error?
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Basement Labs General

What projects are anons working on at home? Successes and setbacks?
What gear do you have in your private kitchen/garage/basement lab?
How long since your last major unintended fire?

I'm trying to gear up for some chemistry but surprised at how hard it is to find things locally. No one has mag stirrers or condensers. Can't even find simple cooking thermometers, everything's only human range or fixed in a panel to hang on a wall.
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Interesting stuff

Combinatorial Cognitive Behavioral Ontological Hypergraph
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No title

La Sagrada Família
Why the fuck do cathedrals take decades to build, even with modern technology?
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Interesting stuff

Combinatorial Cognitive Behavioral Ontological Hypergraph Part 3
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can sci even yes?

[eqn] y^e^s [/eqn]
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Views on reality

So, I don't really know how to explain, but, I don't know what is real (if there is even such thing).
Since I was a kid, like many other kids, I wanted to understand the world in which I lived. At some point, I got myself questioning if, whether or not, people were, in fact, rational beings or at least conscious of self. At first I got to the veredict (in a really childish and kinda shallow line of thought) that people were some kind of robots. Then I started thinking more onto it and got to the point were I started to believe that nothing is, in fact real, and I felt quite lost. It really denies the empiricism as a whole.
I don't know what I'm doing (if I am really doing, being or existing). I don't expect you guys to understand it. I just wanted to see some discussion about it.
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Why does /sci/ hate the best personality test of our age?
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Higher consiousness and evolving into god like beings

Imagine in the future we managed to survive all onslaughts by the environment and completely surpass the Kardashev scale. Where our minds have no depression, anxiety or lack of understanding of basic and complex information. We would be divine and we could create anything because we are so advanced and know the functions and workings of the universe.
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Odd "shared dream" experience

Disclaimer: we are newly and happily married after 5 years together and on honeymoon. We are honest and happy with each other. Basically happy relationship no BS ill harbored thoughts for each goes:
I’ll attempt to be as thoroughly brief as I can. We were starting our first night in a beach bungalow community and fell asleep within minutes of each other. Asleep for 1-1.5 hours (one sleep cycle roughly) and woke within seconds of each other. I woke first silently distraught and still, she rolled over seconds later sobbing. Upon discussion we both had dreams with different surroundings and people but same result: at a gathering together we saw the other go off to be more than friendly with another person. We know this is not something either would do which is off putting in itself but beyond that we had the dreams at the exact same time. We calmed each other with wonder, we fall asleep, I awake again about an hour later to the heavy smell of incense and what smells most like sage. 3 hours later still burning and it wasn’t either of us. We are in a Buddhist area so I’m almost wondering if someone else had some sort of shared energy. Being honest, I’ve never been a big believer in shared energy or synchronicity but I can’t put a finger on this one. Not entirely sure what I’m asking for here, but not so much dream interpretation rather anyone’s experience or knowledge of what I’d call a “shared dream”, but simultaneously at that. My searches are coming up kind of empty. This thread could die quickly with the board, but at least I put it into the webiverse. We will be out and about in a few hours without internet but i can check in sometime after that if there’s any questions or interest.
Pic not really related
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low iq question(2)
>HNO3 solution has a concentration of 0.02mol/L
>asks if this acid is strong or weak
How tf I'm I gonna find it without [H3O+] concentration?
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Basically this

Science vs Politics
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Is Dentistry a science?


Great article about the dentistry business, incentives create results, esteemed positions get away with stupidity, and why authority is flawed.
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Having solid Peracetic acid inside my Refrigerator :3 Time to kill to cooling and GTFO
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So some article is saying that this photo is of two black holes colliding. It was taken with the Hubble telescope, and its truly a beauty. My questions though are:

>is this photo enhanced or photoshopped in any way, or does the Hubble Telescope take photos/ show real images in colour and is able to see shit this clearly.
>how does the telescope see shit that is light years away?
>how is it able to clearly capture photos when it's constantly orbiting the earth at great speeds? How is it even able to focus.
>the universe is massive, how did scientists know to have the Hubble telescope aim a particular direction and how did they know two black holes were colliding,

I know these are noob questions but can someone please provide me with some insight?
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/sci/ Politics Thread

Post about your politics regarding science. I'll start with this topic: What are your thoughts on gene editing? What are your thoughts on big pharma and government collecting and selling your genetic data? Etc.

Here's some videos on the topic:
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Why do they need extremely high unstable antennas to broadcast. Couldn't a balloon work?
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Is it too late to do anything against climate change?
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Prove that 1+1 = 2 I know you can't.
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The Treasury has just abolished quarters, dimes, nickels, pennies, and all other coins. They have implemented a new coinage standard consisting of the 1c, 4c, 20c, and 60c pieces. The treasury is going to print 1 trillion dollars worth of these coins. How many of each coin should they print?
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Why Does Human Pregnancy Last About Nine Months?

Like I said, why do human pregnancies last as long as they do, and not longer or shorter? I think I heard somewhere that birth occurs at the stahe in the pregnancy it does because otherwise, the head of the baby wouldn't be able to get past the pelvis, but why does it take nine months to get to that stage? How things change if it took a greater or smaller amount of time?
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>Aliens surely exist
>They are probably as advanced as comic book and star wars
>The universe is too large for >us to be the only intelligent lifeform
>Evidence isn't needed, it just makes (((mathematical))) sense
>Humans are not special, there are billions of habitable planets. Didn't you watch GOTG?
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Does quantum teleportation kill your old self?
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Are there any effective treatments for autism?
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is zoology really this valuable.
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ITT we post our undergraduate transcripts, GRE scores, and graduate program status

I'll start.

GRE Verbal: 48 percentile
GRE Quant: 60 percentile
Subject GRE: 24 percentile

Graduate Program: Denied

inb4 OP is a brainlet.
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Dream World

The difference between a simulation and dream world is negligible at high enough intelligence. I think it would be important to analyze dreams in this same context. We are able to create ornate worlds with the ability to trick at least ourselves that they are real. Visually everything seems right even to an intelligence about our level. NPCs can exist in the dream simulation, weather, complex geographies, etc

If there are X simulations in a future with super intelligence what is the "Y dreams" number?

Dreams have been sorely under-evaluated by such thought leaders. If we look at our own recursive existence and analyze dreams we can actually see things quite clearly. They are the most efficient form of simulation, actually.
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What do you think about this /sci/?
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What (little) Americans Know About Science

Why are Americans so ignorant of Science?
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>"Black Holes have no hairs."

Don't let graduate students name things.
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Bob Lazar

Was he telling the truth? Do ayys travel using gravity distortion propulsion system? He also says the ufo had no seams nor wires and shiett
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Has knowing a foreign language ever helped you in your research or career? If so, which language and which area of study?

I'm very interested in learning Korean as a personal project, but I'm not sure it'd ever open any doors for me.
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I use Prozac for my full blown Autism and OCD tendancies

It takes away the depression but doesn't make me happy. Explain to me scientifically what it does.
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Why did set theory win our over second order arithmetic?
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Nano tubes

Hi, just a question for a school project can you store DNA inside a carbon nanotube I know you can wrap it around it, but inside?
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Why can doggo predict epileptic seizure?
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Don't study Computer Science

I see threads here acting like /g/ is holding something back but i have to tell you that Computer Science really is the biggest shitshow that will ruin your life. You will face the hardest level of math and no one will explain it to you. You will have no free time. No friends. You will only see the people from College. People who really understand something in Robotics or Algorithms never got married and look exactly like you expect them to look like. You can't have a job because even weekends demand your full attention. It's hell. I'm suicidal like you can't imagine because i don't have time for a girlfriend. You can't afford to move out. You don't know if you can make it to the end and nobody would care if you can't because they have to save their own ass. Knowing how to code IS NOT a way to a save job position. A few people made it but they are not there to create jobs for you. You sit in front of a pc for hours without any human interaction and die slowly knowing you could sit right there in the grass with a girl by your side. Please think twice about this. I caught myself planning my suicide several times and that is not just a thing everyone has once in his life. It's a self inflicted gunshot to my soul and mental health. - Love Anon
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What conferences and journals have you been published in?

What conferences do you regularly attend?
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Are Meteorites Hot Or Cold On Impact?

I keep getting contradictory information, are meteorites hot or cold upon impact with the ground?
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>“IQ” is a stale test meant to measure mental capacity but in fact mostly measures extreme unintelligence (learning difficulties), as well as, to a lesser extent (with a lot of noise), a form of intelligence, stripped of 2nd order effects—how good someone is at taking some type of exams designed by unsophisticated nerds.
Is he right?
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An experiment shows that CPT is violated too. How much havoc would it cause among the scientific community?
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Can we reverse the radiation process?

Radioactivity is incredibly fucking dangerous and honestly something that if misused could cause massive harm. An example of this would be the Fukushima Disaster which harmed more than 200,000 people.

So is there a way to try and reverse the radiation process. For animals and humans alike. Because I know that it's crucial to deionize water.

There's also radiolysis which is more of my primary concern. So is there a way for us to safely de-radiate something? If there is can it also be used on living organisms safely?
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why... why does the wave function collapse?
Is the idealism-pill inevitable?
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Screen Shot 2019-04-20 at 9.07.03 pm
Based chemists and nutritionists

What currently based activities are these groups up to?
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>tfw 0.9999...*0.9999...*0.9999.....*0.9999...*0.9999...*k*(0.999...)=1
What did the universe mean by this
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Should education be reformed and set diferent standarts and guidelines based on the kid IQ range?

I don't see how a kid on the dumber range could study at the same class as a gifted kid, both have diferent needs and is just a waste to teach both at the same time.

If the issue is socializing, just make some special classes where the kids are forced to socialize with other classes for recess or something, maybe PE classes or art would be good for this.
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Does the left and right brain hemisphere have the same intellectual capacity? What if one is super intelligent and the other is a complete retard?
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