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Welcome to /his/ - History & Humanities

This board is dedicated to the discussion of history and the other humanities such as philosophy, religion, law, classical artwork, archeology, anthropology, ancient languages, etc. Please use /lit/ for discussions of literature. Threads should be about specific topics, and the creation of "general" threads is discouraged.

For the purpose of determining what is history, please do not start threads about events taking place less than 25 years ago. Historical discussions should be focused on past events, and not their contemporary consequences. Discussion of modern politics, current events, popular culture, or other non-historical topics should be posted elsewhere. General discussions about international culture should go on /int/.

/his/ is not /pol/, and Global Rule #3 is in effect. Do not try to treat this board as /pol/ with dates. Blatant racism and trolling will not be tolerated, and a high level of discourse is expected. History can be examined from many different conflicting viewpoints; please treat other posters with respect and address the content of their post instead of attacking their character.

When discussing history, please reference credible source material, and provide as much supporting information as possible in your posts.
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No title

Why were the Greeks so fucking gay?
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>make a mistake
>have your entire clan executed
What was wrong with China?
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So how did Peterson vs Zizek debate go? Did the commies win, or were they forced to clean their rooms?
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No title

>American movie/TV show
>"The ancient Romans had a room where they ate and vomited, the Purgatorium"

Every time
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The Congress of Vienna
> perfection doesn't exi-
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from 1570 to 1575 a pan-Asian military alliance formed primarily by the Sultanate of Bijapur, the Sultanate of Ahmadnagar, the Kingdom of Calicut and the Sultanate of Aceh attempted to overturn Portuguese presence in the Indian Ocean through a combined assault on some of the main Portuguese possessions in India
The Portuguese forces numbered under ten thousands while the Indian alliance numbered in the hundreds of thousands, despite this the Indians were all decisively defeated and suffered tens of thousands of casualties, the combined assault of some of the most powerful kingdoms in Asia on Portuguese possessions failed to achieve any significant objectives, let alone decisively overturn Portuguese influence in the Indian Ocean. On the contrary, the rulers of Bijapur, Ahmadnagar and the Zamorin were forced to come to terms that were favourable to the Portuguese: among other terms, they would charge no fees from Christian merchants, harbour no enemy fleets of the Portuguese and resume paying tribute to Goa, in exchange for Portuguese assistance in clearing the western Indian coast of piracy and authorization to trade in Portuguese ports (provided every ship carried an appropriate trading license, or cartaz), essentially recognizing Portuguese dominion of the sea.
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Aryan religion

Are buddhism and hinduism the only legit aryan religions left? If one wants to be super aryan, should one be a buddhist or a hindu instead of larping as a nordic, celtic or roman pagan?
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No title

How much is this piece of ring worth? It says "BRVTVS" on it.
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No title

Say hello to the Chinese of ww2, /his/. They were the first ones to die in the war, they fought for the longest time, they suffered the most casualties and were the only ones who didn't commit any mass atrocities to any other nationality in the war (except to themselves). After the war, the newly established PRC even treated the Japanese who were left behind in the mainland well, and considered them too victims of Imperial Japan. Was there any other participant in ww2 who truly were the good guys like the Chinese?
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No title

What is the goal of the Übermensch?
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No title

Why does Japan refuse to give scientists permission to conduct DNA analysis of bones found in the burial mound?

What are they afraid of? That that the imperial family is actually Korean DNA?
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No title

Screen Shot 2019-04-21 at 9.47.34 am
Who decided Paraguay would be a good idea?

It's called "maritime trade", not "have a pile of grass, help me Argentina you're my only hope".

Has Argentina kept the Paraguay man down?
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Discuss Catholic Homogenized Anarchism

Brothers and Sisters,

The secular world is not for us. Our day to day lives run on the words of fundamentally flawed politicians made law. These politicians spread the degeneracy of the fiscal powers. Decentralized religions preach heresy swaying to the whims of the degenerated culture. We distrust our peers as degenerate strangers. We sell degenerate goods in the marketplace. Our personal health suffers from drugs: substance and digital.

Our God despises these things. For Catholics He has supplied a Church built on Peter and his succession, which by great faith have done great works. There was never another Church that has most greatly converted the heathen, repelled their savagery, and ended heresies. Let us not live by the dead word of men but the Living Word of God.
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Presumerians ( samarra culture)was indo europeans

The first inhabitant until the sumerians came later on around 3 milenium bc were IE , the linguistic substrstum of the first inhabitants of the area still persist

anše 'donkey; equid' European *assin 'donkey'
(3) dub 'clay tablet' Akk. Hitt. tuppi 'clay tablet'
(17) musara 'inscription' Indo-Iranian *mudra 'seal'
(27) urbara 'wolf' (?) PIE *ẉlkw
o- 'wolf'
(6) gi4-in 'female worker' PIE *g
when 'woman'
(19) sí-sí 'horse' Hurr. issia Indo-Iranian (*?)
(23) šeg9 / *šneg4 'snow' PIE *sneigwh 'snow'
(25) ú-li-in 'colored twine' Unknown IE language
Possibly of Proto-Historic origin
(7) gígir(a) 'chariot' (?) PIE *k
lo- 'wheel'
(8) gu7(d
) 'ox; bull; cattle' PIE *g
ou(s)- 'cow'
(20) šáḫ(a) 'pig' PIE *suh1- 'pig'
(21) še 'barley; grain' PIE *seh1- 'to sow'
(26) u8(a) 'ewe' PIE *h3owis 'ewe; sheep'
(28) uru4 'to sow; cultivate' PIE *h2erh1- 'to plow'
(29) urud(a) 'copper' PIE *h1reudh
-ó- 'red'
(2) bur(u(d)) 'to perforate' ? PIE *b
)) 'to perforate'
(4) erin; ḫurin 'eagle' ? PIE *h3orno- 'eagle'
(5) gan(a) 'give birth' ? PIE *genh1- 'to give birth'
(9) b
gur(u) 'crow' ? PIE *kórw-eh2 'crow'
(10) gu7(r) 'to eat' ? PIE *g
er 'to devour'
(11) gúr 'to circle' ? PIE *ģ
er- 'to enclose'
(12) igi 'eye' ? PIE *h3ekw
- 'eye'
(13) izi 'fire; brazier' ? PIE *h1eus- 'to burn'
(14) kur 'mountain' ? PIE *g
er 'mount'
(15) luḫ(u) 'to wash' ? PIE *leh2w- 'to wash'
(16) maḫ(a) 'to be powerful' ? PIE *magh
'to be able; ~ power'
(18) nu 'no' ? PIE *ne- 'no'
(24) tag(a) 'to touch' ? PIE *tag- 'to touch'
(22) šed 'to lie down; to sit' ? PIE *sed- 'to sit'
(30) úš 'blood; to die; to kill' ? PIE *(h1)ésh2r- 'blood'

The samarra culture or proto eufrateans like some call it have a clear distinct language art, names for the town that sumerians symbly copied .....
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No title

>*sinks French 74 gun third rate with a 22 gun sloop*

Why was the French Navy so easily defeated during the Revolutionary and Napoleonic wars?
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Africa Colonial History

How come Britain colonized strategically important countries like South Africa (minerals), Kenya (white highlands), Sudan and Egypt (Nile) while France got stuck with Landlocked Sand Countries in West Africa?
And then in post-colonial Africa the British colonies turned better than French ones? For every French success story there is a British one that did better.
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No title

Tell me about the Anglo-Japanese alliance, why did it break down?
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No title

How do we know God is omni-benevolent? Maybe he's just trying his best, but has conflicts and emotions of his own.
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No title

Screen Shot 2019-04-21 at 9.21.29 am
How did Ethiopia get seacucked?
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No title

alexander le great
Is there any one figure from history more OP than Alexander?
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Pre-colonial Philippines

>wealthy, mostly hinduized states that engaged in commerce and diplomatic relations with other states in the region(Kingdom of Tondo, Rajahnate of Cebu, Kingdom of Butuan)
>clearly took lot’s of influence through trade and foreign relations from other hindustates at the time like Kampucha, Majapahit, Ayutthaya, Champa...

>not a single ancient temple built/surviving today
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No title

Deepest question
Here are the most important questions of philosophy. You should be able to solve one of those for every year you are posting on /his/. Pseuds, newfags, and people with less than 95 IQ do not apply.
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No title

What are some pretty cool but lesser known men of history?
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No title

how do we know so little about pre-imperial Japan?
It is during a time when most of Asia and Europe had relatively detailed records already, but Japaan until around 600AD is essentially Mythical
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French Algeria

Why De Gaulle abandoned Algeria? He wasn't supposed to be a french patriot? He fall for the decolonization meme?
After that France just losed all their influence outside Europe.
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No title

>raided Britain for centuries
>stole native Briton lands (parts of Wales, Cornwall and all of Scotland)
>forced their culture upon the Picts and genocided the Crutini
>were known as savages who took the heads of their enemies and biting off their cheeks
>wore no shoes
>killed countless English and Scottish settlers
>Portadown Massacre
>betrayed England numerous times
>murder innocent British civilians
Why do people act like the taigs are these poor oppressed people even though they pull this type of shit?
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No title

How the FUCK did Israel win the 1948 war?
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The Real Hunchback of Notre Dame (or how Notre Dame was burned down the first time)

The Profanation of Notre Dame
>Jacobinism is at peak autism across all of France
>the Reign of Terror grips the country
>a war of extermination (as it was literally called by the leaders of the Revolution) is being carried out against the people of the Vendée for daring to stand up to a government that had little respect for them or their traditional way of life
>in a bid to dismantle the last vestiges of the Ancien Régime, the Revolutionary government steal the reasonable American institution of Separation of Church and State and take it to new extremes that not even the Founding Fathers could've conceived of
>public worship is outlawed, evenutally devolving into a full blown de-Christianization campaign
>thousands of employees of the Catholic Church, from clergymen to janitors, are massacred or forced to flee abroad
>Notre Dame, long seen as a symbol of both the Church and the French monarchy becomes a target of revolutionary hysteria
>28 statues depicting the various Kings of Judah (Saul, Solomon, David, etc.) are pulled off the facade and publicly decapitated in the square right outside the cathedral
>the glass-paned windows are smashed
>the building is ransacked of virtually everything of value inside that isn't nailed down to the foundation
>suffers a fire at some point that destroys part of the building
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How come every death camp was in the soviet occupied territory and none in the American territory?

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No title

420 hitler
>be Adolf Hitler in the Wolfsschanze on April 20, 1941
>be laying out planning for the invasion of the Soviet Union set to start in two months, Master Plan East, and the extermination of Russian Jewry, later to expanded to all European Jews
>be speaking with OKW, laying out final plans for the initiation of Operation Barbarossa
>a flash of bright light appears in the middle of the room
>Keital, Jodl, and the others, thinking it's a bomb bolt from the room to call the SS guards
>out of a portal steps this tall and slender negroid
>he's wearing brightly colored red, black yellow, and green clothes
>he's got this oversized pair of darkened glasses and out of the portal emanates this oddly rhythmic beat
>he speaks to you in this odd accent of English
>he calls himself "Snoop Hund"
>he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a smelly bag and hands it to you
>you open it to see this strange green plant inside of it
>Snoop Hund produces this oddly misrolled cigarette, lights it, takes a quick puff and offers it to you
>you attempt to refuse as you do not smoke
>Snoop Hund reiterates that he will not leave until you try it at least once
>figuring whatever he's offering you isn't poisoned, you accept in the hopes that he'll leave so you can get back to planning the future of Germany
>you take the cigarette into your hands and put it to your lips
>you inhale and feel the hot air fill your lungs
>you exhale
>Snoop Hund tells you that you're in for a wild ride or something
>just then you can hear banging on the door
>Snoop Hund wishes you goodbye and disappears with a flash of light just as a platoon of LSSAH men finally breaks down the steel door and storm the room
>Jodl enters with pistol drawn
>he asks you if you are alright when suddenly you start to see strange colors
>you feel this unusually pleasuring buzz
>you start to become lightheaded...

What happens next? Would Hitler lose the war alot sooner then in our timeline? Would Operation Barbarossa be postponed?
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No title

Is this the most ridiculous weapon ever designed and successfully used?
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No title

Why did Constantinople get the works?
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Oskar Schindler Museum

I recently was in Krakau to see the sights, and during my visit I went to Auschwitz. The presentation was alright but there was one exhibition that sort of put me off. This section full of hair, which supposedly was shaved off prisoners to make Wehrmacht Uniforms, like actual hair. Is there any historical basis to the claim that actual hair from prisoners was used to make uniforms? It was the only section where photos weren’t allowed to be taken.
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No title

What went wrong?
Why did France begin to have lower birthrates than Germany and lose its dominance in the West?
Was there any conceivable way to preserve France being the premier power on the Continent?
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No title

So did humans collectively just live in agony from rotting teeth until the invention of toothpaste?
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why do none of you faggots talk about this?

Elongated heads
a literal extinct race of people. all mainstream sources refer to it as being head binding which is partially true, but head binding doesnt increase the capacity of the skull only the shape
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No title

Someone redpill me on Bay of pigs. Why did it fail and why did JFK cuck out at the last second?
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No title

What can /his/ tell me about the Spanish Blue Division.
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No title

How's your lingua latina coming along?
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No title

Why did Jesus only begin his adventures when he was 30 years old? What the fuck was he doing before?
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How long will the Islamic Republic of Iran last for?

Iranian mulalh
I watched this video and it made me think about how long the regime has been in power and how oppressive they have been to their own people for so long. It'll be nearly half a century in ten years when the revolution in Iran took place in 1979.
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No title

What is absolutely the best literature out there to argue and deconstruct religion, preferably Christianity? Theories on its evolution, the history of judaism, its rise to power, how it branched out into the big three, the formation of denominations, corruption, influence on war, most importantly the involvement and interpretations of holy texts, and so on. Books on Judaism also help. Note: I'm no atheist or a complete agnostic, the subject greatly interests me.
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No title

What was the motivation behind the Hart-Celler act of 1965?
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No title

>be /his/
>go through dozens of interesting posts asking about various interesting historical facts and fictions
>ignore them
>see post talking bad about tall hat Union beard man
>spam thread till postlock about how the first holocaust should have been committed against the south during the civil

Why are you people like this?

You do know that Lincoln’s personal politics, and those of the 95% of the people age would have found your personal political views of “wawawa poor niggers” repugnant right?

Contribute literally ANYTHING else to the board for fuck sakes.
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5-15% of historical works of interest are irreparably destroyed

How much was actually lost in the fire? Are there any artworks or artifacts of actually any historical importance?
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No title

Has there ever been a case in history of a lesbian ruler keeping female concubines?
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International Relations Theories

> Realism
> Liberalism
> Economic Structuralism
> English School

Which theory of IR do you favor, /his/? Do you take any interpretive or normative understandings of IR such as critical theory or feminism seriously?
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No title

How did medieval Iberia become so quickly and thoroughly Arabized that in just a few generations after the muslim conquest, even Christians began speaking Arabic as their first language? The Islamized Berbers of North Africa retained their languages even today for comparison.
Also how did the Caliphate of Cordoba go to shit so quickly between the 10th and 11th century?
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No title

Is Socialism directly inspired by Christianity or Christianity was the first attempt of Socialism, that had a relative success?
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No title

should western museums return artifacts and other historical items they stole?
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brainlet question

How do we know shit like the Battle of Cannae happening on August 2nd, 216 BC if their calenders were all different and back then they didn't even have proper 365.25 day or whatever years.
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The Hyksos founded the Sao civilization

Why do blacks take credit for a indo european civilization the Hyksos created not blacks

>But historians have shown that they may have originated from the Nile valley. Historians outline three major origins for the Sao based on oral tradition and archaeological evidence. One theory holds that they were the descendants of the Hyksos who conquered Ancient Egypt. They moved south from the Nile valley into middle Africa in several waves under pressure from invaders.[5]
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No title

Hongwu emperor
Does a better rags to riches story exist than this man?
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No title

What happened here?
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No title

Is there a particular reason why in most battles back in the day, casualties tended to be rather low prior to one side being routed? I understand why the numbers would skyrocket after that since one side has their backs to the enemy and are easily cut down, but it seems like barely anyone dies before that.
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destroyed history

post your favorite destroyed historical place
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Democratic Kampuchea

What the fuck was their problem?
Were they right?
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No title

Why was the Crown of Aragon so corrupt?
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No title

'ate romans
'ate saxons
'ate picts
'ate gauls
love me island
love me wife
love carnyx
love druids

simple as
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Kingdom of Kush

King Taharqa
Time for a thread about an African civ most people don't hear about.
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No title

If Moses was heir to the throne, why didn't he just become the king of Egypt and make everyone convert to Judaism the way Akhenaten tried to do for Aten?
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No title

1 S6RfbHdsLvjOzgl0dWhzgA
What's the ultimate architectural pleb filter and why is it Brutalism?
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Are black americans related to the founding fathers?

I ask this because many of them carry colonial era american surnames like washington, Jefferson, Hamilton etc; that coupled with the fact that they are 1/4 white on average begs the compelling question, are they a genetic link to america's founders?
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No title

If the German government had decided to handle the Spartacist situation in a less bloody manner (eg. actually having proper trials for Liebknecht and Luxemburg), how would have it affected the future of Germany? Would leaving the culprits alive pave the way for Spartacist Uprising 2.0: Electric Boogaloo, or would it have helped to easen up the absurdly tense atmosphere of Weimar Republic by showing that at least the goverment is playing by the common rules?
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Cucuteni tripillian culture

What influences this people had in the early development of indo europeans?there are tons of swasticas drawed in pottery even ying yang symbols predating the eastern ones for milenia
Was a multiracial/ multicultural society?
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No title

We did it boys. We got him. Looks like we won't have to worry about this "Jesus the Christ" shit anymore
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Based Neanderthal was an apex human

Contemporary of us modern humans, 'Hobbits' and Denisovans.
Lived for 400,000 years and survived the worst icy hellholes with sticks, animal hides, and rocks, made advanced Levallois stone techniques and used tar and sewing material.

May or may not be Homo sapiens, intermixed into the larger modern human population.
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No title

>read a lot about Balkans history
>realize Serbs are literally right, in the sense that Bosnian Muslims and large part of modern Croats are Serbs by origin

Not that it excuses them for going apeshit in 90s, but historically speaking they are not wrong.
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No title

hippie babble
Why do people pretend that materialism and consumerism are bad things? Why should anyone believe that spooks like politics, race and "spirituality" are more important than shiny things?
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No title

Who's the Western equivalent of Lu Bu?
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No title

Historically speaking, what is the history of the janitor as an occupation
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No title

download (5)
>Śaṅkarācārya is undoubtedly one of the greatest philosophers of the world and a realised saint. He is gifted with extra-ordinary intelligence, a deeply penetrating mind, critical insight, logical reasoning, philosophical analysis, religious purity, sublimity of renunciation and profound spirituality. His literary excellence makes him shine as a writer of exemplary Sanskrit prose and soul-inspiring philosophico-religious verses.
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Andy Warhol

why was he so overrated
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No title

Just how Persianized were the Khwarizmians? They seem to have an army of mostly Turkic cavalry, especially Kypchak mercenaries with Persian foot troops, but in terms of Culture how Persian could they be considered?
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No title

What did he accomplish except the founding of Israeli state and Rightist movements being seen as Satan incarnate?
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Ancient Chinese concubine stories

Carrot King
Everyone's heard the human swine story but not this one. This is found in the Book of Wei (魏書)

When the Xianbei Tuoba Northern Wei dynasty ruled northern China, it was a custom for the Xianbei to receive southern Han Chinese ex-royal defectors when their dynasties were overthrown in southern China and marry Xianbei princesses off to the Han Chinese exiled royals.

When the Han Chinese Liu Song dynasty (劉宋) in southern China was overthrown by the Han Chinese Southern Qi dynasty, the surviving Han Chinese Liu Song princes fled north to Xianbei ruled Northern Wei (北魏) and were granted asylum and noble titles by the Xianbei Tuoba royals. The Xianbei Tuoba Princess Lanling (蘭陵公主) was married to Han Chinese Liu Song prince Liu Hui (刘辉)

Liu Hui discovered his Xianbei wife was an extremely jealous and psychotic woman who demanded strict monogamy from him. As an ex royal, Liu Hui was accustomed to having his way so he had affairs with numerous Han Chinese women including one of his maids and impregnated her.

Xianbei Princess Lanling went berserk, murdered the maid, ripping the fetus out of her belly and stuffing the naked corpse of the Han Chinese maid with straw to show to her Han Chinese husband Liu Hui to frighten him into becoming faithful. Instead of becoming faithful Liu Hui was horrified and shunned the company of Princess Lanling.
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The Zimmerman Telegram

What was even the point of it?
1 images | 12 replies

What the fuck was their problem?

>until then a people of good reputation who unified tribes largely without bloodshed and has only ever shown their might on the Jurchens before
>sends a caravan seeking favourable relationships
>these mad cunts slaughter the caravan
>with this they have invited the Mongols to slaughter 20%+ of their entire population and also have the Mongols go on to the rest of the Middle East

Were they actually autistic?
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Let's talk about racist ultra nationalist terrrorism

14 images | 158 replies

Why did Iran experienced huge decline as a civilization after the Mongol invasion ?

4 images | 27 replies

No title

Persian Empire
why is the Persian Empire often overlooked in ancient history? I don't see people talk about it too much
3 images | 61 replies

No title

How long would the Achaemenid Empire last if it weren't for the Greeks and Alexander?
0 images | 24 replies

No title

Did Persia just exist to get BTFO by Greece?
5 images | 95 replies

How did mongol btfo russkies in kalka?

20k mongols btfo 80k russkies? How did they managed to do that?
1 images | 12 replies

No title

The undeniably greatest American president of all times.
20 images | 142 replies

Let's talk about racist ultra nationalist terrrorism

2 images | 19 replies

No title

Does this make the united kingdom fit to rule over the Islamic world?
7 images | 70 replies

No title

How were they able to force Japan to give up Korea and the Liaotung Peninsula? How was it viewed from an international perspective?
1 images | 15 replies

No title

In awe at the size of this lad...absolute unit
1 images | 12 replies

No title

>The Forgotten Children of German-Occupied France

>Some 200,000 children of French mothers and occupying German soldiers are still a taboo topic

Why isn't this discussed? Is there anything similar in the rest of nazi occuped Europe?
11 images | 88 replies

No title

1 images | 28 replies

Hard Theoretical History Challenge

Come up with a credible explanation that would justify a hypothetical war between Japan and the United States in the 1990's. Obviously, in real life, the chances of war between these countries is extremely remote. However, I want to see if anyone can come up with a creative idea that would explain why these countries would go to war during this time period. Best idea gets turned into a kino short story or comic by me.
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No title

Reminder that Asians invented the T-shirt
1 images | 4 replies

No title

Is there truth to the claim that the prophet Muhammed mistakenly thought Christians worshipped a trinity of God, Christ, and Mary?
28 images | 223 replies

No title

Found this on the things of my bro. Im not exactly sure of its function even with these instructions
3 images | 11 replies

No title

How do you convince the guys in the front of the line to not flee, considering they know they'll be dead first?
2 images | 22 replies

Homo ergaster

Truly human or more australopith?
How based? How smart?
0 images | 3 replies

No title

Are there any good introductory books or videos about early medieval Ireland during the viking age?
Also general book thread I guess
11 images | 48 replies

Is haploautism the inevitable outcome of history? Just dick measuring nonsense?

5 images | 25 replies

No title

2 images | 3 replies

No title

Was fighting in the vanguard a death sentence, historically? There's no way a guy, who stands in the very front of the army, will last more than an hour of being constantly poked at with spears and swords, no matter how good he is.
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No title

Did he make the right decision to pardon Nixon?
0 images | 14 replies

No title

Danish Special Forces (Frogmen)
>"You can't kill your way to success in a counter insurgency effort"
>- James G. Stavridis

Is this historically true?
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No title

Screen Shot 2019-04-21 at 2.15.21 pm
Damn. World War II was a war against territorial expansionism after all.
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Looking for a good general history reader

A comprehensive tome that is a good go to for general history. What is the best one out there?
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Heraldy, Flags, Coats of Arms, etc...

What are your favorite and/or least favorite examples of modern or historical coats of arms, flags, banners, and other types of heraldry, /his/?

What designs do you think are the coolest?
What designs do you think are the worst or ugliest?
And otherwsise: General heraldry thread!

Pic related: I think Moscow's coat of arms looks pretty nice on a flag.
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No title

Is this worth reading or is it full of inaccurate information?
8 images | 71 replies

No title

WWII style pinup
>inb4 yet another plebby WWII thread.

Hear me out: WWII is obviously such a mainstream topic but I feel like -despite being the greatest, biggest war in world history- only certain theaters of the war get discussed or covered by movies/vidyagames/novels/history books while the rest is largely ignored.

As such, which WWII theaters do you feel are overly discussed?

My own two cents as someone from the english-speaking world
>Done to fucking death tier.
Western Front (post D-Day & drive to Germany), Eastern Front (Russia), Pacific Theater (Post Midway).
>Discussed a lot tier
Western Front (Phony war to the Blitz), North Africa Campaign, Italian Campaign, Pacific Theater (Pre-Midway)
>Rarely discussed tier.
Second Sino-Jap War, the China-Burma-India Theater, Eastern Front (Poland & drive to Berlin), Japan's invasion/occupation of Malaya. Italian Invasion of Ethiopia.
>Almost never discussed tier.
Eastern Front (Hungary/Romania/Baltics/Poland/Austria), Balkan Theater, Occupation of Denmark-Norway, Japan's invasion & occupation of Mainland Southeast Asia, Soviet Invasion of Manchuria.
>Only logisticfaggots discuss this tier.
Battle for the Atlantic. The Himalayan Hump.
>Deep lore tier
Latin American involvement in WWII. Thai Collaboration with Japan. Anglo-Iraqi War. Black Sea Campaign. East African Campaign & Liberation of Ethiopia. Soviet drive into Northern Korea and the division of Korea.
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Why is Japanese history more fun than Chinese history?
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roll finger lick
Should intelligent machines have rights or should humans be allowed to do what they wish with them?
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Correlation between leftism and dedtroying/erasing historical objects/buildings

How come left-wing governments are so massively overrepresented in acts of destruction against historical buildings? Think Mao's China (cultural revolution) and soviet union (destruction of churches and making of commieblocks)
Pic unrelated
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How would you rank Emperor Charles V Habsburg's reign?
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When did Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia become culturally distinct entities?
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Best making sense episodes? Any recommendations for similar podcasts?
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Why do Christians really believe in ridiculous stories?

I was once in church & a man stood up & said "God is not a logically sound concept". Pastor broke down in tears. Everyone stood & clapped. That man walked out & everyone followed him, listening to his tales of logic. That man's name was Steven Hawking.
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best books for learning about aztec or mayan, mesoamerican? culture?
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why couldn't europeans find a more efficient manner to colonize africa and take them out of their land like they did in the americas? the whole civilize aspect was a waste of time.
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Hitlers birthday.

Let's celebrate this day by discussing and reflecting upon the most influential man of the 20th century.
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Why was the pope so triggered over crossbows?
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>Be Catholic
>Be Not a Christian
It's known that Catholics don't read the Bible because "priests" read it for them but as an institution how has the Catholic Empire justified modification of true Christians ways and continued to larp as Christians?
How does Catholic justify idol worship and switching up the 10 commandments?
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New homo manlet found from Philippines

This is big
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Anyone read this book?

How is it?
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Decline of Europe

How did Europe go from...
>We lucked onto industrial revolution first
>We are unironically American vassal states with no foreign policy at all
What about "muh social welfare"? Europoids economy right now only exists because of protectionism
>Protect software from Americans
>Protect hardware from Asia
>Protect Agriculture from Africa
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Why has this nation historically been so much more chad and based than its inferior northern neighbor, despite their geographic proximity? Can it be explained by the genetic mixing of the two greatest empires of the Old and New Worlds?
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Charles the 2nd
Nothing to see here, just another Charles the II thread.
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Renaissance polyphony is the highest form of art ever conceived by humans since the dawn of civilization

prove me wrong
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>Be British Empire
>75 % of your Empire's population is made of Pajeet playing with cow's poop and defecating in designated shitting street

>Claim to be the strongest Empire of History

How can the British can be so deluded ? They were barely able to hold during one century a bunch of pajeet drinking Cow's Urine and they claim to be able to beat the German army ?
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>wehraboos will defend this
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I'm sorry /his/

I did many bad things here and post many troll and poorpiss arguments and acted dumb and ignorant with others I just want to apologize to everyone guilt is tearing from inside
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When God prevented anyone from killing Cain, was it an act of mercy or a punishment?
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Sabbath Day

>pic related are the true Christians
How did the Church decide to ignore the Commandment on keeping the Sabbath Day Holy? Is it a modern phenomenon?
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Screen Shot 2019-04-21 at 9.28.56 am
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WWII Campaigns
If Germany took over the Balkans as it did, but didn't invade Russia, and instead focused on North Africa, maybe forcing Spain to let it take over Gibraltar cut off the British, but Japan still gets the USA involved, could Germany have eventually forced the USA and UK into a truce?
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Ustaše Thread

What the fuck was their problem?
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Did the Thirty Year War's brutality and destruction lead to the advent of religious tolerance and Enlightenment ideals in Europe in its aftermath?
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Ancient Breeds

>DNA analysis shows that the Thai Ridgeback and Vietnamese share a common ancestrial origin, which is speculated to be from the ancient Funan civilization

It's an ancient breed of dog that's obviously built as hunter dogs. Very cool that it survives today
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The Truth about Falkland Wars Combats

missile shot
According to Youtube, Argentina sinked many English warships, incredible footage. I wish such conflict never happens again. 1982. Mad times.
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Do you eat Chocolate Easter Eggs?

decent people eggs
Since when Easter Eggs are made of chocolate, the drink used by Mayans for human sacrifice?

Fucking ocultists.
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Why did you not yet take the Serbpill?
>first organized society in the world was serbian
>oldest known use of symbols was in serbia
>almost all indo-europeans are of serbian origin
>rome learned to write from serbs
>almost all roman emperors who were born in a province outside italy were from serbia
>serbs are hated by zogs, catholics and muslims alike
Serbia is the oldest and most advanced civilization in the world. Hebrews and Indo-Europeans trace their origin from us. Research Sarmatians, Lepenski Vir, Vinca civilization. Your mind will go wide open
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>Literally every single human culture on Earth has myths about powerful creatures in the sky
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why did Aksum invaded Yemen and how did they do it /his/???
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F is for Franks who raid stuff together
U is for usury
N is for...
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Why is it that the traditional sacred direction of circumbulation for Indo-European religions was always clockwise?
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Name for wheel across the world

Notice anything?
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Are architecture threads sanctioned under /his/ rules? Because I want to laugh at awful designs.
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What are your thoughts on Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi?

Has the narrative been exaggerated by the right-wing or was he genuinely proposing the muttification of Europe?

Was this just a proposal, or have the EU began enacting his plan?

Has the merging of the aristocracy and the Jews already begun?

Keep /pol/ faggotry to a minimum I’m looking genuine answers
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>Build stunning looking, massive warship
>Its image becomes the pride of your fleet and upon completion it will be declared your flagship
>Invite Diplomats from all European nations to witness its maiden voyage
>They all arrive
>Mere hours into the maiden voyage the ship capsizes and sinks in front of everyone because of a slight breeze

Has any nation ever embarrassed itself more than Sweden has?
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