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Note: /biz/ is NOT a place for ADVERTISING or SOLICITING. Do NOT use it to promote your business, ventures, or anything you may have an interest in. Anything that looks remotely like advertising or soliciting will be removed. Begging/asking (including tipping) for cyptocurrencies or asking for money/capital is also strictly forbidden. Want to advertise? Buy a banner /biz/ targeted banner ad:
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Begging or asking for 'free money'/crypto is strictly forbidden. Encouraging beggars, or posting any kind of 'free money' offer is also strictly forbidden.
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No title

Everybody and their dog have 10K LINK
Now RLC is >ourcoin
Iex.chads report in with rare or custom cheesy RLC memes
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It's over biz.

Screen Shot 2019-04-20 at 6.50.52 PM
My life is fucking over, I just bought a cum brain doll. I literally spent 10k on this fucking thing and all it does is say "One cum please" i should have bought a nice watch or 2 bitcoins holy fucking shit I cant return it cause I used it.
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Gender inequality

Where were you when you learned lightning is sexist
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No title

How do you cure depression?
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How can I get a "Sex for rent" tenant in Bangkok?

Thanks to my insanely based uncle, I now get to live in a 3 bedroom luxury apartment in Bangkok for the next 1-2 years.

How can I find a hot Thai girl tenant I can let them live here for free, provided I can fug them anytime I want and they do the cleaning? Where would I post ads about this?

inb4 just rent them out and use the money for Thai hookers. I could do that but my job already support me financially and the idea of having a bangmaid really turns me on
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This costs 20$ in south florida

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No title

Guys what does it feel like? Please tell me I have to know. I've tried everything from a hollowed out banana peel with ductape wrapped around it put into the microwave.

I've stolen the soap dispensers from work and taken them home cut it open and put it inside the plastic bag only to sting the tip of my penis.

I've tried the vaccum cleaner only to have it cut the side of my sack and began to bleed out.

I carved out a watermelon as well and after I stuck it in found out I had a skin allergic reaction to the watermelon which resulted in a very irritated skin rash. I've tried it all.

Please guys I really need to know what does sex feel like. I'm so depressed and riddled with social anxiety that I can't talk to women in real life and am still a Virgin at the age of 25. I really need to know guys. I'm scared to try a hooker because I've heard you can get aids with stds and end up paralysed.

Can someone here please tell me what sex feels like and is it worth it? I really need to know
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No title

Imagine not supporting Yang.
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No title

Women this this cuck bitch is a hero for walking away with $36 billion dollars of money she did nothing to earn, and made no effort to fulfill her duties as a woman and satisfy her man.

Never get married, especially if there is any chance you might one day make it.
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I'm getting antshares vibes

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No title

Find me a worse performing shitcoin. I'll wait.
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"California is dying"

download (2)
No it's not. It's the richest, most powerful, most innovative, most famous, most important, most desirable to live in state and frankly the difference seems to be getting larger.

Why don't drumpftards copy democratic companies if they want their states to be relevant instead of hopelessly saying "it will die this year!" every fucking year?
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Shitcoin of the month

You faggots remembers this trash? it is 0xBTC for the uninitiated.
This is a shitcoin flavor of the month. Look over it's chart and burn it in your memory.
This is exactly what is going to happen to LIT and FTM.
You are not smart
You are not part of a special club
You are not an early adopter
Your ability to sign up on some obscure exchange is not special
The people convincing you to buy this shit are using you to dump their bags they got for near free
You are buying literally nothing
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Bitcoin is the only crypto that matters

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Gold and Silver is money, anything else is a promise

Screen Shot 2019-04-17 at 5.57.44 PM
prove me wrong protip you cant
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ETERBASE - Europe's Premier Digital Asset Exchange

Eterbase is the first regulation-compliant European bank-grade cryptocurrency exchange, offering fast, secure trading on a clean, powerful, user interface. Eterbase is offering fiat integration with IBAN accounts and Euro pairings on a low latency, ultra fast trading platform with highly scalable modular architecture capable of millions of transactions per second. Market makers and takers can enjoy premium incentives such as zero trading fees, negative trading fees for higher tier members, and more rewards are planned for tokenholders in the future.

Current roadmap:
>April 22 - Website launch (
>May 15th - Closed Beta Testnet
>May 20th - Closed Beta Mainnet
>End of May - Testing of IBAN integration with SEPA complete
>June 17 (at the latest) - Public launch of Eterbase Exchange with crypto to crypto + fiat to crypto IBAN & SEPA integration
>July - First Initial exchange offerings will start
>Q1 2020 - Crypto debit cards

Full whitepaper:

On the Jeeves Group FUD:

Father of Eterbase CIO / CFO, Jozef Brhel, is worth €200m
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missed me?
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No title

How do I invest into degeneration? I mean there is a massive market of people willingly letting society collapse, there must be some business in this.
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Should I buy more BAT?

Is this shit gong to retrace or should I just dump another grand into BAT right now?
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DCAing doesn't feel so good right now.

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No title

I wonder what happens when the mysterious bulllwhale that popped us up here decides he’s gotten enough shorts filled and starts smashing market sell.
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No title

Is writing self-help books the easiest way to get rich?
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Please buy sirs.


XBASE -> We are upgrading contract to Xbase Cash (AKA, fuck off, heres an ann to cover the marketing dump) -> New contract gets hacked, gets hell dumped -80%, gets delisted from everywhere.

What does this tell you about their exchange in the making?

Telegram filled with 12,000 bots and pajeets. All volume is literally wash traded back and forth.

Sure thing guys, these gents will produce muh 'leading regulated europeean exchange'.

These are clueless boomers using pajeet contractors and Serbian devs to make a pajeet tier exchange.

'Negative fees' - Dividends, aka unregistered security token.

Biz likes to get fucked, hard.
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No title

People who live off interest, do they just plop all their money into mutual funds?
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Bitcoin is broken.

Most of the proposed benefits of bitcoin are no longer true, due to transaction fees and slow speeds:

- bitcoin is a superior medium of exchange
- bitcoin provides peer to peer internet payments
- bitcoin makes it easy to do transactions in a trustless environment.

Corecucks have decided that these goals are no longer important. $10-50 fees are good thing. No business should actually accept Bitcoin payments. If we absolutely need to make a transaction do it only for thousands of dollars. We should do all of our business with traditional finance, and then invest every 6 months in BTC in large payments.

Lighting is even more complicated, more riddled with traps, and even easier to lose funs. So this idea of a "layer 2" payment network that makes it easy and convenient for normies is not what we are getting..

Before I get called out as a BCH shill (I only own BTC) I will interpret this in the most charitably. There are two possibilities I see:

1) The BTC developers have a realistic understanding of the technical limitations of bitcoin. The tech just can't scale to any kind of payment network reliably.

BCH is going to hurt themselves with larger blocks. The "bank settlement" token is the best direction we can go with the bitcoin technology.

2. Using cryptocurrency as a medium of exchange is actually a bad idea. The direction BTC is going is not a technical limitation, but a better design.

Which is it #1 or #2?

There are so many shills and deluded people I need honest and cynical takes from anon's who aren't trying to shill their bag.
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How to get into law school???

i want to be a lawyer. /biz/.

but i only have 3.4 gpa...
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No title

Datawallet (in development since 2015)

>1.4 millions marketcap, trading at Exmo and Bitforex, IDEX

>Collected 40 millions at ICO in few hours (february 2018)
>Team is from Stanford, Draper university, Hardvard etc.

>There's partnership with TOP 50 - fortune (name: to be announced soon)
>Two billionares invested to seed round: Marc Benioff (Salesforce's CEO) and Tim Draper

>"There is also new exchanges coming." & updated roadmap and detailed post of tokenomics.

>Team is active @ conferences and there are already partnerships with Enigma for "bot or not - development" , DCC, FRSH .. (yes some projects outside of cryptoworld too)

>Team is only doing HQ marketing (Siraj Raval did review of it for example(year ago)

>releasing the first open source projects soon
>Shopkick's CEO is advisor, lets see if integration happens

>Datawallet company is based @ Germany and been on local TV channels & Galileo's show (link below) (8:15)

>has 24 full time employees (+ interns, contractors, etc.)

Team is delivering:

and many others

WEBSITE: <3 well done normie friendly .
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Is homeownership a meme?

Screen Shot 2019-04-20 at 5.00.58 PM
Isn't the future a sharing economy and will I be left holding boomer bags? With the advent of 3D printing, wont it lower the housing cost dramatically? What other significant changes can we expect in the future with regards to real estate? How will tokenization affect this market?
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>you must have at least 5k RLC to post in this thread. Verified by PoCo.
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I'm pooping rn ama

Well, go on.
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Last night a whole new generation of BAT bagholders are born

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Does anyone here actually have a proper job?

The amount of cluelessness/retardation here really makes me wonder if everyone's a neet. Who has a proper career with solid progression?

I'll start, PhD student (15k GBP a year).
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No title

we know biz is saturated with INTx fags, but what about enneagrams? Take the classical version and post your results:

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Behold ..

Look at this man. He is working himself to the bone to make you retards rich beyond your wildest dreams. The least you can do is roll dubs to give thanks
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Investment banking AMA

investment bank
I work at an investment bank in manhattan.
I'm 22 and make over $100k a year.
AMA cucks
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>biggest holding
>Myers-Briggs personality type
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No title

why does he always end his sentences with right, right?
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No title

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ETERBASE is a sca-

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Even the old Winston Churchill realized how staged the housing market was

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TICK TOCK?! You cunts said it would skyrocket at the 18th?! And look at the price... it's never been lower, 10% down today.
How does it feel? Promoting a scam for this long now your investment is just pouring away into the gutter. Finally some karma..

Go take a look in their TG. "BUY THE DIP!" "IT'S BEING MANIPULATED!" HAHAHAHA the delusion...
The bridgaders Bungus bunny, Baeshoor, Olleh etc how's the sentiment? U pieces of shit.
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Portfolio thread

Am I gonna make it during the next bull run?

I've only put in $10k since 2013 and held during the 2017 bull run and this is where I am now.
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Coins - No hard shilling

images (2)

i am looking for coins with a real team (>= 3 programmers) and real world use cases that make sense in a decrentralzed enviroment. (GNT)
+ big active team
+ an actual working product (rendering)
+ more use cases in work

- i am down 10% since i bought
- open source character, big business adoption unlikely (PRIX)
+ use case is valid and sound
+ could replace TOR and VPN services

- small team
- gone up 35% without me
- big business adoption unlikely

please keep this style for your shills, please sell it to me, i dont care about partnerships or abstract concepts that might have use one day (chainlink).
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No title

Will this shit ever go up? I still have like 3k ;_;
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Is NKN going to solve the connectivity problem of Google Stadia?

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No title

>new GF has multiple black rx BF's
>didn't tell me until after we were 'facebook official'
how can I turn 10$ into 10$ million this year?
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No title

Asia doesn't know how to use IDEX. this shits going to explode once on binance DEX huh
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How do I profit from normie economy?

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Imagine coming to /biz/ for any other reason than /smg/

> the absolute state of you gamblers
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No title

>uncle and family visiting for easter holiday
>all hanging out in family room after eating dinner
>uncle sees me on laptop checking binance as he walked behind me
>"OH WOW, that looks cool, is that crypto charts? How much money have you made?
>Don't say anything, pretending not to hear

My family is kind of awkward, what was I supposed to do? Everyone noticed it and thought it was awkward, as conversation had died down a bit because people were watching something on the TV. There was no way I could have not heard him, but Idk what else I could do. I'm probably the most awkward one in my family, and am typically very quiet.
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I am finacially ruined... I got dumped on again didn't I?
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2012/13 oldfag here, part 2.

Ask semi constructive questions, and I will answer. After this thread, I disappear for another year or so because biz is a dumpster.
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No title

Alright biz. We all know Korean society is one of the most collectivist societies in the world. If something is trending, literally everyone, including 80 year old Asian grandmas get into it. During the peak of 2017 bullrun you couldn't go anywhere in Seoul without hearing people talking about it or checking their portfolios.

In addition to that, Koreans don't give a shit about the tech or decentralization. They are in this shit for the money.

This is exactly why XRP is the most popular coin in Korea and it was trading at 5 USD because of the Kimchi premium.

Here comes the shill. UND. Unification literally has the same capital investors, market makers, AND people that worked on XRP working with them. Now, this is my bet. If Koreans even start talking about this a sliver. You better make sure you are already in it because it is going to snowball (collectivist) and you are never going to see this at a 1 million mkt cap again.

By the peak of the next golden bull, you will literally be ostracized in Korea if you don't own some.

If you believe this market is going to rally in a similar way to 2017, you need a bag of this or you should just leave crypto.
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No title

What will be the next social revolution and how can we profit from it?
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No title

Perfect example of stealth whale accumulation
Minimum 100$ before 2020
Look at their twitter, crazy shit
gl anon
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No title

Why don't gigantic companies build housing campuses? E.g. Google has billions in cash, they could build a town from scratch and cut hours of commute, save their employees thousands in rents, and just not shit up the housing market for everyone else.
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aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand we're back!

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Stellar - Sweaty Edition

For the past couple of days the moderator over at /r/Stellar, Kodinedreamin, has been telling people

>Stellar doesn't owe you anything sweaty
>Ur just a gamblor hunny
>Stellar doesn't need you

Of course he deleted these conversations now but they were up yesterday in the Daily Discussion. People are still talking about it in Today's Daily.

Imagine having such a dumbfuck representing you as the moderator of your Sub. Wouldn't be surprised if it was StellarZac's alt account since he is always commenting soon after KodineDreamin.
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No title

Life has got so much better since I got 1BTC.
Suddenly feel much more confident and superior to all the no coiners, and everything just rolls off me like water on a rain coat because I've got coin and they dont.

Feels good man
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Shitcoin Gore Thread

Post only Shitcoin that you are holding and are down more than 99% since launch.

I will start.

BTCP - Bitcoin Private
ROI: -99.50 %

Invested 20,000 $
now worth no more than 130$
Source: Coinmarketcap
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No title

Is capitalism the best economic system?
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Screen Shot 2019-04-18 at 9.33.01 PM
Lition (LIT) will start moving within the next 48 hours

This is probanbly your last chance to buy, lock up your tokens for at least 3-6 months, and enjoy the profits.

If LIT doesn't take off within 48 hours, screencap this, post this, with your ETH address, and I will send you 100 LIT tokens.
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Am I gonna make it b4 I go bald, /biz/?

Im 19 goddammit wtf is this shit
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No title

10 images | 19 replies

wtf is going on

alt coins are crashing right now without the help of bitcoin
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No title

>pp hard in the morning again
>remember dreams of Sergey coming thru window in a white gown
What this mean?
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No title

You told me it will dump at 40 cents mother fuckers!!!! Let me in! LET ME IIINNN!!!!
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Tzero. Overstock. FLO. RAVEN. FACTOM. Hidden Connection.

FLO and RVN are sister coins.

Used by medici to register property rights in rwanda, wyoming, mexico, and a few other locations.

Used as the backbone for the tZERO project.
Works with Rvn to store the metaData records about ownership/dividends, etc, for every Rvn asset. This data is stored on FLO chain while the Rvn asset is on Raven.

Start here:

Quick 2 minute video here:

Still got your attention? Want more info? Other pasta here:
Two weeks ago the Overstock Investor Q4 call made a mention about Ravencoin to regular joe investors and told them it was better than Bitcoin/Ethereum and their company would be building many projects on it. The CEO of Overstock also stated "This is not the only chain that we will be using."

After the call, RVN coin went on a nearly 350% rise over the week.

FLO is the other coin that they (Medici/Overstock are building on)

FLO was showcased at the WORLD BANK conference in Washington, DC last weekend by a Medici/Overstock Developer.

When Overstock starts going public about FLO it could actually 10-15x from current price levels.

Bruce is also the Head of the Bitcoin Foundation and has support of multiple Alpha Bull whales.

Bruce is also best friends with CZ.
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No title

tfw when cant afford sweet dank nugs on 4/20 because car payment too expensive.

sometimes I think I should sell my junker and go carless nomad life.
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No title

why is this shitcoin performing so badly? how much longer do we need to wait for it to atleast pull a fucking 3x

literally all i want is only a 3x from this. give me a fucking timeline to dump my 50k stack
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No title

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No title

Which program do your use to calculate tax and find all the possible optimizations in how you report it?
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No title

Is it time to get in ?
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No title

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No title

Dont say i never do anything for you /biz/
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/smg/ - Stock Market General

the power of books edition

Before you buy anything, make a brokerage account and read investopedia articles and/or the books in the OP list. If you don't have a broker, you can't buy stocks and if you blindly buy things without understanding how the stock market works or doing any research on the individual stocks you're buying, you will lose money and it will be entirely your fault.

List of popular brokers:

List of basic stock market terminology for newfags:

Real-time market news:

Educational sites:

Free in depth technical analysis charts:

Premarket Data:

Earnings Report Calendars:

Pump and Dump Advertising:

Boomer Investing 101:

Options Markets 101:

Suggested books:

List of hedge fund holdings:

Previous thread: >>13378013
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No title

What's your plan B if crypto fails?
3 images | 19 replies

Everything is a Joke.....

6 images | 10 replies

No title

wtf is this shit you pajeets are shilling and why is it being added to binance's dex
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No title

It’s time
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No title

xrd top 8
My fiance is demanding that I buy her an engagement ring. Anyone know how much I should spend on one?
7 images | 58 replies

No title

how high can link reach in the bull run?
is $20 realistically?
And about req?
t.linklet 4k
5 images | 52 replies

No title

Any unironic rich people here?
2 images | 7 replies

Hello, im from the future, 2025

I came to tell you about the future after becoming a billionaire in certain cryptos I was first to test a new trillion dollar time shifting government project. I guess im a willing guinea pig. I wanted to come back to my old stomping ground Biz before the gov took it over and hunted like dogs posts of any racist pajeet type fud matierial. So many young Indian men were lost in the cull.

Anyway I just wanted to mention a project as I used to recommend projects back in 2019 where I made my fortune.

So yes its called ZYGOP I think it will be big in the Diamond Bull's giving me Fantom vibes.
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What the hell is Atomic Wallet Token and why did it just 7x?

Worth throwing a few ETH in to see where it goes?
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No title

Alt coin crash or final shakeout after long term accumulation?
0 images | 3 replies

No title

This is the only useful video you'll ever see in this cessepool of a chan:
1 images | 2 replies


I can feel it in the air, I can feel it in my bones. Somethings changed in the last week Im getting 2017 vibes.

A happening is gonna happen and either we are all gonna get completely wrecked or the golden bullrun is gonna start. Not shilling any coin just a general feeling of a sudden rapid movement thats going to run and run and catch all of unanware

Anyone else feeling it?
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No title

Buying bnb now is like buying bitcoin in December 2017
1 images | 8 replies

No title

How disruptive is Chainlink?
3 images | 15 replies

At what age do you think renting becomes degrading/humiliating?

I'm 21 and already starting to feel like shit about it essentially bring someone's bitch.
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No title

I am a software developer, mostly mobile apps, but can also do chat bots
Anything you trading faggots need? I am in my Easter break and am going to develop some pet project.
1 images | 10 replies


Biz can we discuss on-chain order books?
Will it ever be possible AND worthwhile?

Whatever chains are able to implement this, will change everything.

t. EtherDelta power user.
2 images | 5 replies

Get LIT!

The Lition infrastructure is the only scalable public-private blockchain with deletable data features. SAP, a company with >400.000 customers and the power of >10.000 developers, is developing the decentral ledger and smart contract layer, with Lition providing the open consensus layer.

We are also looking with high attention to the asset tokenization trend which is arising and for which our chain is ideal, we are building a platform which will make it easy for “everyone” to tokenize an asset through a few clicks, let say we aim to act as a facilitator.

* They have a very close relationship with SAP (136Bilion Mcap company), SAP's CTO wrote part of the Lition's whitepaper.
* Already a working and running energy trading dapp. Projects like electrify asia were promising to do with their funds? Lition had already done this before their ICO.
* ICO sold out in under 20mins in the lowest part of bear market with very few participants.
* Incentives for ICO buyers not to dump (bonuses in 6months for not moving tokens, no presale bonus etc.)
* As well as energy trading dapp they are creating a syndicated loan dapp with VR bank (One of the biggest German bank)
* Legit partnership with SAP one of the biggest software companies with market cap similar size to Pepsi and Netflix. (CTO of SAP helped write the whitepaper)
* Links with the German government, Richard Lohwasser their CEO went to speak in front of the german parlament a few weeks ago, regarding blockchain technology.
* Team had followed through on every promise/announcements.
* Big news and exchanges are coming and they announced earlier this week:

Currently trading at Idex/Bibox and still under 5mil mcap.
0 images | 4 replies

$.50, it's happening tonight

3 images | 8 replies

No title

can you retards explain to me why you wouldnt wannA sell now at 5,3k$ and wait for confirmation break 6k$ with solid volume and buy back in to be 100% sure we bull??? you only lose a couple % instead of risking diving -50% from here
1 images | 6 replies

What CLC fuders don't want you to know


>Currently, Chainlink is in a completely centralized state (zero independent nodes) with zero adoption (no traffic). We want to reach the completely decentralized state (a lot of independent and completely self-sufficient node operators) with complete adoption (a lot of traffic). CLC Group's argument is that the network should be bootstrapped with traffic so that people who will be able to (competently and efficiently) run independent nodes are attracted to the network. Therefore, we can afford to sacrifice decentralization for the sake of creating network traffic at the start.

>In this case, centralization is a double-edged sword to its wielder. As the increasing traffic attracts independent nodes, centralized services will no longer be preferred and become obsolete. Therefore, services without a solid decentralization strategy from the start are destined to perish. We are going to aim for decentralization for the sake of the network, but even more so for the sake of our shareholders.

>We believe that for a model to be robust, it must still work in spite of everyone protecting their best interests. For this reason, we take extra care in designing a business model that profits us from growing the Chainlink ecosystem. As discussed in our white paper, the regular players all have to compete with each other to grab the largest slice out of the cake, while we are in the unique position of being incentivized to make the cake bigger for everyone else.

>Why did I write about all this? Monetization. We are sacrificing some decentralization at this point to gain the ability to reliably monetize the calls. To monetize the calls, we need to be able to block the call if the caller hasn't paid, which requires us to act as an intermediary between the node operator and the API provider (we are also leveraging this configuration to deliver a variety of services such as EaaS, payment management, analytics, etc. but I won't digress the subject is decentralization).
6 images | 88 replies

No title

c17 (1)
Why is development on eth so fucking slow?
1 images | 17 replies

No title

The holy grail of mooning is:

If you are a poorfag who can only put $2,000 USD into crypto and can afford to lose it but a pretty good gamble to sort of make it, these are your stacks

Anyone who disagrees is retarded
2 images | 12 replies

No title

>be easter
>be family gathering
>be me
>be silent
why it be lick dat, /biz/?
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No title

Imagine not being balls deep in this right now.
2 images | 7 replies

No title

Crypto Hedge Fund Trader, former FX Trader at the Chicago Board of Trade here.

You are about to get financially raped.
8 images | 44 replies

Daily Reminder

This is the Head of Marketing for FTM
3 images | 24 replies

ITT: JAN/FEB Bear Delusion

3 images | 10 replies

No title

MFT whales are trying to crash the price with no survivors
0 images | 1 replies

im so ready

been tethered since the last bart up.
is it gonna bart back down or complete a 6month long bart up.
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No title

"Let me tell you about smart contracts"
1 images | 6 replies

No title

How do I short the world economy?
0 images | 1 replies

No title

I am a family medicine resident who is about to finish residency. I’m going to start working soon. I live in Canada. How do I start investing?
0 images | 14 replies

No title

>he stores his wealth in shiny rocks, internet money, or boomer markets
11 images | 37 replies

/Lition General/

2019-04-20 20.46.55
- Lition is developing the advanced scalable public-private blockchain with deletable data features, made for commercial products.

- GDPR compliant blockchain infrastructure for business.

Watch @boxmining video:

- Has a working product - P2P Energy dApp commercial since April 2018.

- Already has MVP - Live Testnet.

- SAP innovation partner.

- Microsoft partner

- Lition Advisor Dr. Juergen Mueller is a SAP CTO, and also an advisor for the German government for legal framework for STOs

- Made for European regulated STOs. Designed with the Government.

- Also has a MVP for syndicate loan processing.

- Live P2P Energy exchange with customers in over 100 cities.

Amazing in depth @CryptoMedics AMA:

- Currently there is 26 million LIT in circulation.

- Do check out who their complete list of partners are and what they are into.

- Also check out their team details on Linkedin as well
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No title

Why does everyone keep picking on Satoshi?
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just bought 15k of these. I this too risky? Currently has low volume and is traded mostly on bilaxy
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The smarter an anon sounds the more bags I buy from them
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Ok I bought in because of the pajeet fud and the chart looks disgustingly good. What are we to expect before v3? Price targets?
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Holy shit

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Thomas Hodges has made Chainlink videos private

What does it mean? Now all the tutorials are gone.
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explain to me why this is a shitcoin

bitcoin ideals on the ethereum network seems like it is has value
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Screen Shot 2019-04-19 at 2.14.07 AM
Sorry I never actually post on this forum, yet alone post to say this. I thought after 2017, most people lurking here have acquired enough experience. I am sad but honestly laughing at some of you guys not seeing how Lition is going to perform in the next 3 months. Don't you always see this? Right now flippers are selling to hodlers. You need to wait at least 2-3 weeks. How can you post and say "Lition is dumping"? haha

Guys the only coin before Lition that had a massive volume the day it was listed on IDEX was Holo which is now sitting at around 140-150 million $USD.

CHX, QNT, LTO, FTM these guys all dumped for weeks to months. HOLO was the only one which was so obvious. Lition saw the same spike the moment it was listed. Holo is 150m, Lition is $4 mil.

PLEASE be smarter this time around.
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How can I become successful in crypto without being a disgusting fat söy faggot?
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Seriously, how difficult is to make chainlink? it's a bunch of if then statements, it's has literally zero for nested statements, there is no complexity about it, literally a while true statement running if then and parsing the outputs, literal in-outs with nothing else, priced in at 200M, how the fuck there is no product yet, how difficult is to complete some in-outs if thens ? it literally doesn't do anything else than checking if the ins are correct to then make them outs be correct with no change whatsoever, leaded by a fat russian orthodox priest
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I sold at 5800. I warned you brainlets for months but you didn't listen. Even though you pathetic idiots don't deserve it, I'm still telling you exactly what you need to do. If you're dumb enough to still be holding crypto, dump it now. Soon 3000 will be the top. Crypto hasn't even capitulated yet. Sell now and never ever buy back in.
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Screen Shot 2019-04-19 at 12.02.03 PM
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Can you suggest me a business idea that will let me make money and meet girls?
I've had a freelance webdev business and I made money, but this doesn't make me meet girls and I'm always home.
I've already thought about becoming a photographer, that's pretty obvious.
No, I don't even want to have sex with the girls I meet for work, I just want to interact with girls, in the hope they'll present me their friends.
I was even thinking of creating some sort of self-help cult, taking advantage of web marketing skills to make it popular, but it seems a little too evil even for me.

Anyway, any idea is okay, open to all suggestions.
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California on the verge of economic collapse and complete anarchy.

How does one profit from this?
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it feels like a crash is incoming lads. What think?
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Travala, a future giant

> Working product & already revenue. More détails here : (+30% each month)
> On average 15 to 20% cheaper than, it goes up to 60% depending on some destinations
> Crownfunding for increasing marketing Awarenness > Target 250k £ > Already 314k£ (12 Day left)
> Listing next month on Kayak (42M Visitors per month) 172th most visited site in USA
> You can Pay with Crypto, FIAT, AMEX.

To understand the need of token & blockchain :

Check the chart, it’s only the beginning of the uptrend.

Available on Kucoin & Switcheo.
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Is there any coin more hated on /biz/ than Dero?

- Dero comes out and promises a bunch of stuff. Monerocucks and Turtlefags spam the threads, spam /biz/ with FUD, yell at it and call it a scam
- Spam multiple FUD copypastas that don't have an ounce of truth to them
- Turtlefags fork Turtlecoin and call it Dero Gold even though it is literally just Turtlecoin but forked
- Spam Dero Gold threads on /biz/ like it's some new casino Ethereum dApp
- Dero releases mainnet rewrite Atlantis
- Gets attacked on /biz/ and gets called a scam
- Dero releases first ever serverless web wallet
- Gets attacked on /biz/ and gets called a scam
- Dero has press conference
- Gets attacked on /biz/ and gets called a scam
- Dero releases testnet for private smart contracts
- Gets attacked on /biz/ and gets called a scam
- Dero announced it has found a location for its Foundation
- Gets attacked on /biz/ and gets called a scam
- Dero announces partnership with Beaxy
- Gets attacked on /biz/ and gets called a scam
- Moving to mainnet soon, several Dero dApps already finished, more in development
- Gets attacked on /biz/ and gets called a scam
- Over time, Dero is hardly talked about anymore since trying to FUD Dero makes you look like a retard as they have delivered on everything they have promised and even more that they didn't promise but did anyway

We're right on the cusp of the next bull market. You'd be an absolute fool to not do further research on this project and come to your own conclusions instead of believing all the salty Monerocucks and Turtlefags on this board.

Research Dero yourself, and you'll see why everyone has been hush-hush about it lately. Dero is not "the next Ethereum" because it has surpassed Ethereum in every technological way at this point.
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Best Coin on Binance???

What is the best coin on Binance to buy? I will gladly buy your bags.
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Screenshot_20190420-152626_Samsung Internet

George CAO is a SCAMMER
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Mimble my wimble
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>first crypto on binance dex
>prophetic as fuck
cz couldn't have listed hugschain or something
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Don't you dummies fucking get it yet!?
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Why the fuck do more people not use this? This is so fucking easy. I feel like in a bullrun this is what all the dumb money could use to exchange tokens.
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How do I too become a man of taste?

man of taste
Also, what's better now OMG or ADA?

I'm leaning towards OMG.
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Get rid of LINK

Sergay failed us the the quicker you realize this the better. We are now a BAT focused board. LINK IS DEAD!
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chad paradigm

get ready to buy the dip bros
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1) are you going to purchase any form of crypto currency in the next 7 days

2) are you entering the market for the first time or returning.

Please answer biz. Just looking for yes/no responses from the readers.
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Who fell for the FUD?

I did. I sold my 1m Fantom at 170 SATS and now it's mooning. How much do I need to make it? Help me biztards please.
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Easy withdrawal in Moon3D

Compared to other sites, Moon3d lets you deposit and withdraw real time!
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itt: i ask you how long of an hold link will be to make it?

also did this weaponized autism also shill btc & eth back then?
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don't say I didn't warn you earlier today

Screen Shot 2019-04-20 at 7.03.42 PM
we're going to 5 mil MC next 3 days :)
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FTM General Thread

1_dbdqvKhbtmBLw9XGKnZwQA (1)
Potential buyer here. Can anyone break down aBFT for a brainlet? Why is this a big deal?
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No ETH? No problem

Dont have ETH but have other currencies? no problemo moon3d supports other coins
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Why is it so hard to get people to buy crypto?
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