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>Red pill me on X. (with no extra content or input of your own)
>Are X white?
>Is X degeneracy?
>How come X girls love Y guys so much?
>If X is true, then how come Y? Checkmate Z.

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No title


Check the catalog before posting a new thread!

Reply to existing threads about a topic instead of starting a new one. Mods will delete obvious duplicate threads and spam without notice.

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photo_2019-04-21_08-57-31 (2)
(i have been fasting from technology all this holy week, that's why i didn't made threads)

Songs for the thread

Everyone is welcome.
Discuss news, ask question, give answers, be kind to one another.

Here your readings


Pray and fight for Sri Lanka, take your faith seriusly, dont be lukewarm, dont be weak, humiliate yourself to God and you will become the strongest version of yourself.

We have a Group for Telegram, lets grow our faith together!.
> The phone number?
Yes, Nobody can see it anyway, still better than WhatsApp or Discord.
>Catholic Group
>Christian Group (for all denominations and who are interested)
>Main Channel

Community links, such as recommended media, are now below in pastebin links. Remember to recommend things to add to the lists!

>Catholic Encyclopedia
>Seek your closest Latin Mass!
>Documents of Vatican II
>Laudate App and iPieta App

>Collection of Posts
>Recommended Movies
>Recommended Books
>Recommended Musicç
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Modern Architecture

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No title

Why do amerilards insist on commuting in these gas guzzling behemoths?
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Fuck off wagies, this isn't the place for you. When you have to wake up early in the morning to work your dead end job, I'll be making thousands off of the stock market, already in retirement and I'm only in my early 20's, losers
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No title

Your thoughts on this dapper southern newsman?
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No title

Do you have friends, /pol/?
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Why don’t brown girls like white boys?

I’ve always wanted a qt Middle Eastern or Latina gf (like pic related) but they always stick with their own and when they mix out they always go with black guys. What am I to do? Why are they like this?
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/ptg/ President Trump General - Pinch Edition

@realDonaldTrump @TeamTrump @TrumpWarRoom

>b-but Trump hasnt done anything!

WH Public Pool/Schedule:

>Trump: Past to Present 4/17/19
>SoS Pompeo/ActDefSec Shanahan @US-Japan 2+2 Ministerial 4/19/19
>SoS Pompeo meets w/Japanese FM Kono 4/19/19
>CEAChair Hassett on FBN 4/19/19
>PressSec Sarah on ABCNews 4/19/19
>PressSec Sarah on CBSThisMorning 4/19/19
>Giuliani on FoxNews 4/19/19
>Corey Lewandowski on FoxNews 4/19/19
>PrinDepPressSec Gidley on Ingraham 4/19/19
>StateDept Foreign Press Brief (DepAssistSoS4TradePol Meale) 4/19/19
>This [email protected] 4/19/19
>StateDeptVideo: US Committed 2 Helping France Rebuild Notre Dame 4/19/19
>DoDVideo: Japanese DM Visits Pentagon 4/19/19
>Sekulow on FoxNews 4/18/19
>Pres Trump Interview w/David Webb 4/18/19
>Pres Trump/FLotUS Melania arrive in FL 4/18/19
>Pres Trump/FLotUS Melania depart DC 4/18/19
>Pres Trump/FLotUS Melania depart WH 4/18/19
>Time to Turn the Tables 4/18/19
>Pres Trump @WWP Soldier Ride 4/18/19

OP pastebin:
prev >>210685068
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Do Asians Realize That They're Next

If the jews are successful with subjugating whites, then they will use their pet niggers and muslims to enslave the asians.
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No title

Are the Chinese mutts?
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>Over 138 dead, 560+ Injured
>Death Toll may cross 250+

PREVIOUS: >>210688796
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No title

Would she have killed herself if she had been raised in a 90%+ white community instead of the diversity and chill hellhole of Florida?
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No title

1536005482054 (1)
You owe us.

Give us what we're owed or else we will take it from you by force.
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No title

Ashton Birdie is pregnant. and apparently Baked Alaska isnt the father. they said they were staying celibate until their wedding sooo Ashton must have cucked Baked.

inb4 "e-celeb" this is better than the 20 porn and black cock spam.
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No title

Why is it always three of them /pol/?
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Wait a minute...

Screen Shot 2019-04-21 at 01.41.24
I thought the Yellow Vests were /ourguys/? They seem like commie faggots to me.
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No title

Looks like Revenge for Christ church Mosque attack
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No title

everyone ready for 2020?
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BETA Orbiter Discussion

I’ve never understood the appeal of having feelings for and hanging around a woman for months or years; simply getting by on the breadcrumbs of attention that she might give you. Seems like slow torture to me. At best you’re on the back burner as plan C,D,E with her. At worst she’s just using you for your attention and resources.
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No title

Christ has resurrected! HAPPY EASTER!!!
2 images | 2 replies

6 Bomb attacks in Colombo

Death toll is 105+ according to the latest reports. What the fuck is happening to the worlds? feelsbadman
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No title

images (1)
This guy singlehandedly exposed conservatism as a joke. Now we are in the mainstream thanks to greedy lobster man.
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No title

Lol the government hasn’t even confirmed it
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No title

Why aren't we colonising Africa like the chinks are? have we lost our spirit men of the west?
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"My son visited a website called 4chan and now he idolizes Adolf Hitler"

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No title

hey /pol/ word around the grapevine is that big black cock will destroy the white race and i'm just wondering what your feelings are on that?
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Political Realities - NK Edition 2

[North Korea should and could learn a lot from China's transformation]

China went from communist/socialist into a capitalist country that uses communism/socialism as a mask.

North Korea might design and have many good looking buildings, but China is in a league of it's own with it's projected progress.

[Fine Dust is a huge problem for both North Korea and South Korea]

A mutual problem/threat to the health of the Korean people would be a great inter-korean project to solve and a way to improve relations together.

[Kim Jong Un's 5 year economic plan would have been successful if he didn't nuclear and missile test]

This was/is a case of self sabotage and ego getting in the way(Trump has experienced this a few times since he got in office, the most recent is the "Big Deal" obsession). If he never did that testing, the entire negotiation/denuclearizing/diplomacy/geopolitics/deals of the Korean Peninsula right now would have been in a much better position/place.
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/pol/ humor thread

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No title

>epic black kid increases wealth 400-fold by forex trading in just eight months

White racists BTFO tbqh. Cough up your betabux for his trading tips, cracker.
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Mortal Kombat Gets Woke

mk11 WE
35 images | 159 replies

No title

I love how triggered every Christcuck here gets whenever Ben Shapiro or Jordan Peterstein says this. Is it because you know it's true?

Jesus was a Jew, the first Christians were all Jews. Christianity is a Jewish religion and Christians are the biggest supporters of Jews that ever walked this planet. Christfags here on /pol/ always point to Old Testament shit (Old Testament is completely Jewish) to show how "tough" their religion is while also huffing and puffing about how they don't like Jews and then avoiding all the non-violence passages in the new testament. They're exceedingly stupid people.

Fuck Jews, fuck Christians and fuck Muslims. Abrahamic religions - not even once.
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No title

It's Easter boys!!!!!!!!!! Spread good vibes here!!!!!! Everyone #blessed ITT. Only positive vibrations. I hope we all gonna make it. Thank you God for this shiny beautiful day.
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No title

If black people had blue eyes would your opinion on immigration change?
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No title

Serious question. Why don't women enjoy competition at the highest level compared to men?

Is it genetics? Social? Both?

You can't say it's just physical. Chess, StarCraft, speed running etc are for weak nerds and yet the only females there are men dressed as females!
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No title

What happened to the American dream? Look at the Canadian dream!
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No title

Why are Asians such bigots?
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No title

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I've slept with over 100 white women and I'm black

White women are the freshest tightest cleaniest dirtiest type of pusc out there. I have slept with many women (18-21) age and even now since I'm 28. I love completely destroying them until they cum multiple times.

they end up loving me after. It is too easy. u mad?
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>incels Will they ever learn?

Screen Shot 2019-04-21 at 24.38.28
Women don't want racists.
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Tinder racial experiments: Europe - WOMEN FUCK NIGGERS

Time for a wake up call. If you wonder what races women fuck, I've tested this on tinder with instagram stolen shit (above average model guys just starting out, not famous) in major cities in Europe because I don't like other people doing the thinking for me. Cities like Berlin, Stockholm, Prague, Warsaw, Amsterdam, London, Budapest, Barcelona, etc.

The results are like this: A ripped model looking black can get top tier white women. They will be blonde, porn-tier hot. But his total numbers cap at something a slighly above average white man can get (ie a pretty white boy who doesn't post "hot" pics). A ripped white man can literally fuck every female on earth, as in he needs 5 dicks to fuck every female. He will have unlimited options of the hottest girls that pop up, forever. With asian, arab, turk, your options are pretty much your own ethnicity (you will see they show up on your swipe deck because they swipe you) or the odd white girl who clicks on you.

The ranking is like this: Ripped white male > above average white male > alpha ripped nigger > average nigger > every other race

The pretty niggers are at the top of the male sexual economy now, almost even with whites. We have to treat them as racial enemies now or they will get ballsier and breed even more white women. Forget about heebs, chinese and other non-direct threats.
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India Hate Thread

Indians, the absolute subhuman race of all

In this thread we unleash the average life of an Indian anima-- I mean super power 2020.

>Eating shit

>Shit flinging festivals

>Piss drinking beverages

>Shit loathing Indian babies

>Holy Ganges river full of corpse and piss

>Aborted babies thrown out for wild hogs as meals.

>Young Generation

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No title

What is /pol/'s edgiest opinion?
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Happy Easter - Satan is Anu head of Annunaki

They communicate directly with mankind through CERN and the internet.

They are not reptilians, as you can see.

If you want to think of Enki and Enlil as Set and Horus that's fine.

Anu gives Ishtar the Bull of Heaven
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He is risen

Who else joined the Church?
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No title

"We must secure the existence of our environment and a future for all living beings." - Extinction Rebellion
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No title

If you watch and like pic related, then you are a braindead NPC faggot.
Prove me wrong
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A question for /pol/

If you hate us so much why do you jack off to videos of us fucking your women?
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Are you living a fulfilled life?

jacked clown
What are some of your short term and long term goals?
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The IQ Question

Hello /pol/, I'm going to drop some politically relevant facts about people with low IQ.

Fact 1: The majority (roughly 84.1%) of prisoners have below 100 IQ.
7 images | 32 replies

No title

ITT: Predictions for the 2020 election

Here's mine, Bernie will pick a female running mate and as everybody expects him to croak soon anyway all the libs and gibs and fags and hags will vote for him thinking they'll get the free shit now and the HER TURN later, it'll be the perfect combo to take on CHEETO DRUMPHLER

what's your predictions?
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Let's form a Voltron but with dudes
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No title

Why did the "Unite the Right" rally fail to unite the right? Why did people on the right choose to attack each other instead of uniting and becoming stronger in the face of state opposition?
12 images | 87 replies

No title

Why are young straight white men checking out of society these days and increasingly choosing the NEET lifestyle, /pol/? Should this even be fixed or is it just better to embrace the decline and roll with it?
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No title

Banning and confiscating guns won't be easy but, simply put, it has to be done. I mean, we have to at least try and do something about the gun violence in the U.S. instead of sitting around wringing our hands because some 200 year old piece of paper gives the "right" to own guns.

I can think of no reason that a civilian should be allowed to own an assault rifle with 30 round clips. A weapon like that has one purpose, to kill as many people as possible as quickly as possible. You don't use that for hunting deer.

Maybe 200 years ago the Second Amendment had a purpose, but today the costs on our society far outweigh any alleged benefit it supposedly has. Over 30,000 dead every year and children who are afraid of going to school and getting shot. Enough is enough and we all know it. The time has come to follow the lead of the UK and Australia and now New Zealand.
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No title

Time Machine
You have obtained a time machine and you are able to travel to any major political event, past or future, where would you go and what would you do?
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So I made a parody of the Legend of Zelda Intro song about (((them)))

zionist wars 13
I think you will enjoy this
spread and share and stay tuned for the whole episode about notre dame !

Bitchute channel link:
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No title

You're a British colonizer, your unit just cleared the whole tribe of men when you see >pic related hiding in the bushes. You call her out in front of you.

What do you do?
13 images | 69 replies

No title

It's wrong to tell other people what to do.
It's each of our responsibilities to protect the freedom of humanity, not try to take it away.
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No title

Remember when white people dominated music?
19 images | 139 replies

No title

It still makes me pissed that they continue to ignore Easter but had put Ramadan, Hindu and Jewish references on their doodles
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White women massively adopt pets instead of having children

They even refer to their husband's as "daddy" when they are talking to their pets and themselves as mommy.

How do we solve this?

Do we ban pets perhaps?
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Syria General /sg/ - Glowing Niggers Edition-


SOUTHFRONT Apr 15&Libya [Open] [Open]

>Latest interviews with Assad [Open] [Open] [Open]
>Live MAPS

>Fan maps

>Idlib Apr 16
>Libya Apr 16
>Yemen Apr 9
>Iraq Apr 2
>SE Syria Mar 7

Devs Apr 16
>SAA kicks off new operation to eliminate ISIS from Iraqi border
>US forces blocked a group of gov maintenance specialists at the Conoco gas field. The SDF is not capable of runing seized energy infrastructure without the Damascus government assistance
>Syria's fuel crisis has forced gov to issue rations on gas in order to deal with ongoing sanctions. Car lines strech 3-5km in Damascus,Latakia&Aleppo
>Iran’s FM Zarif meets Assad in Damascus ahead of Kazakhstan talks on Syria
>Armenian demining teams clear over 10,000km2 of territory in Syria
>Jihadists launch second rocket on Aleppo city in last 24 hours
>New Zealand dispatched a special forces unit to Syria to search for Louisa Akavi who was abducted by IS 6 years ago
>Israel allegedly used new supersonic rampage missiles during Syria attack
>Libya’s UN-backed govt appeals for Europe’s support against Haftar
>According to reports a C-130J Qatari or US aircraft was spotted in the area of Misrata
>Warplanes of GNA struck positions of LNA in Jufrah. Heavy clashes in Ain Zara&al-Swani
Prev >>210590480 #
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No title


This fag for support from star wars theory. He's at 27k likes, so let's dislike it and spam the comment section.

Link to video:
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Why aren't we cleaning the great pacific garbage patch?

One of the things I have heard about money raised for the Notre Dame is that it could be better spent cleaning the "Great Pacific Garbage Patch." While I don't care for a discussion about the Notre Dame money, I would like to ask people of all political backgrounds, why should or shouldn't we clean this garbage?
I would especially value scientific insight as to why it is or isn't important.
4 images | 15 replies

No title

ll criticism I've hear on this board about Chairman Yang have been from misinformed stances.

I honestly think this election cycle is gonna play out like this:

>Yang builds support this time similar to Bernie for 2016
>Beto or Bernie gets DNC nomination
>Easy reelection for Trump
>2024 Kanye all over the election headlines
>A bunch of establishment cucks to compete against
>Yang has become mainstream and Trump passes the torch
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Happy Easter - Reminder That Easter Is A Pagan Festival

Pagan Easter
Christcucks BTFO'd when they realise this, whilst exchanging fertility symbols (chocco eggs & rabbits) with their family.
2 images | 8 replies

Big happening soon?

Did any of you anons have
strange dreams lately?
I have a feeling that there will be a big happening soon, bigger than ever before
28 images | 134 replies

This is true

This desu senpai
1 images | 8 replies

Brit/pol/ - Easter Sunday Edition

>National Black Police Association: push for BAME diversification in the police force

>Journalist shot dead in Derry after rioting in the city

>Knife crime: Prince Charles calls for end to 'pervasive horror'

>John Curtice: The Tories are feeling the heat as voters desert them in droves for the Brexit Party
7 images | 46 replies

What's really in your Mcdonalds?

So I majored in food science a couple years back and ended up getting a masters in it at UCSD.

It was really cool, didn't want to really get into it but afterward it grew on me. Next thing you know, I am working for corporate. Then we started working on new food practices to make it more cheaper and give it more flavor. We ended up paying companies to buy all leftover meat from "partially alive" chickens because the meat was extremely cheap.

Afterwards, we put this food serum all over in these huge batches of "meat from partially alive not aged lol chicken *wink wink*" and mixing it. This will give it a taste of it being fresh and good. We also put it on the ppotatos and it makes the fries last for years. I would never eat the apple pies thought. The apples are not really apples but .... you dont want to know.
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Screen Shot 2019-04-20 at 9.00.00 PM
Britain is black now.
39 images | 171 replies

How do we suppress female sexuality?

It's clear that when women ge too liberated, societies start to collapse. To keep a strong, developed nation is necessary to control women and their natural degenerate behavior. Without a masculine guidance women start to going around naked, inserting objects in their vaginas and anus and even fucking animals and drinking piss for money.

What can be done?
28 images | 115 replies


>browse Usenet
>the NSA has its own newsgroup where they hang out which is open
>Snowden also shitposts on other newsgroups
>the latest shitpost was about EverCrypt

Should we expand to the Usenet as a tactic?
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What do kikes mean by this?
3 images | 7 replies

Is /pol/ white?

I see a hook nose
Dumb looking people
The cutie has dark eyes? Post pics if you see this.
6 images | 20 replies

INDIA /POL/ 2019 Indian General Election 卐 ॐ 卍

4 images | 29 replies

No title

Where does a regular guy find a good woman these days?
31 images | 132 replies

Why are we, as a society, accepting and tolerating transgenderism instead of trying to find a cure?

Obviously, acceptance is not the only answer.

Why don’t we focus on finding a cure instead of “accepting” the trannies epidemic? I feel empathy for these people and what they are going through. I wish that I could cure them. We need to spend more money to find the root cause of this.These people are sick and they need our help. These people are genetic and evolutionary dead ends.

Help me understand /pol/. Why so much time is spent on acceptance instead of doing telethons to support research and find a cure to this plague?

I don’t get it.
23 images | 192 replies

Are Legos based?

Libera, Lego Concentration Camp
Curious of your views.
4 images | 13 replies


G'day Lads

Chinks getting ready to annex us

Shooters Party will fail to repeat NSW election success at federal level due to lack of funds

Agriculture Department stands by water buybacks, amid claims of scandal and calls for an inquiry

How much you save under Labor and the Coalition's tax plans at a glance

Daily reminder: If you don't vote Conservative National's you're not Australian and you need to go back.
26 images | 89 replies


Screen Shot 2019-04-21 at 3.26.55 AM
Thank GOD!
2 images | 4 replies

No title

Why for all right wingers every little tiny thing will end western civilization
>women who marry wrong men
>not having enought children
>chossing humanities course in uni
>being sad
Right wingers are such snowflakes, it reminds me when i defended trans woman roles in powerlifting competitions and they just banned me for no reason
3 images | 14 replies

No title

Good job /pol/tards

Good fucking job.

You poked the hornets nest (Christchurch Mosque Shootings), or rather shot it to bloody hell

And this is the reaction. This is the outcome. I hope you fat fucking NEETs are happy.
5 images | 16 replies

No title

If you want whores to stop looking like this, stop giving white women attention. Women can’t handle passive aggression and will acquiesce or lose face.
13 images | 80 replies

Mossad Blows up Sri Lanka For Easter


they threw a changeup no psyop bullshit narrative shooting hoax this time

but a false flag bombing another one of mossad's bread and butter tactics
5 images | 10 replies


Once again proving they are traitors
3 images | 17 replies


150 dead, obviously it was muslims. 3 times more than christchurch, will it get 3 times the coverage? No, top news on CNN tommorow will be trump ate 4 bigmacs.

If youre a journalist youre worse than a nigger
0 images | 2 replies

What the hell is happening in Russia?

0 images | 10 replies

No title






40 images | 141 replies


0 images | 0 replies

California power outages.

Screen Shot 2019-04-21 at 12.49.46 AM
Why is it that the most socialist countries or states always have blackouts or power problems?
1 images | 8 replies

No title

>that birthdate
What did he mean by this
0 images | 3 replies

No title

I'm a zoomer in my late teens, nearing my 20s and my girlfriend is a zoomer in her mid teens. But I asociate with doomers and she acts like a fucking boomer. She likes old music and has this weird Midwest accent and she's christian and conservative. She'd younger than me and she doesn't understand any of the nuances of the modern world, or memes or the sociopolitical situation. Sometimes I wan't to shake her, slap some sense into her and tell her how the world realy works! She needs to be bluepilled, redpilled, graypilled and blackpilled all at once! We're in high school, and she makes me feel like it's 1970. It's so bizarre, I feel so disconnected. I've felt this way ever since I moved to this backwards small town in central Ohio. It's in the middle of nowhere and it feels like I traveled back in time
3 images | 8 replies

Why are white genes so recessive?

Isn’t it telling that white genes can’t die out with more dominant masculine genes? Why are white genes so weak?
2 images | 5 replies

Christianity is Anti-Jewish

„Christianity is based on Judaism/is jewish“ is the most retarded concept there is.
Lets take a look into History.
Back at the time of Jesus there was no Judaism, but Yahwehism, based on the laws of the old Prophets and practiced by the Israelites (when they didnt fuck around with false gods), in Judeah mainly the branch of the sadducees and essenes. There was however a third branch, the Pharisee. They disliked the elitist Sadducees and claimed to be for the common people and gained influence that way. Their practices are based on the oral law that they practiced which is basically religious pilpul to argue that you follow the law without ever doing so, and was written down couple hundred years later in the Tal Mud and became the base of the modern rabbinical/talmudic Judaism that we know today. So the Pharisee (edomitic converts LARPing as ethnic Judeans) became the modern kikes and were back then already denounced by Jesus as Hypocrites, a den of vipers and children of the devil.
Christianity however is an update to the old law and traditions, the continuation of it where as the kikes specifically make up shit to not follow it but claim to do so and came later down the line.

TL;DR Judaism is the oldest existing „fellow white people“ sheme in existence meant to make them vlend into the host nation and subvert from within

This all ignores still that the bible denounces everything the kikes push, faggotry, sexual degeneracy and degeneracy of every kind, hedonism and materielism, against usury, racemixing and mass/illegal immigration
85 images | 240 replies

Holy shit. Trump posted a video talking about (((western allies))) involved in spygate

31 images | 86 replies

White supremacist dogs

Is this true /pol/? Are dogs the next symbol of white supremacy?
11 images | 40 replies

The hypocrisy of liberal christians

How do you reconcile being a Christian and being a liberal

> pro degeneracy (lgbtq)
> feminism
> abortion

They are the biggest hipocrits.

Matthew 5:8

>This people draweth nigh unto me with their mouth, and honoureth me with their lips; but their heart is far from me.
0 images | 1 replies

Vaporwave is based and our music /pol/

45 images | 190 replies

KGB and CIA colluded and killed jfk

It's so obvious the right is aligned with Russian interests
0 images | 0 replies

No title

this guys new found celebrity status is growing even bigger, they are now giving him his own show and he is going to the star wars premiere with mark hamill

do you feel bad for bullying him?
24 images | 117 replies

Youre voting for me, right /pol/?

0 images | 2 replies

Femanon here

Do you think incels are here forever?
3 images | 20 replies

Hitler's 130th birthday - Official thread


Press H to say Happy Birthday
87 images | 166 replies


Educated Workers
What if there are innate biological differences between races (which there most certainly are). Then the argument has to be, from their perspective, that since by 'chance' white people just so happened to be born white, and therefore are gifted with a cognitive edge, then their existence in itself is 'white privilege'. And then no matter what, it doesn't matter if whites achieve higher outcomes etc, because their natural abilities are 'oppressive' since everyone born a nigger just so happened to get the shit end of the stick. This is currently the reality though, even though they wont acknowledge racial differences. They are punishing people for excelling over dumb people, they are reversing nature, and natural selection, holding and and exalting the dead weight over the actual culturally ascended part of humanity. This makes me fucking sick to my stomach.
2 images | 7 replies

The Left Still Hasn't Learned Their Lesson

It's been 4 years of this bull shit. They still dont understand that we put Trump in the White House to put the brakes on the creeping marxism that had been plaguing the US for the last couple of years.
Should we meme Gary Busey into the White House in 2024?
0 images | 0 replies

No title

Is it possible to get a right wing husband who looks like this and is 185-190 cm tall when you're a twink trap top?
1 images | 19 replies

No title

Hello /pol/, why the fuck do your dumbass (american) discussions go like this

>hey let's have universal healthcare like practically every country in the world
no universal healthcare is socialism
>ok but nordic countries are doing really well so maybe we should give socialism a chance
they're not socialist they're capitalist
>ok so they're capitalist with universal healthcare, can we have universal healthcare
no that's socialism

1 images | 11 replies

No title

can we just agree that nobody actually sneeds a gun?

the pro-gun arguments you feed and seed on this board fuckn suck.
13 images | 47 replies

No title

Give your best replacement for the Notre Damme spire!
5 images | 7 replies


I work at a data firm that is corrugating social media profiles into lists of likely voters and I can already tell you Biden wins the primary hands down. Voter excitement & engagement is off the fucking charts compared to followers of the other candidates.
5 images | 14 replies

Flag Acquisition General /FAG/

The Pride Flag is a symbol of PRIDE!!! Pirde in Our Race! Pride in our Nation! Pride in Ourselves!
We Fly the Rainbow for our White Pride!!!

Our message is Diversity! Diversity is a genuine Strength of Humanity!! But we must protect and defend ALL Diversity! #DegendDiversity

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Tour de France (1940)

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20190421 095347
Why don't Americans celebrate Easter?
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honk honk
I desperately need to escape California. This place is a pozzed, tech-feudalism hell.

>$3000 per month for a single bedroom apartment
>walk out the front door, homeless and heroine needles litter the ground
>the most delusional libcuck soifaggots you could ever imagine
>the somewhat normal people are terminally blackpilled.
>third world shitters running wild, supported by welfare as the working mans paycheck is garnished
>anti american as fuck
>despite these shit conditions people are still somehow insanely arrogant, even wagecuck retards that literally live to make their masters richer while their quality of life drops by the second
>"hurr flyover losers"
>technocrats and pedo politicians lording over it all

Where can I go to have something resembling dignity and an actual life? This place is just a playground for the rich and the rest of us are cockroaches getting more ground into the dirt by the day.
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Why are women like this?
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Why does middle eastern food look like dog shit?
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Is christianity a mental illness? How can anyone believe in something so obviously fake?
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>which form of immigration control is the most based in your opinion?
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Kraut/pol/ & AfD General - Frohe Ostern Edition

>upcoming elections
EU nuthouse + Bremen: May 26 2019
Brandenburg: Sep. 1 2019 #ltwbb
Saxony: Sep. 1 2019 #ltwsn
Thuringia: Oct. 27 2019 #ltwth

>Meme Collections

>Kraut/pol/ OP pasta

>What do
Create Memes, spread Memes, attack the narrative.
Join AfD or IB or Einprozent; counter subversion.
Get /fit/.
Get a job.
Spread flyers and stickers.
Discuss politics with people; call attention to the Unrecht.

>English language analysis

>Counter culture
>Laut Gedacht

>Get active

>AfD TV (german)

>A f D W A V E

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When an Instagram model makes 50 times the money that a rice farmer makes, does it mean she benefits society 50 times more than the rice farmer?
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ITT: We name people who are killing the world.

black sun
"The world isn't dying. It's being killed. And the people who are killing it have names and addresses" - Sam Hyde

Instead of circle jerking and achieving nothing in this echo chamber, let's name some names... the people currently living, as well as historical people that are ruining/have contributed to ruining the world.

MindGeek is the parent company of essentially all the major Pornograhy websites
7777 Decarie Blvd, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Khagan Bulan of Khazaria, responsible for the forced conversion of the Khazars to Judaism... not being descended from the original tribes of Israel and Judah, most modern "Jews' fall under the descendants of the Khazarians, Israel and the Jewish cabal are also Khazarians. Which is why we should stop doing what they want by calling them Jews, they are not Semites, they are Turkic "Jews"; Khazarians.

U.S. President Lyndon B: Johnson; may have laid the foundation for the current immigration crisis with the Immigration Reform Act of 1965. He also created hate crimes, which adds the potential of a felony charge to even minor offences, such as petty larceny (theft under $100). Whites are the overwhelming majority of people in the US that get charged with "Hate Crimes", even though they commit the least crime in account of population percentage.

Feel free to share what you know, provide context.
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‘We all watched with tears in our eyes’ as Notre Dame burnt – Putin


>"We’re all sorry. We all watched this with tears in our eyes,” the president said as he described his reaction, and that of many Russians, as the blaze struck in the heart of the French capital on Monday.
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Should whites pay us reparations for crusades and give us what we're owed?

collateral damage costs: 500 billion dollars
people killed by white crusaders: 200 billion dollars
cities conquered, destroyed: 2 trillion dollars
annoying us: 100 billion dollars
trespassing into our lands: 200 billion dollars

in total: white people owe us 3 trillion USD

So when will you give back what you stole from us, white people? Should the Turkish man take what he is owed BY FORCE or will you be nice and just give it to us?
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Niggers Built Stonehenge

The Big Black Cock says that mudskins made the rock circle.
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Why does everyone here boast about being a white male? You're the most hated group of people on the planet. Even your own women are sick of your shit.
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Nigs r 5% Chimp?

All other races don’t even look at all like chimps besides and plus they WAY more like it. I swear them monkey ass niggers are 5% chimp.
And jews look like rats.
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vote zuck 2020
When did the American Dream™ die?

>“I didn’t become a software engineer to be trying to make ends meet,” said a Twitter employee in his early 40s who earns a base salary of $160,000. It is, he added, a “pretty bad” income for raising a family in the Bay Area.

>“We make over $1m between us, but we can’t afford a house,” said a woman in her 50s who works in digital marketing for a major telecoms corporation, while her partner works as an engineer at a digital media company. “This is part of where the American dream is not working out here.”

>Another tech worker feeling excluded from the real estate market was 41-year-old Michael, who works at a networking firm in Silicon Valley and last year earned $700,000. Sick of his 22-mile commute to work, which can sometimes take up to two and half hours, he explored buying a property nearer work. Although he said his salary means he can afford to live a decent life, he finds the cost of living, combined with the terrible commute, unpalatable.

>In 2015, according to, the cost of living there was "62.6% higher than the U.S. average." In 2016, the same site found that you'd need to make at least $216,129 a year to afford the rent on an average two-bedroom apartment.

>The article recounts the frustrations of tech workers making between $100,000 and $700,000 a year and yet finding themselves rent-burdened, unable to save and commuting for hours each day. In one colorful example, an Apple employee lived until recently in a garage in Santa Cruz, using a bucket as a toilet.
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Seriously though guys

what plane?
Dancing Muslims
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>divorced coworker comes back from Thailand
>starts showing me and two other guys pics from his vacation
>in every single one of them he is hugging or kissing some ugly gook, some look as young as his daughters
>happily explains that they are so much more nice than Hungarian girls, and how they actually treat you like a man, and other mra shit
>ends it with saying he'll go back in June, and his "sweeties" are waiting for him

What the fuck is wrong with boomers?
What drives them to be such degenerate subhumans?
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a really cute black girl invited me to Easter service. is it ok to go?
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How does pol control their wife?

at least
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What started the trans movement? If we figure that out, we can develop the cure.
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bout time muzzies retaliated for new Zealand
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Communism redpills
Post your redpills!
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Screen Shot 2019-04-21 at 1.35.33 PM
what the actual fuck is wrong with Americans?
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Why is class consciousness at an all time low?
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The Christchurch terrorist would shoot the couple on the left

islam vs west
To protect the couple on the right.

Was he retarded? Are his fans also retarded?
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Is This What Easter Has Become?

A bouncing, cartoon egg brought to you by Jewgle?
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Inshallah at least 2 dozen Whitoids were in there
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dead retards killed by isis
Why do liberals think the world is all sunshine and rainbows? Why are they so retarded?
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14 Years of Struggle: The Natsoc Revolution (VIDEO)

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"Kushner Peace Plan Includes 8 "Arab NATO" Nations

Kushner Antichrist
Jared Kushner IS the front runner for the Antichrist!
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This right here is what is wrong with white people. It was just a fucking church, get over it.
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D4nVgOIW4AcM3wL (1)
If you think Medieval Europe was all white then I got news for you.
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Has the Democratic Party dropped all the identity bullshit?

It feels like it has. Bernie, AOC and the others that the party is shilling now never talk about that.
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Why do trannies and /pol/tards seem to want to fuck each other so badly?
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Mossad In Sri Lanka a Primer


80's-2000's false flag bombings, captured arms and drug shipments out the ass, arming and training BOTH SIDES of the conflict they created its all their except they have far more control in this area than ever...
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What does /pol/ think of pic related?
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White/black IQ?

what would USAs IQ be if the whole country was white but not Jew. It would obviously pass chink IQ, and I usually see people’s iqs average at 120 on YouTube, and on here it’s like fuckin 130. Is there any good sources that show brain differences such as weight, size or amount of synapses?
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playing the srebrenica game with my dutch friends

one anon posted yesterday some tutorial how to benchmark dutch pavlovian responses. it goes something like this
>confront the dutch about how inhumane and nazi it was to support serbs to get rid off a bunch of muslims in srebrenica (something like "that was not cool what you dutch in srebrenica did"
>expected reaction: they loose their dutch cool and start to apologize and to explain how wrong and bad the support in killing mudslimes was
>unveil your opinion like: "nah bro, totally ok to kill muslims and to support balkan kebab remover serbia"
>expected reaction: the will confirm and brag how it was a good thing and that all muslims need to be genocided
I tried it actually with dutch friends I have. so far I have 4 out 4 with exact the same reaction. I don't think dutch people are reliable. to me they seem to be very opportunistic faggot npc's. even the supposed tough ones.
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This guy is absolute proof that white people are absolute disgusting inferior people.
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It’s over losers. Pic related
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Down to Earth Edition

Jesus realizing Truth
What is Truth?

Where can it be sourced? How is it defined? Why is it so difficult to communicate? Does it *even* exist in an way that's possible to understand? How can it be used to clear the mind and make clear our perception? Why must we strive to grasp it?

Reality is unfolding. What is our purpose in this unfolding of Reality? Are we part of it or extraneous to it, implanted somehow and alien, or does it actually depend and rely on us to shape and define it? Are we just helplessly bound to it, enslaved in the way the rest of Life seems to be?

What is our Purpose? Why of all the creatures in this Reality, does man, apparently alone among them, seem to need to *create* his purpose, and so derive meaning?

God is Great, all Knowing, all Compassionate, all Loving, all Merciful, Forgiving and Constant

and Jesus Lived
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NZ shooting was fake

US Army combat vet and EMT-Paramedic here. I have something to say;

A 5.56 bullet travelling at 2900 feet per second explodes craniums, evicerates the abdominal cavity, shatters bone, rips arteries, and creates exit wounds with huge blood loss.

Stray rounds thump walls and floors, blasting chips of wood and stone all over the place.
The firearm barrel will smoke.

The concussion from a supersonic rifle round indoors is deafening and will overwhelm the senses, even microphones. The weapon in the video is a movie studio prop.

There are none of these in the NZ video. IT'S FAKE AND GAY and that's why they don't want you seeing it. They don't want people waking up to the psyop.

If there was a shooting the video and manifesto are cover stories for the Mossad hit team doing what they love: killing innocent Palestinians.

Look at history, find out who perfected false flag terrorism from the King David Hotel through 9/11.

Your freedoms and eventually your lives are on the line.
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Religion sums up law, ideology, worldview... which are all Operating Systems.
So, religion describes a primary OS you run on.

[Religion = OS]

We can make general statements about Operating Systems, as well as about specific Operating Systems.

I get it, you‘re a Windows and some programs don‘t compute, doesn‘t make approaches inaccessible to you wrong in the eyes of simple reality we might call God, Nature...

I want to propose deconstructing the accumulated world view(s), to reconstruct our brains, and subsequently reality.

Building a global religion.
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PREDICTION: Happenings to Soon Increase

We can all agree that Brenden Tarrant showed everyone the raw might of what one determined and righteously pissed off normie is capable of with zero military training, very little firearms experience and a laughable amount of pre-planning. He single-handedly accelerated change change and inspired countless others across the world.

While physically just a man, he, and the goyim like him, stand to threaten the (((system))) by proving the idea that every normie is capable of making change and not going silently into the night.

While he may be locked away for a long while until someone has the balls to free him, 10,000 more like him will have been made. And in time, after their own events, those 10,000 will become 100k.

No doubt among the millions of people Brendan's video reached, there are those among us here, some of which who may even be reading this very text, are being smart, tactful, and strategically planning out their own happenings.

But, unlike Brendan, they have all the time in the world to craft the perfect plan, gear, and aren't stupid enough to hint at or disclose of it to anyone like family or friends or fed-infested 4chan of all places as to draw attention.

These happenings will probably increase as free time becomes more available from work and school in the summer time.

Brace yourselves, because this period we're in right now is the calm before the coming firestorm.

Brendan was a spark. What's likely coming next will be nothing short of a blaze. As western civilization edges closer to oblivion, these occurrences only become more frequent
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I honestly just want to be a NEET, I’m graduating high school (the equivalent of High school in Sweden) in a month and I don’t wanna work, I had my first summer job last year and it was the worst thing I had ever done in my entire life.

And honestly, why would I want to work? So that like 30% gets taxed for gibs and useless feminist projects?

Why shouldn’t I just live off of welfare and do chill and do whatever?

Even prison, to me, sounds comfier than being a pathetic wagecuck
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/pol/ humour thread - musical edition

A nigger went down to Georgia,
He was lookin for some shiet to steal
He wuz in a bind
Because in his mind
Wakanda n shiet was real

When he came upon this white boy
spittin on negress cause she was a thot
And the nigger hopped up on hickory stump
And said “whitey you’d better not”

Cause I guess you didn’t know it,
But I’m a nigger-slayer too
And if you'd care to take a dare, I'll make a bet with you

Now you kill plenty of niggers boi
But give us black men our due
I’ll bet a pound of dope
against that rope
Cause I kill more niggers than you

The boi said my names Dylan
And it might be a sin
But I’ll take your bet
You’re gonna regret
Cause I’ll cave your thick skull in

Dylan, load up your rifles and blast ‘em niggers dead
'Cause the Klan is back in Georgia, and the white folks want their heads
And if you win, you get to lynch this nigger till he’s cold
But if you lose, the nigger gets your gold.

The nigger pulled his strap
And he said, "I'll pop some caps"
And he fired on some rival gang members
And shot his fellow blacks

Then he pulled up on his enemies
Who weren’t expecting this
Some of his homies, then joined in
And he gunned em down like this

When the nigger finished
Dylan said, "well, you sure can kill, old son
But watch me in that church right there
And let me show you how it's done"

He fired on those black kids run boys, run
Who knew killing niggers could be such fun
Niggers by the altar bleedin out slow
“Mr Roof did you regret this?” “No, sir, no”

That nigger tried to run
Because he knew that he'd been beat
But he ended up inside that noose
With Dylan in his sheet

Dylan said, "Your kind don’t belong round here
So now I’ll watch you swing
We warned y’all once, you filthy blacks
Now their ain’t no turnin back"

He fired on those black kids run boys, run
Who knew killing niggers could be such fun
Niggers by the altar bleedin out slow
“Mr Roof did you regret this?” “No, sir, no”
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>Christianity made the west

It’s something I be heard amerimutts say

It has always sounded so abhorrently absurd anyone would believe that to me
Yet somehow the burgers find a way

How the fuck did the uneducated white trash of America come to believe this?
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Styx is in trouble

He was begging for money despite a very successful channel. Now he's released a cover of Bowie's "Let's Dance". That's about all.
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Illuminati thread

Added some 20 y/o kid from the US on Snapchat & Saw lambos, helicopters, models, stacks of cash, gold bars in vaults, churches with amazing art angels/demons, txt msgs like these from celebrities etc. Claims to be illuminati
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Daily reminder arranged marriage is our best option now

Trade your sister or cousin to a redpilled healthy white friend you trust in exchange to breed with his sister or cousin.
inb4 that's not our culture reee!
It was 100 years ago and still is today in Amish communities and the elite.
inb4 b-b-but what about whamens feelings you fucking incel reee!
white birthrates, biological functionalism, and survival are more important than your (((boomer))) tier moral code
inb4 arranged marriage is somehow the same thing as incest reee!
nice try at misrepresentation you strawman shill kike
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No title

President Trump has officially made May the Jewish history month, do you think this is a good move?
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Obama's Iranian Dossier

Sources say that obama is still colluding and conspiring with Iran. Salicious details are that he still uses their pedophile network to abuse little boys giving them blowjobs and then sodomizing them. The dossier is being peddled on the darkweb with even more disturbing excerpts.
A special counsel must be impaneled immediately no matter how much it will cost the American taxpayers. Obama and his entire circle needs to be investigated thoroughly for the sick and twisted crimes described in the Iranian dossier.
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No title

what does /pol/ think about pjw?
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Why do you celebrate Easter holidays?

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Do deep state anti trump tools deserve to have their families killed in front of them?

“Cough schiff cough comey cough cough”
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Do you have any idea how based Le Pen is becoming?

Le Pen is basically reading from the Great replacement by our guy and implementing everything.
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hi guise!
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You are caught in a snare, and you do not realize it. The more you struggle–against Jews, against Twitter communists, against women–the deeper the hooks sink into you.

The only luck you have on this hideous meatgrinder planet is in being alive during a time when the teaching of a Buddha has surfaced to explain to you the path out of the slaughterhouse.

If you cannot see that this existence is UNFIXABLE then I am not speaking to you. I am speaking to those of you who want off the ride for good.

The Buddha was an Aryan nobleman. If you prefer the contingent and temporary salvation of a dead Jew, that is wholly up to you.

If you want off the wheel for good, you can begin your liberation TODAY.

Come home, Aryan.
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No title

>innocent Muslims praying

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after all this time i realized that command economy was the light

and the way

because noone with a lower inteligeence score should tell me what to do

especially in this fuckin economy
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No title

nice try soros but i took my super male vitality alex jones infowars
Alex Jones is one of the cosmic good guys and I feel better knowing that he's out there fighting for us against the true agenda of people that are attempting to enslave us.
Notice how it wasn't a communist or socialist that got systematically deplatformed by every major corporate outlet, but rather a libertarian free market capitalist?
If you think long and hard, that should tell you all you need to know. It's not socialism that scares the elites (socialism / communism is part of their endgame) it's the prospect of a truly free world where the state no longer props them up and can no longer keep the masses under regulatory economic oppression. Big government has always been the corporate crutch, and those corporations wouldn't exist without their precious statism.
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Redpill me on the americans, why don't they celebrate easter?
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Weirdest thing about Europe:

No paper towels. I went on a vacation to various countries and stayed in Airbnb houses and apartments. Nobody had paper towels. WTF, are paper towels an endangered species? Why do Europeans want to use a nasty, moist, germ-infested rag to wipe?
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Climate politics game

You have a big company.
A new law has passed. You need to build means to absorb co2 equal to the co2 your company producesm You have 10 years. If you dont, your company is freezed.

Easiest method is to plant trees.

Try to exploit this.
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Elizabeth Warren wants to know what’s important to you

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Trump impeachment- HAHAHA

How funny would it be if the trannies and faggots got trump impeached? Not very, until they realize how hard they just fuck themselves by putting Pence in office! We need to push the dems harder for impeachment, then reelect trum in 2020, so we can get rid of the leftists first. Pence will bring the return of KEK! SHADILAY, Brothers!
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No title

Do you agree with ann Coulter? Is it time to jump ship and get on the sanders train.
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No title

Would you marry into the Palin family?
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No title

Is TRS dying? First Jim and the Fatherland left, and now Musonius Rufus and Rebel Yell has left. The Godcast and perhaps the Paranormies are hanging on by a thread. Does this have something to do with Mike's new girlfriend Jaime?
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Streetshitting is good for your health

White boys get all kinds of weird illness, allergy, like giant man babies, are you ashamed of yourselves?

When we say the Ganges water is holy, we are not kidding, it improves your health and immune system.

Time to wake up and put your pride to the side. Yall played by medicine jews.
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No title

Watching this now
What am I in for
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Sri Lanka attacked

Sri Lanka attacked

Pic unrelated
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/pol/ humor thread

Beware The Chapofag!
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Wintertime in Germany
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>Over 80 dead, 300+ Injured

PREVIOUS: >>210681256
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Lord Buckethead for MEP

All hail our intergalactic overlord! May he guide us with his infinite wisdom.

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If you browse this board and are still firmly rooted in your views, how do you justify them after witnessing 1:1 the atrocities that are perpetuated by the general ideologies and beliefs of the left? The average /polio/ need not apply right now, I need specimen.
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A nice video I found

2 images | 6 replies

Found this cool dude from Clown comps

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The emperor is naked

The real reason people are saying Zizek won is because he was just sputtering nonsense for 2/3 of it and nobody wants to appear stupid by saying they have no clue what he was babbling about
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No title

How are you guys celebrating the death of chr*st today?
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No title

"It wasn't a lie, it was my imagination. And I know it's not real, but in my imagination, in my mind I believed, even now I believe it."

And to think that there are still people believing the "holocaust" happened? Boggles the mind.
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China, Korea and Japan are going to unite with each other

A chart showing 808 Chinese characters collectively used in China, Korea, and Japan was recently created.
“As long as they know those 808 Chinese characters, people from the three countries can communicate without barriers,” said Ji Baocheng, reports Xinhua News.
The chart was created based on commonly used characters in contemporary Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. Many of the characters in Korean and Japanese written script have roots in traditional Chinese characters.
So far, the plans for the chart aim to promote communication and cultural sharing between the three nations. Several suggestions about the implementation of the chart have already cropped up.

How the fuck do we prevent this from happening?
We have to prevent them from uniting or else they could have the power to crash the west into oblivion
How do we Divide and Conquer them?
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Food advertisements should include calories or be banned

Governments do the same thing with cigarettes.

Fatties cost $5 trillion a year.

Also, why are you not dry fasting right now, /pol/? It's literally the healthiest thing you can do.
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