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The age of the gravel bike is upon us. All hail our drop bar 40c overlords.
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/bqg/ - Bike Questions General

/bqg/ - Bike Questions General

Last thread: >>1312676

/n/ Discord:


If you want help picking out a bike to purchase, ask in >>>/n/bbg
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What do you think of balloons
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/SQTDDTOT/ - Stupid questions that don't deserve their own thread.

My commute is 25-ish km one way (15 miles for ya yankees) with 200m (650 ft) difference in height. I'm sick of using bus or metro.
I can't get a car, since I cant get a license yet (i need to verify school certificate first, and it is not fast at all).
What meme transport should I use? Biking 200m height gradient every day is not cool at all. E-bike? Electric scooter?

Pic unrelated
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Would you rather win the TDF or have a cyclist gf?
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No mandatory helmets for kids in the 70s

Did they grow up more resilient and robust?
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Screenshot (66)
Any of you ever make fictional transit maps? I'm currently working on a map of the Northeast US in an alternate reality where passenger rail was supported in the same way it was in the UK in our timeline, with most of the lines traced over current and former rights of way. Clearly (since there are orphaned stations all over the Virginias, and a multitude of missing stations in New York and Pennsylvania) it's a long way from being done.
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Post your cities bus. Here's mine in Adelaide, Australia.
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Transportation doubt.

Why "Transportation" is in Japanese culture section?
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/PYBT/ - Post Your Bike Thread

/PYBT/ - "Can't she shit OP" Edition
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ITT: Extremely patrician locomotives

I submit the PRR E6
>largest and fastest Conventional Atlantic type locomotive ever built
>beat an airplane in a race to NYC
>Bizzare but interesting attempt to combine American and British design principles
>survived almost to the end of steam
>was a fixture on the extremely comfy seashore services after they left main line express traffic.
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am i a bad person for cycling drunk on the regular?
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Do trans-oceanic passenger ships exist anymore, or have they gone away entirely? Is there any chance of them returning? They seem like a peak comfiness mode of transport.
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/BTR/ Bicycle Training and Racing
Super Mario edition: winning the sprint

Discuss all things bicycle training and racing on your bike related.
'Transport' yourself first over the finish line -- or to work on time when you're running late.
Ride farther, ride faster, climb better -- all it takes is training.
Training methods, training tools, training questions.
Post here if you want to *git gud*.

This discussion thread is implicitly endorsed by the moderation staff by way of historical precedent; haters need not apply.
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New generation of safer bicycle helmets.
Read the story, too much to post here.
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/tram/ - big boi edition

fukui tram
Let's give some love to the street railways that are being / used to be operated with heavy rail sized stock.

Pic related is the Fukubu line in Fukui, Japan. An interurban that kinda escalated over the years. Meanwhile, these monsters have been replaced by second hand high-floor trams and even some new low floor ones.
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First "unmanned" commercial air flight.
Go delta!
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Remember the Space Shuttle

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Newest US Heritage Railroad Opens April 22


The standard gauge Harrisburg, Lincoln & Lancaster Railroad is located in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, on the Stone Gables Estate, a venue for private events that will incorporate rides on the train in its offerings.

-Has newly-built (2009) 4-4-0 steam locomotive based on an 1860s design
-One of the two train cars is a replica of Abraham Lincoln's funeral train car used to transport him from DC to his grave in Springfield, Illinois
-The 0.62 miles of track is newly-built, but it lies on a former 1832-built right-of-way along the original funeral train route
-Opening ceremony on Monday will have Civil War soldier re-enactors and a cannon firing demo
-In the future, the route will be expanded to 3 miles and an engine shed, more train cars, a turntable, and a covered bridge will be added
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Burger electrics thread

America is much more known for widespread use of diesel locomotives than Europe, but they had a handful of interesting designs of juicers. For a Eurofag like me these look very, very weird. Let's take the Little Joe for example - has 6 traction motors mounted on powered axles which are located in a rigid frame, with pilot trucks on both ends. For comparison - a typical European freight locomotive of that time had two 3-axle bogies with traction motors on them, placed underneath the locomotive's body.

On top of that, US passenger electrics had steam generators for heating well up to mid-seventies while HEP facilities were industry standard in European locomotives (even some freight ones) right after WW2.

Would some US train nerd explain this to me, please?
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Daily Ride Thread /drt/

old thread >>1279995
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>friendly african guy waves me to cross on my bicycle when i'm failing to do a trackstand
>he shouts out after me "remember we have it"

what did he mean by this bros?
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Can we talk about hybrids?
I see that they are kinda hated here because they don't excel nor at road or mountain.

The way I see it, they are a middle point.
I've never owned one but I've had road and mountain bikes. I recently got attracted to them because I've seen that they can be fast and also a good commuter.

Are they a meme? Latest trick by the jews?They good?
I would like to hear a more in depth opinion of you.

What are some good models?
I've been looking at a Giant Escape and a Trek FX.
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cars will always be better than public transport.
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Best looking bikes: modern edition

First let's get the top choice out of the way, pic related.

But other than the LOOK 695 AeroLight, which is basically cheating, what are some other beautiful modern bikes?

No ghetto ass lugged steel dumpster finds, please. No one needs to look at that shit. Not judging, everyone has a weird fetish. But keep that shit on /b/.
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One of the nicest things about riding a recumbent is the feeling of kinship when you randomly come across another 'bent or velomobile. The same brotherhood experience is felt between motorcyclists who always wave when passing each other.

This communal feeling is not there between regular cyclists and/or roadcyclists, just as it isn't there between car drivers. This is largely due to their popularity which has reduced their status to one mostly for simple transportation.

The lack of kinship between regular cyclists is also because both parties are likely experiencing some form of discomfort, whether it is saddle, wrist, back or neck pain. This discomfort creates a classic but very unfriendly and mean looking ''cycling face''.

This is opposed to the classic ''recumbent grin'' that bent riders experience, as they're not in any discomfort at all. It's impossible not to grin like a retard when two bent cyclists pass each other. This is often followed by a short stop, a good conversation and possibly the making of a friend for life.
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>goes 25 under the speed limit
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What's the dumbest thing your city transportation budget was ever spent on?

Pic related tied with the meme streetcar
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Lets talk about UCI
>are they good or bad for the sport of cycling?
>are they good or bad for the cycling industry as a whole?
>list the ways they've held back technological development of bicycles
>what would you like to see UCI do differently?
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PCC thread reach the image limit so started a new one

Montreal -- built with no headlights
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first thing that comes to your mind when you see someone using these
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I bought some smaller cranks but they don't fit my chainring. Is there a way to fix this. I assumed it was a standardized thing as they don't give the dimensions of these things.
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The real reason Boeing's new plane crashed twice

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What are your thoughts on ebikes? I was at a shop this afternoon and saw one of these IRL for the first time and it looked like a moped. Should ebikes be considered bikes? Should they be allowed on trails/paths? Am I just a Luddite for not liking them?
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What Just Landed

Post a picture of what most recently landed at your local airport.
These were the most recent for me, a Beechcraft Premier I on the right and a Citation CJ2+ on the left. Apparently the two pilots were husband and wife, respectively.
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>bike bike bike
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if you dont ride something similar to this then you are a poser that wastes thousands on bikes because you have no wife or kids to provide for
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Hard Hitting articles the 737 Max

Good morrow to all my fellow forum posters.

Look at this hard-hitting article by NY Magazine, one of the premier media journals is asking if this plane is worth saving.(They say no)

>There’s only so far you can keep updating a venerable design, though. Boeing knows this. In the mid-aughts, it launched a project to consider a clean-sheet replacement for the 737 that would be ready to fly sometime between 2012 and 2015. In the end, though, it scrapped that approach. When Airbus rolled out an update to its own version of the narrow-body aircraft, the A320neo, in 2010, Boeing was forced to respond. Its answer was the Rube Goldberg contraption it has today.
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Feel like utter shit just want them back
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Multirotor helicopter designs
Helicopter thread?
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2012-01-20 11.27.19
Continued from>>1157476

Old thread hit image limit so post your airports thread #16, starting with LHR
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Roadie marketing

Can we talk about marketing for a minute? I don't read Ebony or Jet but I'm willing to bet Specialized and Trek advertise in those magazines because literally every single middle aged black roadie seems to be riding those two brands and those two brands exclusively. Or whatever magazine the blacks read. To be honest I'm not exactly sure.

Meanwhile white women seem to be all over Pinarello for some reason, so that minor social media drama doesn't seem to have hurt them in any way.

What's going on here? Is this like the Subaru and lesbians thing, where they know exactly how to dog whistle to those groups so that nobody else notices the message?

Pic unrelated, all I can find on google image search is black pro team cyclists and those guys will ride whatever they're paid to ride.
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/jrg/ - Japanese Railways General

Heisei Station
Last Thread of Heisei Era Edition

Old Thread: >>1270368
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How to overcome my fear of riding in traffic? I suffer from debilitating anxiety and depression
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Airplane pilot

I'll apply my savings to become an Airplane Pilot.
According to some school sites I need to study the following content:

-Aerodynamics and flight theory
- Technical knowledge of planes and engines

What books and authors could you recommend me? I really want this and the faster I'm able to understand the theorical concepts it will make easier for me to become a good student then pilot.
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Is anyone here actually an urban planner or civil engineer? What are prospects like these days? Is the work shitter or is it actually worth pursuing?
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>So you're from 2019 lad? Well tell us, are Britain's railways still the envy of the world?
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Toronto, Ontario, GTA Transit General

Toronto transit thread, light rail/streetcar edition
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/bbg/ - Bike Buy General

/bbg/ - Bike Buy General

Post what kind of riding you will be doing, your height, inseam if you know it, budget, and other relevant details about yourself and your needs, along with a link to your local Craigslist bike page.

Last thread: >>1301653
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is this the best option? i've heard people bitching about how it isn't waterproof, and for 50 bucks i'd expect it to be decently waterproof but idk maybe i'm a dumb american. i am wanting to buy a shitty 30 dollar one but i ask your advice first
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images (1)
Mechanical disc brakes barely work.
Hydraulic disc brakes work no better than calipers.
Disc brakes ad weight and width.

What's with thelove affair for discs? They suck.
>V brakes are best.
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Tramp Steamer
Are there any known late 19th-early/mid 20th Century intact examples of tramp steamers left in existence (not counting shipwrecks/abandoned ones)? Any still in revenue service? I imagine some obscure freighter line in a Third World shithole might still have one or two up and running on duct tape.
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ITT: Anti-transit NIMBY greatest hits

Share your most hilarious anti-transit videos from politicians, city councils, "concerned citizen" NIMBYs etc. Bonus points if local to your area.

I'll start this thread off with some classics.

The Light Rail System connects Minneapolis, Minnesota to some of its surrounding towns and suburbs. The project is set to expand into more conservative outlying suburbs such as Hopkins. Bob Ivers of the Hopkins city counsel warns of "ethnics" "flooding" into Hopkins from "Welfareopolis."
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when did you realize grids are a superior design for urban transportation?
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Breaking: UP 4014 is officially in steam

The fire has been lit and working pressure raised
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Say goodbye to the bicycling industry.
Soon all bikes will be Wal-mart bikes.
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/ausnz/ transport general

talk about public transport and other transport issues from australia and new zealand here
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Shoutout to Cygolite. I'm an absolute dumbfuck downtuber and put my Cygolite Dice rear light through the washing machine and dryer and it still works. It killed the battery but it's charging just fine. Based as fuck.

ITT: Bicycle brands/products that deserve recognition for making quality products
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so a girl i asked out says she likes biking around the streets or nature, she asked me and i agreed to make it a date
the only problem is i only own a bike like pic related and dont have normal cycling clothing or normal helmets
should i take my normal equipment?
would that be autistic just for a normal ride?
should i rent a trail bike?
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Does cycling target abs/core?
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Mugger-Mover General

Was it a success?

Now that trams, integral to the initial vision, are finally being introduced, I'd argue that it's starting to pay off.
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Milwaukee Road Electrification Thread

Back by popular demand, ITT we discuss the greatest electrified railroad operation in world history. The proven corporate conspiracy to dismantle and abandon this operation, largely perpetrated from within the company itself by its own top-level officials, is one of the greatest crimes against humanity ever conceived and makes the Great American Streetcar Scandal look like amateurish in comparison.

Gone before its time, but not forgotten, the Milwaukee Road's Pacific Coast Extension lives on in the minds of all who encounter it. This thread is dedicated to the men and women who built and maintained this system, and the photographers who filmed and preserved this unique operation for posterity.
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cars are weird
Hey, he has a point there

>Every time I sit in traffic, which I try to do as little as possible because life is finite and I value my time, I have the same thought: “How much of the earth did we grind up to make these things? Good lord, how many of them are there? Do we need this many? Is this a reasonable sort of thing to have?” My impression is that hardly anybody else is thinking this. But I can’t stop thinking it: Cars are weird.
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Have any of the Democratic presidential candidates stated clear support for high-speed rail and increased transit?
Elizabeth Warren has voiced support for land-use reform (which, let's face it, is most important), but afaik she's the only one.
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Cannondale lefty at my thrift st
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World’s biggest airplane

But It’s just two planes taped together right? Is this cheating? Would you want to fly on this thing. The idea of building the world’s largest plane just for the sake of it seems fraught with hubris to me and bring to mind the Titanic, Icarus flying too close to the sun, and the Tower of Babel. Enjoy your world’s largest deathtrap, jet setters. I’m fine staying here in bed.
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laughing girls
>he's never done a 200km ride in his life
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Train 2: Electric Multiple Unit

Since the other thread hit image limit a long time ago, and is only just about kept alive by occational text posts, why don't we have another thread where we post pics of trains?
Previous Thread >>1255683

Also: Should we make this a general?
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/upg/ - Urban Planning General:

Adding lanes for congestion is like loosening your belt for obesity
Can't build your way out of congestion edition.

Old thread: >>1294317
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I think we can all agree that they are the best bicycle brand outside of America and Western Europe.
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/mg/ — Maritime General

Golden Hours Edition

Last thread:
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a/n/ime thread

Only buy Long Riders BDs if you want to

Two airplane anime airing in the Winter 2019 season, Kouya no Kotobuki Hikoutai and Girly Air Force.

Last thread >>1197776
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No title

>planned my first bike ride ever for today
>it's raining outside
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Personal electric transport

ITT we discuss electric transport like:
>kick scooters
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yow guys, fast question here.
whats the best site to buy online some shimano chains + a couple of gp4000's ?

buying from france. anything better than chain reaction cycles?
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No title

Talk me out of buying this BMX
The seller is in my town and it's very cheap, 110$
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I met Geoff and Vicki AMA

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No title

First Japan-Built Airliner in 50 Years Takes on Boeing and Airbus
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>lauf grit
>specialized future shock 2
> message trailing multilink
The future of cycling is moving towards suspension on ALL bicycles, not just offroad cycles. It's just what the industry is doing, and it's not going to stop at the summit-priced components.
What is going to be the best option? Why?
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Narrow Gauge

Narrow gauge thread time /n/! Show me your favorite narrow gauge locomotives and railways.

Pic related is the Lynton and Barnstaple Railway.
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>first bike ride of the year
>that ass pain
how do i avoid this?
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Gravel bikes

Look at this hilarious 'new' sport.

70% walking, 20% standing around trying to figure out where you're going and 10% rolling at a snails pace. By the end your heart is ready to explode into cardiac arrest from all the abuse and is audible from 20 feet away.

Are roadies the dumbest motherfuckers on the planet?
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Are Google bike maps safe? This route has me going through some questionable neighbourhoods. Anyone ever bring a knife or gun for self defense?
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The best of the worst

What city in the USA has the best public transit? Here in DC its ok but its really hard to hold the transit authority accountable because they're actually funded by 3 states (Virginia, Maryland and DC itself)

It's miles ahead of back home in panhandle Florida though, where people start foaming at the mouth and screaming SOCIALISM at the thought of organizing a need we all have like moving the fuck around.
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No title

Redpill me on the Metro de Madrid
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The absolute madmen

>when you want to operate a county owned short line but don't want to go through appropriations and there's money left in the Airport Commission's budget
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The Rock

Press F to pay respects.
67 images | 133 replies

No title

What does the 'MAX' in 737 MAX stand for again?
4 images | 47 replies

What Happened to This Jet?

The jet was apparently taking of from Schonefeld after some type of maintenance. A "technical malfunction" occurred shortly after takeoff, and the Luftwaffe crew were returning. From the looks of the photos, the jet rolled from about 35° left to about 35° right in only a few seconds. The balls on this guy!

>This morning around 09:00 (UTC +2), a
Bombardier Global 5000 of the Luftwaffe (German Air Force) departed Berlin Schönefeld Airport (SXF) but was forced to return after a technical issue. After landing, however, the aircraft ended up slightly next to the runway, blocking the runway. Departures have been halted. At the moment of writing, eight aircraft diverted to nearby Tegel Airport, seriously disrupting the airlines’ flight schedules.

>The German Air Force announced that no passengers were on board the aircraft: “The crew is being medically examined. The aircraft headed back to Berlin Schönefeld after a technical malfunction just after take-off. We are investigating the cause of the incident,” the German Air Force tweeted.

>(*) the belated aircraft appears to be a German Air Force Bombardier Global 5000, registered 14+01
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/pg/ - Pedals general

What kinds of pedals do you guys like? Single sided? Double sided? Platform? Lots of float? No float? Anything you particularly hate? Fear?

Personally I hate straps and toe cages. I used them for years because I was too much of a pussy to try real pedals. Thinking back about all those wasted miles on substandard equipment is mildly upsetting.
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No title

Are trams the missing middle in American transportation?
6 images | 53 replies

No title

What should we call cycling girls?
18 images | 143 replies

No title

An Alaska Q400 has reportedly been stolen from Seatac airport. There are additional, sketchier reports that it may have been shot down and/or crashed, but no confirmation on that as of now.
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CUTE locomotives only

I'll start with this lovely little Swiss Steam Railmotor. One of only two vertical boiler railmotors operating in Europe.
42 images | 63 replies

Weight Weenie General

45 images | 241 replies

Homemade Drone vehicles

What’s your take on em?
Is it legal to fly them in public
No gas
No traffic
But a lot of noise (motorcycle fags still make more)
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No title

I just watched the ISS travel overhead (Apr 2, 20:43MDT), it appeared to be chasing something. Anyone know what the second object was?
4 images | 17 replies

No title

Have you ever confronted a bike thief?
6 images | 22 replies

No title

Any experienced train drivers here? What are some things you wish you knew before starting out?
In training myself and I feel like I'm in for making some major fuckups
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Why don't they haul people too?

Maybe this is a dumb idea, but why don't freight trains just haul a passenger car with the rest of their cars and sell cheap tickets?
3 images | 29 replies

737 MAX

What’s the real reason Boeing’s new jets crashed?
1 images | 16 replies

PCC thread

3x pcc boston
I haven't seen some good new PCC pics in too long, post 'm lads! PCC relatives welcome too.
150 images | 171 replies

No title

Does anyone here like Baldwin/Lima-Hamilton diesels? Part 2

Old thread here (not yet 404'd at the time of this threads creation!): >>848145
20 images | 53 replies

No title

ship on wheels
Non standard modes of transportation ITT
17 images | 41 replies

Rare planes

Vultee XP-54
Preferably pre-jet age preferable.
109 images | 212 replies

No title

>friendly reminder that in the last year of steam on BR you could get a job as a fireman as long as you were literate, had all your limbs, and colour vision.
>hundreds of young foamers spent their summer holidays as temp firemen to make up for a man power shortage as experienced firemen took early retirement.
pic related is one such group.
0 images | 11 replies

No title

Motorbikes are the worst form of transportation. They can't carry anything, they're completely exposed, and can often do over 100mph. At least bikes give you time to accept you're fucked. If you crash a motorbike faster than 20-30mph, you will die.
9 images | 30 replies

No title

Why does everyone hate on thick slick tires? This is my new build for my summer commute to work. Got the frame/fork off eBay from a retired keirin racer.
3 images | 61 replies

Are we entering an age of post collectibility ?

Is there just nothing left to collect?
Has everything that can be collected already been collected?
After so much time spent scouring the want ads do collectors just finally give up hope?
2 images | 20 replies

No title

Is any airport in the world comfier than Bozeman Yellowstone?
2 images | 8 replies

No title

there’s nothing wrong with walmart bikes for riding on the road/sidewalks/paths
9 images | 55 replies

Infrastructure General

alright this might be a complete mistake but gonna try this anyway.

Discuss anything related to infrastructure (roads, bridges, railways, waterways, trails, etc)
Try to stay on on topic, decent rule of thumb is discussion about specific vehicles of transportation are better suited to other generals (or boards) but talking about any building/structure that is relevant in transportation is fair game
32 images | 221 replies

Landing without flaps / coming in hot

Screenshot_2019-04-12 LO3881 high speed landing at KTW flaps failure - YouTube
What's the procedure when this happens? Does the pilot inform ATC? Is there a ground crew waiting near the runway in case there is an accident?
1 images | 8 replies

Different sized tires

I bought a Supersix Evo frame. Can I use it for gravel/cx if I get a new fork to run a wider tire up front (35mm+) and a thin (28mm) in the rear?
3 images | 10 replies

No title

Is there a less obnoxious alternative to a Go Pro?
3 images | 23 replies

No title

4 images | 30 replies

Bike accidents stories

somewhere around here
The only accident/crash I had was a minor one, haven't been cycling for very long or very seriously
>be me
>cycling down a big street sidewalk with my friend
>using my shitty old rusted walmart "mountain" bike
>POS could not go up a hill even if god willed it
>pizza box in one hand in with a couple slices
>were coasting down this gradual decline, going faster and faster
>eventually going pretty fast
>suddenly lights turn red in front of us
>wasn't paying attention so I had to stop really quickly somehow
>had a little bit of braking on the left handle bar, but I couldnt press it because my hand had pizza in it
>slam on the pavement with my right foot as hard as possible desperately
>still have pizza in my left hand, determined to save it
>put down my left foot (the seat post was really low) in an effort to stop in time
>lose balance and bike starts sharply swerving to the right
>welp, not much else to do now
>get flung over the side, land hands first
>hands are scraped, bleeding and sweaty
>spaghetti is flowing out my pockets already
>friend is laughing his ass off
>chinese lady at the intersection reluctantly asks if I'm alright
>everything is alright
>because the pizza had survived
inb4 >and everyone clapped
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Fantasy Maps and Future Plans

I was bored so I drew up a pretty crude streetcar map for Chicago. Post your non-existent maps or transit plans.
1 images | 5 replies

BMX :- Show us your whip

Poolside LL
Seems there are some small wheel guys hiding in here, so lets get some BMX porn going.

Build lists are welcomed, shitty attitudes are not.
11 images | 30 replies


Post your favorite paint schemes
77 images | 134 replies

No title

I want to go into urban planning but also want to avoid this, what do I do?
4 images | 22 replies

No title

Should bikes replace cars from an environmental perspective?
4 images | 28 replies

No title

If you had to choose between two things for bike safety, a set of head and tail lights OR a helmet which would you have
you CANNOT have both and helmets with lights dont count
personally Id like lights because I only bike at 2am to get the mail
10 images | 74 replies

No title

What's a good way to convince a fatty to take up cycling?
1 images | 11 replies

757 appreciation thread

3 images | 10 replies

Bike paths

post the best bike paths you know lads
15 images | 32 replies

/bqg/ - Bike Questions General

/bqg/ - Bike Questions General

Last thread: >>1308610

/n/ Discord:


If you want help picking out a bike to purchase, ask in >>>/n/bbg
53 images | 327 replies

Theoretically, how much would it cost to operate a narrow gauge railroad?

If you haven't guessed, I have a lot of fuck-around money. I've been thinking about possibly buying a locomotive and some other rolling stock and setting up a miniature railroad on my property. If I do a circle of the perimeter I would have about 10 miles of rail to lay. How much would initial purchases cost for track and everything else, and how much is maintenance going to cost me? Is fixing a small steam locomotive something a mechanic could figure out with enough time to tinker, or will I need to find somebody with experience on locomotives. Also, what's the smallest gauge should I look into? I want something big enough that I can actually sit inside of.
13 images | 56 replies

No title

download (1)
You're never too old for a

0 images | 3 replies

No title

Why do you faggots not consider sidewalks bike lanes? Amerifats don't even walk and the law has never pulled me aside to say "you can't use this empty path because it's for people to walk on". Literally piss off.
7 images | 77 replies

No title

Why aren't emergency parachutes more common on ultralight aircraft? These are literally smaller and less obtrusive than a lifejacker and passengers only need basic safety instructions regarding what to do when freefalling. It's really simple. I plan on becoming a balloonist but I always want to carry a chute.

>inb4 too expensive
it's paracord and a piece of cloth. Don't make things look more complex than what it is. Even a ww1 parachute would be better than nothing. And back then carrying chutes was standard for all flight operations.
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/pybt/ - Post Your Bike Thread

Not your bike edition.

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>Ethiopian Airlines Pilots Initially Followed Boeing’s Required Emergency Steps to Disable 737 MAX System

>the software system kicked in as many as four times before the 737 MAX dived into the ground

It's even worse than everyone thought
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A*rbus absolutely btfo

>Despite securing 41 net orders last month, Airbus still ended the first quarter with just 62 new firm orders year to date, compared to 120 cancellations. The European aerospace giant still has some work to do just to get its net order total for 2019 into positive territory.

Just put an end to this unprofitable vanity project that only exists so Europeans can feel like they matter.
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I'm going on a 2 day 300 mile ride in 2 months. I can currently ride 20 miles at a time no problem.

Get me in shape, /n/
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Maritime General

Nestled Edition

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Linear eddy current brakes

Why don't American frieght trains use these?

Their dynamic brakes generate a lot of electricity. Which is then dissipated as heat. Why not instead use that waste energy to run electromagnets and get more braking force?
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How do I get my chubby-turning-fat girlfriend on a bike? She's a sassy Hispanic Guatamalan who doesnt like being told what to do and hates exercise. Someone send me a miracle
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Boat guys help me with my boat

Just got a really cheap Grampian 26 sailboat. No mast and no motor. Where can I find the right mast and what motor would be good for her?
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Post-apocalyptic society
Hello, /N/. I question pop up in my head a while back and for the life of me, I can't find an appropriate answer. In a post-apocalyptic world, how would private transportation, or Public transportation re-emerge into a city-state society? Also, how would urban planning be like?
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hamburg straßenbahn
Ugh, what could've been...
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Bicycles are absolutely useless for anything other than suburban transportation and you should just take a train for intercity movement
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Sandaoling Steam Engines
Far from the touch of urban planning, chinamen drive archaic steam monstrosities in the harshest conditions known to man. Would you give up your comfy subsidized lifestyle to start up rustbucket steam engines in -20C weather? I know I would.
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Bus safety and accident thread

"If the bus know how to fly"
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"Commuters on Britain's rush-hour roads and railways suffer greater anxiety than fighter pilots or riot police facing angry mobs of protesters"

Commuting just isn't comfy. Car's arent comfy if you have to drive. Trains and busses aren't comfy because you share a closed space with hunderds of people you don't know.
Bike isn't comfy because no wheather protection.

Commuting just sucks. Don't try to sell that your transport method is fun. It isn't.
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Best MTB under £500?

prod173149_Black - Blue_NE_01
Whats a good entry level bike?
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why are urban mountain bikers such insufferable faggots?
>act tough everywhere and then act like they are persecuted when someone tells them to fuck off
>disregard traffic rules and basic safety of other people
>don't look out for pedestrians and almost hit somebody most of the time
i hate these guys so much
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Why don't we see rollerblades as a form of conveyance anymore?
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/gag/ - ( General ) aviation general

Birds don't crash Edition

Welcome to the /gag/~

/gag/ is dedicated to all the pilots and pilot applicants out there, and although the name suggests otherwise, airline, military, and charter discussion is welcome. Keep it on topic, keep the shit throwing to a minimum.

Previous thread is slowly sinking here: >>1256986
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