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What height is too short for a woman? What height difference between a guy and a girl starts to become too much?
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So I matched a stacey on tinder who messaged me first which really surprised me. I fucked it up for various reasons but I did get her number, not that I think it matters.

Thing is, the past few months I've had hint after hint I may be handsome. I'm wondering how I can maximise whatever potential I have and achieve the anon dream of being a full blown chad.

I don't lift weights,
I'm losing hair,
I have no normie/female friendly hobbies
I have mediocre fashion sense at best
I'm not very wealthy
I find myself to be a bit boring

Given these things are true, what should I start with? How can I turn myself into a chad?
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How do i tell my dad ?

Ever since i was young i was pressured by my parents more specifically my dad. My dad started up his own company and his been telling me that i would take over it when he retires. I have 0 interest in engineering and i dont want to take over my dad’s business, if the company even touches me im pretty sure i’ll ruined it. Even though i have two brothers my dad still insist on giving me his company. It bothers me that my brothers get to choose their own courses but i don’t. Being a femanon this bothers me even more, i want to be a lecturer or at least a tutor not an engineer. I understand my dad started the company from nothing and it pains me to see my dad lose it all when he retires but i dont want to do what my dad does... how do i tell my dad ?
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best way to find a dude with a big dick?

best places to find a big dick?
what kind of behaviour suggests he has a big dick?
tall men or short men more likely to have a big dick?
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No title

I have decided to live for the first time in my life. There were moments when I lived more than most people, but never fully. I like stupid jokes, going out, people... I want to mountaineer, rock climb and rescue people. Really, the things I have in mind are so extreme I might easily die. But I'd rather die than continue staring at this computer screen... I don't know about you, anons, but I've had enough of this misery. You don't play an MMORPG just to stand there, not leveling up. What is possible and impossible isn't for you to think about, that's nature's business. If you want to do something, at least try, but put everything you got into it. With that said, goodbye, anons, love you all.
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No title

>be me
>have zero interest in sex/relationships
>genuinely being alone
>being with groups of people/crowds can be overstimulating and i freak out
Is this normal?
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Questions for couples

What do you normally do during sex? What is the most common sex position ?
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Issue with pic related
My gf liked this pic and Im mad as fuck right now. Am I overreacting? Or should I dump her?
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I fucked up everything

left gf of 5 years to pursue a girl at work who I didn't know but thought was wife material.
Went on a few dates, friend-zoned me, curbstomped my heart and turned out to lack any empthay.
Now I have to transfer to another store because I need to stop thinking about her and get her out of my life.
I'm good friends with the people at that store, worked there 4 years, I was living with my GF but moved back in with my mom when we split.
Now i'm alone, living with my mom, about to be self-exiled from the place I've like to work since 17, oh and I totaled my car a few weeks ago.
I don't want my ex back, I don't want the girl I thought I did, I don't even know what I want at this point. I wasn't happy before, but things were stable, i'm losing so much so fucking quick these last few months.

what do? Anyone else in a shitty situation?
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No title

What do when you're ugly and have no redeeming features?
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No title

if you hit 30 and you're not shacked up or have kids, is there any point in living? ive gotten to the point where im about to call it quits. life just seems so pointless
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No title

Mob Psycho 100 - 12 - Large 05
I'm 18 and I can't get a full erection.

How did I fuck it up this early in my life, is it over?
What can I do bros?
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Financial security/entrepreneurship

How may an 18 year old go about accumulating wealth.

I would eventually like to own a small business or have passive incomes.

I just feel trapped in life and money, while it can't fix everything will certainly help.
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No title

I had a sad dream....
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How do I stop hating life? I feel like I'm already dead and now I just have to wait for the physical part of me to die too.

>inb4 get a job, get a gf, get antidepressants, get therapy, go to the gym, get more sleep

I have and do all of the above and it hasn't worked.

I don't want to be a whiney bitch, but I'm going to snap
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girlfriend cheated on me

so my girlfriend of 2 years cheated on me. I spent so much money and effort on her and I get this..very heart broken indeed. How can I seek revenge without getting caught?
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im forever a technical virgin

yoshi sunset
im gonna be a technical virgin forever and i have to accept it.
I have a 7.52 inch dick that got bent a little downwards. when i was 18 i only got to penetrate my girlfriend halfway.
when i turned 20 and tried it doggystyle i felt her butt clap on me and i felt it go in further for a moment but we didnt cum directly from that and i still think there was about 1 inch of dick left for me to go.

for virginity to be lost i heard you must go in all the way and both must cum directly from that.
most of the time we have to sneak in a staircase at school to do sex based stuff, plus my mom only let me take her to my house once for sex, the aforementioned time when i was 18. Her dad is insane and doesnt want visitors to interfere with his weed supply so i cant do sex there.

I've accepted my fate with my weird, bent, dick that can only penetrate up to 80%
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No title

Can older dudes who went through what i'm going through give advice? I'm 18 and will be moving out of my mom's place before the end of this year, and I'm just not sure how to break it to her. She's a single mom and after I move out she'll be alone. I don't like having to depend on her(which is why I'm moving out so soon). I also don't plan on dating or having children, which I know will make her even sadder. I just don't know how to tell her I've failed as a human male. I have no desire for relationships since I was raised on porn and don't really see women as anything more than pleasure receptacles. Also watching her actively money branching on dating apps while she has a "boyfriend" didn't help my view of her or women in general. I just want to live a solitary life.

TLDR; How do I tell my mom I don't want to keep in contact with anyone, and just want to live a solitary life?
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No title

I find anime girls to be more attractive than most real life girls
I'm not an ugly fat bastard but this has begun to really bother me
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No title

How do I date as an ugly as shit femanon? I get done all I can really. I do all the skin care, I've gotten fit, Ive seen god knows how many makeup videos. My face is just bad. I'm legit looking up botox for wrinkles at 23. my nose is huge. I've tried to set up a dating profile but I can't take a single selfie that I don't immediately delete.

Should I just buy cats and move on with my life? I feel crushed and completely dysfunctional as a person.

I work and make ok money, so I can survive. It's just really really lonely. Like, suicidally so.

The thing is, that no aspect of my face will ever get better. I am just out of options and sad.
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No title

Are there any dating sites out there worth a damn? I'm not looking for a string of fuckbuddies, I want a gf but don't really care about getting laid, but I've really never head good things about dating websites.
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how to learn anal?

hello, femanon here.
my bf recently suggested trying anal. i always was interested in it too, but never actually tried.
we did try it recently. we started with rimming, fingering and a small dildo as well as plugs.
the rimming was very nice but the feeling of something going out of my butt is really uncomfortable. it doesnt hurt or anything but i really dont like.
do you have any tips on how to learn to enjoy it?
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No title

>have no social skills, can't carry a conversation, no friends at all
>in elevator with milf
>elevator has a screen with news story. one is about how there is a new Tinder for cows
>milf says "that's so crazy, what is the world coming to" and turns to look at me
>me: *nod* yeah...
>really i wanted to explain this makes sense for farmers
what should i have said instead?
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26 and hopeless.

I fucked and partied a lot young. Am succesful. What do I do now?

I'm avoiding women like a plague as they manipulate and I'm stupid jealous.

Used to drink to mellow, I have stopped drinking cause it almost ruined me.

Am helps good at guitar, but lazy as fuck and can't see me making it.

Idk bros, whats the point?
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No title

From age 19 to 24, my current age, I started caring less and less about things in my life. Video games, reading, going out all got more boring as the years gone by. The only time I was actually enjoying things was when I went on vacation to Japan. But that's a once in a blue moon activity so I cant rely on that. I feel like my future doesn't hold anything worth while at the moment, I am not suicidal but I don't enjoy living, so I don't think it's depression. I tried some new things like bouldering and read some self help books, the logic in those books were sound but I felt that actually following advice in there would be a waste of time. The only thing I do to waste my time is watching stupid twitch streams and working out, which I don't do because I enjoy it but because it has become routine.

Are there people here who had the same mindset as me and got out of it? How did you do it? Please no things like do shrooms or dmt, I don't want to.

It's hard to explain my mindset in English since its not my native language so I hope you understood it.
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"I'm ftf trans, basically."

Pic kind of related. I used to look like eugania cooney when she first joined YouTube.

>be (biologically) female
>mother was mentally ill, lived her anorexia through me since I was 10 years old
>due to emaciation, I had developed low estrogen and high testosterone
>due to high testosterone, my voice became very manly, body turned hairy
>ran from family, moved in with partner
>finally began eating like a normal person
>bmi is now 20
>began taking birth control/estrogen to improve hormones
>voice still manly, still hairy but tests said my hormones are normal now
>been taking bc/estrogen for 2 years
>weight has been normal for 5+ months

Is it normal that after 2 years on estrogen, my voice is still manly? Will estrogen eventually change my voice and reduce body hair? Is there something more I have to do to "transition" to being more feminine vocally?
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No title

How do I get a gf who is stronger than me?
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No title

I started to get this weird stains on my body. It is difficult to see them, they don't hurt. It's not a pimple (skin is smooth), it's not an insect bite for certain (fucking -30 C outside).
But they multiply. It was only 1 a week ago, nows it's plenty of them. I also has something on my chest. I don't understand what is this and should I panic about that.
I sleep a lot with hookers, but I don't have this stains on my dick, and it doesn't look like anything related to this type of diseases.
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Black suit with brown shoes?

Hey /adv/, I got offered to a job interview (company that's contracted to do online support for the client's customers) that requires a black suit, so I went and bought one but I forgot about the shoes. I have some darkish brown shoes, but I don't know if I could get away with that. Any idea of how fucked I am?
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No title

I want to propose to my girlfriend, but I want to spend as little money as possible and still impress her.

Is $8k enough money to spend on an engagement ring?

Although I have heard the rule is 3 months' salary, $8k would be for me just under 2 months' worth of my salary, or just over 2 months' take home pay.

Aside from not making tons of money, I also have about $60k federal student loans I pay $800 / month on. I live a fairly modest lifestyle.

What do the virgins of /adv/ think?
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No title

I fucked up and got my girlfriend pregnant. Now I'm going to trapped in a foreign country where i will have to work multiple jobs to keep us all alive. I am going to have to give up my dreams and aspirations.

Help. I'm losing control of my life.
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Advice for bottom

How do you bottoms prepare for sex. I take way to long during the enema. Also I don't feel 100% clean. So I can't relax having sex. Fearing I might shit all over the place
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No title

Any physical awkwardness one should be prepared for when fucking a girl 6 inches taller?
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No title

If I just saw a girl on Friday and the date went extremely well, would it be too needy to ask if she wants to hang tonight (Sunday)? We've gone on 2 dates so far if that helps
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Pls gelp

Cousin cameover for a visit
e x t r a t h i c c
Wanna fuk
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No title

I am obsessed with anorexic girls, but I can't find any to date with.
I am dating right now a girl 160 cm and 38 kg weight, but she isn't ana. She is sexually attractive to me, but I still feel myself like a looser, because I can't get a girl I need. She is just a trade-off, doll for sex and nothing more.
I can't fall in love in her, or anyone like her, because she is too fat. Sometimes I am okay with that, but sometimes I just want to crush things, hating everyone and everything, because I have to accept that I won't get a better girl. I change them, time to time. My ex was better, 175 /45, but that was still not enough.
How the fuck can I find ana, who will be with me?
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Questions for guys in relationships:

How do you balance being a loving partner and being alpha in order to remain attractive ?
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No title

How can I successfully make some people think I'm crazy but not everybody? I am trillions of years old and I have to be covert otherwise two of my divine female associates will be mad at me but I'm not actually crazy I just need to hide the truth for now.
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No title

i just got a caution from the cops and they now have my home address and phone number, they’ve driven to my house before. i’m paranoid and i feel as if i’m constantly being watched, i have weed plants growing too. what do?
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Tinder advice general

Can I get some Tinder advice pls

>What to say as the first message
>How long to wait before messaging
>How long to wait between messages
>How long to chat before asking them on a date
>How to deal with fear of rejection
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Should I Move To A New Province?

Ok so my main problem is finding a job.
The city I live in is Winnipeg and it's infested with Junkies, crackheads and meth-heads.
So you can imagine the job market here is very bad only chance of me getting a job is making some friends and hope they find me work.
I tried that but it never worked out.

I have my grade 12 and that's my only quality besides being very smart at video games and just remembering a tot of useless stuff.
I'm also a very good guitar player. I'm also 24 years old
I'm also very poor with only $00.17 cents in my bank account and only have $.50 cents left.
I'm wondering If I should just run away to British Columbia and start looking for work out there.
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No title

I’m trying belly inflation
How do I go bigger?

It kinda hurts but it’s a good hurt.
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No title

I've been on 2 dates with this girl I met on Tinder and I think she is gf material. We had sex on our second date and I am pretty damn sure I want to be her boyfriend. When is the right time to ask the question?
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No title

Tips for where to meet women with low self esteem to use and throw away when I'm done using them...
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So I have friends who are right-wing and friends who are left-wing. The topic of voting has been coming up more and more lately since general elections are coming up in my country and they ask me who I'm voting for.
I always answer the same thing, which is the truth: "I'm not voting, I couldn't care less about politics."
Then both parties try to convince me to vote their favorite party and go on about how "it's my duty as a citizen" and that if I don't vote I'm contributing to the OTHERS winning.

Is it really such a bad thing to not vote? They go on about how politics mean everything and surround everything (and I honestly can see that) but I want to get my mind as away from that stuff as possible. I find them exhausting to think about. I don't feel represented by politicians (they seem to me more like celebrities than anything else). Am I in the wrong here?
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No title

I've stumbled upon the fact that someone I trust is taking credit for another artist's work. While it's only on a small scale, conversationally between friends, I can't help but feel a little let down. Should I bring it up with them? Frankly find it hard to believe anything they say after this.
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28+ Thread

28+ Thread

One of the few threads these days that isn't idiot teens or bait.
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anyone else legit cant comprehend the concept of a relationship?

i am 24 years old never had a girlfriend in my life. you can say im an incel by choice. ive slept with alot of females, i never counted but its for sure over +30 and over +100 prostitutes. most of them from age 16 to 20. im a 8,5/10 by old misc forum standarts confirmed as a side info. no ebrag, but inb4 cope etc etc

now to get to the topic. anyone else doesnt enjoy even talking to females? i have no interests with spending time with them besides releasing sexual tension and once in a full moon the post sex cuddling meme. i love spending time by myself and when you only fuck a female once a month its actually something enjoyable. doing it every day kills the magic and is so tiresome dealing with them. its like the saying joy wouldnt feel so good if it wasnt for pain, sun cant shine all the time its got to rain. i put in work daily in gym and bettering myself and with semen retention i got so much energy to keep up with insane workload and after a month or 2 i reward myself with a whore, the last years even a paid one because you have to deal with even less bullshit and if you can know you could pull without paying anyway then you dont even have any ego issues
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No title

What's the best way to tell my girlfriend that her best friend can't come on the overseas vacation that we are planning?

I want us to go away as the two of us and I'm concerned I'll end up third wheeling (or in other bad positions) if the best friend comes along as well. I like her friend a lot. She's pretty and fun and likes me, we get along, she's not a bitch. That's all fine. I just imagined this as a couple's holiday.

My gf and I have been going out about 4 months at this point. She's joined at the hip with her friend. When we started planning the holiday it was just the two of us and about two weeks ago we visited a travel agent and suddenly my gf was talking like there'd be 3 of us going.

Also maybe I'm being a cunt about this? If I like them both and we'll all get along then maybe the more the merrier?
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Is it common to dislike your GF's mother?

I have been dating my current GF for about 1,5 years and have seen her mother almost a handful of times (her father usually is at work). I don't have anything against her per se, as she seems to care about her daughter. She likes me, as I tend to treat my GF well and am polite.
But overall we seem quite different personality wise:
>She is rather hot-headed, brash and rather vocal in her political opinions. (she once stopped talking to her daughter for two days after she didn't want to go on a trip with them)
>I am also a conversationalist, but more rational, measured and diplomatic (arguably calculated).
Given this mismatch, I often feel the urge to speak out, but keep myself quite restrained while with her. It's honestly fairly annoying.
Also I am not a fan of certain political views she seems to have instilled in her daughter (my GF hardly beings them up as she more of the quiet type and less brash).
>I think that in my case she there might also be a cultural aspect to it as I was raised in an East Asian family, while the mother is Western Russian.

I have heard that disliking your 'mother in-law' is a common trope.
>Is it true?
>How do you guys deal with it?
>Can it cause issues?
>How are Slav/Russian mothers?
>Could it have something to do with it?
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No title

What's the best way to go on an adventure like in my JRPGS. How realistic would it be to journey across America on foot like this?
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Realizing its not even worth trying anymore

Bettering yourself doesn't work for some people apparently and i am one of them.
>be me
>19 and virgin at the time
>skinny fat
>everyone from highschool hated me
>nothing to do except easy college
>decided to better myself so i go to the gym and dieting
>hoping i would at least have a chance at a 5/10 since my social skills were not helping me.
>lifestyle changes were too drastic
>digestive problems appearing
>ignoring and keep going
>month later started shitting blood
>doctors couldn't tell what the problems was
>in the end i got some irritable bowl syndrome meds and some painkillers
>family thinks i am retarded and imagining things
>anxiety of not knowing whats wrong keeps increasing
>even people i was gaming with isolate me for being too worried and ruining their fun
>everything is falling apart
>depression kicks in
>being mad because i am weak for 6 months straight
>quitting gym in the meantime
>back to square one + health problems
>now 21 and more suicidal by the day
Sometimes you just have to stay low, not everyone can do transformations so stop trying if you know your shortcomings.
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Trying to get mom

I recently met wondeful mom which is singe. She seems very nice. Any advice on how should I behave in order to enhance relationship with her, and she would be intrested in me?
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No title

Umaru 13
How do I attain enlightenment? Also, how do I stop fapping?
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How would you refute the black pill? What is the point of getting involved with women if I'm ugly and short? Is it possible to be in a successful relationship with a girl who is truly attracted to me, considering the state of the dating market and how unattractive I am?
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Best friend might love me

My best friend (F) said that she THINKS she likes me and has thought about that months. I like her a lot too, for years even, but the point is that she's doesn't know if she really does.

She texted me this yesterday night and we said that we would talk again today. Before telling me all of this stuff she was afraid of doing it because she thought that it would have ruined our friendship and that I would have ended up hating her.

We were together when we were like 13 yo but it obviously didn't work out and we stayed friends.

She's the person I care about the most, what should I do?
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How do I develop a social life

So ever since I can remember I've been pretty much antisocial I think it started when I was around 9 or 10 And my mom would leave me and my sister home alone because unfortunately she had to work. I would watch my sister who was probably 5 or 6 at the time . We would watch TV or I'd play video games. Never really had friends around the apartment and even before that we would be constantly moving so it was kinda pointless to make friends I guess. My mom is also a bit antisocial and really stresses allot and I believe that had something to do with the way I turned out. Anyways, I'd like to know how to change, I've made friends and I have good friends but I've never had much of a social Life, right now I'm working part time, I hate pretty much everyone I work with except for a girl, as far as friends that live near me I have none. So how do I go about getting creating a social life for myself? I want to do all the shit people my age (19) do get drunk do drugs have unprotected sex. All my family members notice I don't have a social life and it makes me feel like a loser, I rarely go out and when I do I'm usually alone. Where would be a good place to start?
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ITT: Ask the opposite gender anything

Previous thread:
Before you post a question, check the FAQ to see if it's already been answered.
Keep questions short for more answers.
If you're not going to like honest answers, don't ask your question.
And please no derailing arguments.

>Do girls/guys like <insert specific look>?
>What do girls/guys think about <an insecurity including, but not limited to: looks, physical traits, personality traits, virginity or otherwise lack of dating experience>
There is no one answer. Preferences differ, but complexes are always a turn-off.

>I'm shy and afraid of people/rejection. What do I do?
Get over it by practicing and exposing yourself to it, little by little, step by step. There is no single magical moment that will instantly change you forever.

>I like someone. What do I do?
>How can I tell if someone likes me?
Ask them out.

>Where do I meet girls/guys?
Anywhere outside. Or online.

>Someone did something insignificant. What does it mean?
Nothing significant. You're overthinking it.

>XYZ happened. Interpret this for me please
We're not in their head, we don't know.

>This person did something that hurt my feelings. Why do guys/girls do this?
Because shit people are shit people. It's not a gendered thing.

>Someone has made it super clear they're no longer interested in me. Do I still have a chance?

>Where do I go on a first (or subsequent) date?
Pick one or more of the following: coffee, lunch, dinner, drinks, ice cream, movies, zoo, aquarium, museum, art gallery, <activity in your city>.

>Guys insecure with their 4+ inches dick
Fuck off

>[insert humble (or otherwise) brag]
Fuck off.

>Why is there no new thread?
Just make one. You can use these macros:
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mum seeing a married man and i think everything is about to go nuclear

ok so to keep it short
>dad died last year
>buried in paperwork and other death related bullshit
>mums old friend helps us through paperwork and stuff
>mum and him slowly start developing a thing
>guy is married to an ALLEGEDLY abusive woman and wants out
>apparently they had a discussion and the wife is fuming
>mum is worried cause guy texts her saying he is worried
>mum leaves to their house to see whats going down
i feel like this shit is going to get explosive and i dont know what the fuck to do. i cant talk to friends or neighbours about it cause its my mums private business and i just want mum to be happy no matter what
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Personal "business" cards

How autistic would it be to have business cards for non-business reasons?

I seem to make a lot of personal/social connections with new people, and I have an admittedly minor but still cumbersome task of sharing contact information. I have to tell them how to spell my name, and verbally tell them my contact information. I think a card would be much easier, and much easier to refer back to in case they forget.

I don't own a business, nor do I have any reason to give people my work information. Just considering "business" cards for social reasons. So what do you guys think of this? I'm definitely on the fence about it (hence the thread), but if it makes any difference at all, if I do decide on the cards, I would at least have the cards made professionally; I wouldn't be making any chickenscratch scribbles from my home printer.
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Spain general

This thread is for the discussion of Spanish topics. Please join our discord group:

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LDR fiancé won’t facetime everyday.

My then-boyfriend proposed to me last month but we live in two different states. I’m 22 and he’s 26. He lives in Ohio and I live in California. We don’t see each other much, he said he can travel once every one or two months, due to work, until our wedding at the end of the year. I make it a priority to talk to him every day and I told him I prefer to FaceTime. He said he enjoys FaceTiming me everyday and knows it’s important since we don’t see each other often, but he wants to FaceTime once every other day because he wants time to read his books. I told him that kind of bothers me a bit and he said “do you want to marry an illiterate person?”. He told me he’d always prioritize me but him not wanted to video call everyday makes me think he doesn’t really care to put much effort into our engagement/relationship.
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So I'm 16,introverted, and in my last year of high school. Some girls told me that I'm cute, but all of them already have bfs and will probably be with them for alot longer/basically every other girl on my school is a frickin weirdo and only 4/10 (small school with only 400 students). I'm also (socially awkward and) a fucking virgin and always fuck up, when a girl flirts with me. Never even been on a date.

My questions:
What are good places for dates (except cinema)?
If I get myself a gf, how do i not lose her?
How do I not fuck up in certain situations?

Thanks for the help
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No title

my life
Hey guys, 29 year old male in a Western 1st world country here.
Like most people in the world, I've gotten to the point in life where I realise I'm never going to be rich, successful, or have an attractive wife. The only girls who go for me are uggos/fatties regardless of how much I exercise, groom myself or stay fashionable. So I'm kinda at that point in life where I'm like aware that I'll never get the life I originally wanted.

So my question is:
Should I keep trying to aim for that type of life? Or should I just marry some uggo to at least raise a family so that I might be happy 20-30 years from now?
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Just dropped 2 tabs of lsd

So I just took 2 tabs of lsd and am wondering what i should do? Im watching the slam dunk contest atm, waiting on the trip to kick in.
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No title

Give me some insight /adv/

>Mother has had severe dementia since I could remember
>Was unemployed after the age of 25 or so
>Me and my brother were her carers with the local area providing some basic support
>We realise this is slowly killing us
>Get mother put into a care home and I promise to see her when I can
>University timetable means me and my brother take turns seeing her weekly
>Last time I saw her, she looked worse for wear, with her voice being frail, her posture being slouched into her chair, her body shaking
>She said she got the priest to pray to have to spirits removed from her room

Here's my guesses
>She's been behind on her treatment despite being fed it to her at the care home
>She's being neglected by the care staff

The case staff have reassured me that my mother has regularly mingled with new residents, yet I know this woman, she doesn't talk unless she needs anything, being quite docile.

If it's the case I could record something, where would I report it to?

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how do I do life

I'm about to graduate from high school with bad grades and I really don't know shit about life except for the fact that you gotta pay taxes,
can yall give me some advice on how to make a living.
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No title

Girl I live with keeps saying weird stuff to me about how she looks forward to seeing me, is bored by her boyfriend and can't wait for him to leave so she can chill with me. She says she is bored by him and is tossing up breaking up with him. Whats the go with this? She keeps saying how well we get along and we always have good chats and how I am funny too.
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No title

So my problem is that I dont even think about asking gilrs on a date bcoz I live with parents as a 20y old guy. Until 3 months ago I had girlfriends,
but i also had my apartment, and now that i live with my parents again i dont see a point in asking a girl aout coz i dont have anywhere to bring her to.
My friends say that its not that much of a big deal but idk...
What do you guys think?
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No title

images (11)
probaly going to get troll answers that make me more paranoid than I already am, but I would like to know if any of my matches can see my messages after my account was banned for....just trying to be a good guy honestly and be there to listen to anyone guy or girl. Unfortunately during this I dropped a lot of stuff that really shouldn't have been said to one girl when I was drunk, and now I'm flipped out that she can still read it, she's probably a maneater but don't care.
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No title

what's a job thats good for socializing and meeting people?

>second year undergrad
>was in military, quit part time job on campus because transferred to main campus
>havent resumed work, can still get by through gi bill housing allowance
>feel extremely out of touch with reality
>no friends, have 2 roommates who are always gone and not really the type of people id hang out with
>sick of sleeping/internet/doing bare minimum in all my classes

I don't drink or smoke either. I just want to stay busy and feel productive and socialize. recommendations?
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No title

>be me
>deeply in love with a girl but cant tell her because we have been "bffs" for a few years
>she has multiple relationships during that time but ive had enough, when she breaks up with her current boyfriend i will tell her
>she breaks up, time passes and i start getting anxious because i think she has already found a guy she likes
>while we are messaging late at night i casualy tell her i like her, she is kinda emotional we talk for a bit more
>she didnt tell me she likes me but she also didnt tell me she dosent
>my plan is to meet her irl so we talk face to face
>tells me she cant because she is busy, but i know she goes out with the other guy
>out of nowhere i meet her while returning from school, i didnt expect this and have no idea what to do so i just stop and as she comes near me i say hi and smile
>she says hi and kinda slows down but walks past me
>cant deal with this shit any more
>few days pass, we message sometimes but im not the same
>she starts talking about some problem she has and i call her out on her bs, get in an argue with her, she starts crying
>this is the first time we argued and weve known eachother for more than 9 years
>im angry but still feel really bad for making her cry
>a few days later tell her i dont want to talk with her anymore and break all contact
for the first month its been really hard, i just couldnt live without her
now that two years have passed i dont think about her nor do i miss her that much and ive been much more productive and sucessful

But last night i had a dream about her and its fucking hard, i cant stop thinking about her
How do i forgetti?
What do i do?
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No title

some junkie smoked a bunch of shit in the bathroom at my work and I had to clean the room out like 5 minutes after she left, should I worry about being exposed to the air in there?

t. post neet with anxiety

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Would anyone like to read my story of abuse by an ex and the new
girlfriend who harrases me, new posts daily and
screenshots still happening to this day
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No title

Should I study
>computer science
as a STEMfag at university? What are the pros and cons? I want something that only requires logic/memorization and I want work that makes me feel useful to society.
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how to stay awake???

how the hell do you stay awake? i always see threads asking how to sleep but for me its the opposite, even if i get a good 10 hours of sleep i will feel tired 3 quarters through the day, coffee doesnt work for me and i dont do drugs. help pls
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How to tell your friend to shut the fuck up

How does one tell their friend they don’t care about a certain topic whatsoever and they need to stop talking about it forever to me because I don’t care.
I’m gonna snap.
I need to do that politely though.
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No title

Where's the safest place on Earth to buy some pussy?
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No title

As a black beta, how do I reach this guy's position before the grand separation happens?
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No title

A girl just confessed that she had a crush on me?
What should i do?
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No title
hey Im super tech illiterate and I bought a seasonic focus plus 750 fx power supply and I have NO IDEA where the cables are supposed to go in back of the power supply. HELP
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How to avoid having human parasites

So me and my girlfriend are sex addicts but both of us are scared shitless of having children. Can anyone tell me the best way to 100% avoid it? Any kind of combination of pills/time of the month when it is the less likely for it to happen will do.
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No title

i'm having troubles going outside, everytime i think about going to school or any place outside i feel terribly anxious and sad idk why
i'm 18 and i stay at home during holidays because i really dont have any friends i'm awkward as fuck when it comes to social interactions,
any advice how i can change this and start to feel like a normal person????
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No title

I'm legitimately in love with an ASMR girl who deleted her channel and disappeared off the internet

I don't know what to do with myself

(P.S. does anyone know what university soe goes to?)
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Learning to appreciate black women?

I am a black male however, I usually don't even consider the idea of dating black women or having a relationship with black women. It sounds shitty and I don't know how I got to this point. However, I feel that my way of thinking is flawed or fucked up and trying to correct it. How can I learn to appreciate black women in terms of relationship or dating? Like in my head, most black women look like trolls to me. Like go to the ghetto of georgia or some shit and look at what I am talking about. To me, the majority of black women are that way. Now me personally, I like hispanic or asian women but that is just my narrow way of thinking. I don't think I would mind some black women but I'd rather not know if they are black for sure or whatever.

The other thing I am bugged by is that if I were to date a black woman, I would feel that she would think I am not black enough. I am a fully black male but I don't hold a lot of the same opinions as most black people. I don't think white people are evil. I like cops. I have no issues with authority. I feel that most black women are turbo into politics, black lives matter movements and such. I just don't dig all that. I personally don't care if they interested in it but if they are bugged by me not being interested in that stuff then it probably won't work out.

Anyway, appreciating black women more. How can I do it? I hate that I really break black women down to how they look but I just can't look past SOME of the features of black women. Pic related. Its a "black" woman.
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Getting over an ex gf

So I was with this girl for 5 years(I'm 21 now)
She was my first GF, and I was her first BF.
We broke up 2 months ago bcoz she went to another country(She's poor and needs money) and gonna stay there for 2 years.
I litteraly cant describe to you guys how bad I feel.
She was the best thing that ever happened to me, and the worst thing is that I dont find interest in other girls.
Any advice would be appreciated!
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Penis on leather

How do you remove scratch marks from leather. I think it was done either with a finger nail or something sharp. So far i've tried heating it with a fan and cleaning it with oil, nothing worked.
>Pic related
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My Boyfriend is a pervert

I'm really happy after 6 months of being with my boyfriend and want to keep this forever. Now we had already a lot of kinky talks and we're both far from innocent, so far so good but he seems to be much much more horny and .. perverted in a way than I am. He literally doesn't give a fuck, he jerked off to fat girls, to cock torture and even scat a bit (still not sure if that was a joke or not) and even said he likes dicks sometimes, but made clear he would never want to be romantically involved with a guy just would want to fuck a feminine asian boy in the ass. Basically anything, the only things he said that don't turn him on at all are pedophilia and cuckolding. And he admitted he came in my shoes when I was sleeping and told me when we were taking a walk the following day while I was wearing them.

He said he needs me to be in control and put his dick in a chasity device (surprising because he is so dominant in bed usually)

I'm not sure how to deal with any of this. He's kind, usually calm, makes me laugh a lot and is loving and nurturing. We also share a lot of interests, but when his dick gets hard it seems like there's no limits in his fantasy. Is this normal in a way?
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Being faithful annoys me

I'm in a very social career and been a serial cheater in the past, now i'm in a serious relationship and it annoys me that I limit my social interactions to platonic

I also feel it holds me back in some ways

How can i accept my fate?
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No title

Finally i got a girlfriend,
What should i do to make her happy?
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Hahahahaaaa I got in, wat now?

Okay, so a day or two ago I posted about a girl that I fancied in class, and how I spent time with her, and got a couple of signs from. She has accepted my offer to go out somewhere soon (despite asking her through email, which was apparently really bad for some reason but it's all cool)

>I asked for coffee, or drinks if that was better suited for her, as "celebration for us scoring the highest scores" on our first midterm after our studying (holy shit try that out btw, it makes studying enjoyable).
>I phrased it like a cheeky boy, so she would understand my intentions.
>She replied! She said yess, and asked when?
So I'm flexible on when I can, and the next time I see her through classes is tuesday night.
Here's what I'm thinking
>"great! I'm free 90% of the day, so you let me know what time works for you"

or should I be more direct and offer a time?
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No title

I’ve been coming here for 10 years.

Am I still a newfag?
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No title

So guys hello there. Im from russian board 2ch, but like english a lot and i feel i would feel better if ill tell everything to u guys.
There is my story
When i was 12 my parents divorced and that is fine i guess, dont know how in other countries but in Russia thats ok. So i lived with my mother after divorce. But when i turned 14, she mooved into another country coz she found new love, Left me some money ofc. I thought its gonna be cool adult alone life but no. Soon there is no money left, and i started selling TV and other stuff (also sold my ps3 sad face) thats how i survived 1 year. Also my dad dont want to contact me or help. Same with my mom, she only respond on my birthday XDDDDDDD funny tho
at 16 i start working after school so i can have food and pay for internet and bills shit. Now im 17 and im tired as fuck, in school im sleeping coz i need to work at night (so thats why im having bad marks) I have no friends coz im used to live alone. But there is things that getting me upset like im never gonna have normal familly dinners or wake up from feeling smell of a food from the kitchen. Just never. And u know, its cool to be alone in silence but sometimes im crying really loud, coz i want to be herd.
So! What to do, how to get Normal life guys? Can u tell me? or at least read this and write what do u think, sometimes i need to speak with someone.
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No title

I'm 22 and I'm dating a 17 year old girl. Age of consent is 15 here. We both like each other a lot and we have nice conversations but I can't get over the age gap. When I'm reminded of it I feel like a creep exploiting this young girl or like people around are judging us. It's my one problem with dating her. Other than that she's perfect.

Should I stop dating her? Or how do I get over the age difference?
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No title

>new guy starts at work
>within the first few weeks he gets along with other staff better than me
I've spent two years slowly connecting with these people and he just walks in and has them laughing and sharing all sorts of things. Even when I try to be more outgoing and social I'm completely trounced. I don't see the point anymore. This experience has seriously made me start thinking about suicide again.
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How do you fix your sleeping routine?

I’ve stayed up for an entire day, until around 8-10 pm. Just to wake up 3-4 laters and be wide awake.

I’ve popped ambien, and melotinin, to sleep at night just to wake up 3-4 hours, or wake up 12-14 hours later.

I can’t for the life of me get this right....
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No title

any tips to be less ugly?
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No title

People on the internet have said I look like a serial killer. Are they joking or should I cut my hair / shave? Is it something else?
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No title

How do I develop good coping mechanisms?

I have OCD and whenever everything becomes too overwhelming I just pretend that week or month didn’t happen and start new. I mean I actually act as if that week just didn’t happen in my life. I have “erased” entire months and I’m just tired of this.
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Is it unrealistic to only want to date/fuck virgin guys?

I'm a 18 y/o virgin girl, and I personally dont really want to fuck or date anyone thats not a virgin. I dont have many crazy high standards other than that, they've just gotta be over 5'2, between 100-200 pounds, share interests with me, and not be an ass in general.

If I found someone I clicked with completely and they weren't a virgin maybe I could deal, but otherwise its just a nah from me. I know its pretty dumb, because once I have sex with the guy, and if it doesnt work out, im no longer a virgin and dont even met my own fucking standards, but I have them anyway.

Will having this mindset just make me die alone, and if so any advise on getting over my way of thinking?
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No title

I cannot believe how badly I have fucked up.

The worst part? I'm not even a retard, promise. I've recently taken to driving at night on isolated country roads as fast as I possibly can. I've clocked 120 mph on a nearby pkwy. I do this to de-stress after weekend workdays as I'm asked to pull 12 hour shifts sat and sun. Tonight though I bit off more than I could chew. I didn't properly scout my route beforehand and was overconfident which led to being forced to try and pull a 90 degree turn at a 3-way junction while going 80mph. Needless to say I fucked it up and did some impromptu off-roading.

I am insanely lucky though. Not only did I not wrap my car around a tree but the body actually got off with nothing but mud stains despite flattening a string of reflectors and bushes. I walked away seemingly totally unscathed and I managed to drive my car 20 miles through backwoods roads all the way back home. However down the road I noticed a bit of a vibration as my car approached 60mph. I'm going to get it checked out by some mechanics I trust next week on my day off.

My question is what should I ask them to look for? You guys have any advice?

It goes without saying that my speeding days are over. It was fun while it lasted but going down the interstate at 65 will have to be enough for me now. I don't want to ever risk hurting myself or anyone else over cheap adrenaline rushes ever again nor do I wish to risk my totaling my car wish I must confess I am quite fond of.

pic related, it's my baby.
>inb4 northstar
It was a granny garage queen, it had less than 40K miles on it and 99 northstars had the bugs fixed.
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No title

I am sick of living in Southern California...

I love the weather, I like the natural beauty and all but there is no getting away from crowds and crowds of people. I can't even find an parking area by the beach to have lunch at on my break without being parked next to and stared at, theres no secret spots to hideaway to besides my bedroom.. theres literally just people everywhere and it is fucking expensive. Even if you make 3500 a month, you can't get an apartment for under 2500 that has a nice private patio at the very least. It is ridiculous. Groceries are expensive, gas is expensive, rent is expensive and going anywhere is a chore and you will sit in traffic.

I just wanna get the fuck outta here already.
My GF wants the same.
we feel so attached to being here - it use to be a quiet town , laid back , very few homes, less traffic.. it has changed so much just even in the past 7 years. It is crazy. It is like a whole different place. And what do they keep doing? BUILDING HOUSES ON EVERY EMPTY PLOT OF LAND. Which is increasing the population even more, so they build more stores more parking lots more more more and this beautiful city i live in has turned into pavement and homes, no more palm trees, no more ocean view - because NEW homes block that view..

Whatever - im just tired of being around so many people. I need privacy i need peace. I need nature and less noise/traffic and pollution.

California is ruined.

What do i do?
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No title

reply to this thread and win a free xbox
is there any kind of nifty electric shaver of any kind for speedily removing facial hair and/or ensuring it doesn't come back for lengthier periods? Having to shave every day and still not getting it all is a stinker.
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Help with life /adv/

I’ll keep it as short as I can:
>23, decent looking
>small town, no true friends, local decent uni (compsci so full of spergs and few girls)
>live with parent, don’t want to rent and share a shithole
>bored, lonely, fed up
>desperate for gf/love/companionship (had one before)
>offered funded PhD, difficult to source solo
>3 years will take me to 25
>I can do the research but I want to live
>NOT in my current country (yuro) but another member state for good unrelated reasons
>afraid I’ll settle for someone who won’t move

I just need some input on how to handle this loneliness. Student engagement sucks, everyone commutes daily from their hometowns too. I guess I’m asking how can I meet a girl naturally in these circumstances? I’d like it to flow without force. I understand this post is incoherent as shit but I’ve never dealt with so much uncertainty in all my life
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No title

My mother has been complaining about having to spend money on me.

I'm 21, taking full time community college (5 classes a semester), and getting straight As. I'll finish my associate's degree later this year. Reason I'm so old is because I started working full time after high school because I didn't know what I wanted to go to school for.

I still have a bit of money saved up from working full time but my mom pays for most of my expenses. She always complains and makes me feel bad about it though. Even when I was much younger she would complain about having to pay for my expenses and told me to never have kids because they're expensive. I basically don't buy anything except the bare essentials like food and school supplies. One time when she was complaining about me I jokingly said "and even if I killed myself you would have to pay for my funeral, so you lose either way" and she was like "Would anyone even realize you were gone?".

I can't tell if she's being a bitch or if I'm the one being a leech. I just don't think I could work part time and still do good in my classes.
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No title

How and where do I get a husband who looks like this and is 185-190 cm tall?
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Female Issues

I met this girl who is amazing but it seems she doesn't want to or just doesn't put forth the effort to spend time anymore. We had 2 dates so far 1 of which ended in sex which was awesome but I keep trying to reach her over Snapchat to hang out and she's either busy, doesn't respond for hours on end, or has other plans. I invited her to hangout tonight but she didn't check her Snapchat messages for almost 7 hours and her story is her with some guy in her room which shortly after she checked my message about 7 hours too late. She so awesome but I'm worried she doesn't want what I want, I don't know how to ask her what's wrong without sounding clingy as she likes dom guys, I straight up don't know what to do.
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Bean stones

Anons who had kidney stones, what did you do to eliminate them?
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No title

How do you do well on dating sites? Guy here. I want a LTR.

I am terrible at taking selfies. Its like bracing for a punch in the face. I also like being honest. Hard to show good qualities when I tend to warn people of bad qualities like living with my mom though I quickly realized I probably dont need that info in my profile.
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No title

Why won't he have sex with me anymore?
We use to have sex every day. We use to have entire days where we just fucked around the house. He use to want me to dirty talk with him, and he'd call me by pet names and say stuff like "how good [I'd] look with his kids in me". Our bedroom life was on fire. I was willing to do anything for him, and I thought we had something special. But it just stopped recently....

He's still so loving and affectionate in every other way. He'll grab me, fondle me, kiss me all over, tells me he loves me...... but he doesn't want to make love anymore.

I honestly don't know what to do. I've tried initiating, but he says he feels obligated to have sex when I initiate. I thought maybe things were getting boring, but i'm scared to even touch him. I don't want him to feel obligated...

I asked him why and he says he "just doesn't want it all the time". We're both in our 20s and live together. I don't think he's cheating and I don't think he's jerking off too much to porn. I don't think it's me, i'm pretty fit. It's been 3 days and I want to have nice, tender, loving sex with him but it all feels so useless.

I feel so trapped in this predicament. He's the love of my life and there's no way i'd leave him, especially not over this, but i just feel so left in the dark. I've tried doing small romantic things like baking for him or wearing his favorite outfit, or cute lingerie underneath my clothes. I don't know what to do anymore.

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No title

How could he look me in the eye and not see what I feel inside?
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No title

Have you ever lost someone you love and wanted one more conversation by showing obsessions?
I can go your whole life collecting days, and none will outweigh the one I wish I had back
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What chance does a relationship have

with a lack of communication? I can't tell anymore if he's generally disinterested in other people or just in me, but we can go hours just walking around the city, at best making the smallest of small talk and that's all. He shows no interest in me as a person, no interest in opening up himself to me (questions go briefly answered, or awkwardly or he avoids to talk to 'avoid conflict bc there's no changing of either's mind or there's nothing to discuss/elaborate').

He only asks a couple of times whats wrong if i have a really long face and that's that. Gets mad and completely silent if I don't say what's wrong but honest to god I can't open my heart or mind to him because of all of this, I feel unwanted to be seen/heard so it's only courtesy or annoyance becasue I look visibly upset or something, and in truth he wouldn't give a damn to ask otherwise. There's no emotional intimacy or connection I feel I'm withering away.

I don't have any friends to talk and share each other. I pay a therapist to open up to and listen to me, I struggle with depression and this is making me almost suicidal. Should I try finding a friend? Can someone live like this or find connection in another place?

I don't know how relationships are supposed to be. We don't argue, we spend times together chilling and having sex. I feel bad for thinking or wishing there was more to love life than this
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No title

Do I have a chance at finding love? Shit everything online says black isn’t beautiful, published studies tell me I’m not as valued to men in comparison to white or Asians, and the proof is all there.

Longer, happier marriages? Financially successful? Educated? Hell even decent sugarbabies and prostitues? All white or Asian

I tried talking to a 6/10 white guy and he said “sorry im not into black girls”. The fuck it hurts

Pic related, I look similar to her
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I'm addicted to YouTube

I'm addicted to YouTube and probably watch 3-4 hours a day.

I use it for productive stuff like my music for working out and watching tutorials for school but I just start going on tangents and the YouTube algorithm captivates me for extremely long periods of time.

I think I fucked my attention span due to this. I need help.
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Should I try to talk to her 1 last time or leave her alone?

Been talking to this girl since around NOV.
Hung out 5 or 6 times, nothing too serious.
Still texted her all the time despite not hanging out very often.

Last time we hung out we ended up getting some booze and she came over to my place. I blacked out and wake up with her laying next to me in my bed we are both in our underwear. Only thing I remember is making out with her, and trying to rub her pussy, but her saying no to puss rubs.

She wanted a ride to work so I drive her there. On the way there she told me that I was being a major dick last night. I asked her why I was being a dick. She said that she asked me what type of drugs I do and apparently I got all defensive. (surprising because I am usually open about that) But I said I am sorry and she said it's no big deal. She leans over and gives me a reassuring kiss before she leaves.

Next day she starts being really short with me and giving me one or two word answers on our texts. So I feel horrible about all of it, especially because I think it might be worse than I imagined. I apologized for being a dick because I never wanted it to go like this. I keep trying to get her to meet up so we can talk about it and smooth things out.

Eventually she ends up saying that it wasn't even that bad, and I didn't even need to apologize. She also said that she shouldn't have kissed me before work, and was something she couldn't blame on the alcohol as she was sober.

I end up calling her out for it, saying I thought she was playing me. She ends up saying sorry. I bring up some other things I'm suspicious of and she gives me a legit explanation, as well as telling me she could basically cut me out of her life any time she wants because "less people in my life the less people that can hurt me".

Now she full on ignores me for a whole day, the only thing she finally says is yet another excuse to why we can't meet up and talk about this.

And on top of all this, she leaves back to her home state in 3 days
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Is it worth it?

i've been severely depressed for almost a year now, medication has done shit, my doctors can't figure out how to help with trauma and depression. All my friends cheer me up when we talk to each other but it never lasts when we stop. When i try to talk to them about my issues or for help they usually just send me a few messages about it and act like it never happened. Earlier this year i had a short relationship with a girl, but it really felt like she didn't care and was only using me for emotional advise. She was very obsessed with sex as well, which might sound nice, but it gets kinda weird sometimes, still kinda cheers me up though. I eventually felt so bad being with her we just went separate ways. Months later now i'm starting to get excruciatingly lonely and depressed, i really want a relationship now because of it. I really miss my old girlfriend, but i'm not sure it's a good idea to get back together because of what happened the last time. My friend said there was this girl back at our work and maybe i should talk to her, and i saw her for a bit she seemed cool, and nice, but i haven't really talked to her at all. The only thing i want anymore is fixing my heart, and i want to so badly, but it feels so out of reach. Everything is so very painful and even though it sounds weird my depression and thinking of suicide make me happy and calm me down a lot.
If anyone actually read this.All i want to ask is if it's worth it for me to pursue a relationship in this state, or if it will even help, because it didn't for very long the last time.
Death really seems like the only option to me and don't say all that bullshit about life, or that you care, that i've heard a thousand times, just fuck off if you're gonna say that shit.
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No title

Is it retarded and immature to only go after virgin girls?
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guys i need help with texting a girl

download (1)
So i met this girl who was kinda cute and my cousin was friends with her which it was how i was introduced to her ive talked to her abit but i just cant seem to start a nice conversation without making it weird. Help guys im in a crisis lol.
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No title

I think I used up all my luck with women, what can I do?

Basically no female contact anymore, not even my matches on tinder and Co answer me anymore.

I don't stink, I look normal, maybe even a 6.5, take care of myself

What could be the problem
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Haven't had romantic feelings in five years

I'm dealing with some bad sexual-relationship neurochemistry.

You ever meet someone that you just feel something clicks? Like, you may be drunk or in a weird state of mind, but you begin talking to someone, and then you're just thinking to yourself as you fall asleep that night, "don't forget that name, don't forget that name?"

I had that feeling only once, with a girl, five years ago. I've been in relationships since, slept around, but I am afraid I'll never get that feeling again. It was the kind of feeling where I felt like fate really had something in store for me, even though I didn't catch the classic feelings of infatuation for half a year after, when we had hung out alone for months.

Does that feeling ever come back? As I've gotten older, I've become more and more numb to the world around me. I'm afraid I'm never going to feel what I did for that girl again.
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How do I talk to women if I'm socially awkward and nobody likes to talking to me?

Literally the only odd one out, everybody can have female friends except me, I see it all the time, no matter what they look like, how autistic they are, how crazy or smelly they are, I've seen cute girls hanging out with everybody enthusiastically except me specifically...

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Should I chase a relationship?

I went through a long period (coming up on 5 years) of wanting to be single, kind of expecting that if the right person came around, then great. They didn't.

In the past few months, and especially right now, I'm feeling like I want someone around, but I REALLY don't want to compromise and fuck with someone just because I'm missing something. I have a robust social life, so I have friends to keep me from being lonely. I tend to find interested girls, but I never like them back. I never pursue girls because I feel like it's a losing battle. At first when I was doing this, I was occasionally hooking up with a girl, but now I haven't had anything resembling sexual contact in 3 years.

Should I just smack myself upside the head and continue being single until I meet someone, or... change things up?
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I’m 22 and been dating a boy for 2yrs but he’s still so frigid with me. He spends nights with me a couple times a week but never wants to cuddle or kiss or have sex. I think we did it 5x our entire relationship and not for a lack of trying on my part. We get along great with each others family and in front of people he’s very affectionate, holding my hand, giving me a peck on the cheek, but when it’s just us it’s very distant. He reassures me he loves me and thinks I’m cute but says he’s just not wanting sexual attention. Wtf?! Dump worthy or am I being impatient?
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What am I even doing here?

yes hello how does this work?
I get the boards and how they work. What else should i know?
Whilst making a new thread, what is the "options"?
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Screen Shot 2019-02-16 at 11.28.45 PM
I think my wife is having an affair.

weve been together 6 years. she has a nice job that requires travel. she's leaving tomorrow for 5 days, many states away.

I never believed she was the type. but ive been a fool plenty of times.

red flags: always goes to the gym a lot before going out of town. speaking of gym, when she goes to orange theory shes usually gone for hours. she's always going out to the store or something but takes 5x longer than usual.

back to her trip. the kicker,. that has my heart racing right now. is she hasn't really been shaving her downstairs.

we were intimate earlier today after she got home and she had hair down there. we got intimate again later tonight after dinner and she was shaved. i havent gone twice in a long time so i know she wasnt expecting it.

she bought us a nice house, car, i have a nice garage gym, computers, everything. i live like a king and dont make much money. ive been modeling for years, finally making some DECENT cash but id be better off with a "real" job.

my parents are assholes and im almost optionless. it looks real bad. we just got married in may. not having kids though. ever. just her and her career and i suppose i house/dog sit while shes gone.

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>not in education, got kicked out of college 2 years ago, at this point missed all the key experiences from the student experience
>no friends, haven't talked to people from school in years, was never really that close with anyone at any point in my life anyway
>only time I experience any excitement is if I wonder around alone and crash other people's fun
>live with my brother one of the only people I hang out with, even he is amazed at how pointless my life is
>only interested in movies and maybe music sometimes, know jackshit about anything else
>feel depressed everyday no matter what or have constant obsessive negative thoughts
>have struggled for already 3 years with no real progress
Honest now, why should I continue to live? I'm really struggling with reasons other than it will hurt my family
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Yesterday I was alone in my dorm's kitchen when the girlfriend of my neighbour started talking to me. Her boyfriend is at class and she follows some sort of online program (she's an exchange student) and just stays in his room during the day. As we got to know eachother she started to act interested in me. She wanted to get coffee and asked me multiple times to go with her. I declined politely.
I didn't think too much of it until later that day when we were hanging out with other ppl of our dorm when I caught her eyeballing the fuck out of me the whole evening.

She's pretty cute so I would've gone for it if it wasn't for my neighbour who I have to see every day. They have been in a relationship for a year and she came here because of him.
How should I handle this?
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If you (hypothetically speaking) were trillions of years old and had traveled between multiple universes, how would you hide the truth and prevent yourself from revealing important classified information because I need to stay covert? Just hypothetically speaking of course.

Teach me how to be vague when I speak as well.
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I'm here not to ask for advice, but to offer it. Quit the internet. I'm dead serious. It reduces the strength of your short term memory and causes your brain to be more clogged up with multiple ideas shooting around, and reduces your mental clarity. I know you know what I'm talking about

Quit the internet, sell your computer if you have to, and switch over to books. Do it just for a week and you'll see what I mean. My mind was NOT like this before the internet was available to consumers.
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What should I do?

I think there is a girl I like.
Shes my type and I've known her for 3+ years now at least. Shes a sarcastic aggressive type, and is known for being quite the man killer (ending relationships with guys because she cant stay very interested in one person. One of my good friends tried asking her out recently but eventually backed off because he was too scared of it going poorly or affecting the friendship of our group. She knew about it all, and even discussed it with another friend and I. Im anxious about trying to get too close to her or trying to get together with her, as I might get burned like other guys or might jeopardize my friendship with her, and accordingly her friendship with the group as a whole. Should I wait and keep up my friendship with her as it is right now, trying to get her to like me? Should I just give up on it and remain purely as close friends as we are now (im keeping my options open, so it shouldn't be too big of a deal)? Or should I just say "fuck it" and just try? What do you think /adv/?
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need fuck

Sup bitch, how do I get a girl for the sex?
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Live my life for me

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Live my life for me. I'm too shit at it.

I'm mid 30s, used to be /fit/ but now I'm fat. Play too much wow. Literally hopeless.

Two decisions need to be made today.

Should I go back to uni? Options are:
> no
> study mathematics
> study computer science
> get a lower level certification in something

Second question is, what should I do tomorrow at lunch?
> go to gym
> eat two ham cheese tomato toasties

Singles decides.
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how strongly do you guys feel about kissing or having sex on only a second date?

Illustration - Draw50 - Egyptian Artifacts - Reference 3
do you guys feel like you dont like a woman as much if she isn't willing to have sex with you when you offer it?

i've seen people say that you should wait until 3rd or 4th dates to let a guy have sex with you. I'm not sure though
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I used to watch trash tv like Maury and Springer.

Just recently it hit me how messed up it is. There's people whose lives are disaster and we're putting them on TV. The audience claps and cheers to hear how awful their lives are and how bad it.

I don't know what is. I feel like I just developed a conscious and I help but see how bad we all are.
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Dear Guys,

The vagina doesn't get stretched out from sex. If a woman feels loose, it's because the vagina stretches more when she's comfortable.

Take pride in it. She's enjoying you.
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So basically at random moments I feel like I'm falling down in a abyss and feel dizzy.
What should I do???
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2 Straight Men Kissing

My friend (straight male) was drunk as shit and I (also straight male) gave him ride home. When I dropped him off, he said "Anon, buddy, thank you so much. I love you so much. Gimme a kiss on the lips". I gave him a little peck on the lips and he stumbled inside. I told this to my girlfriend, thinking she would find it funny, but she flipped out and said that I cheated on her because of that.
Do you agree with her? I'm honestly so confused why she's mad. I thought it was a funny goof like when Mac Demarco kisses other dudes sometimes
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I live a pretty uneventful life of working 4 to 6 days a week followed by going home and doing nothing special. Usually just playing games or wasting time on my phone in bed. I often feel lethargic and unmotivated. Spend most of my time alone because my schedule almost never lines up with anyone.

How do I become less...well, boring? I wanna be the kind of person people are interested in. Thinking of taking piano lessons just to have something to do
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Wat do?

Downloaded tinder a while ago but it's seems a total mess. Unlikely to match with anyone you find really attractive, or if they are hot it seems you have little to no common interests or they just unmatch you immediately. How the hell else are you supposed to meet up with women? Talk to strangers? And with what cohones?
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can I get charged? how do I save my ass

> hook up with black girl on valentines day
> meet up at her dorm and meet her black friends
> decide to go with her to a party, pretty cool i guess
> head back to her campus and they decide to chill out at their "hangout spot"
> place smells like pot, get nervous but she says its cool
> we chilling and out of nowhere 2 cops show up, round us up and asks for id
> immediately accused of smoking because guests are sketchy and colored
> cop 1 search each of us, none of us are holding
> all of a sudden, cop 2 finds a blunt in a corner
> cops make a report of smoking in a private area, report will be sent to my campus in a couple of days
I didn't want any of this to happen, all I ever wanted was to get laid on valentines day.
could the police take the blunt and lie about the evidence in order to arrest me?
is there any way i can get away with this without it going on my record?
i don't want to not be able to work all because of some trashy bitches that I was trying to fuck.
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>be me
>high school
>girl I like is really nice to me
>she has adult boyfriend that buys her weed
>breaks up with him like twice
>is a bitch to me through dm
>asks me out
>blocks me and get real mad
>tries to talk to me but I don’t want to see her anymore

What should I do cuz I’m very confused
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Unrequited Love

I'm interested in a girl who, as far as I'm aware, is not into me.
Can't go into detail, but she likes another guy. From what I was told I think the guy thinks of her as a backup.
We're great friends, we've always supported each other, but I'm starting to feel conflicted here.
Should I pressure the issue more?
Should I not care, let it go and get back to my lonely monochrome life?
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hey /adv/
the girl i like doesnt like me
should i tell her how i feel anyways?
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feels monster
I shit you not, I literally have no idea how to shave my testicles. I haven't had a gf in a while and I just started seeing this girl and we fucked for the first time last night, but I want to shave for her. Every time I have tried in the past, it has itched horribly. Can you please walk me through how to do it and how to not be itchy afterwards?
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Big Show Crying
>be me
>been drinking a little too much so feeling a bit down
>23 male
>not too bad looking, pretty fat though but getting towards getting in shape. prolly 6/10 at best
>beta - but not that much, awkward striking up conversations but once i get going i can hold conversations well
>nice guy, make witty jokes on the fly and feel like i have good taste in things like films and music once i'm comfortable
>still haven't been able to get a gf and tinder seems to be an absolute mess
>how the hell are people able to get into relationships, let alone the scummy chavs you'd see graffitiing and shit getting into relationships with really attractive and seemingly nice and normal lasses
>how dafuq does this work?
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I recently put on braces but this part fell off, I already counted all the rubber thingies but they're all there this, I think, was holding the wire in place wayy in the back of my mouth (I think there's another one on the other side) should I be concerned?
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Why do people decide they want to start dating? Do they make the decision before they meet the other person or after? I'm 26 and I've never had a girlfriend. I'm not ugly or fat but I went through a long period of depression, panic disorder, and agoraphobia, which began somewhere around the beginning of high school. In the past couple years I've been slowly recovering thanks to finally seeing a psych, but I'm really behind at social skills, and the depression still tends to manifest every now and then as extreme disinterest and lack of motivation. Also, I make my living without having to work with/around people, so I guess "meeting people" cannot just happen "naturally". When and why should a 'regular' person decide to start dating? And where is the best place to find a mate?
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Does it ever bother u that the physical analogue to all the really hot girls depicted in these anime scenarios are prolly teenagers? Maybe this is just specific to me but I imagine the chick in pic related to be like 16-17 because that's the only age where chicks are THAT hot, like, something about 18-25yo girls isn't the same. Doesn't that just get you down? It depresses the shit out of me honestly. I don't know why. I guess it's because I never had any sexual experiences at that age? idk, I don't want it to sound weird, but it just makes me feel like SHIT to think about it, I'm 21 now and it's just not the same, girls now look tired and flabby by comparison, and theyre all taken now anyway. I feel I'm still in the "trying to get first kiss" mode, still trying to get exposed to female sexuality for the first time, and they're past all that and into the "trying to get a stable, mutually beneficial relationship" mode, based on acceptance of flaws, teamwork, and mostly pragmatic concerns to keep the relationship afloat.
Is there something wrong with me? I know thinking this way is unacceptable but I can't help it. Am I wrong somewhere? Please tell me I'm wrong.
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