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Thread: /wcg/ - the true arbiters of taste

this fucking general....png
why can't i have a personal service twink.jpg
besides, he's gotta get his steps in.jpg
this seems a little gay, bro.jpg
rev up that chastity cage.jpg
No. No they dont.png
pls no bully (2).jpg
blah blah blah blah.jpg
replace cake with cock and now you have a comic!.jpg
this is now a chris farley movie.jpg
i'm sick and have a headache and i dunno what to name this file.jpg
are all seers gay.jpg
hate fucking incoming.jpg
somebody call Nestle.jpg
threesome intensifies.gif
there is a remote controlled vibrator in his ass and his sister is turning it on and off inbetween panels.jpg
ask any question you want.png
would you fug a ghost anon.jpg
cue the lake tentacle monster.jpg
cucked by your own brothers.png
I leave for three days and you guys have an orgy without me.png
and that's why I'm going to drop your fat ass into a trash compactor.jpg
no way, that rabbit's a killer, with nasty big pointy teeth.png
oh boy i love surprises!.png
Oh, it sings to me.png
it's becoming increasingly difficult to come up with witty filenames for a sex scene - something about demisexuals and bird twinks I guess a few wingjobs for good measure.jpg
and what happened to my underwear?.png
in a physical sense, anyway - I stopped emotionally caring about you months ago.png
it's happening.png
responsibility blows.jpg
you'll have to fuck me for it.jpg
We are beyond lewd at this point.png
did singular-they stutter.jpg
why would you visit him when you have your own perfectly empty condo.jpg
this comic is dumb.png
imagine if that was your ass.png
i know a salad you can toss.jpg
lazy jerks.jpg
i was a fool to believe I could be the only straight boy in this universe.jpg
time to find someone who looks exactly like Milo and get him to fuck me until I can't walk.png
damn it arent the straight scenes supposed to have a curfew.jpg
yeah you should find yourself a real man.png
a government ploy to track gay people's purchasing habits.jpg
that will stop them!.png
me, except i have more beer in mine.jpg
singing that screaming cowboy song.jpg
I do blame you for causing me to gain fifteen pounds though.jpg
and now neither of us will be a virgin.jpg
Q predicted this.jpg
somebody glued his boyfriend's head to the wall.jpg
the jokes are on a 3rd grade level....jpg
a symbol of our love - beautiful now, but now condemned to wither and rot.jpg
i'll invade your privacy bb.png
I don't want you coming in between my relationship with the showerhead, he gets very jelous.jpg
rev up that crossdressing sex scene.jpg
we're gonna find ourselves a mershota to fuck.jpg
this is what asexuals actually believe.jpg
i can tell it's vegge bacon because it tastes terrible.jpg
i should have known the only time irl you get that kind of size difference is in porn.png
and I know about the sex robot you asked Kat to build for you.jpg
the daily grind of a bird twink.png
his side thing comes over wednesdays.png
frenchie can't even say 'no' right.jpg
and another hiatus for a month.jpg
i wouldn't date either of these meanies.jpg
ahh exes.png
this is why you don't leave wcg alone with shotas.png
Natural Bottom.jpg
we have a hole in a wall set up, so you can take pictures and get fucked by strangers at the same time.jpg
we're heading to a demon orgy.jpg
the entirety of the bird kingdom is listening to this.jpg
but remember, half of your session still needs to be me telling you that you're a cunt.png
they must be dog people.png
even the font is gay.png
pretty, but useless.png
best friends make best influences.jpg
b-but master says i haven't earned it yet.png
the best place to fap.png
imagine the possibilities for a guro kinkster.png
this comic is now about a serial murderer.png
save me mershota you're my only hope.jpg
attn all gays - can you PLEASE not crush on straight guys, thanks.png
Alfie in a nutshell.png
let's go share a double sided dildo.jpg
don't worry, even if they like your writing, they'll still think you're a cunt.png
don't you hate when you go through a growth spurt at 30-something.jpg
i wonder if he does parties.jpg
cant think up a good filename, sorry anon. you DO read these don't you.jpg
about how well my crossdressing goes over.jpg
living the dream of sleeping forever.png
alternative health nuts may seem cute but you should never stick your dick in crazy.jpg