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>Are X white?
>Is X degeneracy?
>How come X girls love Y guys so much?
>If X is true, then how come Y? Checkmate Z.

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Reply to existing threads about a topic instead of starting a new one. Mods will delete obvious duplicate threads and spam without notice.

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the J word
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language of the ethnostate

What language will the ethnostate use?
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No title

This manlet political commentator thinks you should all get vaccinated and fluoride is good for you.
S to spit in his microphone.
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>b-but Trump hasnt done anything!

WH Public Pool:


>Everybody Hurts 2/15/19
>VP Pence meets w/Ukraine Pres Poroshenkoat 2/16/19
>VP Pence meets w/Afghanistan Pres Ghani 2/16/19
>VP Pence comments to reporters 2/16/19
>VP Pence meets w/NATO SecGen Stoltenberg 2/16/19
>VP Pence @Munich Sec Conf 2/16/19
>Lara Trump on F&F 2/16/19
>Pres Trump/FLotUS Melania arrive in FL 2/15/19
>Pres Trump Declares Natl Emergency for Southern Border 2/15/19
>VP Pence/2nd Lady Tour Auschwitz 2/15/19
>SoS Pompeo Press Conf w/Icelandic FM Thor 2/15/19
>ActDefSec Shanahan @Munich Sec Conf 2/15/19
>PressSec Sarah outside WH 2/15/19
>PressSec Sarah on FoxNews 2/15/19
>This [email protected] 2/15/19
>FLotUS Melania visits children @NIH 2/14/19

OP pastebin:
prev >>203485510
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Canada is Collapsing

i like them now wtf
By 2019 canada's demographics and culture had changed so much that they called 911 to complain about a late hours Amber Alert - one where the child ended up murdered. Think about that buckos.

>Our communications bureau is receiving numerous calls to 9-1-1, complaining about the late hour of the Amber Alert. As a direct result of someone receiving the alert, we were able to locate the suspect & his vehicle. The system works. Thank you to all those that called with tips.

But how much caring about kids can a people do when they feed their children bugs
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No title

Now that people from the Balkans are literally scrambling to emigrate to Germany I'm thinking of doing the opposite and going to the Greek coast and perhaps overstaying. Is it possible to get a comfy job in some mom and pop hotel by the sea and live out your days in the sun? Or is Greece a hellhole? Red pill me greekbros
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Dr. Mengele

Red pill me on him /pol/, was he a good boy who dindu nuffin, as bad as the Kikes say, or somewhere in between?

It's difficult to find solid information on any Nazi related topics and I'd like to skip all the bullshit.
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Screenshot (335)
She's right here you fuckin nazis
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Slip into my new skin

Just had a mad idea reading about how women are feeling threatened by sex dolls and tech....
Could a woman... wear a sex doll. A hollow sex doll.
Fuck waking up in the morning and caking on your makeup styling your hair. Just slide quickly into your supermodel suit. 7/10 and below women would be able to live the lives 10/10 women do.
All her orifices would be her own obviously.
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No title

>y-you really want to deport ME, anon
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Highest IQ countries are Asian

Whites and Europeans do not have the highest IQ.

Imagine unironically being Greek or Irish and literally being more retarded than Israeli kikes and Romanian gypsies. Daily reminder than if you're Greek you're a shitskinned mutt Turk. Daily reminder that the Irish are inbred as fuck and are not white.

Bow down to your Asian overlords.
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Brazilians are monkeys and shouldn't be allowed in Europe

>literally whiter than most of you
>probably more intelligent than some of you
>it's a matter of millions who are about as white, not just a few hundreds

"no, all brazilians and americans are uneducated mongrels who shouldn't claim their european citizenship, much less come and live in Europe. Since we all have perfect 100% european genes"

Is this the actual opinion of /pol or just of the kike shills who keep disrupting the common sense of this place?
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No title

Does anyone else feel themselves slowly sliding towards MGTOW for completely practical reasons?

Even ignoring divorce rape and the other kinds of relationship bullshit, there's nothing appealing about a relationship on paper.

Let's picture a perfectly "healthy" relationship - I provide a woman with physical protection, income, DIY skills, problem solving skills etc. etc. for what practical benefit in return? Absolutely fuck all.

Why would I want to spend the entire rest of my life living with and entertaining some physically weak and mentally vapid human being for absolutely nothing practical in return? Wow, I get a hole to put my dick in and my brain releases some happy chemicals when I'm around her!? Let me sign away half of my life and half of my paycheck right this second!!
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Don Cheadle wears a "Protect Trans Kids" shirt

They're not even being subtle. This is fucking insane.
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Is Trump still /ourguy/?

Trump supporters are now the pro-Israel and hate anti-semitism.
>When did this happen?
>Why is Trump sending 200$million extra to Israel?
>Why hasn't he gotten rid of Jared?
It's really starting to seem like Trump's plan all along was to tease the working class with illusions of grandeur, tell them they will have great jobs and be rich again, that he will bring back the American dream.
Yet we're nearing another election already and the working class has been abandoned.
>But Trump created millions of new jobs!
Yes, low wage factory jobs. After he bragged about this, he also declared he is going to bring more immigrants in than ever before. Legal immigrants to come work in the factories! "We need the people", he says!
Is this our award for supporting Trump? Getting lifetime wageslavery with little to no chance of ever owning land or a real house? Never retiring? Having our money go to (((billionaires))) and Israel for aid?
I guess my question is, is Trump still /ourguy/ or are we becoming boomers ourselves that blindly support the government?
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JFK Shot In Face By Wifey

Jackie shoots JFK
Jackie was CIA from her years in college.

Watch her look to Connally for the go-ahead. JFK is incapicated by a fast-acting poison which causes laryngospasm, which is why there's no blood spray or broken neck as would be expected with a rifle bullet to the throat.

She then leans him into her single shot derringer that she dropped onto the trunk. This is the part of the Zapruder that was retouched but watch her hands.

Everything you have been led to believe is a lie, the deception with hobo assassins was preplanned. A veteran cop stated the gunfire sounded like firecrackers. All the autopsy photos are of the slain cop Billy Lovelady.

There will not be a movie or a best selling book on the truth but now you know.
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No title

Here to remind you that Israel will be landing on the moon soon and there is nothing you anti-semites can do to stop it.
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No title

Does /pol/ believe in ghosts and the supernatural?

Anyone have any spooky stories that have happened to them they’d like to share?
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What is the Final Solution to the Dog Mom Problem???

I see more and more women speaking about their dogs and cats as if they're children. Some even calling them their "children" . Taking them to daycare during the workday and shit like that. What is the solution /pol/???
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these kikes have my 60 year old mother on a cocktail of prescriptions pills. xanax, adderall, anti-depressants, valium, pain killers.

my mother literally takes a xanax, an adderall, another anxiety med, and an anti-depressant every fucking day. she looks like pic related now.

why the FUCK is this allowed?
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No title

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No title

>people lost relationships with women for trump
>people cut ties with their family for trump
>people lost friends because fighting over trump
>people got beat up and spit on for supporting trump
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ann coulter is right. The delusion is starting to set in

in trump we trust
>be ann
>graduate cornell cum laude in history
>graduate michigan state with a JD
>literal 150IQ genius above shaprio , has savant level autism for politics , law , and history.
>political life is blackpilled after obama
>country is fucked republican party is gay
>trump comes around , says everything you want to hear including fixing the apocolyptic immigration problem
>know what he can do with his presidential powers from day one
>right a book literally SUCKING HIS DICK because he can save the country
>fat retard enters office. Lets his advisors run the country while he is accused of treason by the FBI and CIA.
>months go by. No wall
>no real legislation other than taxes
>starting to get worried.
>start concern trolling trump with X days since wall has not been built
>he spends his entire first 2 years not building the wall
>loses the house
>"not a big deal he can still build the wall"
>he doesnt
>he shuts down the government hoping democrats will "make a deal" regarding their permenant electoral majority from immigration in the future.
>he loses
>says he will issue national emergency.
>for weeks doesnt do it
>"oh my god i backed a literal retard"
>makes democrats and republicans meet for a compromise bill
>its trash
>he signs it anyway.
>language in it that will cripple him in the future.
>then after signing a bill for border security , legally fucks himself by saying there is a national emergency
>during the speech says that words "i didnt have to do this" which could be presented ALONE to the supreme court to have the case thrown out and trump loses the wall FOREVER.

Ann coulter is right. We elected a retard and there is literally nothing anybody can do about it but elect him again for when thomas and ginsberg go.
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Operation sealion

Why hitler never initiated operation Sealion for the invasion of England, while he had air superiority?
Instead of bombing RAF assets, he started bombing poor London areas like a chump. Were amphibious Germans that big of a problem?
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No title

The absolute state of the French nation
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Pagan Awakening General - /PAG/ - Get in here, Christians can join the plan!

Everyone on here knows that we have to go back to a more spiritually fulfilled and united society. As we kicked the Christians out (by demanding secularism), because they became unbearable and their beliefs do not fit our Pagan roots, we should go back to our Pagan roots. I have come up with a plan for us to be able to restore our home lands ethnic composition.

Long story short: we will build up a right wing political social system (enough jobs for all our people).
That way we can leave our workplaces if the employer wants to force us to work with people we dislike.
>Invaders cant find jobs
We will have the economic advantage, so we will be able to buy back our home lands.
>Invaders will have a very tough time to find housing within 2 generations, because the speed of buying back will kumultatively increase.
20% of the population are enough to enable us to get rid of the invaders!

Arguing about different strands of paganism is only going to divide us. It's not a problem to have the very old historic Pagan lores from the past as historical teachings. There will be a more enlightened form of Paganism growing via this movement anyway.

Why I have made a religious holy text out of this: Religions are protected under our constitutions. Banks and employers are not allowed to discriminate against us this way.

I always have been a Pagan too and I want to help my Pagan frens.
>Many Pagans may not have a clue of what is happening and could get attacked by muslims and antifa, if you see someone wearing Mjölnir please talk to him, warn him and tell him to spread the word!

(Part 1/2)
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No title

Interesting happening
Belarus to dissolve into the Russian Federation! What does Belarus have that Russia would even want?
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You're walking down the street and you see this.

das rite
Do you stop and chat?
What do you say?
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The 2019-2020 narrative

This isn't a /pol/ thread, but you should know what to expect from entertainment media and movies in this and the next years

(((they))), or the power, are FURIOUS they lost the election and are preparing their counterattack
So now they need to soften the people for their next Democratic candidate, which WILL be a woman, by actively controlling the narrative

So here's what almost EVERY major movie or series of 2019-2020 will include:
>Anti-white-male agenda
This is the most obvious one, the power HATE white males, because they made Trump win

>Female leaders
To soften up the idea of a female president

>White women being presented as a "reward" for minority men
Expect ALOT more interracial coupling (but always with white women), Democrats need to tighten their grip on minorities even harder, and they'll use white women for it

And of course:
>History revisionism
In order to win the next election, the white man must be DESTROYED. Therefore, all the achievements of whites must be erased, demonized, forgotten

Hollywood isn't joking around any more, it's officially at war with white men
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No title

>The real criminals are the people who didn’t believe Jussie Smollett’s story in the first place
>Him making it up is only a minor detail
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No title

what's the difference between sunni and shia islam?
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No title

fuck you
Stop using "ADHD" as a slur
My """mental illness""" is not a fucking joke
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Hitler would have gassed Jesus

How do nazis defend this?
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Friendly reminder

pol's endgame
Obsessing about blacks constantly is counter productive. if you keep focusing on "niggers", you will end up obsessing over them in unhealthy ways.. my advice is to simply treat them and consider them as normal equal human beings who are no different to yo except for pigmentation..By obsesssing over "bleaching","race realism","bbc", "coal burners" etcetra. you will inevitable start sexualizing blacks and getting weird perceptions and fantasies.. let the wiseman heed this warning.
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Democrats eating their own. Flipping out over AOC losing them the Amazon deal

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Capitalism Sucks
MSNBC Morning Joe and Guest shits all over AOC. Hilarious watching Dems eat their own.
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What the fuck Britain? What the fuck?

Boris J sis
>Boris Johnson's sister exposes her breasts live on Sky News leaving viewers stunned
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No title

>come home white man
6 images | 18 replies

Reminder that these two leftists both LOST to Britain

This makes /pol/ angry for some reason. Why do Europeans celebrate losers? It’s because they have no winners. Europeans are weak.
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No title

This is what a perfect Europe would look like.
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No title

Deus Ex (2000)
What are some /pol/ approved video games?
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No title

Laser ban when?
6 images | 21 replies

Zombie Deer Virus

There's evidence that the zombie deer virus could mutate and spread to humans. Thoughts?
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No title

So what's the verdict on this stuff? Legit or just some herbal jew oil?
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EU = 4th Reich

Nazi Germany 1930s - 1945:

> racist Identity politics.
>subjugation of all surrounding nations.
> censorship, all dissenting opinions.
> ideological Facism, anyone who disagrees is a bigot.
> Mass centralization of Power in the hands of the few.
> Disarms the Population.
> ignores extreme poverty
> disregard for tragic events going on: death camps, mass rapes, mass killing of citizens and enemy soldiers.
> Nations freed from Nazism never want to go back

European Union - Today:

> racist identity politics against the native population
> totally trumps the governments of all member nations and ignores national interests
> Censorship of the past, and all dissenting opinions.
> Ideological Facism, anyone who disagrees with me is a Nazi
> Mass centralization of power in the hands of a bunch of unelected Bureaucrats
> Disarms the Population.
> Carelessly disregards repeated failed economies such as Greece and Ect.
> media blackouts and cover ups of the Muslim rape epidemic that has beset Europe.
> Formally Communist nations see the writing on the wall.
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/pol/ humour thread

87 images | 104 replies

WTF!? Ben Shapiro, Eric Weinstein & Dave Rubin

>pic related
WTF /pol/ why is a gay jewish lefty like Glenn Greenwald honest about AIPAC and israeli influence on US politicians and media as well as how anti-semitism is used to shut people up while i have not found one single conservative or right-wing jew have the balls to tell it how it is?
After this Ilhan Omar Case the whole
>"Intellectual Dark Web"
basically ended up taking the side of their personal feelings and emotions over facts for the whole world and all their Twitter followers to see
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Daily REMINDER that both Medshits And GERMKRAUTS are inferior to The NORDIC RACE
17 images | 30 replies

No title

racemixing is good
>White tall Giga-Chad
>Can have any girl he wants
>Settles for a BLAQ QUEEN

Why don't you take the /racemixing/ pill?
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Anal Sex Propaganda in Crash Bandicoot Remake

What the fuck is this fucking bullshit, fucking Crash Bandicoot sticks a fucking Crystal up his ass, this is the last straw. you know i was playing the remake, it had this nice comfy music, then I see Crash pull a fucking Crystal out of his fucking ass. This was never a thing in the original game.

now Im sure when you all played this game, the Crash Bandicoot remake, you thought the same thing.

The Liberal Progressive elites Jewed my fucking Crash Bandicoot and want to indoctrinate children into anal sex play. Oh here Crash, dont mind pulling a Phallic shaped object out of your asshole, thats fucking it
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Race war

Is Rhodesia proof that blacks would win in a race war?

There are other examples of blacks btfo of white soldiers ie. somalia, niger.
6 images | 35 replies

No title

>be southern guy in early 1900's
>blacks are free but still acting like niggers
>you and Floyd down the street decide to do something about it
>dress up like ghosts because these fucking morons think there are phantoms in the woods
>lynch and slaughter as many blacks as possible over the next few decades
>fucking neckbeard who has never even lifted a scythe gets as much credidation for saving the white race as you
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No title

What is the best eye color and why is it green?
8 images | 44 replies

Europeans have an inferiority complex about Brits because we’re better at war than them

Especially France
74 images | 286 replies

No title

/pol/: “you can’t destroy these statues, they’re part of history”
also /pol/: “let’s destroy this statue, it hurts muh fee fees”
27 images | 124 replies

No title

>be me, D list celebrity with a side part on a C tier TV show
>also be a nigger faggot that hates Trump
>hatch a cunning plan to make him and his supporters look bad
>pay two Nigerians $4000, $3500 up front $500 later, to attack me in Chicago at 2 am in subzero temperatures wearing knock off MAGA hats and stage a lynching attempt before fleeing back to Nigeria
>Run to the cops and claim to be the victim of an attempted hate crime
>News Media eats it up, Democrats like Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, and even Nancy Pelosi flock to my support

>Other people are doubting my story
>they say its odd that Trump supporters would be walking around Chicago at 2am in subzero temperatures
>they dont think anyone would say "this is MAGA country"
>Go on USA Today and double down, flood social media with righteous assertions

>then the two Nigerians come back looking for the extra $500 I promised them
>they get caught by the cops and spill the beans
>Cops come out and say it was all a hoax
>Gets national news coverage
>MFW my career is over and I'm a national laughing stock because I wanted to make Trump look bad and couldnt just pay $4000 up front.
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No title

Has witnessing white liberal guilt made you more or less racist?
3 images | 21 replies

No title

Say something nice about the most based state in America.
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No title

Mulatto born in Europe, well educated, share same culture and blood, have European last name and yet white Europeans still think you are a shit immigrant and treat you as such.

Nice going you fucking Arabs and Africans! Thx you fucking Jews!
40 images | 202 replies

ITT: /pol/ was reincarnated as some dude with a radio show

0 images | 1 replies


>A term that I’ve always used to describe the ideas of the Alt Right and most Skinheads/Movement Boomers is “Walmart Nationalism”. Now what does this term even mean? It’s exactly as it sounds, you can paint an imagine in your head to of exactly what I’m talking about. Who are the Walmart Nationalists? They don’t care about the principles of Fascism at all, in fact they use it as a mask of sorts. Using symbolism and words for the sake of showing off how “hardcore” they are. It’s akin to nigger “gang culture”, there really is no difference.

>Go ahead and paint a picture in your head of what I’m talking about. Don’t pretend like you don’t know, the dysgenic look that a lot of these white nationalist/skinhead types have, the “walmart look”, except instead of being one of those 56%ers, they’re full white but with that very distinctive “look” about them. Probably overweight, and their facial features most likely affected by the heavy usage of meth.

>They’d probably feel very accomplished in their mission by removing their local walmart of the various non-whites while they themselves don’t see an issue on why there is a walmart there in the first place. These people have the same thought process as conservatives (mainly because they themselves are nothing more than edgy conservatives) where they act exactly like reactionaries, with the constant droning about “white genocide”, and how Jose and Pablo crossed the border illegally, or how Jamal who sells crack in his neighborhood and steals shit is the biggest problem ever and the most “pressing issue at hand”. Like conservatives, they’re content with bitching about the symptoms than address the cause of the issue.
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No title


veronica.[email protected]:prospect
[email protected]:foxroth1
[email protected]:yankee101
[email protected]:657475
[email protected]:sampras
[email protected]:123aze**
[email protected]:pratibha1!
[email protected]:lohengrin
[email protected]:bear96
[email protected]:5nebz52
[email protected]:Lorich
[email protected]:saraash1
[email protected]:brandon1
[email protected]:gator2222
[email protected]:charlton
[email protected]:2caba2
[email protected]:2caba2
[email protected]:BLUELEO
[email protected]:bweeoo1
[email protected]:597wy824
[email protected]:997Lenox
[email protected]:tigger2
[email protected]:rifleman1
[email protected]:wk1122
[email protected]:fox001ip
[email protected]:quaker79
[email protected]:jcmm48
[email protected]:Jackjon1
[email protected]:margie50
[email protected]:dsbt95a
[email protected]:dsbt95a
[email protected]:action23
[email protected]:tomatotable
[email protected]:272829
[email protected]:Melanie1
[email protected]:esquired1
[email protected]:Melanie1
[email protected]:p3CCH6nu
[email protected]:antiquer
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No title

Hey /pol/, liberal here. You and I will never agree on nearly anything and that's fine. We don't have to. This thread isn't about convincing the other of anything.

I wanted to ask trump fans and nazis and all the rest about their principals. Not in a concern troll way or whatever, but because I'm genuinely curious.

1) Do you really like the wall and think we need it, or do you just really like Trump? If Trump loses in 2020, will you want the wall to be a part of whoever's campaign you support in 2024?

2) On morality, do Trump's infidelity or sexual transgressions bother you? (either the accused assaults or the admitted paid affairs with porn stars). If not, would you be bothered about the same or similar with a lefty? (Like if say, it came out that AOC was once a camgirl or something)

3) On abortion, do you care if Trump has ever paid for an abortion himself? Do you think he has?

Please try to keep the "gas all kikes and niggers, race war now!" content to a minimum. I mean do what you want, but I think you'll enjoy this thread more if for once we just stated our opinions or beliefs without trying to insult or convince others.
5 images | 47 replies

Juicy's accomplice gets nabbed, he immediatly turn on them.

>"As a victim of a hate crime who has cooperated with the police investigation, Jussie Smollett is angered and devastated by recent reports that the perpetrators are individuals he is familiar with," the statement read. "He has now been further victimized by claims attributed to these alleged perpetrators that Jussie played a role in his own attack. Nothing is further from the truth and anyone claiming otherwise is lying."
The beauty of it is even with his accomplice being arrested, he still denies any involvment and claim they acted on their own!
You realy can't relax around blacks, even if you're black.
3 images | 16 replies

No title

oi vey
4 images | 6 replies

No title

Tan suit.
14 images | 36 replies

Why is the right so terrified of women?

Honest answers only, this is an anonymous forum
35 images | 203 replies

No title

What's with jews and penis mutilation? Wasn't the foreskin enough?
0 images | 0 replies

No title

>Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that activates pleasure centers in certain parts of the brain. Heroin and cocaine manipulate dopamine levels by slowing down the rate of dopamine reabsorption. Caffeine increases dopamine levels in the same way.

caffeine is a crutch. put the bottle down, baby, and grow up. artificial stimulation of serotonin and dopamine distort your perception of reality.

withdrawal is difficult, but necessary, in order to be free
4 images | 23 replies

No title

>Vegan parents almost starve their five-month-old son to death by switching out his doctor-prescribed formula for one 'more consistent with their lifestyle'

Why are medical doctors allowing unscientific degeneracy? Punish those motherfuckers for allowing trannies to cut their dicks off and for allowing parents to starve their kids!
What the fuck?
6 images | 57 replies


>Brexit: Theresa May urges Tory MPs to unite and back deal

>Trump tells European countries to take back IS fighters and "Put them on trial"

>Russian flag flown on Salisbury Cathedral 'disrespectful'

>HMP Bedford Tornado team quells unrest at 'dungeon' jail

No matter who you are, you can improve your life. Take control. Move forward. Dreams keep us alive, fighting for them makes us feel alive.
Self Improvement information here

>The official British army fitness programme

>Information On Legally Owning Firearms In The UK

>Oswald Mosley - Europeans

>History With Hilbert - Languages of the British Isles

>(((The London Question))): Britain's Second Empire & The Secret City

>Survive The Jive - What does it mean to be English ?

>An introduction to off grid living in the UK
35 images | 100 replies

Did you hear? Anon doesn't have a single gun!

laughing girls
A man without a firearm is hardly a man at all.
Making yourself toothless only empowers the worst among us.
17 images | 22 replies


mason money
ITT we expose the Masons as useful idiots and evil and their secrets just to piss them off.

What is freemasonry? It is basically a good goy club coming under the guise of christianity to gain trust while the doctrines are leading you directly away from it. It promises to be able to ascend to works and knowledge even though Christ is the only way, and as such tries to seperate man from God, claiming its about liberation when its just rebellion freeing us from the "oppression" of God and becoming gods themselves free from any foreign restrictions, basically
>Why do the nations ragea and the peoples plot in vain?
>2The kings of the earth take their stand and the rulers gather together, against the LORD and against His Anointed One:
>3“Let us break Their chains and cast away Their cords.”
The chains and cords being the morals and laws that restrict us.

Crowley believed to reach the most high you must first sink to the lowest. You do this by doing everything you dont want to do, as things that disgust or repell you are merely chains that bind you and keep you from doing something, thus limiting your potential. Morals and Ethics, the little voice in your head, are merely obstacles you need to overcome, you need to silence.

You dont like seafood? better eat oysters and such until you dont mind anymore. You really dont want to hurt that little child? that feeling too is just an obstacle, overcome it, rape it and kill it. You like vaginas? Better engage in gay sex orgies all day long until its normal for you. By this you free yourself from the selfimposed "limitations" and unlock your "true potential"

Also there are 2 type of Masons:
First type are usefull idiots. They came to make some connections, get some knowledge and/or have some gentlemens club. They unknowingly disguise it as such gentlemens club while their higher ups are fucking over the world.
41 images | 91 replies

No title

Well, well, well. Look what we got here. You were talking shit about reparations, but it seems to me you're the one who'll have to pay up, polacks. And this is after years of deepthroating american cock. Funny, innit???
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Please come to Israel

We need more workers and more settlers. If you're white you just marry an Israeli and you're good. We have salaries like in Germany, for IT they are even higher than Germany. Come goyim .
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How did freeing black slaves and giving them their own nation go so horribly wrong?
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No title

Daily reminder to lift weights and learn MMA.

Without physical prowess, knowledge, politics, and philosophy is no different than hoarding rusted junk in your mind.
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No title

What is the evidence for the moon landing?
I usually don't buy into conspiracy theories but this one has always got me, like the flag being shite, no stars in the background, we can't find the landing site, we have never gone back.
Like seriously if we could do it back in 1960 why would we never go back? Why would we not try to find resources on the moon, why would we not maybe set up a base or something.

Enlighten me /pol/ show me your power.
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Let's dissovle this shit alliance

This alliance was concluded between the Portugese and the English people, not with cucks and Pakistanis. Since there no longer is an English people, there no longer is a treaty. Fellow Portugese, let's disavow these cucks and spit on their grave
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Australian Contributions to Music and the Arts

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No title

>meet cute redhead on bumble
>raised on a farm
>dresses trad
>never traveled
>she gives me her social media
>checking her old city college pics
>hundreds of black dudes worshiping and conversing with her
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The Moon Landing

Why do people still believe this bullshit?
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Press ''F'' pol

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poland hate thread

hate on this shithole here
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No title

typical white dork
If cumskins are so superior then how come most bronies are white?
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We have to make people associate Kamala Harris with Jussie Smollett.

The story is REALLY unraveling now. The attack story is so evidently false that even liberals are accepting that it was false.

Remember: Nearly all black men hate gays. Harris will be worthless as a 2020 contender if only we can keep her with her gal-pal Jussie.
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No title

>2 years calling Trump a wimp/traitor for not building the wall
>Trump declares the emergency because Congress won't fund the wall
>Now calling him an idiot for actually building the wall she spent years trashing over not building
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German empire > Nazi germany

Reminder that the German Empire was superior to the third Reich

German Empire:
>ruled by a handsome monarch with noble blood and a 10/10 mustache
>country run by intellectuals and aristocrats
>intelligent free society
>beautiful tricolor flag that represents the country and its people
>Christian and traditional values, crucifix in every classroom
>had colonies overseas
>respected it’s allies and seeked to co-operate with them
>cucked Russia

Third Reich:
>ruled by an angry manlet Austrian
>country runned by drug addicts, occultists and murderous psychopaths
>Brainwashed enslaved society
>used a swastika, a symbol of the street shitter religion of Hinduism
>persecuted Christianity and hated its values. Wanted to replace it with neo pagan larp shit
>failed miserably in Africa and the Middle East
>wanted to dominate their allies and use them as satellite states
>started a war that killed 60 million people
>discredits nationalism and fascism
>got cucked by Russia
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No title

Let's have a /pol/ movie thread. Anyone seen anything good recently?
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Your most powerful weapon: Beauty

Have you guys ever wondered why pictures of Nazi rallies or buildings are so visually impressive? Why they put so much effort into artistry and form? Why their sculptures and paintings rejected realistic depictions of humans, and instead presented them in almost god-like form? Why their rallies and mass gatherings always seem so meticulously organized? It wasn’t just Hitler’s past as a wannabe art student, though that certainly didn’t hurt. It’s actually the exact same, albeit inverse, reason that communist buildings were brutal concrete slabs, without decoration or adornment, and their art an avant-garde mess of miserable, incoherent shapes. It has to do with how these two ideologies viewed art and its relation to politics. I’m going to try to explain it to you, in the hopes that you can better understand and put to good use what I consider to be the right’s single greatest weapon in the fight against its enemies: beauty.
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Fake "Hate Crimes"

So does anybody notice a theme with degenerate lefties faking "Hate Crimes"? This Jussie Smollet situation is pure nectar.
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Why are blacks so disgusting?

Why is it wherever they go and make up the majority, filth and decay follows them. They do not even try to maintain any social norms in hygiene or cleanliness unless whites are around to set the example.
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No title

The essential redpill is clean water and clean food. How can you think clearly if your head is full of nonsense? You are what you eat (and drink).

Factory farmed meat and dairy are genetically modified and full of hormones and other chemicals. The animals are weak and treated with cruelty.

Most tap water is contaminated with pharmaceuticals (including estrogenic contraception), agricultural runoff, and other industrial chemicals and metals. It's not just what you drink;

>Showering produces respirable droplets that may serve to deposit pollutants such as trihalomethane decontamination products, heavy metals, inorganic salts, microbes, or cyanoacterial toxins within the respiratory tract.

>in one study, the blood levels of trihalomethane were highest among individuals showering for 10 min, intermediate for individuals bathing for 10 min, and lowest among those who drank 1 L water from the same source over a 10-min period (Backer et al., 2000). These results support the hypothesis that showering is an important route of exposure for trihalomethanes, and possibly other volatile contaminants in tap water.

Organic food is good, wild is generally best;
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I mean.. She's not wrong

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'I'm a single issue voter. Israel.'

'If a politician gets that wrong, they’re dead to me.'

This is a completely legitimate point of view. Why are people trolling and insulting Wohl on Twitter? Doesn't he have a right to voice his own opinion? He is a strong Trump supporter, and Trump is a supporter of Israel, so what? Should he support terrorists instead?

I don't get it.
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Is the Left responsible for this?

How are shows like Mr. Pickles, Superjail, Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell, etc. allowed to even be shown on television? The degeneracy which has permeated our culture (like a cancer or a virus) since the 60's has reached a point where I believe that the entire rotten underbelly is about to fall apart like a piece of old, decayed, worthless wood. "Normies" are getting woken up to how sick things are really getting.
>Late Term Abortions
>The Glorification of Homosexuality
>The Glorification of Transgenderism (Including "sex ops")
>Everything about Planned Parenthood's "business operations"
>Even video games
>"The list could go on forever, baby!"
I'm having a discussion with a buddy about (((who))) is responsible for turning Adult Swim and Cartoon Network (Among a plethora of other networks in our MSM) into absolute Sodoms and Gomorrahs.)

Is there any hope for restoring our society to a point common decency, morality, and begin achieving real goals instead of falling into Obsolescence, Chaos, War, Depair, and eventual Extinction? We're on Extinction Level Event from being turned extinct, which would mean that everything we've accomplished up until now will have be completely obliterated. We should be striving towards -- and using all of our brainpower -- to attempt to colonize the Moon, Mars, Venus, and the moons of some of the Gas Giants. Instead we're just eating ourselves and hating and destroying instead of building because of the incessantly negative, polarizing nature of the MSM.

Can anything be done about this is or is it just logical at this point to stockpile land, gold, silver, other precious metals, food, cattle, chicken, pigs, pheasants, deer, vegetable/fruit seeds and check out because there's no fixing this?
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No title

Where do you keep your guns when the race wars start /pol?
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No title

When did you realize your racist grandparents were right /pol/?
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Brit hate thread

I hate looking at Brits they have the most inbred looking downie faces ever especially the Celtics. it's like I'm speaking to low iq apes all the time.

>All their women are ugly and love black cock.

>All the Celtic men are bulit like literally cave men

>most of them can barely speak English let alone spell it.

You are literally worse than Jews and that's saying something.

Btw I'm eastern euro
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/pol/ - Do you believe Survivors ??? Do we need more Hate Crime legislation ?

Untitled drawing - Google Drawings
/pol/ - Have you decided to jump into the 21st Century, and believe Survivors... and are you brave enough to stand with them ???

Also, do you support Kamala's new Hate Crime / Lynching legislation ??
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No title

Are Turks the "white people" of Muslims? They mosques look more refined than average MENA dump mosques. Better textures, minarets look classier. What do you think?
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No title

>/pol/ hates Jews
>/pol/ worships a Jewish religion
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Leftist Sexuality

I know exactly what causes the mass hysteria on the left, because i have the virus and I instantly can read their minds. Most lefties are just sexually frustrated porn watchers, and how far they go down this path determines if they're just a regular lefty, a cuck, a faggot etc. Notice how sexuality is never far away, that's because sexuality is their crux. I used to watch porn, which gave me this sexualized mind but I have stopped and am recovering. Masochism is the natural step in a woman's sexual maturity, where sadism is the man's, because the former is submissive and the latter is dominant. Of course, these are only good to the extent that it is enjoyable ie Bdsm. However, in this modern Weimar society we have huge levels of both masochism and sadism in each individuals and, basically the the blind leading the blind. To reawaken to life, there's one step that cannot be avoided.. Cutting out porn and excessive masturbation. It's much easier for conservatives do to this than liberals because liberals have it all tied into their political ideology. For conservatives it's dead weight that is converting the body's testosterone to androgen and estrogen, literally sucking the virile energy right out of you. Take what you learned from porn, but leave it. You learned ways to fuck, ways to please women but now you don't learn anything from it, it's like doing 2+2 practice problems. It doesn't help with math anymore it just makes you crazy. The globalist agenda wants you crazy. They want you to be somewhere on their leftist spectrum.. preferably a gay cuck. You must tear yourself from the rind.
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No title

>increase taxes on middle class
>tax cuts for millionaires
>I'll look into changing that

Why is this person such a fucking retard?
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:our guy:
Is Robert Francis O'Rourke our guy? What about it shills? You wanna label anything and everything a "Nazi" High school kids, Trump supporters. What about Beto? The proof is indisputable.
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Am I white, /pol/?

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Kraut/pol/ & AfD General - Sunny Sunday Edition


>Meme Collections

>Kraut/pol/ OP pasta

>What do
Create Memes, spread Memes, attack the narrative.
Join AfD or IB or Einprozent; counter subversion.
Get /fit/.
Get a job.
Spread flyers and stickers.
Discuss politics with people; call attention to the Unrecht.

>Counter culture
>Laut Gedacht

>Get active

>AfD TV (german)

>Einzelfall map, case log

>A f D W A V E

Previous >>203429717
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Faroe Island Hapacalypse

This shit pisses me off. Fucking pure Faeroe Islands have incels importing shit southeast asian brides. What the fuck is their problem? Ruining the gene pool that has been cultivated for thousands of years. Any race traitors reading this - I hope you die a excruciatingly painful death
20 images | 102 replies

Shamima "Dindu nuffin" Begum

Screenshot (190)
>I don't have my phone, I can't go on the internet

She's literally lying in the very interview she's giving. What the hell is wrong with Bongland?
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>hey my beautiful singaporeans. please do NOT say "nigga" unless u black.
even as a girl that is partially african, i do not like to use that word because it is a word with ALOT of history, and even i, have not been through the true weight of the word.
— mel (@kelaniemasise) February 10, 2019

>According to the African American Registry website (AAREG), “Nigga” or “Nigger” as it
was originally known, was supposedly derived from the Latin word for “black” — “niger”.
However, by the 1800s, the word “nigger” had been firmly established as a derogatory slur
within American society, in which the word came to codify Africans in general as “a lazy,
stupid, dirty, worthless nobody”.
The AAREG added that the word also formed the baseline for insulting other groups, with
Jews being “white-niggers”, Arabs as “sand-niggers”, and Japanese as “yellow-niggers”.
The Merriam Webster dictionary said the term is “offensive”, and “used as an insulting and
contemptuous term for a black person”.

Alright goys, time to let this mischling know about who owned the slave ships.
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Lay out all your know about them

The Velvet Mafia, aka, the gay alliance has been making moves in this country for more than 2 decades now and you all allow it by being silent about their motives.
Homosexuals can only reproduce via brainwash or molestation.
Why did the women that gave birth to us allow this faggotry?
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No title

why is nobody talking about Haiti?
7 images | 29 replies

I have a question

Why are refugees so god damn ungrateful? This one in partucular is convinced the purpose of the US government is to spread genicide and racism.
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Give me ron perlman tweets

One of the things that makes me laugh still. Or let the thread die whatever.
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No title

What are conspiracies you unironically believe?

I believe that china is unironically a controlled testing experiment made by the gods or some extremely powerful civilization. Much like the vaults in fallout, they put different factors in each dynasty to find the perfect form of governance for billions. And when each experiment fails, a gorillion people die and a new dynasty is started with new factors.
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No title

Screenshot_2019-02-17 Janitor Applications - 4chan
Anyone here going to submit an application? All the jannies right now are faggots.
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No title

(((Don Cheadle))) was openly advocating for child abuse on SNL
0 images | 3 replies

Even MSNBC has to admit the truth!

Screen Shot 2019-02-17 at 9.45.20 AM
They were bashing AOC!
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These are the best of times

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No title

what the fuck americans
why do so many of your bitches prefer STRIPPERS to MARINES in terms of respect
and you call us cucked
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He didn't sign it yet

Spending Bill
A retweet isn't confirmation. We'll find out Tuesday.
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Escape the city

>ISIS supporters have posted...messages warning of the countdown “till the zero hour”

>"They want something that happens everywhere at the same time"

>Iranian-Backed ‘Sleeper Cell’ Militants...poised to launch a large-scale attack on the American homeland

>Sharafat Ali Khan, while acknowledging his guilt, denied he was the main smuggler, and said he was surprised he’s the only person arrested and prosecuted in the ring, which investigators said helped more than 100 illegal immigrants from Pakistan and Afghanistan sneak into the U.S.

>CBRN substances have been carried undetected into the EU

>a Borak in an improvised bomb “could effectively disperse the sarin nerve agent”

>ISIS laptop contains a 19-page document in Arabic on how to develop biological weapons

>“We saw the future of this threat in Brussels and Paris,” said the head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, adding that future attacks will be on “an order of magnitude greater”

>bomb-grade uranium

>smugglers are explicitly targeting buyers who are enemies of the West.
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no need to be racist anymore /pol/

deep down, we are all white. now join hands and sing kumbaya
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Land of the free

43 images | 235 replies

>Thinking the Germans wanted to take over the world

Remember guys, Britain and France declared war on Germany and started world war 2. Germany invaded Poland for 2 reasons, 1 The land was German prior to the treaty of Versailles 2 the polish massacred innocent ethnic Germans during the danzig massacre.

In 1940, Germany sent Rudolf Hess on a plane to Great Britain in order to seek peace. Rudolf Hess parachuted down into a field and was captured by British police all for seeking peace.
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CATHOLIC GENERAL - /CG/ - Septuagesima

CATHOLIC GENERAL - Septuagesima Edition!


Everyone is welcome.
Discuss news, ask question, give answers, be kind to one another.

Here your daily readings

Today starts the Septuagesima!, 70 days for Easter, It is a training camp for the Soul, Three Sundays before Ash Wednesday are nicknamed in Latin Septuagesima, its a time to think about what we are going to do in Easter, a time to prepare us, to make the discipline easier, in that way when is Ash Wednesday, we already have a plan to what we are going to do.

We have a Group for Telegram, lets grow our faith together!.
> The phone number?
Yes, Nobody can see it anyway, still better than WhatsApp or Discord.
>Catholic Group
>Christian Group (for all denominations and who are interested)
>Main Channel

Community links, such as recommended media, are now below in pastebin links. Remember to recommend things to add to the lists!

>Catholic Encyclopedia
>Seek your closest Latin Mass!
>Documents of Vatican II
>Laudate App and iPieta App

>Collection of Posts
>Recommended Movies
>Recommended Books
>Recommended Music
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No title

ITT: historical traitors who ultimately ruined everything
40 images | 116 replies

Syria General /sg/ - The Future Is Now Edition

c y b e r


>Latest interviews with Assad

>Live MAPS

>Fan maps

>Idlib Feb14
>Yemen Feb 14
>SE Syria Feb 12
>Libya Feb 6
>Iraq Feb 4
>Manbij Jan 26

Devs Feb 15
>DeZ:IS&SDF meeting results in the release of 50 prisoners in exchange for food trucks to enter Baghouz area. Reports from meeting that 80% of IS fighters are willing to surrender
>Idlib:No green light for SAA Idlib op despite Damascus pressure on Russia who together with Iran&Turkey settled to continue the Sochi agreement from Sept 2018. SAA assured this is Turkey's last chance to settle situation in Idlib
>Commander of US cent comm insists IS is far from being defeated, stands against troops withdrawal
>Iraqi Army choppers targeted arms&ammunition depots belonging to IS in Syria near the border with Iraq’s al-Anbar prov
>Daraa:7000 men, many former rebels joined SAA ranks. SAA enrolled a total of 20000 this winter
>Russia accuses US, militants of holding refugees hostage at Rukban Camp
>SAA conducts new operation against IS in Badiya Al-Sham region
>Argentina is ready to send their own white helmets to help in Venezuela
>Haiti:Thousands demonstrate & demand president step down due to corruption, economic hardship,lack of basic necessities, 4+ killed
>Saudi-led coalition prepares for large operation in NW Yemen prov on Hajjah in order to lift Houthi siege of its proxies in the area of Hujur

Prev >>203427978
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Free Market Capitalism is quintessentially high testosterone

Reminder that high testosterone individuals are much more likely to succeed in the free market as entrepeneurs compared to low T cucks who wage slave their lifes away, thereby increasing their status and resources, which in turn increases their attractiveness and multiplies their chance to leave more offspring.

If you prefer a planned economy you probably have low testosterone. Go see a doctor.
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Yellow Vest Sunday

For the first(?) time, the yellow vests hold rallies all over France on sunday too. Will there be riots or are cops tired? Let's find out.
Livestream Multiplex:
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No title

guis, my muslim fren just put this up on his fb
wtf, the memes are true

i cant resist the temptation, trips decide what I comment. let's go bois
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No title

>ultrasonic weapons are weapons of various types that use sound to injure, incapacitate, or kill

>Twelve updated ultrasonic sensors complement this vision, allowing for detection of both hard and soft objects at nearly twice the distance of the prior system.

>Tesla quietly upgrades Autopilot hardware in new cars

>a spokesperson says 2.5 is really about adding "computing and wiring redundancy"

>in late February 2018 production was upgraded to a newer design “MCU2” switching from an Nvidia quad-core CPU to one based on the Intel Gordon Peak board, similar to that used in the Model 3. The bluetooth and WiFi were also upgraded

>microwaves in the 1-10 GHz frequency range most efficiently do work inside the brain

>The autonomic nervous system is affected by the microwaves of the centimeter wave length band...Very small dosages produce analgesic effects; however, very large dosages are fatal.


some perspective;

>your iPhone battery holds a charge of 1,440 mAh, or about 5.45 watt hours. If you fully drained and recharged your phone everyday, then over the course of a year you would have to feed it about 2,000 watt hours, or 2kWh.

and Dr. Bruno [Los Alamos PhD - see arxiv link] is concerned about cell phone microwaves..

Autopilot means the driver does not have to survive for the car to keep moving.
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No title

Why do Feminists on the one hand want men to not treat women like foul whores and sluts and to treat them with respect and honor, but at the same time they promote openly slutty behavior and they all watch hardcore porn where the woman is spat on and humiliated and treated like a whore?
Most feminists watch the porn of James Deen and Manuel Ferrara and Rocco and they listen to 90s rap music by Biggie and Eazy E

Feminists watch porn and listen to rap music that degrades women but then turn around and say you shouldn't degrade women. How does this make sense?
3 images | 13 replies

Hey /pol/, I have some questions... about (((insurance)))

Ok, what are the 3 biggest insurance companies in the world? in the US? which have (((disproportionate ownership)))?

Which are the most abusive to the common man?
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SNL = fake news and dangerous

why is it legal to impersonate the president and give speeches under the guise of them being a state of emergency address from the white house?
There has to be some kind of law against this, there is no way this is allowed. The media can basically declare anything they want and make it look official.

not to mentio I wonder how many of the masses of liberals get their news exclusively from fake news SNL
3 images | 49 replies

No title

A while back somebody on /pol/ put the idea in my head that there really is no racism but only LOOKISM.
And that this might really be the reason the white race dominated the world.
That the other races, instinctively, deferred to it the way they would a member of their own race that was exceptionally pretty.
Now you can say all you want about white girls cravin muh black dick or liberal white girls virtue signaling by burning the coal in the current year.
But you do know of loads of examples showing it's WAY easier for minorty women to get white guys than for minority men to get white girls.
1 images | 7 replies

So here we go boys

>super fertile nigress carrying twins on first pregnancy
>wants to decolonize British education
>literally calls british historic figures “male, pale and stale”

Are you tired yet friends?
10 images | 65 replies

Is this /pol/ irl?

>The electrical explosion that sent ablue flash streaking across the nighttime skyleft one Queens resident so terrified, he grabbed a samurai sword, thinking “hostile” aliens were about to invade.

>“I ran into my parents’ room and shouted, ‘Get up, it’s happening!’” said Spencer Pesce, who lives close to Con Edison’s Astoria substation at 20th Avenue and 32nd Street. “I swear to God, I thought it was aliens. It also looked like a nuke attack.”
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No title

Nobody becomes truly rightist until they live amongst brown people
8 images | 21 replies

Here's an idea...

Why don't any of you try harder to expose the hidden motives of Jews to normies? You all seem pretty convinced that Jews are at fault for all of your problems, why not redpill some normies about it? Spread some information? If you have evidence, why are you keeping it to yourself? Shouting into this echochamber you've all got here won't do much but reinforce each other's opinions. Why not spread awareness to others?

Could it be that you're all wrong and retarded about the Jews and your other conspiracies? Or are you just too timid and passive to make an attempt at actually doing something about it?
1 images | 7 replies

No title

Will Trump call a national emergency for gun control?
8 images | 81 replies

No title

there are people in government browsing this board RIGHT NOW who know all about the pedophile baby-eating elites, yet they purposely are covering for them to "prevent a revolution". these are the same people claiming "we're taking them down through legal means".

accomplices will not be spared.
1 images | 8 replies

No title

Who /anarchonazbolgang/ here?
0 images | 0 replies

Let's embrace our Jewish heritage

>Tired of hearing: "Haha you are Moors"
>Decides to investigate glorious Portugese ancestry
>Find out that we are 20% Jewish
>MFW when no longer Goyim cuck

Why perish with the Goyim when we can rule with the chosen?

t. proud Jewish neophyte
8 images | 12 replies

No title

>Let me tell you who is white
>and let me tell you about the joos and how they controll trump
0 images | 4 replies

2 weeks later...

NY Abortion Killing
>A pregnant woman was stabbed to death in New York on Feb. 3, but the state's new abortion law means there will be no justice for her unborn baby who was killed in the attack. Irigoyen was five months pregnant and already the mother of a young child when a man brutally stabbed her and her unborn baby to death.

>Hobson, who has two prior convictions, dragged Irigoyen from the hallway outside her third-floor apartment to a stairwell, then knifed her in the neck, torso and stomach in building’s entryway, police said. “He’s got a knife! He’s going to kill the baby!” screamed the victim, a real estate agent and ballroom dancer, who after being stabbed tried to name her attacker to a neighbor but her throat filled with blood and she couldn’t speak.

>Hobson was initially charged with abortion in the second degree for the death of Irigoyen's unborn child and second-degree murder for her death. However, the Queen's District Attorney's office dropped the abortion charge against Hobson because New York's new "Reproductive Health Act" (RHA) legalizes abortion until the moment of birth and removes abortion from the state's criminal code.
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3 images | 84 replies

How do I just do stuff?

I can't imagine myself doing anything productive in my free time. There is a complete mental gap where that function should be.

I am tormented by all the possibilities of life.

I hate having any spooks even though I end up being a slave to habit. All beliefs feel like an attack.

I am currently agonising over whether or not I can give up junk food or coffee without being existentially cucked. On the one hand, I am redpilled about Stirner, so I know I am the guy who creates my own spooks. On the other hand, having any spooks at all makes me feel cucked and like I'm limiting myself. On the other hand, I am under constant attacks from other spooks. On the other hand, if I have any spook other than "Do what I want at the time", it's like admitting I'm a pathetic cuck who needs a master (e.g., a rule such as "No junk food"). On the other hand, I would create those rules and could change them at any time. On the other hand, people can choose to be cucks, and their ability to stop at any moment doesn't stop them being cucks.

And the very fact that I think of myself in probabilistic terms is fucking humiliating. I feel guilty for not figuring out a life philosophy that would let me know what to do at all times, while maximising happiness, wealth, success etc. I know that's stupid and, like the underground man, even if I knew this philosophy I would disobey it to feel free. I also feel (mostly) sure that dismissing this problem will lead to me being lazy and going back to being a slave to habit.
0 images | 7 replies

Why do they appropriate Spanish and Portuguese culture?

1 images | 16 replies

Is THIS the guy white europeans unironically worship as a God??

Screen Shot 2019-02-17 at 16.09.49
0 images | 3 replies

No title

any updates on this?
1 images | 11 replies

If Jews are alpha?

Out of all the races in the world, why do Asian women always prefer whites?
0 images | 1 replies

Coal Patrol!

Here comes the Coal Patrol

post the newest Roasties and Coalburners with their abominational Semi-Orc Niglet-Kids!
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Should We Push Jussie Smollett Terrorist Charges?

I was thinking about this last night. The definition of a terrorisms is the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims. The whole potential connection with Kamala Harris and her anti lynching hate crime bill, rising racial tensions in the US, and false reporting of a crime could constitute as political aim. Wondering if we have any law fags on here that can tell me if I am misinterpreting the definition here.
5 images | 6 replies

No title

What do you think about Ukraine? Is it the most BASED country in Europe?

Ukrainians bring up their children as a warriors who are going to be ready to fight against kikes and shitskins. Your opinions?
3 images | 12 replies

No title

Jewish Graph
How many children does each family need to have to do this?
0 images | 7 replies

No title

Hows about trying to start an SJW style attack on the words goy or goyim?
There are many words that are derogatory towards other races that lead to consequences, yet the two above, which are a derogatory catch all for everyone, get off scott free.
In this world of inclusion and equality, harmful words like goy and goyim have no place since we are all one race, etc, etc.
0 images | 1 replies

No title

How does /pol/ feel about Southern Lauren?
24 images | 121 replies

What should a white american do?

Im on vacation but am burger. Honestly what options do white men have left? This new bill trump signed grants amnesty to about 2/3 of illegals. Many people here say "hurr you have to stay and fight" but of course thats not an option. Is it best to just regroup in europe and let america fall into chaos?
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How evolution can explain the existence of so perfect complex organs such as eyes or a stomach or lungs?

I can understand micro-evolution: you had a really simple mutation like being taller or smaller and it gives you an edge and your evolution propagates.

However, let’s take an eye: this kind of stuff is completely useless unless you have every part being at the right place. Have a 2-3 micron deviation on the lens and you can’t see anything. Having no tears and your eye will be destroyed quite quickly.

Same for stomach: the day you had stomach acids, you also needed a mutation to have a stomac mucosa to protect against the acid or you would die very quickly.

Also if these organs appeared from small and complex hazardous processes and iterations, wouldn’t we see a lot of animals with non functional and useless organs.

If you have a dog with a mutation giving you a third non functional eye. This dog will have no advantage but also no disadvantage over other dogs. So over time you would have a race of 2-eyed dogs and a race of 2-eyed and 1 non functional eye dogs.
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Civil disobedience/insurrection

Dear /pol
I would write two handbooks to make the world a better place
One is about revenge (like George hayduke ones). The other is about civil disobedience/insurrection tactics

I know that /pol is full of brillant fucktards mastering OSINT and ruin life tactics
So, let's share ours tactics, mates
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Oh no no no no n-
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>Nothing funny about tired Saturday Night Live on Fake News NBC! Question is, how do the Networks get away with these total Republican hit jobs without retribution? Likewise for many other shows? Very unfair and should be looked into. This is the real Collusion!

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Do you like to rape white women? Good news

bong rape
UK has so much rape of white women they've been forced to cut support for white rape victims. When you call in they ask for your race and if it's white they hang up on you.

Rape of white women is on the inevitable path to decriminalization just like weed. And this all came about through the voting patterns of white women. What a joke demographic.
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How do you let (((them))) do it????


This is some 1984 type shit and no one is saying anything about it
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Gays just copied jojos
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bizzaro land
Why are Americans so dishonest when something in their country goes wrong?

Like, California gets worse each day so they just try harder to promote it. Nobody tries to fix anything.
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Do you have a Fascist personality pol?

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Muslim Patrol Squads spotted in NYC

>be me
>having a lovely drive with my daughter through the city
>*woot woot*
>oh shit the police
>pulls over
>sees dark skin man in rear view mirror
>rolls window down
>"Is there a p-problem o-officer?"
>starts speaking in dark skin language
>"U-uh here's m-my licence and r- registration!"
>dark skin man slaps it on to the ground
>starts yelling
>daughter starts to get scared
>more incoherent yelling
>dark skin man pulls out ak47
>"What did I do?!"
>2 other dark skins approach my vehicle
>opens my car and forcefully takes my daughter
>dark skin man continue to have a gun at head
>scares shitless while I witness my daughter get kidnapped
>dark skin speaks then leaves
I don't want to live in NYC anymore.
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How are you celebrating black history month? I'm going to KFC today.
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How do you claim to rally against degeneracy on /pol/ yet contribute nothing to the society around you in terms of charitable endeavors? It's plainly hypocritical and makes you just as bad as SJW slacktivists on Twitter. That being said, what have you done in the past week to help your community? Your actions speak louder than your words, after all
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Michigan Governor

Why did she wear this dress? She knew what she was doing.
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#EthnoState #EthnoNationalism #Founders #Cucks --Tears Coming

several minutes about How the #EthnoNationalist has beliefs much closer to the average member of the class called the 'Founders' in America. Yes they were 'racists', AND a better form of life than the PC equality punks that try to poo poo or lie about them. So cuck-a-tards, time to go to woodshed. Good Thrashing Coming Up. Tanned Backside. Over the Hill and through the Brush ... Oh yeah. We ramble like a champ.

Our thoughts on the revolution, and everything else in the world besides. The British were a tough lot -- we were just tougher. A hard won battle gives you greater honor. #Jefferson #Monroe #Marx and Madness.

Yorktown for instance was made possible by a GREAT victory of French Fleet over a British Fleet -- God's Will.

Then came the real battle -- to establish a government that worked. It is on the tape -- have to listen to know.

In Finis --

A #White #EthnoState was the design of #TheFounders of #TheUnitedStatesofAmerica. They fought a SUPER POWER in #GreatBritain to gain a homeland for Free WHITE and over 21 baby. That is a fact children. Thank God, Said John Jay, that we have ONE culture and language to bind us -- that they were 90% British Subjects surely helped.
Source: #EthnoState #EthnoNationalism #Founders #Cucks --Tears Coming - YouTube
Address : <>
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Can national socialist monarchy be compatible?

I have been thinking as of late /pol/ the genius of national socialism and what it had done for germany cannot be in anyway understated, but the main flaw about national socialism I think /pol/ had not realized or do but never decide to talk about it. Imagine in a timeline where nsdap germany won and defeated the international jew, but there is another problem at least for germany, were hitler to die or decided to kick the bucket is who will replace him? There is a 50/50% a tyrant would replace him or guy who may continue his policies, but never at the extent hitler did or with inspiring speeches but the problem keeps increasing that a tyrant might take over and take power for him self. So I was thinking to my self how to avoid this sort of problem if we were to implement national socialism to any of our nations. I think I might've found the solution, but I have no idea if this can work I propose national socialist monarchy the reason I think this may be a good idea is because of passing your knowledge on to the children and that will continue with your bloodline. This may prevent many problems, if the first leader of a national socialist country were to die or kick the bucket, his child will continue the policies and knowledge his father had left him, as his father will be teaching the main tenets of national socialism to always love your people and to serve their interests and for the common good and to treat your people with love and teach them be strong and self improvement, not only does the population continue to self improvement as it is truth, but so does the new leader of that blood line who continue improving upon the policies and to pass down his knowledge to his child and this keeps continuing I think this solves a lot of problems that national socialism may have had and will serve the reich pretty will at least in my opinion.

Are they compatible and will this be able to work?
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why do you still give a shit about this country?

>our government is completely controlled by (((foreign interests))) and (((corporations)))
>our military only exists to facilitate trade for the benefit of the (((ruling class)))
>every major city is a cluster of foreign enclaves filled with people who share no culture or history with the people who built said cities.

at this point the country is nothing more than a giant labor camp where people from all corners of the globe can freely enter to partake in the hedonistic consumption at the expense of the native population.

fuck america. the best thing you can do is accumulate as many resources as you can and get out before it gets ugly.
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The U.S. and Russia are the ones who made the mess with the sandniggers, and should take full responsibility.
Clean up your own mess you lazy fucks.
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Jeremy Corbyn: Quick rundown

Need a quick rundown on this Jeremy Corbyn guy britfags.
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If single mothers are all mental wrecks who hate themselves, why do they always sound so over the top confident as well as arrogant?

I have never encountered a single mother who was humble and meek and respectful/submissive. They all talk like they are the absolute most important beings in the world.

You say that single mothers ruin their dating prospects for life being saddled with a kid and are full of regret that they are single moms yet nothing of the sort enunciates from them. There is no aura of depression or misery or regret from them. It's all "positive vibes" that comes from them.
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JIDF going all out.

Bracco Italiano
They're running out of ideas /pol/.
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itt redpilled youtubers

i will start
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Do real women even exist anymore?
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Amazon will pay $0 in taxes on $11,200,000,000 in profit for 2018

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Polish cultrual enrichment program

The polish are cucked and in 10 years you're all going to be beige troglodytes lmao.

This immigrant is making videos teaching other immigrants how to get laid in poland.
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why is the CIA hosting detailed bomb making instructions ?
It even has a translation in arabic
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Redpill me on the Netflix (and his SJW dramas)effects into society, worst ot better than TV, video games or porn...?
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>Among German Christians, however, Catholics are more likely than Protestants to profess nationalistic attitudes and to express anti-immigrant and anti-religious minority attitudes. Moreover, Catholics who attend church services at least monthly are much more likely than Catholics who attend less frequently (and Protestants at either level of religious participation) to score in the upper half of the NIM scale. But it should be noted that Catholics and Protestants in Germany are concentrated in different parts of the country, which could also help shape attitudes on these topics.
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What the fuck is wrong with this retard? Was it Ambien?
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How do we convince her that getting her tits out for everyone to see will somehow advance the cause of social justice?
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Viareggio God Emperor Trump

Viareggio God Emperor Trump 2019

Here's how to watch the most anticipated event of the year!
A giant paper mache God Emperor Trump was built for the Carnival of Viareggio, Italy. The event will take place on 17, 23 February and 3,5 March.
The second carnival parade is LIVE! Local television NoiTV is streaming it on Youtube:

There might be some waiting before the God Emperor Trump appearance.
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It's because to him, declaring a National Emergency meant nothing beyond those words. He thinks it's just a different negotiation tactic, a smart way to circumvent politics. He has no idea what it actually means. Just like the rest of his presidency, really.
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When is anyone going to stop single mothers from making mass shooters?

New Phototastic Collage
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>Americans and Australians moan about getting Latinas and Waifus while Europe gets screeching desert people

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>Chancellor Philip Hammond's visit to China not going ahead

>Electronic GPS tags to track thousands of criminals in England and Wales

>Brexit: Theresa May pushes on with her deal after latest defeat
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Why is the wall a fence now?
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Why would you vote for Trump in the first place?

Question to MAGA voters

Putting aside all "other candidate were worse" reasons,
I want to ask you why there's any American demography who would think Trump was worth voting for.

You can understand why Obama would go well with black and democrat, but you'd be surprised if Hitler somehow got elected president of Israel.

With all available outlet, including direct source of information in case you don't trust the mass media, you must have been aware:
- He is a self-aggrandizing liar ever since his TV periods
- He is both a climate change and vaccine opponent, many peoples cling to only one of those and reject vehemently the other
- He inherited his wealth and isn't good at managing the company so you can't defend he is anywhere as competent as he believe.
- At least being wealthy at all don't cut him off voter in the US
- He tried his hand at scamming students with his art of the deal, so he should have only scored with ancap group
- He is not religious enough, unfaithful, racist and misogynist beyond even what I thought conservative would accept

There it is, from here in Yurop I can't see a known US mindset who would accept all of theses.
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Guy in newest Pewdiepie video has 1488 in his name. Has Pewds finally shown his true power level?
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/real-christian/ general

>what do you mean by real Christians?
Non-denominational and those who are not part of the religious system of Mystery Babylon.
>what do you mean by Mystery Babylon?
All throughout history, we have an ongoing religion that keeps remaking itself and taking a new mask. The most recent incarnations was the Roman religion which then turned into Roman Catholicism.
>Are you a Protestant?
No, Protestants are rebellious Catholics and are still part of the religious system of Mystery Babylon. They celebrate Saturnalia(Christmas), believe in a trinity and baptize not according to scripture. Jehovah Witnesses, Baptists, Anglicans, Nazarenes and etc etc. All fall under the umbrella of Catholicism's harlot daughters.
>Are there any Christian denomination in the world?
The Church of Jesus Christ is only under his name. Christians should not be under any denomination.
>What do you mean by baptize not according to scripture?
The Whore of Babylon and her harlot daughters baptize wrongly. There is no infant baptism in the bible and to be baptized you need to know why you are getting baptized. Secondly, they traditionally baptize in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.These are not names, these are titles. The name is given in scripture.
>Acts 2:38 "Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost."
The name is Jesus Christ. To be baptized according to scripture is to be baptized in Jesus' name.
>I was baptized as an infant in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Do I need to get baptized again?
Yes, because you were not baptized. That is not baptism.
>where can I get baptized?
Oneness Pentecostals are easy to find.
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