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Welcome to /k/, 4chan's weapons board. Our board centers around weapons, armor, and other myriad military technology. While guns are the primary topic, threads involving any other sort of weapons, from swords and knives to tanks and jet fighters, come up frequently as well. If you're new, we suggest reading the sticky at to get acquainted with the board's subject matter.

Before posting a thread, please check our catalog to ensure that a thread about the same topic does not already exist.

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Friendly Reminder

its that time again
/k/ is a board devoted to weapons and military equipment.

Discussions about politics or current events belong on /pol/.

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Fuck yes, new cheap ruger revolver


Looks like 200$ street. Aluminum frame is kind of lame, but should be nice and light i guess.
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What does /k/ think of the new and improved aesthetic US Army?
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/akg/ AK General

AK General /akg/
African Tier Mods Edition
>Thread #811

Old thread here >>41222862
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Handgun General - /hg/ - #284

Croatian edition.



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should miniguns be legalized?
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US Gov arrests Militia member said to detain future democrat voters

US arrests rightwing militia member said to detain migrants

Washington (AFP) - The FBI has arrested a member of an armed rightwing militia group accused of illegally detaining migrants at the US-Mexico border, officials said Saturday.
Larry Mitchell Hopkins, 70, was arrested for illegal possession of a weapon. His small but well-armed United Constitutional Patriots (UCP) group says it watches the border, stands guard over people who want to hand themselves in to border patrol and pursues those who don't.
New Mexico Attorney General Hector Balderas described Hopkins, who also goes by the name of "Striker," as a "dangerous felon who should not have weapons around children and families."
"Today's arrest by the FBI indicates clearly that the rule of law should be in the hands of trained law enforcement officials, not armed vigilantes," he added.
Hopkins was said to have been detaining migrants near Sunland Park, New Mexico.
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is this a justifiable purchase? seems like a lot for a pistol but i don't know how i feel about pmr-30s as the alternative...
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Canada General

New here? Want a firearm license? Read this:

Previous thread: >>41232305
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Is /pol/ more /k/ than /k/?

pol calling airstrike
Were Rebels bombed or was ISIS bombed? Why were the coordinates sent to the Russians instead of the US?
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Alright /k/, cut the bullshit - how difficult would it be for the US to invade Iran and neutralize its nuclear weapons/WMD sites? Not necessarily overthrow the regime, but to establish operational control long enough to accomplish the full destruction of Iran's nuclear and ballistic missile programs? How would it compare to the invasion of Iraq in terms of logistics and duration?
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roller delay

g3/mp5 aesthetic thread
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How come star BM pistols are half the price of Bulgarian Makarovs in America?

Also when will classic get Makarovs in again? I would suck sweaty bens cock for a nicely blued circle ten arsenal Makarov.
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Unusual/FrankenGun thread 2: electric Boogaloo

Pictured is the prototype of a Soviet Laser pistol designed with the intent for cosmonauts to shoot and disable spy satellites. im dead serious.
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2019-04-20 (1)
Whats your wallpaper /k/?
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If F35 is meant to engage at greater distance - what is it firing that can last such a long flight to enemy and still conserve energy?

Seems like air to air would have to be so much heavier for more fuel

t. I recently started blaying DCS
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The Soviet Union from the 70's onward is responsible for the greatest looking military uniforms of all time. Third reich and BDU stuff don't even compare.
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Questions that don't deserve their own thread... but I made this so I could ask a question in its own thread :)

I've seen reviews stating the Ruger Mini 30 can't reliably feed steel case, anyone have first hand experience with one?
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Aesthetic time

When Tyranny becomes law, Rebellion becomes duty.
Post your aesthetics
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How well did the Japanese navy perform both tactically and strategically during the course of the second word war?
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1,000 /k/ommandos and their best gear are teleported into the California wasteland, in the year 2241. What happens?
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Fill me in here

Is inter ordinance as bad as the memes make it out to be? Or worse
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What we drinkin tonight bois
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The one thing the California government hates more than assault weapons is ferrets. How do we weaponize ferrets /k/?
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One of the most powerful BOW's in Umbrella's arsenal can't take a single rocket.

How effective would be the BOWs devolped by Umbrella irl against a modern militry force
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/brg/ - Battle Rifle General #19 - Which Optic edition

Halp my SCAR at my optic again and other lessons in insanity. Why I stopped worrying and learned to love the PA 1-8x Platinum.
DSA folding charging handles in stock again. Aaaand sold out.
>welded rails
"I only have $500 which BR should I buy" t. Anon
"Do BRs make good first rifles?" t. Anon
Mud tests and why they're meme. t. /arg/
Hesse no, we won't load!
"Hey I bought a C308 and now it hurts when I pee."
/brg/ pats itself on the back for hitting the bump limit.
BREN 2 never ever.
Take me in oh tender woman; loose holes and bore snakes.
Raifu fagging and why yours a shit.
Someone be the beta tester and buy a Barrett.
Still no SCAR 20 posted: top flex prize still up for grabs.
AR10 buyers guide. [file corrupted]

Previous >>41152138
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The weakest tank cannon ever made

The vast majority of French interwar tanks had this tiny POS WW1 cannon, which couldnt penetrate even Pz.1 armor. Why was that?
Why did the french only equip their tanks with post WW2 cannons in the late 30s?
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i want to learn the /k/ way

i want to own and (obviously) use guns
problem is i have never shot one, and i have nobody i know who can teach me
what should i do?
i want to be responsible and learn to use a gun before buying one, but how do i learn without buying a gun to shoot?
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Is a knife an effective weapon against a dog?
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When do you think cyber combat dogs are going to be legal?
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/k/, post your best kit.

>three giggling female conscripts checking out their gear
>one has a helmet in her hands
>"which way you wear this?"
>giggling stops for a moment, faces get serious
>"...this way!"
>giggling continues again, everyone takes out their cellphones in unison
>taking selfies with their helmets right way, giggling
>all three started walking away from the barracks wall, giggling
>all three forget their rifles leaning against the barracks wall

God I hate female conscripts.
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Warsaw PACT/East Bloc thread

Hungarian Honour Guard
Post and discuss the armed forces of the Cold War/Easter Bloc countries.
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Nugget Concerns

One of my nearest and dearest friends is at NuggetFest this weekend. Is he going to get raped? I'm worried about potential furry activity.

He has a cute face and a tight little behind. Tell me, is he going to be okay?
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No title

>Be college student
>Be in ROTC-Army Reserve
>Work Part-time job on side
>Tell boss you will have drill over the weekend.
>be shocked when boss asks if you can come in after drill on Saturday late instead of not showing up period.
>be scared to lose job
>*big sigh* “yeah sure”
> tell boss training starts at 0500 and ends at 1900.
>arrive at 2045 to work.
>Boss punishes you for arriving late after having strenuous combat training and keeps you until 2am knowing you have work at 10am.
>Boss hints that you are lying and do not actually do military shit.

What do?
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No title

What is the best weapon?
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Ration Thread

What are the best MREs? The worst? How about commercial stuff like Mountain House and Alpine Aire? What's the best way to put together homemade MREs? What should people stock up on for SHTF?

Post all things rational here!
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Why do people actually like this gun? The trigger is trash and it's overpriced. Why not just buy a glock?
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This is what Finland came up with to modernize their aging AKs
Oh no
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No title

How based is it?
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If you were trying to raise the ideal soldiers from birth, how would you go about it? Every detail, from the age they start training, to how they are taught and educated, to how you organize their social groups.
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El glocko

Tell me why this overbuilt ugly absolute snorefest of a handgun isn't perfect.

>no brady campaign meme safety
>by far the largest 3rd party aftermarket support

It's boring as shit, but it's hard to argue that anything in its price range and category is better.
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Warfare in a post-apocalyptic world?

Post-apocalyptic society
Sp, /k/ I was wondering how will war be waged once Human civilization collapses?

With Swords, bows, wooden pikes, and repeating crossbows? Or matchlocks, to prewar revolvers and shotguns that have been hastily converted to black powder? Maybe even to sten guns and homemade Mac 10s, depending on how much infrastructure survives in a specific area?

Will armored vehicles or Animals be the norm?
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No title

Is it a deathtrap?
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No title

Panhard ERC 90 F1 Lynx (2)
the mexican army isn´t very good, it has 0 tanks and its most powerful AFV is the Panhard ERC 90 Lynx. Which AFV or tank would be a good option for it?
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No title

images (7)
/k/ what the fuc/k/ is this?
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intruder shot 6 times and still didn't die


We all know what gun it was, explain yourselves revolverfags
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Rare, scarce, odd.

Can we dedicate a thread to the oddballs and no names. Pic related, my favorite .22lr...and she’s French. Which I can say, personally, I don’t come across many French weapons. “Unique” model 52
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/wfg/ Writefag General: Fine arts edition

This thread is for writing /k/ related stuff and the recommendation of books that are /k/ related

>It's been unscientifically proven that a lack of (you)s for writers can lead depression, alcoholism, story abandonment, and an hero.

>But it's so easy to make a difference in a writer's life. Just one (you) a day can make the difference between a happy writer and a writer on permanent hiatus.

>Please, post now. Help make a writer's day.

featured authors:

Touching Feelinng /k/ edition: Anon gets a scarred gun healing ensues [WAFFENGEIST][FEELS][HEALING][CUTE]

Barret Sempai
Panni: The story of a sheriff and a feisty irish gun [WAFFENGEIST][HUMOR][SLICE OF LIFE]


stuff binned by Archivefag (including some stuff not found in the Sticky):

last thread: >>41156776
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No title

hmmm 2
>At one military exercise in the summer of 2012, a strategic PLA unit, stressed out by the hard work of handling warheads in an underground bunker complex, actually had to take time out of a 15-day wartime simulation for movie nights and karaoke parties.
>By day nine of the exercise, a “cultural performance troupe” (common PLA euphemism for song-and-dance girls) had to be brought into the otherwise sealed facility to entertain the homesick soldiers.
How are they so laughably bad bros?
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I guess he really is pro gun after all

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/rlg/ Reloading General

Where you got your start edition
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No title

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No title

do these actually work as good as people claim? does anyone on /k/ use one?
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/gq/ - gear queer

420 Blaze It Edition

>General information



>Radio and communications

Previous: >>41178122
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CCI Stingers

Thoughts on CCI stingers and there possible effective use as a self defense round, CCI claims 200ft/lbs of energy and near 1700 fps from a decent length barrel it would seem they produce over double the energy of a standard .22lr
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Patch Thread: Comfy Edition

Trade, create, and sell your patches here.
>Previous thread

>Where can I buy that sweet patch/ find patches?

>Thread theme
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No title

How do militaries that haven't engaged in combat for long periods of time determine their combat effectiveness, determine policy, promote ranks etc.?
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S.T.A.L.K.E.R Thread

You know what to do fellas, post factions, places to do the challenge and other shit.
Thread theme:

By the way who's this mad lad in the pic? It could be great memeing potential
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No title

M113 A2 with Unmanned Turret System 2
Is it good for poorer countries to upgrade their m113s?

>pic-related is phillipine m113s with elbit systems 25mm turrets that were used at the battle of marawi.
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Lies you've been told on /k/

>bought mosin a while ago, previous noguns
>finally get to drive out of state to buy ammo
>get back home to shoot
>set up target ~50 yards away
>load rifle
>prepare to shoot prone
>oh fuck the kick will hurt like a bitch
>anticipation is killing me
>sights going all over the place
>want to hit bullseye
>pull trigger
>really fuckin loud
>shoulder is in one piece
>hit 2 inches from bullseye
>continue to shoot for rest of day
>consistent grouping, never had a complete miss
>not bad for my first time shooting
>mfw shoulder doesn't feel like I was told it would
>mfw the innaccuracy was probably me
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No title

>coworkers start talking about gun control
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No title

What’s /k/ drinking tonight?
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Knife Thread General

Knife thread general - post your knives
95 images | 265 replies

AR thread /arg/

AR thread
Cancer containment

Recycled images edition

Old >>41234542
48 images | 302 replies

Pistol Caliber Carbines

Looking to buy a pic. I was thinking of a sub 2000 or a Ruger PC Carbine, but you /k/ommandos might have better ideas. I already have a Glock 34 so preferably something in 9mm that takes glock mags, but anything else is cool too. I’m probably just gonna use it for plinking and for dealing with coyotes (I live in upstate NY where coyotes are kinda a problem here). And because I live in NY I can’t have anything that looks to spooky if I ever want to see the light of day again.
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How bad is it to dry-fire guns?

Questioning Conrad
I'm a recent noguns converted to hasguns and from consuming gun media (gun-jesus and C&Rsenal mostly) I've noticed that they don't like to dry-fire at all. I was educated in guns by fudds and they didn't say anything one way or another about dry-firing. Is the aversion from dry-firing in the things I've seen due mostly to the pieces demo'ed being really old and/or loaned or is there a major mecanical stress put upon the action that isn't there if it has a cartridge in the chamber?

(sorry for unrelated image, am stuck miles from main computer due to easter)
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post your guns that you really like

My armalite
this is my AR I built a while ago, its pretty basic but I like it
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/k approved books?

Realized I've been spending too much time in front of a screen lately, was hoping to find some good books, fiction or non fiction doesn't matter to me, hoping to maybe learn a thing or two so maybe some good manuals if you know of any? Thanks in advance.
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Cleaning thread I guess?

>be me, newguns
>first time cleaning rifle
>use Hoppes 9
>enjoy the smell
>like, really enjoy it
>resist urge to huff it a little
>still really enjoy the smell
>start getting hard every time I clean raifu
>date night with wife
>take a huge huff of Hoppes to get rock hard
>rail her like never before

What the fuck I don't want to be a gunsexual, how do I stop getting hard when I smell Hoppes? I can't even go to the gun store anymore without having to conceal my package.
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No title

Why weren't lever action guns used in the first World War?
2 images | 34 replies

No title

Forces of the unknown have caused our world to merge/combine with a typical fantasy world. Old world governments have managed to hold on to major urban and suburban areas, but rural areas range from fragile peace to complete chaos. People and towns from either side suddenly find themselves in a new realm, and portals going between both worlds are scattered through out the lands.

>Threadly Question:
what would be the deadliest fantasy environment? why is it deadly? what would you do to conquer said environment?

Send a message to [email protected] if you want to have your story archived

>inb4 "No Fun Allowed"
-You don't have to browse this thread
-Whining about the thread won't stop the people posting shit on it from posting shit pasta bin for those that want to catch up

previous thread: >>41133323
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No title

Why do so many of you have Russian/Chinese gear for shtf? In most scenarios that will make you look like an opfor which will be counter productive.
40 images | 172 replies

/k/'s signature weapon

If money, availability, and legality was of no issue, like the /k/ube himself bestowed it upon you for your devotion, what would your "signature weapon" be /k/? That absolute dream gun you would carry all day, every day.
56 images | 129 replies


It's been awhile
112 images | 151 replies

No title

what are some air defence weapons like man pads
anyone here a anti air guy?
how was it like did you enjoy it can the anti air stuff be deployed against tanks ?
17 images | 31 replies

No title

Are single stack 9's still worth consideration now that 1.5 stack guns like the P365 and 43X are out?

PSA has this on sale for $269 and a MP Shield for $249 but with only a 6 round clip is it worth it?
3 images | 41 replies


This thread is for mobile multi rocket launcher vehicles.
21 images | 67 replies

Is it fair to call him one of the all-time great weapon designers?

7 images | 42 replies

No title

Any suggestions for good /k/ related fiction?

Just finished pic related and was extremely disappointed since everyone said it was like starship troopers but focusing on the actual power armor stuff.
14 images | 55 replies

No title

>be me, stupid leaf
>on vacation in Burgerland
>finally I can go to a range without fucking around with RPAL nonsense
>buy an hour of range time
>explain to deskjockey I've never been before and if he has any advice
>just makes a disgruntled face
>rent a S&W 686
>how much ammo should I buy
>blank stare
>okay give me 100 of the 38spl and 50 of the 357

Mistakes were made. I shouldn't have tried to dump that much magnum downrange on my first outing. Pic related.
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No title

How was your day /k/? Do anything productive? Today was my first "woods walk".
28 images | 88 replies

No title

In the event of a massive disaster, what would happen to prisoners? Would they leave them in their cells and just leave, execute them all, let them out, or something else?
3 images | 19 replies

No title

what is the best smg of ww2 and why is it the PPSH 41
6 images | 21 replies

No title

kot id get edition
Old: >>41221412


>Do your own research to start, then come here for clarification.
>No vague questions, like "What job is best?"

>/meg/ official discord (embed)
Guides to prepare for high-speed shit. (SEAL, Ranger etc.)

For Ranger info, obviously.
SEAL/SWCC site with videos and fitness plans and a forum
All around SOF website. Great info and run by former/active members of every SOF unit. Mentor program. Also has forums for international SOF.
For all Army SF info.
For Navy Corpsman info.
This is an all-inclusive thread for MARSOC/Force Recon stuff.
For Coast Guard info. Good site, lots of vets able to answer questions.
>Naval Aviator forum with info on Navy OCS as well
US Army High school to Flight school

Before you ask a question, check the FAQ
> (embed)

>Should I go Navy Enlisted Nuke?
Maybe. (embed)
tl;dr: Long hard school, long work hours, with good job prospects. It's definitely not for everyone or even most people in general.

CG info

ASVAB for Dummys!XuhSWQgb!ycwEyBz1J-DZx_GOsAxmSQCduAImNuzTRswqfRb-x-w

20 images | 82 replies

/msg/ - Military Surplus General

Unobtanium edition.
77 images | 159 replies

No title

how do I stop squeezing my grip right before I pull the trigger all the way back. My shots keep hitting low and im sure its that. I have had my handgun / CC permit and every time I go (almost every week) I feel like I never improve at all. the only thing I havent tried is going to a smaller caliber, which I dont want to do because 9mm is what I carry.
1 images | 24 replies

Tikka firearms

just picked up a Tikka t3x hunter in 30-06
its got lots of great reviews, pretty excited to try it out.
anyone had any experience with Tikka?
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No title

You walk into Lowe's/home depot with $100. What's the most dangerous thing you could create with the stuff you purchase.
2 images | 11 replies

No title

How would you improve the Lightsaber?
9 images | 53 replies

No title

To all the preppers/survivalists/shtf/dooms day guys ect. When was the last time you actually took your gear out and practiced a proper bugout?
4 images | 21 replies

Dumb shit

Post dumb shit you've done
1 images | 7 replies

Nig Nog reviews STAR BM. Calls it 1911, starts blasting off his back porch in neighborhood...

Why the fuck do these retards have to give gun owners a bad name? They ruin it for the rest of us.
32 images | 242 replies

/k/ vidya

../k/ vidya.

as for my favorite game at the time, i will keep promoting Tannenberg as there's still not more than 2 full servers at prime time. if you bought Verdun with high hopes and have been disapointed, you should definitely give Tannenberg a try. It's cheap, and it's worth it. i bought it during sale 4 days ago and haven't played anything else since.


Take a look at this list of weapons, it's the best game available that has a huge emphasis on realism, weapon handling and historical accuracy.

-huge selection of bolt action and some lever action rifles and semi auto pistols / revolvers, everything that was used at the eastern front in the war is available in several variants, ie three different mosins
-10 different types of grenades, bottle necks being able to be thrown much further in an arc, or straight forward, like it should be
-melee weapons, bayonets, feldspaten, cossack saber, trench club
-different kinds of artillery, three kinds of gas for attacks
-big, but not too big maps with strongpoints like bunkers or trenches as capzones that give different boni
-sophisticated squad/command and winpoint system, much more variety and options than ie Ro2
-8 different nations in 2 factions

old thread >>41190151
86 images | 315 replies

No title

What is your yearly firearms budget?
>range fees, ammo, new guns, scopes, etc.
1 images | 11 replies


Let's get a Chechen War Aesthetics thread going. Videos, photos, gear and weapons.
76 images | 169 replies

No title

Hi, Eurocuck here, I'm quite ignorant about guns despite being in a country with huge production of guns.
Exactly what's the point of suppressor if they don't reduce sound that much?
6 images | 20 replies

No title

Was it a deathtrap?
33 images | 293 replies

No title

Is the federal gunship the ultimate /k/ spaceship in Elite Dangerous? I mean you can slap seven multicannons and have a fighter bay and stack up on armor and shields and use engineer to make your guns brrrrrt more so it has to be the true /k/ ship in the game.

Is it not?
7 images | 66 replies

No title

maxresdefault (9)
Has anyone ever actually seen a catastrophic failure from shooting 5.56 in a .223? I can't find any documented proof of it anywhere, but straight up everyone believes it's dangerous. Is it just really, really persistent fuddlore?
3 images | 18 replies

Hey /k/ there have been some intruders in my property and i want to place some traps

Grizzly Trap-50307
So theres been some motherfuckers that alreaddy killed a guard dog and I want to place some traps that are both cheap and fucking painfull to step on
2 images | 9 replies

Gun mods

What mods have you done to your guns to make them better for you, Anon?
I replaced the bolt holding my little badger with a 5/16 dia quick release pin, makes it take down even smaller and faster.

No, some off the shelf part used as intended doesn't count.
29 images | 71 replies

/klit/ thread

/klit/ thread - naval edition

thread theme

has anyone actually read all 21 Patrick O'Brian books?
0 images | 0 replies

No title

Pairs nicely with a large cold glass of Onions Bridge ™. What are some of your favorite pairings /k/?
2 images | 8 replies


What could have been/What could be edition.

Post camo you wish was adopted or hope gets adopted.
35 images | 48 replies

HI/K/ Positive

I'm feeling good tonight /k/, I'm visiting my home town, out catching up with old friends and going to take my 12 yo brother shooting tomorrow. Pic related going to let the dude bruise his shoulder a little bit.

What feel good things is /k/ doing on this zombie Jesus weekend?
0 images | 1 replies

spanish mauser 1916

shot the fuck outa my 1916 spanish mauser and the stock fell apart. what are my options for a new one? will the arch angel k98 stock fit? are there any synthetic options
1 images | 6 replies

No title

sup /k/, let me regale you with a tale of how much of a loser I am

over the course of 3 years for handguns
>dryfire every day for 0.5 hours
>dryfire so much I have to do complete spring replacements 5x for two different handguns
>put 32,500 rounds downrange through handguns
>only do slowfire training basics for groups

right now
>have never tried anything beyond firing 3 round groups at a target 25 yards away
>25 yard group is still 5-8 inches during slowfire
>"I'll start doing cool guy drills once I get the basics down"

>dryfire every day for 1 hour
>14,258 rounds downrange

right now
>standing offhand can only get at best a 2-2.5 inch group at 50 yards
>prone on bipod can only get at best a 2-3 inch group at 100 yards shooting wolf gold
>low ready to fire speed is laughable
>target transition speed is laughable

There is such a thing as having a natural ineptitude towards firearms. At this point I've spent $95k+ on guns/ammo/optics/accessories. Just fuck my shit up fampai.
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Honestly /k/omandos should do the same thing
3 images | 33 replies

NFA wait times

Anybody go through the process recently?
I bought a SOCOM 762 through silencershop recently, and I'm about to start the paperwork on an SBS. I've heard if you file as an individual you can get your stamp as little as 4 months. Also post NFA stuff if you want.
17 images | 67 replies

Antique Identification

I need help identifying my Grandpa's old cap and ball smooth bore musket. He found it sometime in the 1940s along some railroad tracks in a field in Iowa. My grandma had it appraised a long time ago but we are trying to find the paperwork so I'll post it if she finds it.

Here are some pics with what I think to be the markings. The overall length is 55" but it looks like someone cut it down from a longer length.

13 images | 33 replies

No title

In a war between Indonesia and Australia, there is no question who will be the victor.
29 images | 137 replies

No title

Funny that of the three aircraft the F-22 has seen the least action.
31 images | 141 replies

/pcc/ Pistol Caliber Carbine General

Slingin' coke, blastin' folks Edition.
Old Thread: >>41164639

If you were going to transport your pcc on the down-low, how would you do it? Inconspicuous bag? Baggy shirt and sling?
60 images | 231 replies

Good Ol' Gramps' 30 Aught

I'm a casual shooter getting back into the sport after a decade+ hiatus. Built an AR platform about 6 months ago and have been enjoying it.

Was given grandpappys remmy 30-06 and 270 as they were just found in the attic. He's been dead just over 25 years but it appears they were put away clean and oiled. Good man. Gave them the once over and today shot a few rounds through them. Surprisingly everything is still zero'd in.

Wanting to give the guns an update and hand one back to my father. New optics, possibly furniture, so I can take them deer hunting later on in the year.

Curious what you nibbas would do given this opportunity. I can do basic research but I simply don't have the breadth of knowledge of whats going on in the market currently and shit is way different than it was when I was younger.

Trying to stay around 1K for the optics but was given some suggestions by a friend, so looking at :
Nightforce SHV 4-14X50
Nikon FX1000
Vortex Viper PST Gen2 5-25X50 - leaning towards vortex as the reviews seem to be excellent thus far

Also where are your favorite places to pick up optics other than opticsplanet?
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Modern gun in`

/k/ gunsmiths and armchair experts,
7.62x25mm Tokarev is my favorite handgun cartridge and I love the way it shoots, how plentiful and chap it is and how well it penetrates. How would one go about converting one of the modern, sub-compact, polymer guns to shoot 7.62x25mm Tokarev? Getting a custom barrel wouldn't be so hard but rest of the geometry might be..

Possible? Anyone have some ideas?
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No title

First let me explain that I absolutely do believe we have the right to bear arms for hunting and target shooting. That being said, there is simply no reason for a mere civilian to own an assault rifle. It is a weapon literally meant to "assault" an enemy position in times of war. Given that rifles only kill a few hundred people a year in the US, the loss of these guns will be minimal because they are simply not used for self defense. They are used for slaughtering large numbers of civilians in prolific mass shootings. No one is hunting deer with an AR-15. One shot from it and you'd blow the damn thing into pieces, it ruins the meat.

All that being said, why are we continuing to allow these weapons of mass destruction in our society? Let's discuss this issue and find a solution we can all agree on.
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/akg/ AK General

AK General /akg/
Quit Clowning Around Edition
>Thread #810

Old thread here >>41205422
116 images | 324 replies

Meanwhile, on 80s /k/...

On the way to bust some cocaine cowboys in Miami... tell me about your loadout and tactics.
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/kvg/ Video Games General

vegas 2 edition

who's still playing?
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No title

>march/inna woods activity is over
>sit down panting, dying of thirst
>unholster canteen and begin to drink

I'm gonna laugh at all the 1 quartlets dying of thirst when the habbening happens, after you chug down 1/2 your canteen after that march or physical activity and realize you aren't even close to having enough water.
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No title

FN 15
FN makes near exact replicas of the standard service rifles in use by the United States Armed Forces today for only $1700. Why do you not own one?
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Why are these conversion kits popular

These Glock conversion kits have been becoming more and more space age faggotry, why would you do this instead of just getting something else that has a rifle stock?
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No title

Has anyone seen my canteen?
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How does this work?
Also, anyone know of some other anti-drone weapons?
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/k/ube discussion

What Does the /k/ube favor more, destruction or violence?
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No title

Is there a point to a muzzle brake or flashhider on a 16" 9mm carbine?
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No title

How do you guys decide which gun(s) you want to buy next?
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Have you forgotten?

Have you forgotten about all of the righteous actions PSA has taken to help defend our God given 2nd amendment rights?

From the beginning PSA has set out on the noble quest to arm America's gun owners with very reasonably priced, quality AR-15 rifles. Ensuring AR-15s, and other arms are, and continue to be in common use.

During the California mag rush PSA was one of the first retailers to accept orders (among RobertRTG, and others). Fulfilling as many standard capacity magazine orders as they could from Friday evening, until just several minutes before the deadline. When California's nefarious attorney general Xavier Becerra lied that no magazines had been imported into the state, PSA formally stepped forward and declared their
most honorable actions.

>On April 3, 2019, my office contacted representatives of Palmetto State
Armory (“PSA”). PSA representatives informed Plaintiffs’ counsel that PSA had
sold significant quantities of magazines capable of holding more than 10 rounds to
California. Due to the extremely tight deadlines under which the parties are litigating
this issue and due to the limitations of PSA’s software, Plaintiffs are unable to
provide PSA’s exact figures at this time, but we will file a supplemental declaration
as soon as those numbers are available
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No title

Observink of mine advanzig sharpenink setups
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High Speed Low Drag

Speaking from my own experience I’ve found that many of the guys who served in special units militarily aren’t really that into guns. I work with a couple guys 1 was a Marine Raider the other was Ex-Delta, they both express interest in shooting but openly admit to being disinterested in guns in general. I asked them further about it and they explained that once you do things like pop peoples melons with an anti-material rifle or call in air strikes on positions nothing really compares....which I feel is rather understandable. Not to mention I’ve come to find out both of them have large numbers of firearms given as gifts by the units and one even has a full auto AK bring back from Afghanistan. Another interesting thing I’ve found is these men have no problem discussing stories and missions, they don’t claim to have PTSD from it, and they seem rather proud of what they did. Are average soldiers simply too mentally weak to handle warfare?
>Also general Operator Thread.
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Savage super sporter

sup /k/
i recently came into possession of a (what i think is an original) savage super sporter in 30-06.
everything is in great condition and i was wondering if anyone knows what model it is, and how much i could get for it.
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/sgg/: Shotgun General

Shotgun barrels are like age of consent laws: The legal minimum is 18, but everyone knows that 14 would make way more sense.

Post your scatterguns - long or short - here.
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Tell me why I shouldn't defend my property with one.
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No title

>be me
>be super cheap many many years ago
>everyone buys me
>I have a few problems but most people overlook them
>despite that I'm still super popular
>the years pass by
>my price steadily increases but people still love me
>jump to current year
>my price has risen far above reasonable compared to all my competition
>people still buy me because I'm so popular
>it's mostly new shooters who don't know any better or fanboys who don't care that everything else is better
>be Glock
>pic unrelated
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Plain clothes operators

plain clothes operators thread. Post pics of operators wearing casual/civilian clothes
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No title

>go to pawn shop
>old boomer is very friendly
>realizes I actually know my shit unlike his average mouthbreathing customers
>we hit it off and talk for an hour about milsurp
>mention $12 Krags in an old catalog I have and how it sucks that I couldn’t buy one back then
>”Ya know son, I have an 1898 barreled action that I saved from someone who wanted to make it a hunting rifle, I’ll give it to you if you want it. I’m too old to get around to restoring it”
>”I said give didn’t I”
It’s my birthday and he made my day. Thank you based boomer, you’re probably not on here but I’ll do you proud.
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Hey /k/, just wanted to know if you guys actually know how to shoot. How good of a shot are you, how tight are your shot groups, what do you guys do at the range?
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No title

Name a better bolt action rifle

pro-tip: you cant
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Britbong here, why is it that this rifle continues to carry the awful stigma that the first iteration was known for? I mean you may think I'm just prideful about my countries service rifle but at the same time it's absurd that people continue to mock it for it's unreliability when it stopped being a reality as soon as BAE systems hired HK to rework the weapon system.
>even the Germans couldn't fix it
They literally fucking could, and they did.
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No title

is it true they blow up?
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Is the Norinco Type 54 a good gun?

Was looking into getting a second gun, My walther is a very nice gun, but I like having some variety.

It seems to be a rather cheap gun one some sites and some versions do get more expensive, so is it a gun worth investing into?

Also is it good for concealed carry? I love my Walther PPK/S, but it is very heavy and jeans with belts can't hold it up on a simple Belt clip Holster.

Also if I can find maybe a better holster that isn't crazy expensive, what kind of holster should I get for Florida laws?

All help is appreciated, just looking for handguns though, I have an Idea for when I start collecting rifles, but I'd rather have a handgun or revolver. Top loading revolvers are pretty cool if you can recommend ones that might be good for conceal carry or fun.

Sorry if I'm asking for a lot /k/ I mostly lurk, but when I posted here years ago about my Walther, people were very helpful, I trust you guys more than most gun stores.
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No title

maxresdefault (8)
Why did PSA's cheapo Freedom Rifle perform better than the Daniel Defense in AKOU's tests? I don't get it. Isn't the whole point of paying that much on an AR having something extremely reliable that you can take to war?
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best .22?

Argument time!

What is the grandest .22 that exists. Why?
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Favorite aesthetic thread

I love yugoslav/Serbian shit how about you anon? What do you spend your neetbux on?
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No title

How reliable are these? Looking to put it with a sub2k. Weight shouldn’t be too much of an issue.
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Boot Knives

Worth it or pointless?

Got some 5.11 ATAC 2.0 at a steep discount the other day (30% off so $69.99) figured they'd make decent hiking/camping boots for the price. Realized they have a "hidden" boot knife pocket and some okay brands aren't that expensive ($12-20 depending on length of blade).

Already have a pack with a PC carbine or a pistol I carry daily, along with a Benchmade folder and Leatherman Multitool, so it's not like I don't already have a knife and self defense weapon.
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Makarov's Replace

This is the Udav, say something nice to it
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No title

Are gorkas over hyped as hunting and combat garments, or is there actually something to them?
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No title

M1Garand in 458 WIN
is this officially unobtainium? and if not, how can i get one?
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