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No title

/hm/ is for sharing porn.

People posting new threads should post several images (6+) to get the thread started. Don't just post one image and expect other people to do the work of making a successful thread.

Hookup, camwhore, and 'rate me' threads should go on /soc/.
Advice threads should go on /adv/. (work-safe).
Discussion of LGBT topics should go on /lgbt/. (work-safe).
Requests for sources, or more images should go on /r/.
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Feet thread

37 images | 60 replies

Hot guys like this

17 images | 22 replies

Advice please

Met a guy with the perfect ass and cock (pics related) but there’s a catch. He’s really stubborn and everything I ask him to do is always a struggle, like changing positions etc. It went so far as to when he texted me if he can come over, suck my dick and leave, he wouldn’t suck my dick until I sucked his (which we already agreed I wouldn’t do, not a fan). Hard for me to see him again even though he’s already been begging for a month or so. Thoughts?
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No title

What's the most beautiful anus you've ever seen?

Me, Cal Skye's anus is just perfect.
31 images | 34 replies

/hm/ Sauce Thread MK CVII: Forever Shaven Edition

Previous Thread: >>1828124

To stop all the source threads deleting good content, a general source thread is required. /r/ doesn't do gay shit and mods ban/delete individual source threads.

How to obtain your source:
1) Post your picture or description
2) Post what you want (name, company, etc)
3) Post any information you have (where/when the picture is from, etc)
4) Wait for a mars/hm/allow to help you and then say thanks.

Together we can stop the 404ing of good porn.

Please use Google image search (and common sense) before posting in this thread.

There is also a gay porn encyclopedia which can be found here:
It has a huge library of many different actors, studios, films and other information which you may find helpful.

Finally, please do not reply to users who ask for a source by creating their own thread. This removes porn from /hm/ and they should not be rewarded for their actions.
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guys asses with their underwear down thread

2 images | 2 replies

Guys in underwear


The last one seemed to be a success. You know what to do
148 images | 177 replies

Ex Youtuber Etika

Anyone can try to bait him on instagram? His dick looks big and I think he's really horny lol
1 images | 4 replies

No title

Hot sexy Aussies.
6 images | 12 replies

No title

black guy thread!
86 images | 146 replies

Twinks in Chastity

Screen Shot 2019-01-09 at 4.07.43 PM
old thread capped, here to replace it
54 images | 111 replies


9 images | 14 replies

No title

Post young offseason muscular beefy guys

Can range from being bulked fit bodybuilders to being actually overweight to fat guys but with a lot of muscle. Clothed or nude is fine but no over the top hyper-sexualized stuff or over the top gruffness or body hair fetish shit or daddy stuff like people into this kind of thing post way too much, try to keep straightforward pictures in lieu of tryhard narcissistic stuff. Some of that stuff is okay if its circumstantial but if it's too on the nose it's just fucking retarded. Keep the pictures focused on the body, this thread isn't for cocks or holes or fluids.

>I can make these rules because this is my thread
106 images | 131 replies

post the THREE BIGGEST DICKS on your computer

61 images | 99 replies

Twink slut

17 images | 40 replies


tyler torro
Pics with hot guys and their reflection in one pic
29 images | 29 replies

Off season body builders

I’m really into muscular guys with a bit of belly. Something about the small pad of beef is so erotic to me.
13 images | 25 replies

cash masters

post cash masters
bonus if you're currently enslaved by them
15 images | 52 replies

Nude sports teams

21 images | 40 replies

Pornstars / Escorts

Pics of porn actors who escort or on social media. Here’s Deviantman star Jack Dixion also on rentmen
13 images | 28 replies

Built studs and burly men in chastity

Because chastity is too hot to be left to skinny little twinks
68 images | 79 replies

Latex slaves in chastity

17 images | 25 replies

Bear Thread

Let's get a Bear Thread going on.
24 images | 41 replies

Just some big dicks I love

33 images | 44 replies

Diaper/AB Thread

Big Butt Edition

Diaper boys of all forms and sizes.
Last Thread >>1791084
73 images | 107 replies

Jakipz (OnlyFans)

Does anyone have any of his nudes???
9 images | 26 replies

No title

Would you suck unwashed and hairy cocks(no STDS) at a public restroom through a gloryhole?
63 images | 105 replies

Humiliated men

Post pics of men being embaressed naked. Stripped, pantsed, exposed ect
0 images | 2 replies

Balls you'd love to lick

39 images | 41 replies

What are you favorites bottom twinks?

All kinds of twinks, but not twunks
24 images | 43 replies

Guys pissing

24 images | 24 replies


Old Thread: 1773464

give us your scrawny, your awkward, your pale and spotty. gives us your nearsighted, farsighted, and your just plain kind of weird-looking

don't just post guys with glasses or guys in marvel shirts. that's not what this is about
55 images | 86 replies

John Murphy Thread

Let's see some more of John.

The one of him wearing a plastic bag over his head was interesting and hot.
3 images | 34 replies

Guys with long hair pt. 2

37 images | 42 replies

No title

last thread >1818131
5 images | 5 replies

No title

Is Bel Gris going gay anytime soon? I saw the trailer of his last porn and he touched the dick of Zeus Ray. Can't find a rip of the video anywhere though
21 images | 108 replies

No title

Faces only
24 images | 27 replies

Can Somebody help me

Can Somebody help me to find this video?
0 images | 1 replies

Guys with hot bodies who have horrible faces.

ITT we post guys we know or hooked up with who have hot bodies but their faces are disgusting dumpster fires.

Pic related is a Russian dude living in the US who barely speaks English and is always on Grindr looking for the BBC.
42 images | 84 replies

Guys in Briefs

The real man's underwear
82 images | 92 replies

Beautiful faces

This thread is dedicated to beautiful male faces.

No nudity, please!
92 images | 161 replies

Seducing straight guys

Post pics, videos or stories of seducing a straight guy.

Extra points for pics of guys you seduced.
9 images | 116 replies

No title

(old) Daddy thread 42
Erstwhile thread: >>1795401
150 images | 284 replies

Source or file

So i would like to ask if someone has the file or gif of this guy with brown hair, blue sweater and facial hair striping. Would love it if you guys have it. Thanks anons (image unrelated)
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post brown butts getting BLEACHED
75 images | 153 replies

Handsome Small Cocks

Because tiny penises deserve our love too.
127 images | 236 replies

Pics that have made you cum more than 10x

Post your go to pics
131 images | 196 replies

No title

4 images | 11 replies


So, there was this video on tumblr of this asian chub being massaged by another man with his penis sticking out of his boxer-shorts, anyone has any idea where I can get it since tumblr is catholic now?
2 images | 9 replies

/hm/ in art

Anyone got any fave paintings and sculptures?
139 images | 183 replies

Guys in under armour

29 images | 31 replies

No title

Hot ass thread
66 images | 81 replies

/webmg: webm general/

Post your webms

4chan guide to making webms >>>/wsg/957539

Here's an easy to use online webm converter

- Click the 'Disable audio track' box (mods don't allow audio on webms on /hm/)
- If you don't want to convert your whole video enter the times you want to cut in the 'Cut video' boxes
- To get your video under 3MB (the board's webm size limit) then set your bitrate in the 'Change video bitrate' box as 25,000 divided by the length of your video in seconds. e.g If your webm will be 10 seconds then set the bitrate as 2500kbps (25000/10), if it's 20 seconds then it's
1250kbps (25000/20), if it's a minute then 417kbps (25000/60).
- If your video is still over 3MB then lower the bitrate further or cut a smaller portion of the original video
- If your webm is grainy try using a lower video resolution under 'Change screen size'. You only need to enter either a width or a height, not both. The component left blank will be automatically calculated.

Extra tip: youtube-dl can download videos from most websites
18 images | 34 replies

No title

Cute emo guys thread
9 images | 18 replies

Wet, glistening and cum covered amateur cocks

Anything amateur that makes you think "juicy"
43 images | 51 replies

Black Daddies and Barley Legal White Bois

Looking for more stuff like the pic my neighbor took when him and I hooked up.

>pic related
39 images | 160 replies

Male porn actors thread

Diego Sans
0 images | 0 replies

No title

femboy ass thread
81 images | 113 replies

No title

19 images | 34 replies

Dick and Hole

Post pics with both a guy's dick and hole fullt visible. There are a couple different possible poses for this.
41 images | 43 replies

Boyfriend Material

Sleepy BF
Men who you want to see waiting for you at home every night...

Previous thread reached image limit:
>>1753610 (OP)
124 images | 194 replies


I'm a masc usually top guy but thinking about trying it any advice? and do think it would be better with a top or bottom for my first time?
26 images | 261 replies

Military guys

73 images | 105 replies

Huge cocks

Pics of huge cocks. No photoshopped crap. Real pics only
8 images | 9 replies

guys fucking things

12 images | 15 replies

sucking cock

10 images | 10 replies

No title

Fisting and Fingering
35 images | 68 replies

No title

daddyfu thread

ill start
51 images | 86 replies

Gay incest

Post pics, gifs and storys haven’t seen one of this threads in a while
32 images | 268 replies


previous thread >>1810310

post 'em
big or small, erect or flaccid, white or brown, young or mature, head covered or exposed, doesn't matter as long as they're the way nature intended
149 images | 218 replies

No title

let's start a mooning thread, because thank fuck for whoever told guys that showing your ass was funny
30 images | 33 replies

No title

How many guys here have tried to suck themselves? How many succeeded?

Also autofellatio/self-sucking image thread
45 images | 139 replies

Amateur oral

Post amateurs with dicks in their mouths
26 images | 36 replies


Post dreams you have had or would like to have.
Nudity preferred.
18 images | 38 replies

Size difference thread? Size difference thread!

Well, it's a day ending in Y, so why not a Size Difference thread? It's 12F here and covered in snow, so bonus points for hugging/snuggling pics.
41 images | 62 replies

What's your dream celeb incest pairing?

For me, I'd love to see David Beckham pound his son Brooklyn's tight ass.
31 images | 108 replies

Bearded men

Any pics, gifs, webms about men with beards.
46 images | 69 replies

Guys at work

Post guys showing their dick in their work clothes or uniforms
53 images | 87 replies

No title

White men with brown/dark blonde hair and blue eyes
21 images | 35 replies

guys in these positions please also post big balls and ass cleavage

14 images | 16 replies

No title

Jiggy butts
46 images | 91 replies

No title

Priest thread?
71 images | 148 replies

Hairy ass thread

140 images | 160 replies

I need to find these guys names

I really want to know who these two are
40 images | 40 replies

Good ol gif thread

112 images | 158 replies

Underwater Nudity

Submerged situations
51 images | 74 replies

blonde hotness v5.0

86 images | 159 replies

nordic thread

post tall, blonde, muscular nordic (looking) gods
33 images | 51 replies

Asian Raceplay

You know the drill: Asian bottoms, tiny dicks, and BWC/BBC.
40 images | 111 replies

Jockstrap appreciation

As suggested in the general guys in underwear thread, this is dedicated to jockstraps. Post away!
49 images | 64 replies

i wanna lick his tongue with mine

tongue thread
38 images | 72 replies


Risky exposure
56 images | 61 replies

Vintage mustaches

unnamed (5)
Men were so much sexy back then.
61 images | 75 replies

sucking cock

50 images | 56 replies

Emo Twinks VIII: I Can't Believe It's Not Kyler

Previous thread:
40 images | 84 replies

Vintage Medical Exams and Lockers

46 images | 104 replies

PigBoy Ruben Videos

Show me all, teddy Torres one is the goal boys
9 images | 11 replies

Anti-Trap, Men in Womens Lingerie

Anybody else enjoy men in womens lingerie? I don't mean femme looking traps or twinks, I like normal looking guys in lingerie. I don't have much so contribute if you can.
64 images | 87 replies

No title

Blue Collar
Men you know are Blue Collar by looking at them
133 images | 181 replies


mars/hm/ellows, how do rim a man without getting shit in your mouth? i think is really hot in porn but i'm not into scat at all.
also, general rimming pics thread
28 images | 68 replies

men with hot lips

either juicy, wet, full, whatever you find attractive. Celebrities, people you know personally...
82 images | 126 replies

Wrestling/MMA/Combat sports NO FAKE WWE SHIT

Continued from >>1788533

Real wrestling and combat sports. What turns you on about two men fighting each other? I love one sided matches where the better looking athlete gets #rekt.
Share whatever gets you hard.
106 images | 138 replies

Men in costumes

Which one is sexiest to you and why?
19 images | 52 replies


Big Black Cock
7 images | 7 replies

Young Mick Jagger (and Similar)

Share racy and/or pornographic pics of young Mick Jagger and guys who have a similar look.
13 images | 22 replies

Sports/Jocks Thread

Jock homoeroticism! I have so much to share.

Please only real athletes, not models or porn stars in sports gear.
105 images | 114 replies

Obligatory Valentine's Day Post

4 images | 7 replies


Known as 'Chris D' and/or 'John' from ''. Where is he now? More of his stuff??
0 images | 5 replies

/Florence Nightingale effect/

Post cute injured men.

Bruises, scratches, crutches, etc

19 images | 27 replies

men with shaved heads & dicks out

u kno wtf im talkin about
29 images | 46 replies

Ass thread

Post em
48 images | 55 replies

Small Nipples

Guys with tiny nips idk why it's so hot
35 images | 60 replies

Hairy hunks

118 images | 155 replies

No title

Does anybody know archive site for xhamster? Something similar to tumbex
0 images | 2 replies

No title

Anyone wear metal on their junk? Show us!
22 images | 42 replies

People kissing/cumming on book covers

post your best photos!
3 images | 4 replies

No title

Michael Hoffman hate him or love him hes hot either way.
10 images | 16 replies

Gonna finger myself for the first time post some hot videos

I'm gonna finger myself for the first time tonight. I need some hot videos with some ripped guys. You can also post some hot pornstars. None of that bear shit. Also please post the source or if you have a membership for some website you wanna give feel free too. Thanks :)
5 images | 19 replies

No title

Whose your celebrity crush /hm/?
147 images | 282 replies


131 images | 206 replies

Where is this from/Who are these people

Does anyone know which production company made this video, or who these actors are?
6 images | 18 replies

No title

images (68)
Define the word 'BEAUTIFUL' with one picture.

For me there's nothing more beautiful in the universe than a big, bearded, brown man sucking your dick and eating your jizz.
18 images | 25 replies

Cock + Pits = Cockpit Thread

150 images | 168 replies

Flaccid/boner fat dick thread

Such an underrated category I think
109 images | 152 replies

ITT first gay experience (sexual)

i'll go first
> be me 2 years ago
>have gym with this really hot guy
i'm into bears, he has a definite gut and a very nice bulge
>doing climbing
>can practically see the bulge through the harness
>grope him in the changing room one day
>he doesn't immediately push me away
and thus, began my plan
>next lesson
>Propose a deal
>he climbs one of the things, he can ask me of a 'favour' that doesn't involve public embarresment or spending money
>he suggests i blow him
and thus i've incepted the idea
>he climbs the thing
>cut to several months later, to fb messenger
>"so is that deal still credible?"
machiavelli starts laughing in the background
>we start talking about when, i recommend a sleepover
>circumstances keep getting in the way
>one day, gym teacher is absent
>double free period
>suggest we go to gym toilet
>he agrees
>We go to toilet
>try deepthroating him
>he's like, 6-7 inches
>it's glorious
>cut to next week
>we go to rarely-used toilet
>blow him again
This goes on until the end of the school year
>Cut to last year
>blow him again in first week
> Now we're off and on again, sometimes i blow him after gym, sometimes i don't because time's a cunt
i sometimes blow him on thursdays since we had lunch together
i'm 18 now, going to uni soon

how about you guys?
pic is my dick because reasons
6 images | 106 replies

No title

Who is he?
1 images | 5 replies

Hot armpits hot guys

Always like a look at a guy's pits ;) post your faves
75 images | 77 replies

Celebrity Twinks

Post any celebrity twinks you'd like to get dirty with or wish just decided to do some porn
3 images | 8 replies

Long haired men

150 images | 172 replies

post big balls ! thick cock

7 images | 8 replies

Sexy politicians

conor lamb-a
59 images | 102 replies

No title

bend over face
from behind and looking back at it, face visible
145 images | 174 replies

No title

The best 4 some(720_P)_1
Train thread
31 images | 53 replies

No title

Cock Selfies...amatuer dicks with face fully visible.
Thread 2
143 images | 223 replies

Tied up Guys

Post pics of sexy guys tied, gagged, and helpless!
84 images | 122 replies

Picture sets

To use as you will
38 images | 44 replies

"getting drilled from behind" thread

anyone know where this is from?

also "getting drilled from behind" thread
56 images | 115 replies

Hot cross country runners

Post guys like this
12 images | 13 replies


>ITT: Post pics of men holding their dicks together, united in one in their love making
26 images | 48 replies

Streams of pleasure

Mmmmm post your pissing pics, gifs and vid links!
0 images | 0 replies

No title

I ran a male celebrity fake Tumblr for a while.
Now I have no where to dump my artwork, anyone knows a place?
0 images | 5 replies

Around the world thread

Everyone post a hot guy from a different country without any countries repeating. He can be clothed, in underwear, nude, or whatever as long as you don’t repeat. I’ll start first with Spain!
34 images | 72 replies

Grindr Guys

Pics of guys you from Grindr
42 images | 66 replies

Guys like Stu from SC

Post some hot pornstars that look like Stu from Sean Cody.
5 images | 7 replies

Wedgies/Bullying thread

Somebody said they wanted to see some wedgies.
144 images | 193 replies

Balls Thread

sucking/worshipping balls or anything -- balls
126 images | 142 replies

Joel Dump

49 images | 149 replies

Guys from your gym

50792063_627421457701889_3867558629435534693_n (1)
15 images | 17 replies


13 images | 19 replies