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- Proven, effective exercise routines
- Diet
- How to lose weight
- How to gain weight
- Supplements


Supplemental reading: Harsh's /fit/ Wiki
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Why do girls say they don't like when a guy is muscular?

Every guy I know who has became muscular has better facial aesthetics after they lifted weights for some time. I assume this is due to bodyfat lowering and more attention paid to their appearance
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Do you guys shave your torso? Everytime I go to the each it seem like all the guys are mostly hairless.
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/plg/ - Acronym/Initialisms Edition

Don't Believe His Lies

>GDE (Genetic Dead End)
Exercise low-responder. High injury rate, no sports background, weak willed.

>GAYS (Gay Aylien Skull)
Weak bone structure, mouth breather. Wastes time trying to be strong. Jewey faced and mad, but harmless.

>CUCC (Cuckold Uninjured Crying Canadian)
Identify as injured, without medical diagnosis. Trans-herniated. Purposely do self-destructive programs like PH3, Smolov, etc. They wanted an excuse to quit.

>VOLEM (Voluntary Evermediate)
Late beginner, early intermediate. Panics when the bar gets heavy. Program hops, works on technique, or sabotages recovery as an excuse to not progress.

>BONER (Bench Only No Effort Retard)
Wants to have the admiration and ego of someone who lifts, but doesn't want to get the squat or deadlift of someone who actually lifts. Copes with a combination of bench press and autism.

>CHODE (Communist Homo Of Dick Eating)
Angry, godless little postmodernists who secretly loathe strong, masculine men who won't fuck their boybutt. Some transition into ugly rat faced pedos, others defend said CHODES. Also known as PHAGs (Projecting Homo Ass Goblins)

>TCHAD (Tries Consistently Hard All Day)
The Isleys, MAs, and other guys with average genes who actually like competing and getting stronger.

>UFO (Under Fed Organism)
Adult human male weighing less than 200 lbs. Throw food at them until the problem is remedied.
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witch one are you/ would you rather be
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Zero Carb

Why haven't you taken the meat pill yet? Are you frightened of embracing the diet of your ancestors?
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>this was Arnold at his peak
Idk. He seems kind of small desu.
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>get mogged by my brother’s new gf
Have you ever been mogged by one of your siblings’ partners, or even by a stepparent?
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What do you do if you get a boner at the gym?
Shorts don't exactly do you a favor in that case.
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Sup /fit/, just got my latest shipment of almond milk in.

Why haven't you chosen almond milk as the beverage of choice for mixing with your scoops?
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mire thread

So have you gotten any mires lately /fit/?
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normal or not
This is my body. Is this an ordinary body for a teenage guy? If not, why not?
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>hey anon, do you think this diet is working? I'm eating more vegetables like you said.
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Boomer Gym Music

Post the best 30 year old boomer gym music
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What's the name of this exercise?
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Are rest days a meme or are they necessary? I've been running 32 days in a row now plus done some extra exercises.
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how much money u make a day /fit/ ? is it enough to support your life style?
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>stopped benching
>only OHP now
>feel way better and more alpha

Anyone else experience this?
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>want to be fit
>also want to be QT tranny
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At what age do you think it is appropriate for a man to start having a beard /fit/?
Do you like the idea of having a beard?

I am currently 26yo and was thinking about starting growing it once I hit 30. Right now I am clean shaved.
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Daily Reminder

Remember folks, if your life is in ruins and you don't know why:
stop masturbating
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Do I have to keep buying protein powder? It's so expensive, I should just be able to get protein I need from eggs/rice/beans/lentils, right?
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How much is your guys' gym membership?
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how long after you started lifting did you realize that you were only making yourself even more repulsive to women?

2 years in for me
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How long does it take to lose a gut usually? I'm in my awkward strong yet slightly fat stage.
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wet dreams vs nofap

Hi anons, nofapper here. I have been doing no fap/no cum and yesterday was the 6th day without relapsing. This night I had a wet dream and I cummed all over my pants, does this mean I relapsed? I cummed a lot, sadly. How do I stop wet dreams?
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Meal prep sunday

Post recipies/infographics/anything meal prep related.

>Pic related. made Moroccan chicken chickpeas and rice.
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>walk into the gym
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>Meet up with friends at a park after gym
>One of my guy friends playfully grabs my ass
>Says "Damn, you have a nice butt"

this literally happened yesterday

what do
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No title

How do I achieve this physique?
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/fat/: Standard American Diet Edition

a calorie is a calorie

>Who is /fat/ for?
For calorie junkies who want to better themselves through meaningful hardwork, strategy, and dedication.

>This is not QTDDTOT, ask questions about fat loss, but use that thread for general questions.

>Read the /fit/ sticky (redundant in that you should have already but it covers all the basics of diet and exercise)

>Calculate your Body Fat Percentage (Gonna need waist/neck measurements)

>Calculate your BMI

>Calculate your TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure) (complex) (simple)

>Plan your weight loss week by week

>Track your calories and macros with MyFitnessPal or Cronometer. Works best on smartphones (better for packaged food) (better for generic food/tracking micronutrients)

>count calories, all of them.
>calculate your TDEE at sedentary. It will save you a whole meal's worth of calories.
>buy scales, be accurate in your measurements. autistically accurate.
>learn how to cook and start cooking your own healthy meals. lean protein and green vegetables.
>develop sustainable healthy lifestyle habits
>eat a lot of protein (1g per lb of goal body weight)
>cardio. learn to love walking.
>start lifting weights! fatties have the advantage that they can build muscle while cutting, especially as complete beginners!
>post your height/weight/screenshot of MFP/Cronometer food log when asking for advice

>eat refined sugars, they're terrible for you regardless of calorie count
>eat processed foods, or at least try to avoid if possible
>drink your calories. alcohol, soda, hot chocolate, fancy starbucks shit. forget it.

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ITT Virgin vs Chad
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No title

chris mccandless
this man is the reason I lift and do cardio

absolute legend
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No title

each and every one of you have fucking played yourselves
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No title

What body would I need for a girl to look at me like this?
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/fast/ #416 Good Friday edition

/fast/ discord
What is /fast/?
>Fast is a thread for the discussion of intermittent fasting, fasting, water fasting, and dry fasting.

What’s the difference between intermittent fasting, water fasting, dry fasting, etc.?
>Intermittent fasting: Fasting for a certain amount of time with a short eating window. 16:8 (16 hours fasting, 8 hour eating window) is the bare minimum.
>Water fasting: Fasting with only water.
>Dry fasting: Fasting with no water. Dangerous, use with caution.

Why should I fast?

How do I safely do an extended fast?
>Take snake juice, or just supplement electrolytes.
>Potassium chloride =1 tsp (No Salt)
>Sodium chloride = 1/2 tsp (Himalayan Pink Salt)
>Sodium Bicarbonate = 1 tsp (Baking Soda)
>Magnesium Sulphate = 1/2 tsp (Food Grade Epsom Salts)
>Mix these in 2L of water and sip it throughout the day.
>[OPTIONAL] 2 tbsp Apple cider vinegar and 4 tbsp lemon juice. DO NOT MIX with snake juice, drink separately.
>You can also do this if you feel lightheaded, weak, dizzy, nauseous, etc., on shorter water fasts. Don’t do this while intermittent fasting.

Won’t I go into starvation mode?
>No. The mainstream definition of starvation mode is a myth. Read the FAQ linked below for more information.

Will (something with calories) break my fast?

Can I drink coffee, tea, and diet soda? Or anything with artificial sweeteners?
>You can do whatever the fuck you want. We recommend avoiding those, sweeteners especially.

Do I need a multivitamin?

Prolonged fast FAQ:

Previous Thread: >>50465924
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Socializing in gym setting

My hobbies are videogames, guitar, rock climbing, and the gym

2 of these are anti social and as for the other 2 I do fine enough chatting people up at the climbing gym but how does one talk to girls at the regular gym?

Also I have a fear of rejection but it's because I overreact violently, I'm a faggot I know but is there a way to keep my cool and not get but hurt?
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Old one nearly finished.

If I just do KB swings and not lift, will it cause imbalances? Or is it mainly a cardio-type tool so no worries? I'll be using an ab wheel too if that matters.

Goal's just to lose fat
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No title

Why are PUA sites so cringeworthy?
Are weighted dips or bench press better for strength?
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Does /fit/ like what they see in the mirror?
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No title

They juicing?
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No title

>Tfw your gym nemesis is about to hit a new PR
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No title

Has anyone here made it out of depression and self loathing through lifting?
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Motivation thread

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I dare you to post a better album to work out to

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No title

I really want a bubble butt but I don't want to get to big. It is possible to only train to make a part of your body bigger?
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Help me I can't get up

I was opening a window and it was a little stuck. I was bent over in bad form and as I opened it a severe pain erupted from my lower back. I collapsed on my bed in pain and I can't get up. Help me fit, and I promise I never do bad form or let myself go again. I swear. What the hell happened?
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Push-up thread

No push up thread? Let's get rolling boiz!

If number is lower than 50 always multiply by 2!
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No title

>you think you can arm wrestle me?
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Nofap is the truth

Frequent masturbation in older men causes prostate cancer chances to lower but in young men it’s chances are higher when you frequently masturbate. Masturbation also causes DHT production which causes balding and acne. 7 days testosterone meme debunked in pic related as well
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>Saturday night

Went out drinking tonight, just another routine trip to the local bars
Ran game with some girls, had some success (numbers acquired, mires scored)
In the midst of it all, I feel empty

For me to make it, what must I do?
Is it recommit my life to Christ? I’m tired of this whole charade bros.

Kyrie Eleison
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/SIG/ - Self Improvement General

Overall Guide
Dialectical Behavioral Therapy self help resource

Meditations of Marcus Aurelius
Mindfulness in Plain English
How to Win Friends and Influence People, Revised

Rather than rolling in this thread, you can find a random number generator just right there:

Old: >>50472328

>What does "making it" mean to you?
>What did you do in the last week to improve your life?
>What will you do in the next week to improve your life?
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I just wanna wear a tank top this summer :(

Hey /fit/, I need your help

I'm kinda chubby atm ig, with a really big frame. I'm gonna get a lot taller this summer, but I just wanna look good in a tank top before summer (36 days) how do I get rid of man boobs and a large stomach? (male 18)
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No title

>makes me feel good alone
>makes me anxious in social situation

Fug this drug
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No title

Do you meal prep?
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Signs of health

How do I know if my diet and exercise is working without having a blood test?
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No title

>wake up by myself an hour early
>go to gym and do 12 miles on exercise bike
>legs and glutes sore from yesterday
>looking forward to deadlift day tomorrow

How was your morning lads?
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Genetic potential luck?

How easy is a life of just insta fitness/social ass make cash. Will this ever end and we get intelligent women?
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No title

Should a manlet cope and wear heels? Or just accept his diminutive stature?
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Where the fuck are the /FRAUD/ Generals

Before asking your stupid beginner questions (yes, they are stupid), make sure to read ALL OF the r/steroids wiki:

>Reddit link
yeah, fuck off

Don't ask us to help you dose your AI. It's very individual.

Oral-only cycles put strain on the liver and cause a shutdown of natural testosterone production for not a lot of benefit. Just pin and thank us later.

No source talk allowed.

This isn't a medical forum. Stop asking for medical advice and go to a doctor.

Don't ask us to help you schedule your pinning dosages. Use

If you're going to ask a beginner question, make sure to include:
- age
- bf%
- time spent training

Previous thread
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No title

the rage of 1000 redfields
I got lost in the bulk again.
I didn't train for the whole week and I binge ate 1 and a half pizzas within the last 36 hours.
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No title

Don't you... forget about me
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No title

Hey guys I've been on this board for a couple years
Ive learned what the average person needs to know about lifting and I don't enjoy coming here anymore
I don't play vidya or masturbate to cartoon children, /out/ /lit/ and /mu/ are pretentious losers, and /pol/ is bad for my blood pressure
What are some boards you go to?
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/cbt/ >tanning for summer edition

always post height an weight
5 foot 8''
155 lds
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No title

Is it possible to achieve t-rex mode if you never skip a leg day?
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No title

my friend said that i'm not natty if i take creatine, is he right?
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No title

When Piana was alive /fit/ was good.
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Multiple studies have shown that MK677 increases muscle mass.
But at 70$+ a bottle how much does it actually increase it by?
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No title

>tfw did Muay Thai sparring for the first time

what the fuck? How is boxing still a thing? It's like easy mode compared to this shit.
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•Powders are way cheaper and more efficient than "real food".
•Bulking is memery.
•Fasting is too.
•Keto is actually really beneficial.
•So is dietary cholesterol.
•Neurochemicals (epinephrine, dopamine, melatonin, and serotonin) are products of nutriments.
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No title

Cyclist here. Getting ready for race season coming up, should I even bother with legs? I did a ton of leg work all winter, which helped with my sprints, but not so much with sustained power. Leg day makes it impossible to get any kind of good riding on a bike for 1-2 days personally, and I don't wanna be sitting on my ass waiting for my legs to feel better. For now I've stopped doing legs, should I start doing 1 leg day a week just to prevent losing gains? I'm normally riding 8-12 hours per week
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Post your favourite studies!

What is your favourite research anon?
post em up
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No title

>ctrl+f push up thread
>0 results
You know what to do
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No title

I binged again today
127 images | 311 replies

No title

I've noticed the pores on my face are getting worse, much worse than other people my age. How do I slow down it's progress and prevent larger ones from forming? Pic related is not me, mine's a little worse than this.
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Muscle stitch

Muscle stitch
3 images | 21 replies

No title

who likes short shorts
Do you guys dress to show off your gains?
14 images | 45 replies

What are the best exercises to help strengthen you're hands?

Any suggestions
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No title

How old were you when you first started to take lifting seriously?

Do you wish you'd started sooner?
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Gout diet

Hey /fit/, I got gout help me make a meal plan for the week.
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No title

How does /fit/ manage injuries & soreness? I woke up today and my left arm is in a shit load of pain whenever I lift it, it wasn't from lifting and I honestly have no fucking clue why it's in this much pain, but I really want to lift today and I don't know whether I should
Wat do bros?
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No title

Let's post some /fit/ animals and gain inspiration from the animal kingdom
42 images | 76 replies

No title

Is there an ingredient I could add to my protein shakes to prevent separation?

The whey I'm buying already has lecithin but it doesn't seem to do the trick. I'm doing 1 cup of water - 1 frozen banana - 1 scoop of whey recipe and it takes 5 minutes for the banana to be at the bottom of my glass and all the foam to be on top.
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No title

when am I supposed to take a day off from the gym?
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No title

Jude LAw
Post aesthetic bodies that aren't dysmorphic
18 images | 114 replies

No title

How do i make hair gains, i want that black metal look
5 images | 13 replies

Cottage Cheese

You are eating this every day right anon?
6 images | 59 replies

No title

Post celebrities with your body type
7 images | 20 replies

No title

computer cats
What are some good books to read for personality gains? I want to be able to make conversation with people and after spending years in social isolation playing video games and browsing 4chan im completely useless in a social environment. Would be even better if it focuses on talking to women but I dont want some PUA shit. I've read the definitive guide to body language and how to win friends and influence people but i need something on how to actually talk to someone.
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No title

You DID hit a new PR on this glorious day, right /fit/?
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whats the point of this exercise?

wat exercise is this and what muscles does it work?
guy was doing this at my gym the other day so confused
wouldn't this be kinda dangerous if the ball fell (these bikes have loops you lock your feet into)?
how does adding the weight of the medicine ball help on a bike?
why do this instead of upping resistance on the machine?
>pic related
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whats /fit/s favorite peanut butter brand

peanut butter
its Jif, isn't it?
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best martial art for body type?

Screenshot_2019-04-19 v - unfucks his shit - Video Games - 4chan
im 6'2 160 with long limbs (yes i know im skinny but ive actually gained weight in the past 3 months lifting and hope to continue).
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No title

mire thread?

>out with friend
>been working out for a few years
>taking it seriously for the last year
>Friend is kinda pudgy miring my veins and says I should use my advantage on girls now that I've finally reached
>girl walks by when I'm flexing for my friend for fun
>friends notices that she is watching for 7 seconds straight
>she turns around and walks to the bar
>friend "man the fucking toilet on this bitch!" "go and talk to her"
>walk up to qtpie
>"what are you drinking?"
>end up with her number.
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Gym music

Post your gym music.
15 images | 64 replies

No title

It's Saturday night and I'm at P. F. Chang's. You guys aren't out destroying your gains with alcoholic beverages, are you?
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I've always exercised for my own self

Never once have I "lifted for someone else". Why would you lift for someone else? How does it feel when you lift for someone else? Do you shut off your brain and keep an image of the person or thing you're lifting for in your head?
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water retention

2 images | 7 replies

No title

What are some good /fit/ snacks? For me it's cottage cheese with almonds

>good source of fats and protein while still cutting
>pleasant mixture of soft and crunchy
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No title

this is what you look like
8 images | 32 replies

No title

How long do I have to work out to achieve this mode?

asking for a skinnyfat friend
2 images | 17 replies

No title

I've been practicing gorilla warfare for 15 years now and I'm pretty confident I could kill a human that browses /fit/
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Current body thread
>Vacuum edition
91 images | 278 replies

No title

Summer is almost here. Anybody else take the CHADpill?

>mostly train shoulders, biceps, forearms abs, some lats, some chest
>no autistic fatiguing compounds
>blast volume for show muscles
>regular cardio/sports outdoors to make friends + tan
>never go above 13% bf
>no autism cutting/bulking. Hit 100g protein and eat what you want
>minimal training for gymcel muscles (traps, triceps, TREX LEGS)
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Big Ring Finger = High Testosterone

digit ratio
You DO pass the test, right?
5 images | 38 replies

No title

If I feel like working out every day, should I work out every day?
1 images | 10 replies

No title

>me and other guy enters gym at the same time
>he's done 10 exercises and is leaving the gym
>I'm just finishing my first exercise
why does this happen over and over again?
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No title

It's like you don't even want to be a real hero
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No title

8 images | 59 replies

No title

What do you guys eat your chicken breast with? I find them bland tasting by themselves. Only mention stuff that is carb-free.
8 images | 65 replies

No title

Post the bodypart youre most proud of bois
>inb4 no traps
18 images | 49 replies

No title

ultimate male form
Is this a realistic 5 year goal to aim for?
2 images | 26 replies

No title

the guys that is dreaming of a summerbod have started joining fit. They will never make it in time.

feels good to have started my fitness journey in october.

have already copied "read the sticky, maybe next summer brah"
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No title

Is it too late to cut for the summer?
1 images | 12 replies

Running with size

So obviously cardio kills gains is exaggerated when you’re mileage isn’t marathoner level, but can I achieve the following stats and run up to 10 miles 3-5 days a week? 6’1” 210lbs

And how much will this increase my caloric needs? My sister is a marathoner and regularly eats entire jars of peanut butter but stays at under 130lbs and super lean (she actually had hormonal problems from having such low body fat at one point). I wanna achieve something similar, have a maintenance of over 3500 calories.
1 images | 37 replies

No title

Ever since i got abs i have noticed that i became more of a douchebag. Anyone else notice a change in attitude after getting a 6 pack?
2 images | 5 replies

/Symmetric Strength/

strength progress
Finally hit full greenman. Took about 8 months, mostly because I only recently started focusing on pressing (3x shoulder dislocation worried me before).
Feels goodman.
Hitting The Press™ 3x a week, hope to hit lmao1pl8 soon, goal is 185 by end of year.
29 images | 58 replies

Opinions on when to start cut?

I've been lifting for 4 months and I'm coming up on my goal of 315 deadlift. When should I start losing weight? immediately after I hit 315? Wait for more gains? Trying to look aesthetic but kinda resigned to working at it for at least another year before I look how I want

For reference, I'm 6'2" and 230lbs
squat 300 bench 175 dead 295
0 images | 3 replies

Just found this website

seems legit, all I have to do is enter my target calories, dietary preference and macro nutrients and it auto generates a meal plan with grocery list for a week? What are your thoughts /fit/?
1 images | 3 replies

No title

Anyone know how to make long arms look big from the front?

From the side they look good. And flexed looks great.

Front not so much.
2 images | 12 replies

No title

tenor (1)
>recovering alcoholic/drug user
>trying to develop social skills
>speak to people at the gym and then move on to random people at different scenarios
>realize everyone likes to drink and or do drugs
>realize previous friends all dumped me because I'm too pathetic and enabling thanks to how parents raised me
>disabled mom who i take care of makes fun of me for being unlikeable
>hit new squatting PR

At what point did you stop caring about making friends?
0 images | 7 replies

Lifting is inherently racist

Lifting is inherently racist.

Persons of African heritage have had heightened muscle mass and athletic ability forcefully bred into them through years of involuntary slavery.

Now wypipo are trying to appropriate this condition as if this is something you can achieve with a few bench reps.

Lifting is essentially mocking the historical side effects of slavery, just like wearing a Native American headdress is mocking Native American customs.

5 images | 22 replies

Squat stretches/mobility

Having some flexibility problems with squatting. When I get to about where the girl in the pic is, Feels like I can't hinge anymore at the knees/ankle else I'll fall over. Major flexibility problems. What stretches should I do?
0 images | 14 replies

No title

>diet and exercise aren't an alternative to weight loss surgery
Why are fat fucks so delusional?

PS: names censored so they don't get any more attention
0 images | 4 replies

No title

What animal does cottage cheese come from?
3 images | 12 replies

No title

>Vegans can't get b-
2 images | 24 replies

Routine Thread

What're your thoughts on this /fit/? Liking it so far because I can hit everything from compounds to hypertrophy. Made lifting fun for me. Oh also routine thread. Post your routines, rate and critique others.
0 images | 10 replies

No title

>experience moderate brain injury
>concerns about how damaged my brain can be.

I was drinking a beer earlier and playing basketball fine. but when i wake from sleep is when I notice damage. moments from sleep to wake are traumatizing. I suffered immensely.

idk just wondered if you had opinion on brain injury.
2 images | 18 replies

How often do you have a cheat meal?

I have a cheat meal once every 2 months or so. Just got some Fried Chicken with fries and some sips. What frequency do you guys have a cheat meal? What do you usually get?
2 images | 14 replies

Anyway to stop this

I'm not a big guy and I've only started working out for like a month.

During workout I like to think a do a pretty good job lifting/running. But every fucking time I work out my arms hurt bad. My muscles are so fucking fucked the next morning that if I move them slightly from the standard retarded dinosaur position. It hurts like Tai whore sucking your sunburnt dick like it's the only sorce of oxygen left in the universe.

What the fuck am I doing wrong, I have to be doing something wrong.
0 images | 8 replies

No title

Is this natural achievable?
1 images | 14 replies

No title

>walk into boomer gym
17 images | 86 replies

No title

What workout or diet should I do to help me get a body like the queer bait that is Jason Mamoa
0 images | 4 replies

Military/ Police/ Firefighter calisthenics workout

Some like it hot
Bros of /fit/ what exercises would you recommend to an aspiring firefighter/ police officer. I need stuff to supplement the workouts at the gym and that can be done, ideally, at home. Thanks bros!
1 images | 33 replies

Dom mazzetti zero gains??

Why does it appear Dom hasn't gained any mass at all in the last 6 years? Has he already hit his potential? (left is 2013, right is 2019)
0 images | 21 replies

No title

double crap manm
Hello /fit/, I have recently come to realize that going Vegetarian is the true red pilled diet. Meat nowadays is saturated with estrogen and cancer causing chemicals, if you're going to live to a long age to see your progeny live on then eating meat is not the way to go. Not to mention that one of the most prominent figures in history, Adolf Hitler, was also a vegetarian. There is literally no reason to go vegetarian when there are so many benefits such as living a longer life, being healthier overall, saving the environment, saving the lives on animals and not being contaminated by left wingers putting estrogen and onions into all of the meat sources out there, and most importantly it helps us to reconnect with our redpilled ancestors.
I hope you guys actually read this and don't dismiss it on the basis of >lmao plant eater
0 images | 8 replies

No title

What does the rest of /fit do after their weekend workouts? I need productive shit to do after I workout in the am.
1 images | 9 replies

No title

What exactly is it about squatting that becomes so addicting after initially hating it so much?
7 images | 45 replies

No title

I've been fasting for like a week mostly because I had this massive depression and I slept most of time, probably didn't eat more than 500 kcal/day (I should get like 2600 for maintenance).

So naturally I lost a shit ton of weight and I'm very weak and generally feel like shit

How do I recover my weight fast without stomach pain?
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>uses the only smith machine
>does bent-over rows (yeah, the exercise everyone else does with dumbbells)
>leaves the machine like pic related
Gotta hate going the gym at night. All the roided guys with high ego come at this time and do stupid shit
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Back problems

>back got fucked up when young
>can't do anything with proper form anymore and can't squat for shit

Is this it? Will I never make it?
Help appreciated
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My current bench is 185×5 but my squat is only 225×4 is there something i should be doing to fix that.
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chicken and beans
Is my dinner /fit/ approved?
>2lbs chicken (whole)
>16oz kidney beans
>1 onion
>crushed tomatoes
>olive oil
>3489 kcal, 202g carb, 195g fat, 236g protein, 69g fiber
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PPJ Gains

Why aren't you eating ppj's for maximum snack gain potential
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>still alive after
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How do you guys use the leg rest on lat pull downs? Over or under?
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>drink one of these
>work out

>feel like heart is going to explode

how is this much caffeine legal
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the virgin walk vs the chad stride
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How to achieve marcos mode ?
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What mode is this? And how do I achieve this physique, /fit/?
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Check my Math

Does this look correct & reasonable?
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