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>make sourdough
>wtf why is dough rising so quickly?
>tastes weird
>I forgot to put in salt

How do I salvage this now? Toast slices and serve with salted butter?
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Since when are Molly and Claire in a relationship?
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Chinese Food

maxresdefault (1)
Why is most Chinese food trash? And why is Chinese fried rice not as good as Japanese
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I hate these darned ugly things

What's worse, my zoomie gf refuses to use gas stoves because they are "dangerous" and "scary"
Does your SO refuse to use one cooking accessory or the other for some crazy reason too?

And what can I do to change that?

More importantly what in the living hell is wrong with zoomies?
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Hangover remedies

Need to completely cure my hangover in a few hours or this day will kill me.
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Would /ck/ eat at a place with their menu options worded like this?
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Just turned 21 and have been thinking about going out to a restaurant to treat myself to a nice drink/meal. Is dining alone strange? What do, I don't want to make myself look like a loser.
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You know, I really quite like pic related.

The meme is that high-end JW are good whiskies but for the price you can do better. So what's the better option for something like this?
I know what I like and it's something a bit smokey, low iodine, mild burn.
What single malts or blends would I look at, in pic related's price range, would I look at that would actually blow blue label away?

This isn't a bait thread and I'm not saying that blue label is the epitome of whisky but I think it's pretty good and although I'm obviously paying for a huge marketing budget, I don't know what the alternatives that should be better are.
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webm bread

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Fuck jack in the box. Look at this shit
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what would be your 5 bucks a day dollarstore diet?
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>what can i getcha hun?
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This shit is pretty fantastic
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Food videos that the anons on /ck/ enjoy! No gore please!
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/ck/ humor thread

the virgin fit
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images (21)
When I was but a 10 year old child I used to choose garlic and rosemary as an aromatic for my steaks. As I matured I abandoned my kiddie plebian ways and began to use the superior aromatic: bay leaf
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Found myself liking Rye over Bourbon lately, any Rye whiskey recommendations? Pic related was pretty damn good and affordable
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You bros munch on anything good today? Happy 4/20.
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ITT: Food related things you can't understand.

I'll start, and for me it's drinking water. I can't fathom why somebody in this day and age would choose to drink plain, boring, water when there are thousands of far more tasty and refreshing alternatives.

I'm a bit of a tech geek so I always compared drinking water to using a computer running Windows 98, like sure you COULD do it but why not get with the times and run the far more improved version, Windows 10
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ITT foods that are total RIPOFFS
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Opinions about this chicken soup made by the Finnish far-right nazi party leader and his cute 16 year old daughter?
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Food Movies

What's your favorite Food Movie or food-related scene from a movie?

Tom Jones
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>spoon falls in the soop
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All their sandwiches look amazing but I will never ever eat their because of that fucking gay zoomer-ass name. Are there any places you refuse to eat because of the name?
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Getting into Tea

So, I've been drinking tea all my life, but it's always been the Lipton stuff and whatever else was popular at supermarkets. Not that stuff was bad, but I always knew there must have been better tea out there. I have a small collection of teas that I've tried recently, but I wanted to get some extra recs from /co/. What other teas should I try? Any international brands? Links or recs for authentic east Asian teas? Thanks in advance.
Also: the tea that says Fiesta Tea in a big paper bag is something called Chai Love.
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do you trust online restaurant reviews?
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images (1)
What does /ck/ think of Hawaiian food? Is it underrated? Will be visiting the islands soon
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This is just fucking wrong.

ITT: Other wrong things.
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I'm a brainlet, how the fuck do you make omelettes

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>suddenly becomes out of stock as soon as it appears on the shelf.
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Is this drink gay?

Will drinking this make me look gay? Asking for a friend.

Also this is a summer time beverages thread.
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Is this the GOAT soda?
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I ran out of squid ink for my fresh pasta. Can I just use regular pen ink instead?
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You look lanky, anon. I'll make you some pierogi.
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Pub Subs

How do you feel about Publix's subs from their deli? Do you like them? Why or why not?
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What's the best bean and how do you prepare them?
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1555796362244 no one gonna talk about the Giraffe in the room?

Just why in the fuck are we using cows as a primary meat source? Look at this j00cy fucking thing. The neck is basically a 6ft log of chuck steak. Think of all the extra ground beef and flat iron steaks you could get out of this thing. Bonus: if you're a faggy leftist, this thing would generate way more meat per pound than a traditional cow, yet it still only has one asshole, the savings in methane gas output alone would make it worth it.

It's 2019 fellas. Time to take the giraffe-pill.
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Why is she so terrible?
I hate her so much bros
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You walk into your kitchen and see this, what do you do?
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DAMN, Greek kids eat like that?!

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Diet Coke

Does anyone else have a diet coke addiction? Or is it Just me?
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Why aren't you producing fermented food items at industrial scale at your home?
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I want to make a meatloaf with a good crust on it.
Any good tips on size, shape and or temp?
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Started the carnivore diet. I feel high.
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will make steak with this rib eye tomorrow, any tips /ck/?
p.s. As azn flat living faggot I am, heat source is limited to 20cm hot plate
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Mexican food in USA
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Confess: Easter Sunday Edition

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Post your 420 meals
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Rate my steak. Salted and peppered and leaving it for a while to go do errands.
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Well /ck/? What are you having?
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is it OK to discuss reverse mcdonalds on here? my thread got deleted last time
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oi ocha
>tfw see a thread about something or other a couple nights ago where someone posted green tea ice cream and another anon posted proper green tea ice cream
>decide to stop at the asian grocery knowing that I can pick up some proper green tea ice cream
>oi ocha is half off on the walk from the ice cream aisle to the check out
Feels good.
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How many gallons do you go through each week?
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Film poster Tampopo
what are some ck-related films that will inspire me as a cook?
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>Hello welcome to jollibee can I take your order anon?
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When did Nestle start jewing on the peanuts so much?
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Care for a nice refreshing cup of Wilkins Coffee, /ck/?
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Things you like that most people find revolting

for me, its salty liquorice
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Screen Shot 2019-04-19 at 10.27.24 AM
Your mother didn't love you this much.
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Tripas 4_zpsimcammxc
whats ur fav hispanic food?
i usually go down to my favorite taco truck on the weekends and get some tacos of this meat called tripas
i think its intestines but its so fucking yummy
also get some tongue too
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Syrup Wars

which does /ck/ prefer?
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Are you tired of the IPA trend and do you think IPA's are overrated? Why or why not?
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He's finally snapped.
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what's your opinion on German cooking?
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Why is everything better in Japan, /ck/?

A) Big Mac Junior
Single Item ($2.59)
Value Set ($5.27)

>Fragrant baked beef patties are combined with mellow and creamy cheese, crispy lettuce, onion, pickles, and a secret original Big Mac sauce with mustard onion sweet relish, etc. and sandwiched in a sesame seed bun.

>The Big Mac Jr is a Junior-sized Big Mac where you can easily enjoy the exquisite harmony of 7 ingredients.

B) Big Mac
Single Item ($3.48)
Value Set ($6.17)

>2 Fragrant baked 100% beef patties with mellow and creamy cheese, and crisp lettuce with pickle accents. And finished with a creamy secret big mac sauce with mustard onion and sweet relish.

>The Big Mac is a big dish in both volume and taste, sandwiched in a specially made 3-stage sesame seed bun and the deliciousness and the eating habit are delicious.

3) Grand Big Mac
Single Item ($4.38)
Value Set ($7.06)

>Special 3-stage buns with sesame seeds, and fragrant baked beef patties and more than 1.3 times larger than the Big Mac.

>A secret original Big Mac sauce with mellow and creamy cheese, crispy lettuce, onion, pickles and mustard onion sweet relish.

>The combined eating response of these seven ingredients makes the Grand Big Mac, a burger of the grand class in all satisfaction.

4) Giga Big Mac
Single Item ($6.25)
Value Set ($8.94)

>Giga Big Mac reappears in limited quantities for the first time in 2 years. The 3-stage buns with special sesame seeds make it more than 1.3 times larger than the Big Mac and the fragrant baked beef patties are 4 Gigasizes, making the Giga Big Mac twice as large as the Grand Big Mac.

>A secret original Big Mac sauce with mellow and creamy cheese, crispy lettuce, onion, pickles and mustard onion sweet relish.

>If you want a sense of satisfaction, and a sense of accomplishment, please try, literally this "Giga sized" burger.
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Binging With Babish

binging with babish
Does anyone else watch this? I came across it recently and he makes some great stuff. I'm probably never going to make any of these recipes ever, but he comes up with some clever shit, and it all looks pretty damn tasty.
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Here's why McDonald's is ditching its fancy burgers

McDonald's is streamlining its menu by revamping its Quarter Pounder and abandoning its craft burgers.

The company said Wednesday that it will "move away" from its Signature Crafted Recipes line — which includes items like a mushroom and swiss cheese burger and one with bacon, cheddar and fried onions — on its national menu to focus on its Quarter Pounder. McDonald's said it made the decision based on customer feedback.
Over the past few months, the company has introduced new versions of its classic Quarter Pounder to its national menu: One with bacon, and a deluxe version with lettuce and tomato. Both are prepared with fresh beef.
"With more and more fresh beef offerings for their core sandwiches, it was probably the next natural step for them to phase those out and put the priority on the Quarter Pounder," Morningstar analyst R.J. Hottovy said. Restaurants that "have focused around reducing the number of products to improve speed of service and order accuracy" tend to have more success, he noted.
McDonald's has indeed been paring back its offerings.
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What are you lads making for Easter Sunday?

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How do you make turkey interesting? I goddamn love my lean meats but it seems tough to deal with turkey. With pork and chicken you can throw on chillis and sauces, beef is tasty enough by itself, turkey just seems meant to be plain and boring. How do I spice things up?
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>Hold on, anon
>Let me smell your breath
>Did you drink this morning?!
>Is something bothering you, anon?
>Do you wanna talk about it?
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Five Guys is better
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My fucking eggs came out with the yolks wet. Why?
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Pepperoni, pineapple, and peppers pizza
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Questions that don't deserve their own thread

Why don't you guys do a QTDDTOT?

can I measure liquids with a scale that measures grams? Is 1g of liquid close enough to 1 ml? Even for thicker liquids?
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So I fell for the meme and tried this expecting trash and it turns out it's completely fucking amazing. Thanks /ck/
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Goddamn nigga, these lil niggas intense as a mf'er, make them purple bag Takis look like a bitchshow
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why is peanut butter so addictive? if i buy a jar, it's usually gone the same day
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Would /ck/?

I think these would make a fine desert after a wonderful meal from Arby's.
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Coffee Time /general/

General coffee discussion

Last one reached bump limit
old: >>12138068
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What is the best tasting vodka?

Also a friend of mine told me I was a swine for keeping my vodka in the freezer for 4 days before drinking it, he thinks only lightly chilled is acceptable. Is he right?
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What is /ck/ drinking tonight?
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I ate nothing but 3 mcdonalds 99c cheeseburgers per day for a month and lost 15lbs.
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/ck/ is there anything that you refuse to eat for pure emotional reasons?

As much as I hate bugs, I don't think I'd turn down bug-based food as long as it's actual food or food product and not just "Here eat this bug that has was cleaned and has some sauce on it"

I don't think I'd eat people meat though. Even if it was sourced from someone who wanted to be eaten, that strikes me as a bit too personal.
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>”Hello sir, can I get anything started for you from the Sushi bar?”
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What went wrong?
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Sunday plans? You now have some.
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download (1)
Do you think Chick-fil -A is overrated and bland? Why or why not?
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For me, its Deliciously Fruity Fruity Pebbles by Post Consumer Brands
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IMG_4325 (Custom)
spicy grilled salad
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White Castle Sliders, sometimes called "smashed and slammed" burgers, are truly a great innovation. Anyone ever cook these at home using this amazing method?
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/ck/ Challenge Round 3 Thread 1

ck challenge

Welcome to the 2019 /ck/ Challenge!

The theme for each round is announced on the 1st Monday after the previous round's end with 2 weeks for submissions (except for this round cause some anons want to make some Easter Sunday shit so we're doing things early!). After that the voting/rating thread goes up for 3 days and everyone is welcome to vote on the submitted dishes.

Submit your dish with a timestamped picture of your creation (ideally with an available step-by-step process via an imgur gallery post or a photoshopped/GIMPed picture) with a unique totem visible in the picture (any type of object be it a dice, glassware, cloth that you'll show with your submissions for the rounds). If you would not like to submit scores then you are free to give feedback/criticism on the challengers dishes as you see fit (just don't fucking clog up the thread with autism please).

The voting will follow modified Iron Chef rules, a 20 point scale where 5 points each will go towards Presentation (how the dish looks on the plate, i.e. the plating), Originality, Appeal (how appetizing the dish looks to you) and fulfilling the Challenge Goals.

You may use this template in order to score the competitors submissions:

Presentation: /5
Originality: /5
Appeal: /5
Challenge Goals: /5
Total: /20

In Round 2 challenger Bell took the top score with his "Borderline" Coffee Cake Sandwiches! In the open rounds bonus contest challenger nrrwmndd !!5q13kDmTZEt leads the field. As we go into the final lap of the open rounds we'll be cutting down the playing field to just 9 challengers, who will step up and reign supreme?
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>*dips into actual sour cream*
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Have you ever eaten a fast food item that shattered your mind into a thousand different pieces?
4 images | 33 replies

Buttercream Frosting

I just can't get it right.

Either I have it too thick for general frosting or too thin for decorating.

Not taking into account the heat from my hands, here.
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>cooking on a grill
>fire always too hot unless you wait a million hours
>fire distribution is uneven so one part of meat/shrimp is overcooking while the other part is raw
>steaks are literally better made in a skillet

What's the fucking point bros. Am I doing this wrong or something? I hate grilling and my food tastes better made in a kitchen.
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A thread about regional chains
79 images | 202 replies

No title

I'm turning 21 today, what alcoholic beverages should I try?
8 images | 72 replies

No title

The definitive donut, upon which all other donuts are based.
10 images | 24 replies

Easy Char Siu Sauce

Char Siu Sauce 14 oz
If I just combine hoisin with honey bbq and soy sauces will that do the ticket senpai?
2 images | 8 replies

Advice for Easter bun

spicy bunz
What is a way to make this recipe for Easter bun simplier, as in as few ingredients as possible? (very poor right now, only have baking powder, cinnamon, and nutmeg)
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I got the weed. Do you got the munchies, anon?
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today i had three muffins, two redbulls, linguini in garlic and oil, mussels, a coffee, reeces cups, and a dr pepper.

and it's not even 5 pm.
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>no /Deenz/ thread in the catalog
Time to fix this.

Recently got into anchovies and am trying to broaden into deenz. I have a package of pic related as well as a thing of kipper snacks. How do I go about starting. The presentation is slightly off-putting but I know I'll enjoy the taste. Go straight at them? Put on club crackers? I've even considered taking them and mincing them into a spread.
Anyway, /deenz/ thread
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I just ate a Nation's double bacon cheeseburger with a side order of ranch and onion rings.

ask me anything.

And yes, I was hungry.
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Food Network has been shit since he left.
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No title

You're welcome.
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Maruchan Bowl Chicken
best garbage food
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No title

Butter lamb
7 images | 12 replies

Why the hate?

Star of glory
I love the taste of anise. I season with it, I like it in coffee, and my favorite alcohol tastes like liquid anise.

However, when I try to share my love, I've noticed only people who have grown up with Mediterranean cuisine like it. I don't get it! Germany produces Jager, which has the same taste, but no one likes it.

Do you like anise? Are you from or a descendant of Central/Northern Europe?
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i ate 46 life saver gummies candies in 5 minutes and my stomach hurts owie owie ow help me /ck/ :((((
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How to bacon?

Hello /ck/
Tonight I want to cook for me mum
She has a very poor diet (mostly carbs) so for a change I am gonna make her some bacon (and pork steaks (neck cut) )

What's the secret for a excellent bacon?
I always manage to fuck it up

I will be using an iron pan (but I also have teflon and aluminum ones if needed)

Thanks in advance
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I have some some Alaskan salmon that I'm gonna make tomorrow, spices aren't the issue, but I can only prepare it using olive oil or butter. What's the best way to make it using either of those?
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No title

How do I estimate how much oil from deep frying made it into the chicken? I count calories because I'm trying to gain weight, how do I account for the deep frying oil?
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No title

Post examples of good eating.
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No title

if caffeine gives me anxiety or drives my anxiety up
what foods will lower my anxiety?

t. diagnosed with general anxiety disorder
t. once had diarrhea at school because of it and i shat on the floor because i couldn't hold it in
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No title

how can I make the ultimate cheesesteak?
anyone have a good recipe?
8 images | 28 replies

No title

Based christians. God tier combo.
0 images | 1 replies

A friendly apeal to your stomach of steel.

peter griffin
my name is nicki lancaster and i have a warrant for your digestion. Chew twice before swallowing, it helps break down the fat enzymes.
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maxresdefault (1)
Ok so I'm gonna cook a pre marinated steak in an iron skillet tonight and will be caramelizing onions in the same pan. Can a anon let me know if I should do the onions b4 or after?
>pic unrelated
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oh hello, welcome to patti's dickered kitchin, boop boop pa doop

this thread is for anyone to post a cook-along, bake-along, lime-along, drink-along, snack-along, sing-along, pickle-along or OC food/drink pics, post your meals or what ever if you don't want to make or use another thread

last thread >>12142127

>sams club edition
41 images | 95 replies

carrot rant

Cooked carrots taste worse and have a worse texture than raw carrots.

It doesn’t matter what you put on them, it doesn’t matter how cooked they are, a raw carrot is better than a cooked one. When they’re raw, they have a certain freshness to them, the texture is generally nicer in my opinion, and the taste is just nice on its own. It doesn’t require anything else to be great, but it also goes great with other things.

An uncooked carrot is like nature’s prebuilt snack bar.
4 images | 13 replies

Name a better steamed food

9 images | 40 replies

No title

What's the fanciest gourmet coffeee I can buy?
1 images | 7 replies

No title

if you think melted cheese makes shit better you’re a tastelet. That includes burgers.
3 images | 19 replies

No title

How actually close is gator meat to chicken meat? I tried making some gator recipes i saw on deermeatfordinner using chicken and they all turned out pretty great (the deep fried gator tail was the best one imo), but i don't know if that's actually what a gator would taste like. And i can't get gator meat because i'm in Brazil, and caimans are protected by law here.
0 images | 2 replies

No title

Rate my dinner
1 images | 7 replies

No title

Tell your stupid aunt not to bring this abomination for dinner tomorrow.
6 images | 14 replies

No title

03733-29 DIG Silo Triple Stacker King_500x540_CR
To go or not to go to Bagga Kingu, is the question....what do?

30 min away by car
2 images | 20 replies

No title

Whopper w/chee
2 images | 19 replies

No title

Anyone ever try a prepared food delivery service
Thinking of trying one out for a month to lose weight.
1 images | 19 replies

Controversial candy thread

>half of the flavours are disgusting
>half of them are delicious

Honestly, what's the goal? I only eat them when I'm stoned because there are so many disgusting flavours but I'd love to buy more of the good flavours. Why not just have a non exotic shit edition with flavours like apple or cherry or lemon or orange or stuff like that? Why pimp it up?
1 images | 5 replies

No title

Does eating a lot of meat make you gassy?
1 images | 18 replies

Beer General

What are you drinking tonight?
What's the most overrated beer you've had?
What's the most retarded thing someone has said to you regarding beer?

For me it's Modelo tonight
Most Overrated is Lawsons sip of sunshine
And some mouth breather who reffered to Guinness as a "dark lager"
56 images | 332 replies

No title

Gentlemen, I present to you, the humble soda cracker.
4 images | 18 replies

Cutge Food

I like serving my boyfriend cute foods. Let's post only the cutest foods in this thread.
60 images | 149 replies

No title

Do you pack your lunches?
3 images | 26 replies

No title

Are you ready for cherryless cherry pies?
1 images | 44 replies

No title

what are they like?
8 images | 28 replies

No title

>when the vinegar hits
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Restaurant Story Thread

How many of you fags actually work in a restaurant? Got this note today, gave me a good laugh.
13 images | 53 replies

No title

saw this at a Dunkin Donuts today

I'm not likely to stay this long, but it still cracks me up. why would they feel the need to put this up?
7 images | 48 replies

No title

Who here /All Sport/?

Fuck Gatorade & Powerade as far as I’m concerned.
3 images | 11 replies

No title

silly omnis health is for
What's the best plant meat product?
0 images | 11 replies

Costco Club

Who /executive/ here? All Costco friends report in to laugh at the poorniggers. Gold members begrudgingly welcomed, but please state your rank in the name field.
4 images | 48 replies

No title

So I just found this in my freezer. It is a rabbits back.

It was to be stored at -18°C and to be consumed untl 2006
It was stored at -5°C in my freezer and we have 2019
This rabbit died on 9/11

I can still eat it right? You need to eat rabbits on easter, right?
11 images | 74 replies

No title

My fellow ketobros will know how true this is.
13 images | 145 replies

No title


This shit is so fucking gross. It’s not even cooked all the way.
1 images | 10 replies