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How can I make my fingers stronger?

soft hands
Especially the little finger. I want it to be stronger so I can play the bass using all the fingers, but the little one is weak af and I don't know why. Is it true that with the practice they will get harder? Because every time I have inspiration to play the tiny finger makes me sad and I stop
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No title

I am unironically considering suicide for the first time in my life because I won't be able to clear this semester and other reasons. Can you talk me out of this, friends. I don't know what to do, how to fix things. Nothing is going right. I can't just drop out and get a blue collar job because that is not enough to lead a decent life with food on the plate in my poor third world country. I can't repeat a year because my parents can't afford it.
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No title

angry at the world
Is it true that only men can love unconditionally? Why?
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SSRI and chocolate can be dangeours?

I read that if you took SSRI, you shouldn't eat chocolate. I have 25mg dose of sertraline and ate cake after it. Is it dangeours?
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too old

Im 28 years old. at the end of next year I will turn 30.
its killing me. I have no gf and no job. still trying to get my fucking bachelors degree.
all the girls I seem to like already have a bf or are not interested in me.
I dont want to sound like someone who keeps repeating the meme that "all the good girls already have a bf". but I kind of feel that this is true.
I had a girl being interested in me lately but she really was not my type and I did not like her at all. I cant lower my standards for someone I dont like.
how do you deal with the fact to be single when you are closing in on your 30s?
I never cared about it when I was 20 because I kept telling myself it will happen someday.
had my last and only gf at the age of 19.
this life feels so lonely
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No title

I've been with my boyfriend for over a year and I can't do it anymore unless he starts showing me affection and actually treating me like his gf. Problem is I have a weak backbone and he always wins arguments. How can I let him know I'm hurting?
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No title

>99.99% of men are only friendly towards women they want to fuck
>80% of women are only friendly towards men they want to fuck
Is this true?
(/fit/ mods told me to post this here)
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Awareness is bright and if you've lived in total darkness for years it can be painful to look at.
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Am I in the wrong?

This girl I used to date back in November told some people she was going to “expose me” for some rude texts I sent during the break up and at one point she said that I forced sex on her when nothing ever happend but I wanted to have sex with her and talked about openly cause I didn’t wanna be a beta begging for it so I just brought it up some times and during this time I think she was talking to her ex still but I don’t know if I’m in the wrong for just wanting sex and I always asked if she was ok with something before anything if she said yes to all of what happened did I really force it on her (pic not related)
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Don't know what to do with my life

Any advice on how to find my way? I'm 19. Half the people say i'm a 'stupid baby without any knowledge in life and it's alright to not know anything lol'. Half say i should have my life settled by now like everyone studying medicine and driving their father corolla and that i'm useless. I'm growing to believe in the latter.

In fact, i don't have a passion or anything i'd remotely like to do. Went through 2 years of college in the STEM area and i'm very bad at it, i did my best, had private teachers and still failed. I'm currently applying for another career but i don't have that much interest in it, or in anything at all in college. I do excel at it so i'm following the "do what you're good at, not what you like" thing, but it's hard to get out of my bed without any motivation and a dull life.

There are technical things i'm more interested in (security area, cooking) but due to my physique, and lack of ability in cooking (while i'd be starting cooking classes, everyone already had one and are mastering their skills by now) it feels futile to me to try anything there.

I did many things, and surprisingly enough i have hobbies (music, cycling, walking outside, writing, cars) and some more 'stupid' ones (card games), i researched around when i was in college too, but i simply don't find anything i want to work it, everything gives me that sort of barrier and many reasons why i shouldn't do it. I don't have anything i put a finger on and say "I WANNA DO THAT", i was never the kid to know what i wanted to be when i grew up, and i feel sad everyone seems to be going around doing shit and i'll probably end like the people they mock, trying my fourth career in college and living with my parents at my 30s. I don't want to be that.
An alternative meanwhile, that i'm trying to do, is getting a random job, but even then my resume is stupidly empty and i don't have any experience, idk if anyone will pick me, i hope they do.
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No title

>still live at home
>job doesn't pay enough to move out
>never had sex or even kissed a girl
How do I rectify this situation and become a normal functional member of society? I want off this ride.
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No title

I am a man, and my digit ratio is feminine. My fucking ring and index fingers are even at best. According to what I read it means that I'm supposed to have a small dick, ugly face, and be a feminine wimp.

But my dick is above average, pic rel is my body, and I had hundreds of matches on tinder. My face is not feminine either. How bad should I feel about this stuff?
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Sister is crawling into my bed at night

>sister (18) started getting to my bed at night
>According to her she is sleepwalking,but i know that's bs
>At the beginning i thought it she had a nightmare or something
>But this is way too often to be a nightmare
How can i get her to stop?
I sometimes sleep naked and woke up with her hugging me
Brothers should not do this things
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I need to lose weight

This is FUCKING it.

I am living in France, 297 lbs, 6ft5, or 130kgs 198cm.

I am a slobbering monster of appetite and hunger. I just noticed i had dryness at the edge of my mouth because of how much i was salivating at the MERE thought of eating food.

I have highly addictive tendencies, but I fought through them one by one : alcohol, drugs, and sex (it cost me three relationships. the last one caused me to gain this much weight).

Weight is litterally the only thing that keeping me from going forward in my life.

My biggest problem is my incredible lack of discipline, but even though i wished I could work on it, I have litterally nowhere to start. I need advice to at least regulate my appetite. The rest is irrelevant : as soon as my appetite problem is fixed, getting thinner will not be a problem (gym and all).

The other biggest problem I have, is that I can only learn things through positive reinforcement, i'm litterally a dog. I need something that makes me feel good about not eating that cake or not eating this or that. At least for the first week. And the problem is, weight loss is precisely the kind of thing where you have to wait to get results.

By the way, fuck keto diets. I tried, and I failed miserably as it raised my appetite to the genormous levels i am at now.

stick around for greentexts
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No title

I really don't want to live my life anymore but I don't have the courage to die, how do I actually go through with it? What are the best methods?
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How do I attract women?

It's simply impossible for a guy like me
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No title

Is it acceptable to just be up front with my inexperience?

Been thinking aboit asking a girl to hang for awhile now, but my problem is that I have no idea what people do when they hang out.

My current plan is to ask, and if she says yes, immediately follow that up with "what do people normally do when they hang out?" since she kind of already knows I'm pretty sperg-y.

Is this something I'm going to regret?
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No title

Idk what to do /adv/. I landed my dream job of serving in the military 3 years ago. I enjoyed it for the most part even though i was away from my boyfriend for most of it. Fast forward to last week and I got seperated due to my physical test scores tanking after a series of injuries. My plan was for me and my boyfriend to move in together and I find a job, it shoudnt be hard because I have foreign language skills. However, today my boyfriend said he changes his mind and doesnt want to move in together, hes scared to leave his parents house. The thing is i have NO place to go. No family, no one else. I have to leave base if 4 days and i have no job and now no place i can stay. IDK what to do and im honestly considering taking as much OTC sleep pills and all the wine i can muster in an effort to just kill myself.
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No title

Screenshot 2019-01-06 at 19.14.47
Hi /adv

My gf and I are potentially going to buy a house together next year. Should we get married before we make this big purchase together? How do couples normally do this sort of thing?

Also, I am pretty sure I'd like to have a child in my mid-thirties (about 10 years from now) and she doesn't know how she feels about this yet (which I'm fine with - but it sort of does throw another issue into the mix).

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No title

I've always been a gamer. In fact, It's basically all I know. I've played video games constantly since I was a little kid. I'm 28 now, married with a young daughter and I'm struggling to find my place in the world. My default "activity" is still video games but I'm finding I enjoy them less and less to the point where I will spend $60 on a new game I've been anticipating for months or even years, play it for a few hours a night for maybe three nights and then NEVER TOUCH IT AGAIN! I have hundreds of $$$ in games sitting on my shelf that I NEVER touch.

Every day I run out of ideas for things to do that sound "fun" so I default to my PS4 or my PC and spend HOURS just browing my game collection like someone flicking through netflix for their entire night instead of watching anything.

I want it to stop. This may sound stupid, but how do I find enjoyment in anything else? How do I go about finding a new hobby? I want to find something that I am truly passionate about but I've spend so much of my life playing video games that I don't even know where to start looking. When someone asks me "What do you like to do?", the answer used to be "video games" without a doubt but now I say it because its just all I know how to do...
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stuck in a loop.

my routine is going to school and coming back home to draw (which i love doing). every fucking day. almost no interaction with anybody else. I'm still doing basics, I don't even know what I'm actually going to study.
if i drop out of school, my mom is going to make me work a minimum wage job full time plus over time or else I'm getting kicked out of the house. I would just try being homeless, but I don't even have a car and I don't want to leech off of my friends.
I make a couple hundred a month off of my drawings and i plan on making a living off of it one day.
What do?
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/r9k/ but wholesome

The level of autism there (and 4chan in general) is about right but all the porn, memes, misery and degeneracy repels me.
Is this site seriously the best for someone atypical?
Where should I go to find like-minded hikkis?
reddit is repulsive.
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No title

>Be me
>20 this year
>stuck as a conscript in the army (Singapoor)
>modern day slavery
>equavalent of 400 USD per month with similar purchasing power
>Hate being in the army
>messed up academics and was 1 grade away from law school
>nothing to look forward to after national ""service""
>absolutely depressed
>gained weight from overeating to feel better
>feel trapped and hopeless
>no longer feels any joy while doing the things I like
>lose contact with friends
>realize my personality is terrible
>I am at rock bottom

What can I do to feel like a human again? I've been trying to work out and improve myself but every day is a struggle.
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/sig/ - self improvement general

What have you done this week that has been beneficial to you?

/sig/ Basics:
>YOU are 100% responsible for the way you experience life. Not your parents, not your surroundings, not your ex, not your bully, not your future spouse. YOU. Complete, sincere acceptance of this is the most fundamental step to bettering yourself, and it is by far the hardest thing you'll ever do.
>Work your way to becoming the best YOU you can be - one step at a time.
>Set realistic Goals and have a Plan. Use short-term Goals to keep yourself going.
>Learn helpful and effective daily/weekly/etc. routines, including mundane ones.
>Have a steady sleeping rhythm - one that works for you, so long as you keep to it. Get 6-11 hours of sleep. More Info:
>Learn Mindfulnes Meditation. More Info:
>Learn to be Brutally Honest with yourself. Stop being a slave to your Ego.
>Have the balls to follow any beliefs to their logical conclusion. Think critically, question everything.
>If you need to put others down to feel good about yourself, you are putting yourself in a position where you are dependent on the people you look down on.
>Focus on the essentials. If you try to do everything at once, you’ll burnout. Little by little.

> - Overall Guide
> - "Simple" Mental Health self-help resource. You get out what you put in.

> - Marcus Aurelius - Meditations
> - Sam Harris - Waking Up
> - Henepola Gunaratana - Mindfulness in Plain English
> - Dale Carnegie - How to Win Friends and Influence People
>Tsultrim Allione - Feeding your Demons
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No title

Why am I only attracted to broken men? Men who need to be fixed? Is it possible to stop being attracted to this kind of person.
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Miss being a loser

Used to go to Portland State. Did acid weekly, smoked DMT a lot, got drunk all day, and only stayed in school because I withdrew from all my classes before the drop date.

I’d wake up, eat a jar of peanut butter, down a can of whip cream, go to my friend’s dorm to play vidya. I totally thought I was hopeless, thought I’d just live off welfare afterwards. Spent an entire year just hitting on freshman girls at the cafeteria, wasting money, having just a couple of friends. Called a loser by everyone I knew, pretended I was in classes I dropped out of.

But I miss it. I make a ton of money for someone my age now (200-250k), but I’m annoyed. I’m stuck at work 80 hours a week around a bunch of shallow assholes who only do it for the money and go home to a bunch of friendly assholes that were recoiling at the sight of me only a few years ago.

All my real friends are still around but I miss being the loser college kid, who just got by on the skin of his teeth. I miss waking up, thinking it was the last good day on earth, and just getting blitzed. I’m realizing that I wasn’t wasting my life back then, I was totally living it. I got to chase around geese, I got to pull pranks, I got to be a kid way after I was too old.

I got to write science fiction shorts, I got to draw nerdy schematics, I did all the stuff I loved to do. Now I don’t have time for any of that, because I never studied anything I liked.

I’m thinking of giving up my job, to go to a school in the Midwest, study a specialized artsy major for a year or two, then transfer into a artsy federal job where I make $27 an hour starting. It’s closer to what I want, but I’m worried I’m making the biggest mistake of my life, when I finally have everything put together
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I want to be free

> be me, above average looks / status
> meet a girl a party
> attracted to girl
> see something truly special in girl
> fuck now I’m more attractived
> get her deets and positive response
> message her
> no reply
> wait like 2 weeks message no reply
> message again no reply
> start wanting what I can’t have even more
> begins consuming my thoughts
> clouded mind and can’t think straight

How can I move on, I think the problem is the not replying or opening my messages leaves an ounce of hope, I would much rather I’d they had the ovaries to give me a definite no because my minds fucking with me
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No title

Is it wrong to sniff another girl's panties if you have a gf?
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No title

How do I get filthy rich?
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No title

I’ve been in love with this girl for months now. Just as I worked up the balls to tell her some fuck head asked her out. They’re still together but I feel like I can’t take anymore. Is it shitty to make her choose or should I just pull the trigger? Pic related is what I think I should say.
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What browser do you recommend?
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ITT: Ask the opposite gender anything

Before you post, check the FAQ.
Keep questions concise. Use paragraph breaks.

>What do girls/guys think about <any trait, such as: looks, physical or personality traits, virginity, penis traits, or lack of dating experience>?
>Do <most/any> <girls/guys> like <an insecurity over the above>?
There is no one answer. Preferences differ, but complexes are always a turn-off.

>I'm shy and afraid of <people/rejection>.
Get over it by practicing and exposing yourself to it, bit by bit, step by step. There is no "magic moment" (or activity) that will instantly change you.

>I like someone. What do I do?
>How can I tell if someone likes me?
Ask them out. "Signs" of attraction are meaningless.

>Where do I meet people for <dating/friendship>?
Anywhere outside. Or online. Above all, leave your comfort zone.

>Someone did something insignificant. What does it mean?
Nothing significant. You're overthinking it.

>XYZ happened. Interpret this for me.
We're not in their head, we don't know.

>Someone has made it super clear they're no longer interested in me. Do I have a chance?

>Where do I go on a first (or subsequent) date?
Coffee is the preferred first date, but any of the following may work: lunch, dinner, drinks, ice cream, froyo, movies, zoo, aquarium, museum, gallery, park, <activity in your city>.

>I'm insecure because of my <small/avg/big/cut/uncut/phimotic> penis
>Do women prefer penises of certain qualities?
>How do I <use/compensate for> my <as above> penis?
><any question/claim about penises>
Fuck off

>Why can't <women/men> just give a straightforward rejection?!
>Why are <women/men> terrible? <example of conduct>. <claim that most women/men do this>.
Fuck off

><online dating platform> is only for hookups, don't go there for real people!
Fuck off

>Why is there no new thread?
Make one yourself! Try these macros:
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No title

>Can't afford HALF the life my parents lived.
>Choked by taxes for social security I will NEVER see.
>You now need a college degree (MINIMUM, master's degree if you wanna get a real career) to do fucking anything.
>Cost of everything has skyrocketed while wages have stayed the same

What do I do? I'm fucking sick of worrying EVERY month if I'm gonna be able to make rent. The idea of getting married and having kids is a joke to me. There's no fucking way. And people are just shocked and awed that no one is having kids anymore.
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How to deal with extreme shameful experience?

I moved to the city where nobody knows, but my dirty secret is always with me. I don’t seem to get over completely. Sometimes I feel like I’m lying to the world about my true self. It’s so shameful I can’t share it with the only human that loves me and even wants to spend his life with me. And I really don’t want to share, I did no harm, nothing immoral, yet extremely repulsive drunk college situation made public. After years it doesn’t seem to affect me, but what if this trauma is like a time bomb in me, spreading destructive miasms in my subconscious, making me live like not deserving anything good in life, predisposing me to fail?
How did the most shameful experience of your life affect you? How did it form you? Did it take away something from you? Please share your thoughts and advice.
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No title

Advice for getting past the cognitive dissonance of someone being EXTREMELY physically attractive to you AND interested in dating you, but you recognize severe dealbreakers in their personality that would make a relationship a terrible idea
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No title

How do I not lose my composure during an important exam? I know I can get a perfect score but I still sperg out when I think about what could happen.
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Getting shit on

download (1)
I am constantly getting harassed at my college. At first it was little comments, sneer remarks, etc. Now it is escalating.

What do I do? Police? Deans won't do shit.
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No title

How do I become an autodidact?
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No title

What are the basics to getting laid off apps like Tinder?

I'm a fairly attractive guy with 0 social skills and almost 0 experience with women.

Pic related it's my tinder account
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Is dating worth it if you're very socially awkward?

Been like this my whole life. Dunno if I should even play the game.
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No title

Tales of degeneracy/advice from the other side thread?

>be me
>fresh 18, senior in hs
>literally have one class, no job
>spend most of my time on my laptop and phone
>piss in cups and bottles because I'm too lazy to get up
>lick my cum off my fingers instead of cleaning it up (no joke)
>porn got boring so I jerk off to instragams of girls I know or knew
>my short term memory and attention span are destroyed
>shit blood all the time but too afraid to call anyone
>probably have multiple cavities and eroding gums
>I'm graduating in less than two months
>where is this headed
>am I gonna die

When I read this over it all sounds worse than it feels, but everything here is technically true.
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Simple pickup lines that work?

Need a new go to. Mine is “excuse me what’s your name? *answers* Answer? I’m OP, nice to meet you. I know we don’t really know each other but honestly I stopped you because I thought you were cute, and I was wondering if you wanted to get to know each other over some ice cream sometime soon?” Obviously you have to say it with that seductive convincing voice, success rate is decent
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Why do I hate me so much?

I just can't think of living as a good thing anymore. I've been bothering with problems, stress, depression and anxiety for over 3 years now, thinking stuff that normal people around my age aren't usually thinking and sleeping a night feels imposible because I get a lot into my own thoughts.
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No title

>be me
>fell in love with your one of your best friendos best friend
>he loves me too for a long time
>he thinks I'm perfect but I know am not

how can i be a better person for him
I don't want to lose him
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High school bully still hunting me

Hey, guys, I don't know what to do if I graduated from high school last year but in the last two weeks of my junior year, and my so-called friends were trying to catfish me, and I knew this because people will tell me. I played along because I thought it will be funny, but they instead said I did got catfish and were telling everyone at my high school that I got catfished. This made me so many problems when trying to socializing with people in high school. I told the staff of the high school, and they did nothing. Well, now I'm going to college and decide to make a facebook account to contact my family members and some old friends. I started to notice I was getting a lot of TOUCHES from different fake accounts of women; these keep persisting, and I'm sure it's them no doubt. I believe they're just trying to bug me. This made me so unconscious that I have not had a girlfriend in 2 years because if I tell her what happen to me, she will probably say I'm dumb and lose interest. All these events happen almost two years ago
I have no idea what do to make them stop or what to do. Any suggestions?
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No title

How do you tolerate life when you've tried everything and you always fail?
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No title

Does mindfulness help with being anxious when talking to people?
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i feel sad as fuck after 9 days of not masturbating. i've gotten over the agression and horniness and now im just fucking sad and i don't feel like doing anything anymore.
i thought nofap was supposed to help me feel better, but i just feel like shit.
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No title

How to date a poor girl with low self-esteem?
So this girl is beautiful but word is she keeps things to herself. After I gave her comfort zone she started sharing stuff with me. She realized I dated dozens of girls throughout my life. My SMV is at the top in our floor.

I casually flirt with her. Qualify her. I tell her about how I dated this girl and that girl, how I had multiple girls and I did great in college and whatnot. Thing is I don't know what to tell her to make her comfortable with me.
I don't want to ask her about her education since I know she wasn't good.

Basically I can't fucking figure out how to qualify her. Any ideas?
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How to cope with losing love

1 YAZMn7uU3S_xkWcxOHupoA
Okay so...
Let me get it out of my chest right away: I cheated on my gf. Not proud of it. We were having a rough time and in a moment of weakness I gave in to a girl that kept wanting me. I felt terrible immediately after, told the girl I cheated with that it was a mistake and that I loved my gf.

>Fast forward to me finally moving in with my gf.

>Things are looking good, I feel happy, things got better.

>The other girl gets jealous and tells everything to my gf.

It was all downhill from there. We had a huge argument, I tried to explain and apoligize a billion times but to no avail. She couldn't find the strenght to forgive me. She left me.
Since the breakup, I had sex with other girls but it just doesn't feel right. She went back to an ex boyfriend but it didn't last.
We hooked up 5 times, had sex but nothing really came out of it. She just doesn't want to get back with me, despite her telling me she still has strong feeling (the relationship lasted 4 years).

Not a single day passes without me thinking about her. The pain is real bros. I just don't know how to go on, it cripples me in my everyday life. I'm just not as effective at work and I just don't feel like doing anything.

Long story short: I know I probably deserve it because I'm a fucking cheater and I probably would have done the same, but still. The regret is strong. How can I cope with this sort of pain?
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No title

How do I find a decent career without having a degree or having the finances or time to go to college? I'm tired of working shitty factory jobs. I feel stuck.
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Don't wanna go

Cry if you want to
I'm currently on leave at home for easter after 12 weeks of hellish recruit training for the military. I have to go back, 500 miles from home, for another 11 for further training. I hated recruits and it made me feel depressed and alone. I don't want to leave my family again and go through it all again. What do I do?
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No title

I am 28 and just started studying something that's halfway useful, Statistics and Data Science.
I have rather poor social skills, no real friends in the area and overall very few job skills that make me employable.
I spent my 20s making music and am only now really taking action.
I have very good morale and work ethic, though.
Realistically, how long would it take me to escape the bottom of the barrell, if I keep going?

I'm talking a somewhat comfortable job that pays more than minimum wage?

What skills should I focus on, apart from the math-stuff?
What concrete steps would help me better my situation.
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No title

my girlfriend moved to SF
I want to break up with her
I don't want to fly to SF

alternative ways to do it if not face-to-face?
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No title

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No title

i noticed im much better at things when i drank a beer or two
im not an alcoholic, im a once or twice a year drinker
but today i randomly decided to drink a beer while playing counter strike with my friends
i noticed im more accurate and my reaction time increased
my accuracy in osu is also better
why is that so?
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No title


I have a friend that is homeless and currently stranded in Martinsberg. He’s out on the streets and suffers from extreme social anxiety.
I need someone that is local to the area to help me out with directing him to places he can survive. With all due respect he is a turbo autist and will only work with me and my wife, so I can’t just have someone volunteer to take him in for us to pick him up.
I need locations such as homeless shelters, public libraries, unemployment offices, local gyms where he can shower and maybe pick up free food. Are the any places desperately hiring down there? I need to know this stuff so I can relay it to him and guide him through a town that neither of us know anything about (and Google Maps isn’t exactly helping too much, some locations like public libraries don’t even have a proper address attached).

Any and all help is appreciated. Local, used to live there, got family from there, doesn’t matter. If you know a better place to post this, please tell me (I haven’t used 4chan in years and Im turning to you guys for help).
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No title

I talked to the girl at the book store today.

We spent like 20 minutes talking about her favorites and recommendations. Ended up buying one with the giftcard I had.

I asked for her number and said "What's your number and I'll let you know if I liked it?"

She said "why dont you comeback and tell me in person?"

So what do I do?
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I'm back in college!!

even though I am very immature ACTING, and though I look like a 16 year old girl which makes me super cute and it hard to focus!! I am back in college at the age of 25 because I am mature about life stuff and I am wondering what is the most you have studied in ONE WEEK, yes one week lads. So far I have ALL A's and ONE C cause I studied really really hard BUT I have to study a lot cause I used Wolframalpha to get the whole C grade. So what is the most u have studied in one week causre I will study even more in this upcoming week but not today cause I wan to play rollercoaster tycoon
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No title

Guys I'm so bad at reading signs

>Hang out with a group of friends and there is this cute girl I like
>She knows a lot about sports which really attractive
>When she and I talk sports, we can go on for a really long time
>A little bit of flirting. Said she looked cute in a photo etc.
>Ffw a week and she says we should go to a basketball game
>get tickets to upcoming playoff basketball game
>She agrees and is really excited
>The next day at school she sees me at the bottom of the stairs, smiles, and quickly grabs her friend and they talk about something behind a pillar
>She emerges a little later and we talk briefly before she goes to lunch with her friend and I work on my project
>We haven't talked much in the last few days

I can't tell if she just enjoys talking to me or she's interested. Honestly I'm fine with just being friends too because she knows more about basketball than 99% of men I know. Always good to know someone with similar interests. But she's so cute and it's so rare to also meet a girl this into sports. I just can't tell lads.
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I think my pet rat is dying

So I've had my rat about 2 years from a pet store that didn't tell me how old he was. His name is Morty (on account of the two week return policy when I bought him, it was my attempt at being funny.) Recently he's started drinking water less frequently, started eating less, and the past two days he has been lethargic and not doing anything. He's very fat. 1.23 lbs. I found that out at the vet yesterday. She said he's fine and healthy, but our town vet normally works on cats and dogs. She gave us pain meds to give him, and said to feed him soft food so he'll shit. But he hasnt eaten. And since waking up 5 hours ago, he's been swaddled in a towel, pissing himself, having trouble breathing, and crying. He hasn't been shitting. Every couple of minutes he randomly jumps. Vet's closed on weekend so I can't take him again. I'm pretty sure he's dying. I don't want him to suffer. I love him a lot. What do I do?
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No title

images (17)
There is no me
What I am is what my parents want me to be
There is no real 'me' on the inside
I'm only good at following people
I'm not perfect, I will never be
Not a fool but not smart enough to be the next great thinker of my time
I'm just a normal boy, please just let me be
I have no grand ambition, but debt
Debt that I have to pay off
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Any lactose here?

Hey adv.

Anyone have experience with lactose enzyme medicine and eating dairy? Specifically I want to still enjoy certain cheeses, like mozzarella, but even a little causes pretty bad bloating, even if I don't get sick.

Unfortunately I'm Italian and cannot live without cheese. Please help my suffering.
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I got cucked and I just feel numb

I was visiting my family (we live in different states) Last night I called my now ex GF and I noticed a weird tone in her voice, a tone she gets when we have sex and I end up figuring out she’s on the phone with me while she’s getting fucked by another guy. I figure this out pretty quickly within a minute of being on the phone. Right After I find this out I immediately just hang up the phone and go to sleep hoping it was just me. I noticed she never called or texted Goodnight or goodmorning like she usually does so she must know that I know and I block her and completely cut her out of my life. I honestly didn’t care about it and that is what worries me. I’m a pretty passionate and emotional guy but with this I just feel numb... like damn... that’s what worries me, is there something wrong with me? Have I lost that passion will I ever be able to love the same way... just... shit dude... that worries me... I don’t want to lose that passion...
>ex GF in pic
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I’ve tried writing this 4 different times 4 different ways but none seem to come out right so I’ll just say it. The person that I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with, I no longer can because she’s not white. Our kids won’t even look like me. Our kids will have such a rough time trying to fit in. At first it didn’t really bother me or maybe I just wasn’t thinking that far ahead. I’ve always wanted kids, so does she. I want to end it now but it would destroy her and probably ruin her academic work/life.

Thinking I’ll just wait until she’s done in another year, when she graduates. I dunno how to proceed here.
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No title

I'm potentially within days to a week of suicide, taking my time to contemplate it, reasons why I am at this point and methods I would like to utilize. I'm curious if anyone else is near or on a similar mindset seeing as misery loves its company and "friends/family" have faded so far from my life that they would never even know anything was wrong and I wouldn't want to deal with the half assed "caring" that they feel forced to do if I did reach out.
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No title
how to casually flirt with co-workers? i got at least a few that'd be interested in me and i want to show interest back without being too over the top.
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Why do females always pull bullshit

So I would make this thread into a green text but fuck that I'm just gonna say that I was talking to a girl my age for about three weeks and things were going great until I introduced her to my friend because after I introduced her to my best friend she ghosted me and went for him even though things were going great and the another time I was dating a girl three days into dating her I find out she cheated on me with her gay friend so idk if I have a poor taste in females or if I should convert to just being an incel
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No title

What would you respond to this?
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No title

How do you find purpose? I feel like I'm existing just for the sake of existing. Going to university to get a good job so you can achieve tiny dopamine rushes by buying more shitty things. Sometimes I wish an alien species would invade earth and humanity would have to fight for survival because at least survival is a purpose.
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Elliot Rodger

How do I convince myself that I won't end up like him?

>[spoiler] Only difference is, I wouldn't kill a bunch of people. [/spoiler]
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is not shooting rope during my first time bad?

she feels bad about it but we had no condoms and figured pulling out isn't hard. But in fear of turning her into a single mom I got too nervous to bust a nut.

Is this normal for my first time or am I like a fag?
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HEY what am i supossed to do?

behind my house there is a gallery where they cut meats and today half an hour ago while the street was alone they came behind my two men with machetes and when I entered my house they left
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No title

I recently learned about the damages of circumcision and for the past few days i could not stop thinking i have an inferior, dry, less sensitive dick. i feel suicidal at this point. what the fuck should i do here? can anyone comfort me at least?
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What language should I learn on duolingo?

duolingo meme
Native English speaker here, I'm gonna have a lot of free time this summer so might as well make it a bit productive and try and learn a new language. I kinda want to go the larpy route and learn German or Welsh or Greek (I heard its a lot easier to learn ancient Greek after you learn modern greek). At the same time though I'm the most proficient at French outside of English since I took it in highschool and still remember the basics of it. Also kinda want to do Japanese in the hopes I one day get a chance to follow that English teacher in Japan fantasy.

What do you guys think? What would you recommend?
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No title

Those who have/had depression, when did it/does it get better?
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How would Chad handle Relationship Problems?

i think this is an interesting Question.

i really Like the Idea of "Chad"
the ideal Male. its the perfect metaphor (or at least it should be) for being a Guy that makes women like him Just by being confident and Not actually treating them bad

so how would "Chad" handle Relationship Problems
i'll give you an example:
>gf doesnt Tell you whats she is Up to
and you natualy want to know because you Care about her Life..
>so you ask her
>she replys "nothing" or Something along those lines
>you later maybe Talk to her about that
>and one day later she does the exact Same Thing
i only know that she is hanging out with friends ..i guess
when i asked her she just said "nothing nothing"
then i asked "arent you with (Name)"
she said "yeeah"

what do?
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No title

I'm afraid of women. What to do?
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How do I fix myself?

>have high-functioning autism, didn't realize it until recently
>entire life up to 10th grade I never really fit in, was constantly socially awkward and anxious, tried hanging around certain groups of people but was never really "one of them"
>started hanging out with other cyborgs, was a little self conscious about it but they were the only people who would accept me
>about to graduate HS, khv, only got drunk once, the one real party I went to I left early because I didn't like being there
>will probably not go to my senior prom because no date and my nerd friends wouldn't want to get hammered after
>feel inferior to the normal kids
>worried that I will be stuck in the same shit in college

I want to have at least one experience like that before I leave, how do I do that if the couple friends I have are both cyborgs who have no friends and don't party? More importantly, how do I make sure I don't stay this way in college?
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Side to Show Girls

Angery paladin
So there's this girl I am into, we just hang out, we play games, and I guess I'm afraid of showcasing features that may seem unattractive. Like today we played a game over Discord. We get excited, we're having fun, and she says "Wow, you seem a bit riled up there." Guess I got too excited. Not a big deal, but I can't help but overthink.

It means nothing, right? I mean, we're all having a good time, sure, but I hear that some things you just shouldn't show girls. Playful banter it is, right? Sorry, I tend to overthink a bit.
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should I tell my bother to stop beating his meat

>be me, age 17
>has to sleep in brothers room cause grandparents are visiting
>brother and I agree to share the bed
> around 1:00am something starts to shake behind me
>turn my head slightly to see whats happing
>See brother beating his meat vigorously right next to me
>put my head back to its original place and try to go back to sleep but can't cause im a light sleeper
> brother finishes and doesn't wash his hands
>finally able to go back to sleep
>wake up and question my life
>brother continues till this day

should I confronted him or should I just ignore it
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How to stop feeling loneliness?

Naturally, I get lonely from time to time and crave companionship on an instinctual level. However, I really love being on my own. I don't have to worry about anyone else's problems, nobody can tell me what to do or how to behave.

Still, that primal instinct is the only thing that nags at me. There's no logic to it; I know for a fact that I don't enjoy being around others, but I can't stop desiring it.

How can I get rid of this irritating urge, or at least make it more tolerable? It's greatly interfering with my happiness.
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No title

My boyfriend is a mouthbreather.
I love him otherwise but I've been with him for about 2 years and in that two years that I've asked him, sometimes subtly and sometimes outright, to see an ENT and do something about it, he has not taken incentive.

I'm not going to break up with him.
But I want his mouthbreathing to stop.

There is a surgery to decrease the size of your turbinates. He could get that, but he's scared because there is a small chance of getting "empty nose syndrome", something that is so horrible that people kill themselves over it. It disrupts their ability to breathe normally at all and is way worse than the original state of just having to breathe from the mouth.

The other thing I know is that he's tried some nose spray steroids before we met, and it didn't help him.
He's also obviously tried OTC medication and that doesn't make him magically not mouthbreathe, either.

Is there anything that can be done other than turbinate reduction surgery?
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Talking to girls/boys/cosplayers at anime cons?

Old thread died because /adv/ moves a lot faster than I expected and wanted to expand on based on what was talked about in the first thread

Some basic questions
>Since it's easy to drum up conversations with a cosplayer, I.E. by asking about their cosplay, what's a good way to start a conversation plain clothed people at cons?

>What are some ways to not come off as a creep, and if you are, is it possible to rectify that during the conversation?

>What is considered flirting (due to the fact that some people brought up cosplayers get flirted with a lot)?

>How do you know if a person has no interest in wanting to talk with you and they aren't overt about it ?

>If everything seems to be going well, how do you end the conversation?

>How do you learn about, and get invited to room parties?

>How big of a handicap is it to go to a con without any friends?

>Is it harder for older people (in there 30s-40s) to talk with people at cons due to the age skewing to teenagers and early 20's?

Feel free to answer some or all, or add your own questions.
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Is it ok to fuck a 17 year old at 21?

Britbong here.
>met supposedly 18 yr old girl on tinder
>Really attractive and into me. This is rare.
>She admits she's actually not 18 till June but assures me it'd be legal for us to fuck
>Don't meet up yet because we're both busy, but the talking gets more explicit and nudes are exchanged
>at this point we both know we're gonna fuck like rabbits if we ever meet up

I was fine with this. I think I'd actually like to date her, but I'm probably gonna move before she's 18 and wouldn't be able to see her for a while after that. Do I just do it?
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No title

How does one acquire motivation after years of loneliness?
3 images | 5 replies

No title

About to go on my first date guys! Wish me luck!
2 images | 16 replies

No title

will be moving to a black neighborhood in florida
whats the crime rate
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No title

Help, I've never gotten any attention from girls in my entire life and all of the sudden, three like me at once. I don't want to hurt any of their feelings but I know I have to make a choice. What should I consider?
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No title

before i explain let me preface more or less all my relationships have ended shitty or me being cheated on. Combination of my own stupidity and for dating trashy women but anyways.
>avoided catching feelings for almost a year
>befriend this cute girl who's alot like me, really sweet
>today we smoke for 4/20 end up having sex, its fucking great
>after spending the day with her i notice im starting to slowly develop feelings
Problem is i can't deny these feelings or push them away like I've previously been able to do with other women.To put it simply, im scared as fuck to fall for somebody after all that's happened in past relationships. I dont wanna pass up on what could be something great but at the same time im scared to even acknowledge these feelings right now. any advice at all helps im smoking listening to method man trying to make sense of this shit lmao
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No title

Weird question, not sure which board to put it on.

I've recently become allergic to peppermint oil. Putting peppermint oil in or around my mouth causes severe swelling, hives, bleeding, etc. Doctor confirmed an allergic reaction, gave me anti-inflammatory meds, and told me to stay away from it. My reactions came from candy and lip balm, but he's suggested that I swap to a non-mint toothpaste to guarantee I'm staying away from the stuff.

So, are there any decent non-mint toothpastes out there that you'd recommend? I've found a lot of kids' toothpaste in berry flavors and some adults' toothpaste in cinnamon, but I'm not crazy about cinnamon and I have no idea if kids' toothpaste is suitable for adults.

(Yes, I'm going to be getting an allergy patch test to see if I'm allergic to all mint or just peppermint, but it'll take a bit)
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>grow up poor
>parents leave shitty groundwork with relatives
>never meet any of my relatives
>parents divorce for the final time when I was 10
>cried everyday for a year in 5th grade
>was a fat baby when born, even fatter to this day
>live with mom cus courts hate dads
>relentless fighting and arguing everyday with my mom and stepdad
>see all my friends getting gf's now that we're around 16
>have no want for relationship because of all my personal problems
>eat when stressed or sad
>fat and unattractive because of it
>had WWIII with my mom about moving in with my dad
>my dad and close group are the only reasons I'm living
>do nothing but go to school and get good grades cus I'll be punished for having less than a 4.0GPA
>not allowed to go to girl's house's, mom makes me do a report on the girl and plants thoughts in my head like I'm gonna get jumped when I get to her house
>lived in emotionally and mentally abusive household since 10
>mom said they considered aborting me 15 years ago
>have no patience and an extremely aggressive and short tempered person due to living with batshit mom
>no self-esteem cus mom always points out how big I am
>very lonely when home
>lesbian dyke sister who wants to be an artist and despises having children
>no future nieces or nephews
>will never be an uncle
>made a promise to my dad to continue the family lineage
>have 1 close friend and my dad to keep me going
>don't know if my mental state can handle this
>contemplate starving myself and locking myself away until 200lbs. (6'1" btw)
>life is losing all meaning and I don't know if I can go on much longer

What do I do bros? Currently contemplating ending it.
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No title

To what extent are traditionally negative emotions (especially anger) healthy?

In the past, I've mostly been of the opinion that anger is something that should be avoided at all costs; moreso than any other emotion it can absolutely control you, and you can end up doing some incredibly stupid things while being in its clutches.

But now I don't know if I agree. I've been pretty apathetic and emotionless for most of my life, and recently I feel like I've been getting angry a lot easier lately. The issue with this is that I feel like this anger has had a positive impact on my life. I've told of some people who have been essentially leeching off of me (long story) and I have genuinely gotten angry at myself for being a lazy piece of shit and not living up to my potential in a way I haven't before. And compared to the apathy of the past, this is *good.* How can I continue along this without being "ruled" by anger (which is how I would categorize it in the past)? How can healthy anger be distinguished from rightful, constructive anger?
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No title

Being a kid, emotional person is really all my personality has to offer. Other than that I am afraid I am a shell, with no notable features.

I need advice on what I should do.
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No title

I need some help with some personal stuff.

From the time I was 7 to around 14, i went through some real severe bullying. I dont want to call it bullying because it misleads people. But suddenly nobody was okay with being my friend. My little-kid friends at the time just decided I was no fun or something, i dont know. And they left me out.
This happened in everywhere. From school, to my after school program, to church, to boy scouts. Everywhere. And around the same time, my grandma went over the point of no return with her alzheimers+dementia, and she never called me by my name again. I was a real grandmas boy.
Also my parents started fist fighting and took out a lot of stuff on me.

You might be thinking yeah so what dude, youre 26 now. Get over it. Yeah, most people i told this to would agree with you. I agree i am trying to get over it.
The problem is is that because of that relatively brief period in my developing years, I think its affecting my whole life. At the time I tried to ignore it because all the bully fighter advice said shit like just ignore, dont let them know youre getting to them, but after a random point, i just started to see that being me was pretty hellish. I didnt like being left alone all the time or the kids of my same ethnicity looking down on me. It wasnt cool when some of the older peers encouraged it or shit like that. I didnt like any of that, it always hurt, and i would have given my legs and arms for it to stop.

One question always in my head was why things were like this. What do i do when the people around me treat me like garbage? Punch them into submission? Ignore them? What do i do when people i have never met talk shit about me?

The bullying stopped when our family moved cities, and I hit puberty. But i was always the same rattled kid. Whenever I met new people I was always paranoid that theyd find out about my role in society as the punching bag and just go from hot to cold.

Sorry its long. Wrap up next post
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No title

A boy hurt my feelings once in 1st grade. This was in 1996. I brought Lassie to school for us to watch, and he refused to watch it because it's a "girl's movie." He raised a stink about it, and the teacher sent him to the principal's office. I was a very sensitive and timid child, and it took a lot of effort on my part to work up the nerve to bring a movie to school. He really, really hurt me.

The other day he sent me a message on Facebook apologizing for what happened. I don't know if I should forgive him. He was 6 years old at the time and was never mean outside of that one incident, and now we're both 29. But my heart is bruised really easily and never recovers whenever someone hurts it. I don't know what to do...
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No title

What are these weird bumps that form on my hand after wearing my motorcycle gloves?

pic related but not me
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Date and I both live with our parents, where can I take her after the date?

We're both in university. We both commute and obviously live with our parents. Date's over the weekend so both our parents will be home. Should I just try to fuck her in my car? Somewhere in private on the date?
I'm a guy if that is unclear

Pic kinda related, she's a redhead
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How to deal with severely depressed people?

I fucked up with someone who has severe depression, that that requires tons of meds and electroshock. I feel bad.

But really, how could I communicate? What do people with that problem want to hear? It's really a burden for me.
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College Major Advice

confused pepe
I'm applying to college at the end of the year and need help picking my major.I want to be in firefighting or EMS so best suggestions would be stuff that's either useful on the job or that could be used as a complementary source of income.
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I have schrizophrenia?

Everytime I go outside.

I hear people talk.
I get triggered for no reason.

Then I start to believe they are stalking.

I do realize my anger sudden appearance. I try to realize it's just a myth.

But i cant.
Its trying to pull me to think bad.

This is weird?

Am I experiencing young age?

I am 24
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Dump gf

> be me
> 21 year old med student
> dump gf to study harder
> gf starts seeing my close friend
> jealous.gif
> remember gf lives in the room below mine
> the day I feared finally comes
> creakybed.mp3 blasting from downstairs
> cant study at home. hate studying at library.
> gf joins same med school
> cant escape her. contemplate suicide
> gf kills herself first because med school is hard
> I confront friend about affair with my ex
> he told me to fuck off
> snuck gf out of morgue
> put her in bed. dick is diamonds
> creakybed.mp3 blasting from my apartment now
> dump gf back in morgue to study harder
> still contemplate suicide
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How To Not Look Back

My friend group has become a bunch of wankers who all resent each other and me because they dated each other as teens/did shit to each other and basically have only let go of it on a very surface level.

It's constant mixed signals. And it's awful.

Tonight one of them threw a party and this time for some reason I got no invite. This doesn't really bother me in and of itself, BUT having to see them post about it on social media is annoying.

I just want a nice clean break so that I can move on and make ne friends while remaining amicable with the old ones if I do have the misfortune of meeting them out.

So my first move has been to just unfollow them all on social media. But how else can I purge them from my experience?

I just don't want to be thinking about them. Like how you don't want to think about an ex. Is it possible? What's the best way forward?

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El paso is a fucking shit city.

>too young to go to bars
>city is planned like shit so theres no pedestrians to talk to
>fucking nothing to do
What the fuck is even the point of this place?
Pic unrelated.
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My butt hurts

I have a like this giant Vulcans of blood and white to green puss.
It fucking hurts when I sit and I can't show my butt because if gross full of scars and sometimes the bubbles explode staining my underwear with blood and puss.
>go to a medic
They can't find a solution beside hot compress which appear to appease but everything come back after a while.
>go to a dermothologist
She made me spent like 1000 dolar in a lot of bullshit and after 2 years I dropped this without any improvment .
A doctor said that curing and treatment is impossible and is some sort of staphylococcus eating my butt fat.

Sorry for the bad English but my butt is like this for 10 years and I can deal with this any more and i'm scared to this spreading to my leg and my pepe, i take a lot of care never use the same towel and underwear in a row clean my self everytime.
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no subject

rana pepe gif
What to do to remove boredom? / No have money
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How Do I Make a Girl Make Eye Contact With Me?

So they say it takes 4 minutes of eye contact to fall in love with someone but no girl looks me in the eye for that long. How do I change this?
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Should I make social media accounts for college?

I got invited to a college orientation and got a link to a group Facebook. Some people asked me for my Instagram as well. Problem is, I don't have either and have absolutely no interest in social media. I am perfectly happy without it and got along fine in high school without it (albeit I was never super socially inclined in general), but I'm worried that I might miss out on networking possibilities or socially isolate myself. I really want to go out of my way to put myself out there during college, so I don't really know what to do. I hate the lack of privacy on those sites as well. I'm a bit torn
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No title

i feel like all women are exactly the same. i used to be a complete fucking loser in school and now i'm at least decently attractive. now i get girls with boyfriends checking me out, flirting with me, and even implying that they want to hook up. you think this would make me happy after all that i've been through (never having girls interested in me throughout school), but i can't get over the fact of how depressing it is that women are so disloyal and willing to scar their boyfriend's hearts just because they think they've found something better. with my intimate experiences with women (very little) they seem to enjoy playing with a man's emotions (telling them nice things, making them feel loved and accepted) just to drop them as soon as the next day or whenever the man opens up about their real emotions and feelings. it's fucking horrible and i find it disgusting more than anything. is there any way i can get over this? i could be getting girls left and right and finally lose my virginity, but i can't bring myself to bring pleasure to these girls.
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No title

Should I date a pentacostal woman? One is strongly hinting that she wants me to ask her out but I'm an anti-theist but vaginas don't have religions
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My brother is a 20 years old who stays in house all day watching youtube videos since he was 12 and i share room with him so i see him doing that all day long, he even developed some sort of impulse that he need to watch a music and pause it in some times repeat it go back and forward in the video while he touches the keyboard pressing the space button and he for some reason after doing it couple of times he pulls his arm off the mouse and keyboard and reaches to his hair and back and moves it from bottom to top and then he caress his hair for like 20 second and then he continue the video... ill write more coz i clicked on the captcha button and the shit is making me pressing it again after a time... and the thing is my brother is stressing the shit out of me doing that stuff and the noises and see him still acting like a young kid with 0 social skills and i even told him to stop doing it and he stops for a while then come right back doing it and my mind is full of stress i cant even write logically wtf man im just 17 years old i need an advice to get this dude right
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Broke up with a best friend

She left me it’s been 3 weeks now

Anyway, she is still using my website to watch movies, that I made specifically for her. I logged on just to see if it was still active.

Now my intention is to get her back but as of now I’m doing no contact for 5 days now.

Should I turn this site off? It costs me about 5$ a month but money isn’t an issue. I’m just looking at it from a fairness point of view.

Everyone has told me to shut it down. But I __fear__ that she will take it the wrong way and minimize her chances of coming back.

So what do you think should I turn the site off?
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No title

Is it worth it to learn how to drive manual transmission?

Im not a car guy, im 100% concerned with economical, a to b cost effectiveness. And I've heard manuals are cheaper to buy/maintain (outside of the used sports car market, where manuals charge a premium.)
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No title

Hi, /adv/. This will probably come off as first-world whining, but please, bear with me.
So I just turned 22 a couple of months ago. I've got a useless meme degree (don't major in journalism, kids) and about $5,000 in student loans to pay off. Fortunately, I don't have to pay rent (and won't for the foreseeable future), and my other expenditures are only around $600 a month on a $300 per week paycheck.
At the moment, I'm working a full-time retail job while studying for the LSAT, which I'll be taking in exactly six weeks. I'm currently scoring around a 165 on practice exams, which is about ten points higher than the average for the law school I'm set on attending (it's a T2, insert laughs here) but I need to do well on it in order to offset my low undergrad GPA (3.1, school average is around 3.25).
A few hours ago, I received $10,000 from a relative, no strings attached.
My question is: should I put in my two weeks tomorrow, and spend the entire rest of May studying my ass off for the LSAT in the hopes that I'll be able to radically improve my score? I'd love to get somewhere in the 170s if I can swing it.
I'm sure there are extra details that I've left out, so if I haven't given enough pertinent info, please ask me to provide more.
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I don't take much joy in anything anymore and I see no future for myself. I've drop out of college twice without finishing even one semester, got discharged out of army BCT and don't have a social life. Nothing is worth getting out of bed and going to work for. Any reccomendation from anyone whose been here before? Could really use the help right now.
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In Love with a Model

So I’ve had a wicked crush on a model for a few years, I could probably write paragraphs about how beautiful I think she is but I’m self aware enough to realize that’d be psychotic. Part of me wants to DM her with a heartfelt message about how I feel about her, just so I can get it off my chest, but at the same time I question what I’d even want to put in the message. I really don’t even expect her to respond beyond a “Thanks!” but I guess I’d want to put the effort into what I’d want to say for my own sake. Kind of selfish now that I type it out, but that’s where I’m at.
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How do i not let peoples words get to me?

So it might be ironic asking this on 4chan but here it goes anyway.

How do i not let peoples words get to me?

I think i'm a sensitive guy, and i'm constantly thinking about bad things that have happened in the past because i don't know how to resolve them again when confronted.

Does self esteem and self confidence have anything to do with it?
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How do I show my attention towards someone I like in a normal portion without being too creepy or too careless?
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Is this a dick friend?

I've always been pretty skeptical about this dude. Ik he likes my sister and I have no problem, but this was a little off-putting.
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How do I become chad enough to sniff and grope women remorselessly?
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Alpha beta dichotomy

Is It real?
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How do I make a move across the country?

I want to leave the part of the US I live in. I do not have anyone to stay with where I would like to move, but I do have 8 or so years of consistent employment history, good credit, a car, and an entry level job of 2 years in my current field.

Can I somehow get an apartment without having a job in the new state? I can absolutely get one after and have the ability to go unemployed for a short period, financially. I have just always experienced that apartments always want you to show you're currently employed, or else they won't rent to you. Is there any way around that?
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There's This Girl

There is a girl I go to school with that I have huge crush on. We talk quite a bit, but I only have two periods with her, so whatever. Anyway, prom is coming up and one of her friends suggested that she go to prom with me. She said, "Sure, Anon is pretty cool". She ASKED ME. After this, we talked and began texting, I showed her how to Snapchat (I'm her only streak). We went out and saw a movie (not really like a date but we were alone and laughed and talked a lot). She said in the three proms she has been to, she has never danced and plans to dance with me at this one. I am infatuated and I am thinking about asking her to be my gf at the end of prom. Am I getting ahead of myself? Is this a bad or good idea? I want to end my 6 year dryspell with the girl of my dreams.
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I really hate body hair and want it removed with the laser hair removal. Is it weird for a guy to do this? I can't stand it but don't want everyone to look at me strange.
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How would I go about buying a house if i make 9 dollars an hour, i need to get the fuck away from my parents
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What to do after college

I haven’t been able to find work since graduating college in August. My degree is in a meme field. I have experience in that field. I’m in the process of getting hired for a retail job but I need an actual salary. People are gonna graduate in May looking for the same work. What do I do? What can I do with a BS? What interesting jobs can I apply for or what should I try to get to give my life more momentum?
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How do I get the enlightened feeling of "tfw no gf and don't care" even when I'm at school or work and can't masturbate?
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What do you like

women! which is the first thing they look at in a men
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comforting a friend

i know i'm new and nobody cares about me, but i literally saw my friend resorting into cutting themselves and i have no idea how to comfort people. any advice, please?
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what do I do...

og piv
I am a senior in highschool, about to graduate, all of my friends are moving away and I am here alone, what also bums me out that in my friend group I am the only one without a signicant other, I just ten to room around now and I am so lonely it hurts,what can I do to make this pain go away? they are all so happy and I dont want to mention it because why? im too little to matter to them,,,,,
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Anybody else feel like they don't fit as a human?

I have this unshakeable feeling of isolation from the rest of humanity. I simply don't have the same motivations and values as the rest of the people I interact with. I don't care much for money, or relationships, or the average sensual pleasures. This divide stops me from being able to be fully honest with those around me, which leads to further feelings of isolation.

It feels like life is a game, but I'm the only one who's looking at it that way. What others take seriously to a life or death degree seems silly to me. Not in a "nothing matters" nihilistic way, but closer to "it's all just for fun, but everybody else is too wrapped up in their roles."

I'm not looking for sympathy, nor for advice on how to "fix" this. It doesn't strike me as a problem that needs fixing, just a condition I've found myself in. I just want to know if anybody else feels this way.

inb4 basement dweller - I'm not particularly social, but I've always maintained a decent sized group of friends and a normal set of obligations. I'm definitely a little weird, but nowhere near full aspie level.
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Is it a good idea to electrocute myself with a joy buzzer or something with a safe voltage in order to force my brain to wake up when I want to? Might sound masochistic, but I hate going to sleep and ending up being asleep for all of my time before work, even if it is only on occasion.
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How do I remove a person from my thoughts

pepe thinking
There's this girl that I used to work with at a previous job. We're both quite qualified professionals in our fields with somewhat similar interests and ideas and through collaboration we developed a weird and very introverted friendship. She is in a relationship, currently engaged but still I couldn't help my self from having some feelings for her. Fast forward a couple of years, and I'm in a different country with a very good job and in an alright relationship. The problem I'm having is that whenever she messages me about work related advice or just to ask how are you, and this happens maybe once every 2 weeks on average, my heart skips a beat when I see the message and then I only have her face in my head for days. This is bothersome because I've realized she's out of my reach right now for me to act on my feelings, and just ignoring her is not something I want to do since I still want to be in touch as our conversations are genuinely interesting and often inspiring. Tried burying myself in work or doing activities that clear my head whenever this happens but it's not really worked so far.

What's your advice, has anyone dealt with something similar before?
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everyone is Degenerate, Black dog says Purge Time

Im on probation because im Black and live in small rural town in the South of USA and the cops are all Racist even though I commited no crimes.....

I have a different view from most people here and they say i'm crazy for it but they dont understand me, theyre just Racist and dont tolerate people with opinions they dont consider "Normal"...

they try several times to put me in the Institution but my parents fight it in the Court, but they say I still cant leave...

even my parents have fallen for (Their) tricks and start to think i've become deranged...

but I know i'm not Crazy, they gave me an IQ test and I got a score of 148

I spent all day in the house going on 4chan and other websites and trying to figure out how the World and Universe Works to learn the Secret to Escape Everything...

i see a Therapist because of my Parents and the Court Order demand it but i don't trust him, he could be part of the Conspiracy against me and there is a history of the Psychology industry actually being agents of the Government and reporting people who are considered "dangerous" which just means people with views different than normal, plus the whole field of Psychology has its roots in Nazi Germany.....

i dont tell him anything True and he doesnt know anything True, he doesnt even understand the Deep Math or the Correlation Principle

i know if i tell him what i'm thinking he'll just say i'm crazy and have me sent to Institution after all...

lately the Dog next door keeps talking to me, it sounds Strange but his Owner says hes very smart, I think hes one of the Messengers...

he tells me that god will free me if I kill all the Degenerates in town and Purge Evil from the World

but Im not sure to believe him or not...

how can i tell who to trust and who is serving what Master?
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ITT: Ask the opposite sex anything

Before you post, check the FAQ.
Keep questions concise. Use paragraph breaks.
If you can't handle upsetting replies (or the FAQ) don't ask. You will be bullied out of this thread if you act salty.

>What do girls/guys think about <any trait, such as: looks, physical or personality traits, virginity, penis traits, or lack of dating experience>?
>Do <most/any> <girls/guys> like <an insecurity over the above>?
There is no one answer. Preferences differ, but complexes are always a turn-off.

>I'm shy and afraid of <people/rejection>.
Get over it by practicing and exposing yourself to it, bit by bit, step by step. There is no "magic moment" (or activity) that will instantly change you.

>I like someone. What do I do?
>How can I tell if someone likes me?
Ask them out. "Signs" of attraction are meaningless.

>Where do I meet people for <dating/friendship>?
Anywhere outside. Or online. Above all, leave your comfort zone.

>Someone did something insignificant. What does it mean?
Nothing significant. You're overthinking it.

>XYZ happened. Interpret this for me.
We're not in their head, we don't know.

>Someone has made it super clear they're no longer interested in me. Do I have a chance?

>Where do I go on a first (or subsequent) date?
Coffee is the preferred first date, but any of the following may work: lunch, dinner, drinks, ice cream, froyo, movies, zoo, aquarium, museum, gallery, park, <activity in your city>.

>I'm insecure because of my <small/avg/big/cut/uncut/phimotic> penis
>Do women prefer penises of certain qualities?
>How do I <use/compensate for> my <as above> penis?
><any question/claim about penises>
Fuck off

>Why can't <women/men> just give a straightforward rejection?!
>Why are <women/men> terrible? <example of conduct>. <claim that most women/men do this>.
Fuck off

><online dating platform> is only for hookups, don't go there for real people!
Fuck off

>Why is there no new thread?
Make one yourself! Try these macros:
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Is there a worse feeling?
My ex left me for another girl 7 month ago and I'm still so triggered about it
The girl is much older than me (and closer to his age) and she's a lot funnier than me
How can I get over it? I'm in a new relationship now yet this feeling of jealousy won't go away, the wound in my ego is too deep
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Flirt with doctor

So I was discharged a week and a half for drinking methanol/ethylene glycol. There was a lovely doctor who pretty much was very touchy feely and gave me a handjob while putting a catheter in my penis.

Found her on Facebook and was wondering, is it okay to say "this is anon, thanks for treating me. You're pretty sexy?" Is that okay or creepy?
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I’m dating a habitual liar

So my girlfriend of 6 months is a shitty liar and I let her get away with it. Here’s the thing though, she’ll lie sometimes just to be with me. Like she’ll make fake excuses at work or with her parents to leave early and such. That’s the good. The bad is when she tries to lie to get her way. So she texts me earlier saying she can’t pick up something for me cause she’s going to work early, her boss called her to come in early, no worries it’s whatever. I thought of being the good boyfriend. I’m off so I’ll pick her up for lunch. She says no, she doesn’t get a lunch. I’m like what. She goes yeah no lunch today. I’m like how you obviously get a lunch for a 9 hour shift. She goes yeah when she went in they said why are you here early go home. So she simply went home. That’s the lie, that her boss told her to come early. So I used to work there, I’m like ok I’m gonna talk to our old manager about how fucked up that is, she texts me this.

I guess my point is would you stay with a person like this? Like there’s no saints in the world and everyone lies?

Or am I being a complete beta faggot and need to dump her for constantly lying?
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How clingy is too clingy with guy friends? Like if I asked a friend of he wanted to go out yesterday and he said maybe tmrw, it wouldn't be weird to message him today right?
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The guy I'm crushing on frequently looks at me when he doesn't think I'm looking and when we make eye contact he smiles really wide compared to how I've seen him smile at other people. He's also the only person in my class who regularly says hi/ bye to me.

Does he think I'm cute or does he think I'm an ugly pathetic loser
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Last night my now-ex hid my car keys so that i couldn't go home. I wanted to go home. I kept asking for them back and he kept denying knowing where they were but he was intentionally sitting on them so i couldn't find them. he said I will only give them back if you promise to stay and not leave me but I said no give them back. When I noticed he was sitting on them I tried to get them back but he pushed me off him and was still sitting on them so i slapped him and screamed give me my keys. I ended up physically fighting him and hitting him to try to get my keys back. He told me to stop screaming because his family could hear and they told him to open his room or they would call the cops (he locked us in). I told him thats not my problem and to give me back my car keys and he said don't you dare leave and he put his hand on my face so i couldn't breathe because my mouth and nose were covered. I finally got them back and ran out and he is pissed because his family heard the whole thing.

Am I wrong for hitting him?

Also I calmed down when I got home and now I'm back to normal. Am I supposed to feel more traumatized from this incident? I've never had anything like this happen to me.
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Is 26 too old to start dating with zero experience?
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Not excited about Birthdays anymore

Hey /adv/, I just turned 20 today and I feel basically no excitement whatsoever - not now, not in the days or weeks leading up to it, and it's been like this for a couple of years now. Is this normal?

I remember about 7-12 years ago when I was a kid, I'd get so damn excited for my birthday I'd have trouble sleeping because I couldn't wait for it to arrive any sooner. And now, it just feels the same - if anything, I slightly dread it because each year it reminds me of how few people outside of family actually remember to say anything. I don't know if I used to get excited because of presents or just something else, but honestly it just starts to feel like another day. Ever since I was 13, it's been a meal with family and that's it, I've never done anything with friends.

What's up with that?
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Is it damaging to raise my kids on anime instead of regular western cartoons? I feel like they won’t have much to talk about with their peers in school who all watch shit on cartoon network and disney channel. I also worry that they will turn into straight weirdos. I’ve never seen ed edd n eddy fans behave the same way as umaru fans
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I got fired from my job today. I am (was) a restaurant valet. I was scheduled to work a double shift and had a break in the middle of the day. When I came back to work for the evening, my employer accused me of being in a hit and run that damaged 2 vehicles that morning. My employer saw my handwriting on the valet ticket, concluded that I parked the car, and therefore must have had the accident. When I denied it, the general manager vehemently accused me of this crime over and over again (15-20 times). The manager loudly accused me over and over and over of committing this crime and not telling anyone. As I continued to deny it, my employer insinuated that I did not realize I was caught on camera but offered no further explanation or evidence. All I could do was deny the repeated allegation. The manager briefly lectured me about taking responsibility for my actions, claimed that "all [I] do is deny everything that is obviously true," told me that I can't be trusted, and then let me go. I'm not upset about getting fired (coworkers are assholes), but I'm worried about being slandered and what potential employers might think if they call the restaurant for a reference.Could I potentially sue for wrongful termination from at-will employment? Is there anything I should include on my resume or my job applications or would it be best to just hope for an interview and that it's not mentioned?
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I enjoy your humor as well.
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I have a bad habit of not feeling hungry and being too lazy to eat. Then I get these calorie headaches and they last the whole day- even after I eat. They're quite painful. I'm not anorexic and I don't have body dysmorphia or anything, I just don't eat cause I hardly care at all. What can I do to eat more. I try snacks but I also am poor and I like to eat healthier than just having chips and soda around.
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>abusive childhood
>spend most of my teenage years on this website
>live in rural country area
>recently diagnosed bipolar
>unsure of the damage I've caused because of my illness

Graduated high school 2 years ago but definitely feel like an infinite failure. Is now the time to kill myself?
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No title

How do I motivate myself to do more studying?
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GF is taking advantage of me?

I just got sober after a rough year and realized the girlfriend (25) I met while in the drunk period of mylife is probably using me (18) for sex and attention for over 6 months. Im paranoid that she is cheating on me since we Only see each other for sex every week and basically dont know anything about each other. What if she gave me some std too :/ .shit.
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