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How do you get GOD TIER SKIN
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Help me make a nice fit using this thing

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>dude how do i pull off mosley core/fascist core?
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/wt/ - Watch Thread [Blued Hands Edition]

This thread is about the appreciation of watches, as well as the micro-engineering and materials engineering that are required to make a functioning timepiece.

Thread video:

> Watch essentials 102:
> Purchasing used watches:
> Purchasing straps:

Should I buy this MVMT / DW / *Fashion brand* watch?
> Scroll throught this album first:

"Suggest a watch for me."
> Your budget
> Watch type, e.g. dress, diver, flieger, etc...
> Desired bracelet option, e.g. leather, nylon, metal
> Wrist size or desired watch size, e.g. 17cm / 38mm

Previous thread: >>14104834
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What underwear do you wear lads?
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Is boipussy /fa/?
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Does anyone have the picture of the man on the right describing the wise looks? I cant remember wise dude. I want to get wise please post recommended wise fits pls.
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Is Bones effay?
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Where do i find trashy white girls for racemixing? Kinda into that type of girls...
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post bullycore inspo
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Instagram Thread

Share your instagrams, critique other people's Instagrams, don't be a bully, and most of all, have fun!
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Your ideal style for a female
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Fashion Feels

How is life treating you /fa/?
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Who's the most /fa/ drainer/sad boi?
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Fragrance General

Previous thread: >>14098501

BBC perfume documentary (part 1 of 3):
w2c bottles

Use Google to obtain the maximum discount code at fragrancenet (37%).

(see directory at bottom for your country)
general info
various fragrance communities/review sites/blogs
w2c samples
on DIY fragrances
affordable snice scents
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Any idea where I can find a shirt like this ? Sold out before I could buy one.
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Although I've only just come across this board recently, I keep seeing posts about pic related. Can someone briefly tell me who this man is?
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This is my skinmax plan:

25,000 ui beta carotene daily
Retin-A three times weekly at first
Sunscreen daily
Moisturizer daily
Dermapen weekly
8 hour sleep + hydration

Am I missing anything?
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Custom T-shirt print

I really liked those Givincy Rottweiler t shirts. I’m thinking about taking a Rottweiler image to be printed onto a t shirt. Does anyone have any suggestions for any custom print shirts?
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ideal thread

fa ideal
i like looking at people's taste
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Is it possible to cope with clothes and appereance against this reality as a brown dude?
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What kind of clothes look good if you have broad shoulders and a slim waist?
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SEX-core general 2: back with a vengeance

>a style focused on the male pursuit of sexual interactions with females.
>apparel includes brands like ASOS, H&M and ZARA, emphasizing the availability and comfort of fast fashion.
>main points of focus are masculinity and sexual energy, combining both "classy" and "badboy" elements.
>SEXcore essentials are: distressed skinny jeans, white sneakers/suede chelsea boots, white t-shirts, denim shirts, grey top coats.
>everything SLIMFIT.
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If you're so fashionable, why aren't you modeling?
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Should I buzzcut or nah, my face is young enough that i won’t age like 15 years with a buzz
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For me, it is the Kirkland Signature 6-pack of white t-shirts, the best deal in the business
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Discord server

michael sosa
Cute server with fashionable people. we post OOTD and all that stuff /Xaq4qmg
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What are some ways for a strong independent woman who needs no man to dress without looking like an angry lesbian or an SJW
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post inspo or fits you just like
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Are loafers /fa/?
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can I bar lace my boots without people thinking I'm a racist nazi?
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fashion for fit guys?

hello /fa/ how do I unleash my SEX without looking obnoxious and gay?
Primarily looking for simple, masculine style and streetwear.
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post /fa/ couples

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new thread old one almost (already) dead

lets see how bland we can get bois
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Am I effay?
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How do i dress to let everyone know i am /anarchonazbolgang/?
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Is it possible to wear driving gloves and not look like an autist?

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longing for summer edition





Not being updated anymore: (dead) (dead) (dead) (dead) (dead) (dead) (dead)

The Preppy Handbook:
Nautical clothing guide:

Where to find clothing if you are European: (provisional)
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This is an image from a meetup a bunch of guys from the sweden general on /int/ is having right now. Your thoughts?
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What´s so great about his hair that its song worthy?

Redpill me on this
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/fa/ Rooms

Effay interiors / Rooms / Inspos / R8 / Et cetera
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Which filter is more effay?

>inb4 cancer is never effay
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/thinspo/ - thinspiration general

bonespo edition

now that our beloved skelequeen is seeking treatment, which one of us will take the throne?

>post thinspo
>stay hidratted
>read the FAQ

old >>14085453


Low Calorie Food & Drinks List:

Fasting Resources:

Feel free to post questions and requests, report about your progress, and ask for support.

To get helpful replies make sure to post:
>current stats: sex, age, height, weight
>tdee and your deficit
>highest and lowest weight
>goal weight
>preferred method of losing weight
>aesthetic you are going for
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I’m trying to change my wardrobe. Literally want to throw everything in my closet away, but I don’t know where to start.
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Should I ask for retin-a even though I don't have any blatant acne? My doc is really chill so a prescription won't be a problem. Everyone seems to agree this thing is miraculous for blemishes. Any experienced retin-anons in here?
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what's the most /fa/ beer?
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What’s more /fa/? Black or “diamond” earrings? (For men)
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Fuccboi General

New thread since none in the catalog.
If I'm wearing indigo jeans/black checkered dress trousers and either a green MA-1 or navy shearling bomber should I go for a yellow or a black Kenzo tiger sweatshirt? I'd like the most versatile option possible. But i do like the contrast with the yellow one.
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Is it socially acceptable to wear suits all the time everywhere you go?
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dragon pants
Thoughts about dragon jackets and pants?
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Why aren't you wearing the clothing of your ancestors? I
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>someone buys brand new boots
>complains about them hurting their feet before they've even had time to break in
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Hey you! Are you in for a ride?
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Is shaven head effay?

Like this guy should get rid off all hair imo, beard suits him, he's high status, got wife (yeah it's tv series btw)
So you look like that. There's no hair transplant for that baldness anymore but the rest is okay.
Effay or not inb4 Jason Statham?
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Post yours, rate others.
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What guitar is the most FA

What guitar is the most FA? I’m in the market for a new guitar and I want to know which one is the most FA
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is "the 1975" guys cringe?
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Urbanite CLoth
cop thread.
post yours, just got this from Bogetta Veneta.
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Tattoo General

Yakuza edition
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Female NPC clothes

Yoga Leggings (2)
what are some dead giveaways that a girl is an NPC in terms of clothes they wear.....for me it's yoga pants. Can't stand them.
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Sneakers /snkrs/

Make sure to insult others for their opinions

old thread quickly nearing 300
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What's between sneakers and dress shoes on the formality scale?
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is he /fa/?
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Bored, let me see your current rotation

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Golden Wind similar designs

What are some brands that have a style similar to those in JoJo part 5?

I have always liked the outfit designs in JoJo.
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I might have to get a job.What the hell is smart casual?
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>tucking your pants into your boots
I seriously hope you don't do this.
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Where do i get this pullover?
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EDC general

My EDC for school atm
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clothes for this feel?
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Why does every single Redditor look like this
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Eros or Dylan Blue
Witch one would you pick and why?
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WAYWT 2/16

Old Thread Approaching Irrelevancy
22 images | 53 replies

Cop Or Not Thread

Help me
70 images | 186 replies

/w2c/ general

/w2c/ general
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post effay architecture and related
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Redpill me on NATO watch straps.
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How long it takes to grow hair like this?
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Is open carrying effay?

you look much more mysterious/dangerous with a gun IMO
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Accessories Thread

ITT: Empty them pockets
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Is Lurking Class /fa/?

I dig the artstyle. Are there any outher brands out there that make weird shit like them? That humorous and slightly weird and disturbing vibe.
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Challenge Time

All right /fa/, you've had it easy so far with your skinny jeans and monochromatic color options. But it's time to try out something a little harder.

A demon comes up to you and says that you need to coordinate a good outfit that goes with this jacket or your soul will burn in hell forever. What do you pair it with?
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w2c jacket and pants?
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since normies have taken over bombers, what are some other /fa/ types of jacket for spring?
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>tfw when 5'7 manlet with size 11 1/2 feet

should i just hang it up /fa/?
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FuckingEssay1 - Copy
One of these as ive not seen one in ages
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Should I butt my hair below the red line on the same level as ext to my ears or would it look bad? The haircut is shitty in general and I'm trying to grow the top out for 4-5 months out. Also any advice on how to boost general hair growth?
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Netstalk inspo
Really digging this whole aesthetic lately, anyone have Hacker-Core or "Deep Web"-esqe inspo?
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CRINGE Thread: Typical Edition

imagine having this little taste and also thinking /fa/ was once a cool board
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What size is my foot

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redpill me on getting a buzzcut, I'm really thinking of getting one for myself.
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Are age gap couples /fa/?
I have recently been handed the opportunity to enter into a relationship like this .
I have been reading up on the subject and have seen many photos of age gap couples and I must say I find it incredibly sexy.
Am I alone in this?
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how do these compare to doc martens fag boots?
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Can someone help find this jacket
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since normies have taken over sherpas, what are some other /fa/ types of jacket for spring?
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Get fat.
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Am I effay?
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SEXcore basics

Anything I'm missing?
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Air Max > Jordans

Change my mind.
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Do black girls intimidate you?
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Boots for summer

Are these effay?
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This is why you should never get a girlfriend if you want to remain "effy". you start not caring
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What kind of /fa/ is this?
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Customizable trousers

I currently own around 6 Eton shirts and i could not be happier with them (worth the price). The reason i really like Eton is that they offer the customize option which lets me choose a custom size and as a result i get the perfect fit every single time.
I am also interested in company which sells high-end trousers and offers a similar option to customize my order.
Does /fa/ know such a company?
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>get a haircut
>hairdresser keeps trying to make small talk with me
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>My favorite pants feel super tighter than usual
Anyone else with this feel?
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Name a more effay flick than Serpico
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are martial arts effay?
if no, how do i make them effay?
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>tfw no thicc bf
any others here /high est/
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hey /fa/ bros, can someone recommend me intellectual fashion blogs like rosenrot? college debating team is doing the topic of cultural appropriation in fashion and we need to defend it. Our captain is giving really normie points and I was wondering how we could take the argument to a more art-centric/abstract contention.
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muhhhh /AESTHETIC/

can we have random things thread since there is car thread? post things you think look aethetically pleasing/cool/effeyh
t. just found out about this and already fanatize about owning it inb4 jew
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Best suit for social occasions?

What's the best color suit for more formal social occasions (weddings, New Year's Eve, fancy dinners, etc)?
Navy? Charcoal? Pinstripes?
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For removing the inevitable food stains from white clothing, there is no substitute for good old chlorine bleach. Everything else is just a gimmick. Red wine, ketchup, onions sauce, curry, you name it. I've seen it all disappear before my very eyes with a splash of bleach.
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Cold isolated mountain towns wear general
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what core is this?
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w2c watch
What Watch is Jim wearing?
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Should I take the contact lens pill?
I've been wearing glasses my whole life, but I've never found a pair I like. I always feel geeky and they never fit well (too big/small) and hide facial features.

My only worry is wearing them too long? 10-12hrs a day max apparently, does it do harm if you wear them too long?
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Why do supermodels get paid such obscene amounts of money? And i understand brand deals but that is after they are already a big name.

So i understand that actors get paid so much pretty much because they sell themselves, as a brand, which people will pay for
And athletes get paid a lot because they're wanted on a team that doesn't want them to play for another team.

But models.. they're basically expendable, because there is no shortage of super hot and beautiful girls in the world, yet it's very difficult to make it in fashion even though you could practically swap 'em all out for amateurs strictly speaking looks-wise.

so why are they paid millions to be held onto?
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Going swimming

What would be best.
I am in good shape.
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effay presidents
101 images | 286 replies


If you don't dress for your age, income, and your career, and if you don't follow color/contrast/silhouette theory, you don't look good
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Trying to find a jacket like this but with pepe the front on it and wojack.
41 images | 72 replies

No title

>he isn’t thicc
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No title

absolute lads inspo
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No title

w2c more like this in size L?
5 images | 18 replies

No title

Is this outfit sleazcore or SEX it’s getting hard to tell
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No title

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No title

Is this /fa/?
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No title

How can I go to my barber and ask for this haircut?
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No title

how to start wearing layers and look good? especially if you want to stay cool
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No title

Are faded jeans back in style?
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No title

ITT: We trigger /fa/
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No title

What brand of black jeans should I get? I want a slim fit or straight leg. I used to get 511s but they just got trashed way to quickly.
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No title

Are chest rigs and male harnesses effay?
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this is me
I'm 6'3 and 160~ lb. I'm a skinny guy. Usually I'll wear 30x34 pants because that's all I can find, but they're too big in the waist and too short. People always tell me it looks like I'm wearing high waters.

So I figure I need a size 28x36, which is just about impossible to find. The few times I have found them, they've been online only from some brand I've never heard of. And when they arrive, they are always shitty, baggy, ugly pants. Any tall skinny boys know anywhere that sells decent pants in size 28x36?
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Hair types and textures thread

unnamed (2)
Does this suit wavy Asian hair?
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No title

What goes with a brown top?
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>My girlfriend said she has a fat fetish
This is your fault zoomers. I’m staying skinny
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No title

How is this style called?
I'm in love with this. Post Inspo if you have pls.
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Is walking up the stairs 2 at a time /fa/?
13 images | 94 replies

Where can I buy alcohol free facial moisturiser and cleanser?

Literally everything I see has alcohol in it and that will fuck my skin up. Pic not related.
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RAMONES or da con fo today /fa/?
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No title

can i be fit and effay at the same time?

also which should i do to avoid moonface?
>calorie restriction
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No title

are d ring belts /effay/?
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Recent cops

I got this in the other color as well
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No title

Are chelsea boots gay or SEXcore?
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No title

What are some /fa/ boots you can use for walking in muddy areas but don't look out of place in urban centres? Preferably boots for a faggot who isn't attracted to men and trying to pretend to be a man who has a job
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No title

cop or not
2 images | 6 replies

good fitt

fit go hard, or nah?
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