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No smug. Only tears now.
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Anyone picking the field over Itsuki at 4/1 odds?
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Ever get this feel?
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Was he evil?
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Manga Paneling

What are some mangaka that are good at paneling and scene composition? I'll start with the greatest: Yoshihiro Togashi.
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We're almost in May and there still isn't a girl hotter than Rikka yet this year, what's going on?
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Dragon Ball Super

Kale SS
What makes green monkeys be much stronger than yellow monkeys?
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Romance Thread

Fuck off fags its time for that real manly shit
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Shingeki no Piku

pii headpat
Will this qt make it through April?
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3x3 Thread

Why do unpopular shows rarely show up in these threads?
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Mushoku Tensei

>fucking his girl
>she's thinking "wow he's a still a child"
You faggots told me it was a misunderstanding. Rudi is obviously a shitty lay.
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My Hero

Really makes you think...
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Weekend Waifu Drawthread

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Gal Gohan

In this chapter of [Insert Gyaru and Denseness pun here], Miku sleeps over at Yabe's place on Christmas. Dumping the latest chapter, fresh off the presses
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Does anyone miss when anime/manga was unknown? Like now that anime is so mainstream we have huge (unnecessary) controversy and the fanbase of some anime is so shitty and fucking horny I dropped BNHA because of all the thirsty lesbians that followed everywhere I go. And now that jojo is mainstream as well they are turning it into some sort of gay icon (it will get even worse on part six especially because of jolyne's boyfriend being a female when it first started but Araki forgot).
And now they trina turn trap into a slur too like anime/manga is as great as it has ever been but the western comunity fucking sucks and I wish anime came back to the shadows of the internet, this the only place I can say this without being banned and scrutinized so thanks for existing /a/ enjoy some fubuki

>also sorry for the blogpost
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In the year 2019, how big is too big?
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/a/ will win the Oscar in 2020

Look how pathetic America’s animation slate is this year:
>talking animals
>toy commercials
>kiddy CGI shit
Contrast with anime: pure kino. Plus, it’s also the year of the Tokyo Olympics. Japan wins, no doubt about it.
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Tokushuusen Asuka Chapter 43

Time for some kurumi and armenian nico suffering
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13. DanMachi [BD 1080p Hi10p AAC dual-audio][kuchikirukia].mkv_snapshot_23.32_[2019.04.20_19.03.55]
So spoil me how broken does this guy become?

He just basically 2 shots a floor boss. Albeit with some maybe strong sword it's never explained, but even then

So DanMachi thread in preparation for Season 2
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[Asenshi] Sarazanmai - 01 [9E2C2E1A].mkv_snapshot_03.41_[2019.04.20_09.34.24]
Azuma Sara DISHU
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Just watched the premiere at Sakuracon, 10 more years of Code Geass CONFIRMED. LELOUCH IS BACK
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zero tier list
Tier List of all the girls, SS being best girl of course. Minor characters included
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higurashi anime
What anime most deserves a HxH-style remake? I would definitely go with pic related. Compared to modern stuff it looks like fucking garbage.
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Why is Kawaki so based?
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mad chimera world best girl
ITT: Cancelled, indefinite-hiatus

Let's pay respect to the manga that were ended too soon.
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Why aren't there more anime series with idols who end up becoming porn actresses?
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Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san

>tfw no loli kitsune motherwife messenger goddess to pamper me
why even live
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Do you remember her series?

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>anime starts with a Nietzsche quote
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Why is he so perfect?
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Detective Conan

Detective Conan - 76 Remaster (960x720 x264 AC3).mkv_snapshot_43.11_[2019.04.20_18.45.15]
Conan has some of the best available remastered content out of any long running anime that I've seen. How come no one else can get this so right?
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Whatever happened to 'Tall Sluts and the Midget Who Loves Them'?
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Pokemon Special/Adventures Chapter 543-2

/a/nons told me it was ok to dump new chapters here when they come out so I gonna do it.
This chapter is the "Guts get out of the boat" of Pokemon.
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How do we feel about JS idols' producers making them do adult activities like ballroom dancing?
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What makes a good twist vs an asspull, and what are some examples of each
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[HorribleSubs] Hitoribocchi no Marumaru Seikatsu - 03 chop

How would YOU have better translated it?
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One Punch Man OPM

>the world's most powerful female hero by leaps and bounds gets utterly demolished by sperm
what did ONE mean by this?
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Beastars Chapter 125

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Who wore it better?
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ebichu Can I help you with something
>not a highschool setting
>not a teenager protag
>actually funny

Why did no one tell me about this anime?
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This is a ship
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Finally a Latina female in anime

Carole & Tuesday + Angela
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Fan made JoJo stands

Was wondering how many fan stands I could find, I'll start it with a stand someone made based off of scatman John.
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Ragna Crimson Chapter 19

Good news everyone, new chapter of Ragna Crimson is out today, everyone's favorite RomCom.

Dumping: Vol. 4 Ch. 19
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No title

Has any villain in anime/manga ever come close to this level of complexity? Succinctly distilling the class struggle (the only real war) and showing it in parallel to the violence and pointlessness of the ideological humans v ants conflict is a feat I don't think any other mangaka can match.
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maxresdefault (8)
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Who was your first waifu /a/?

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Kimetsu no Yaiba

These previews are cute.
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Is it really fan service when embarrassment, humiliation, lust, punishment and pain provide for better Soma?
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Cardfight!! Vanguard

The time has finally come for the special new anime arc stream! We will be receiving info on the state of the anime and just what exactly to expect heading into a new anime original arc. This is uncharted territory as it is a brand new story not previously covered in the original Vanguard anime nor a story written in the manga. There will also be news on the card game as well as an update to the existing gift mechanic that could potentially change how the game is currently being played!

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No title

So what EXACTLY was everyone noticing about Manbagi and Tadano in this chapter?

>That Manbagi has a crush on Tadano, but not necessarily the other way around?
>That they both like clearly like each other?
>That, while how they feel about one another is unknown, they just kind of looked like a acted and looked like a couple together?

And what does it say that people haven't "seen" whatever they saw in Tadano/Manbagi in Tadano/Komi despite them spending way more time together in the public eye?
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Futanari no Elf

Chapter 7 translation.
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[DB]Cowboy Bebop_-_12_(Dual Audio_10bit_BD1080p_x265).mkv_snapshot_17.58_[2019.04.20_22.16.47]
what's the point of this character
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Hitoribocchi no Marumaru Seikatsu

>under 400 results on pixiv
What the fuck I thought the nips would love the show, did everyone over there bailed out for the season or are they only watching Senko-san?
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No title

What is the best power system in anime and manga?
One that's neither so simple as to allow constant asspulls, but not so complex that it becomes convoluted and boring?
Most battle shonen have pretty shitty power systems, it seems.
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Meanwhile in class /a/....
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[Doki] Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko - 06v2 (1280x720 Hi10P BD AAC) [B9328C32].mkv_snapshot_07.32_[2019.04.21_01.47.15]
What is this creature?
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Random Manga

random manga
Haven't seen one of these threads in years
Go here
And read at least a bit of the first manga that comes up, if you haven't read it before. If you have then reroll obviously.

Post what you got and if you rerolled!
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What kind of PROSTITUTE would wear THIS?
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One Piece

>I can’t wait till he get to Wano!
>it’s going to be dark and filled with bloody sword fights
>it’s the arc that the crew is finally going to get serious and understand the threat of the new world

Mfw Wano is the comfiest arc to date
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No title

>OP by the cast
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Love Live! Sunshine!!

Please, look at this dork.
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Manaria Friends

Manaria Friends
What's your opinion about official dub?
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No title

Everyone wish this precious pink bunny a happy birthday!
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2019-04-21 00_29_55-WIXOSS 5周年 記念PV【学園編風 フルバージョン】 - YouTube
Where is the WIXOSS thread you fuckers, the full anniversary PV is out with everybody's favourite slut(s)
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No title

>like anime
>realize anime I like is popular
>have to stop liking it
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Kig JAV when?
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>keep forgetting manga I'm reading
How do you guys do it?
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Kimi no Na wa.
This is my favorite movie, please say something nice about it.
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[PuyaSubs!] Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai - Tensai-tachi no Renai Zunousen - 05 [720p][643E2821] (00:19:33.798) 0009
Post captures without context.
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No title

Who was your childhood waifu
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No title

If you think this "makes sense" then you've never taken a physics course in your life
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No title

Honoka-chan is the perfect girl.
She is cute, pure, fun-loving, great at singing, and a great leader.
She's my school idol goddess.
I couldn't ask for a better Love Live girl.
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Homo Time

So is anyone watching King Prism?

Will it be as homo as the movies?
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Buyfag Thread

Cute bunny.
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No title

Alright, lads. Forget about chapter 34 or the most recent anime episodes and let's talk about something actually important.

So, Tsunade was a flat kid and her boobs were small enough that her chestplate could hold them in during the filler where the Sannin fough Hanzo. Then, by the time Naruto rolled around, even when the chakra used to maintain the transformation jutsu gave out, she still had an ample rack.

ITT: We discuss whether Sakura is going to grow up to be a titty monster or remain a washboard. Feel free to post art or take a guess at her final 3-Size
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images (3)
Naruto spinoff about the aesthetic Samurai and Iron Country when?
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No title

I w-w-want her to keep me warm at the house of Libra!
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itt the most hatted characters

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New JoJo stand concepts

Share some stand concepts, preferably stands with humanoid forms. I'll start with one of my concepts. Name:Golden Hermit, type:humanoid ranged stand, I was thinking of a segmented suit of golden armor still thinking of a design of armor, but the stand is high durability, basic speed, poor offense, high potential, good precision, and a basic range(basically only capable of manifesting in the room the stand user is in) The whole gimmick of this stand is that it can place itself around any chosen target to defend or trap it. The downside of this stand is it's only offensive capability is it can twist limbs off when wrapped around target and needs body of stand or stand user to do any physical damage to others. Pretty much needs body inside it to attack. I was also thinking it can metamorphose into a stand with it's own body inside when the stand user is in almost dead state. When it "evolves" it gains a body and is capable of doing basic damage and has much higher speed, but lasts for a very short time, one last hail Mary pretty much
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No title

> Genderbender into a fat girl noble.
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Kemono Friends

Can these three save Japari Park?
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To Love-ru

Is there a more perfect girl than Than Nemesis?
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No title

When it comes to subgenre derivatives, Japan always portray themselves as either futuristic cyberpunk or rough steampunk imperial Japan. I kinda wish nip media try to explore the other genre like Art Deco Noir ala Bioshock 1 and Batman : The Animated Series
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What is /a/ opinion on her?

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What was the point of this?

Seriously? Did they run out of shit for the last few episodes?
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No title

Which ost makes you FEEL the most?
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No title

Why do people like these characters?
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No title

Kazumin thread
The OTP of Konosuba coming through
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No title

I thought this was a family friendly manga for all the family to enjoy, what is this?
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why is isekai so hated

i liked everything so far except overlord after s1, re:zero and Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash
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No title

Why was it so popular?

Nowadays nobody talks about it, and user scores on review sites keep on falling.

Was Haruhi ever actually any good?
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No title

Your thoughts on the TV special?
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No title

Rem (368)
Have you forgotten her /a/?
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Houseki No Kuni

Leaks very soon
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No title

Girls can love other girls right?
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No title

When I see so bad a woman I go to the next chapter.
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Yu-gi-oh! Vrains

The "final battle" of the season begins. Bohman will crush Playmaker and create a perfect world for artificial intelligence, erasing all humans in the process doesn't bother him at all. Also, Roboppy is finally back!
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No title

Hi /a/! This is what I look like in real life. Isn't it cute?
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No title

Why did I make her look like Majin Buu, the psychopathic ignorant obese manchild who nearly destroyed everything? Good question!
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Make or request /a/rt.
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No title

Why are HxHcucks such insufferable virgins?
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Black Clover

New chapter is out

Also if you think if pic related is an asspull, consider to clean your toilet.
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No title

C* word
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No title

What’s /a/‘s opinion on Kinnikuman?
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Made in Abyss

April 20th - 1st movie premieres in Canada

April 25th - Tsukushi visits Italy

May 17th - 2nd movie premieres in the US
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Anon draw of Riku
Kemurikusa thread. Get in leaf-nerds.
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No title

Tell me what's wrong with this picture in your own words.
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No title

her beauty and magnificence sweeps the entire universe...
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Kono Oto Tomare!

>[HorribleSubs] Kono Oto Tomare! - 03 [720p].mkv
The 5 people watching this show, get in here.
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No title

Why didnt she scream "KONO HENTAI!" and slap him sending 50 feet into the sky after he touched her TATTAS?
No no NO, this is not how this trope is supposed to go AT ALL, I MAD!!!!
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Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari

[HorribleSubs] Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari - 15 [720p].mkv_snapshot_18.35_[2019.04.19_04.56.41]
Raphtalia is a good girl.
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Spice and Furry

Season 3 when?
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AiFure, Prichan, Shining Star, KinPri, Eggpets thread

Ds7_LtcU8AACEOD.jpg orig
Sad thread for sad idles.
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Zero no Tsukaima

Lets have a good ol thread about this pink midget and her dog
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Definition of fuck the villain of the series

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No title

>Last 5 minutes of the final episode
>suddenly male character is introduced
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No title

Uruuru or Saraana, /a/? Which one would you rather own?
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No title

You are now the head of this studio. You have 5 years to fix them. What would you do?
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No title

[Asenshi] Little Witch Academia - 19 [5C6E64D7].mkv_snapshot_19.37_[2017.05.16_00.33.54]
Why is Akko so dumb?
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No title

>cute girl
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Goku Fandom

/a/, could you explain to me why every shōnen debate about power levels and strength always ends with everyone proclaiming Goku as the strongest and most powerful? Their go-to phrase is "he can planet bust. that's like, such an impossible feat for most characters, but he can do it without even trying"

is that really all it takes to be crowned the most powerful? blow up a planet?
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No title

after seeing this on so many rec lists, i marathoned it. this is the worst anime i've ever seen. why is this piece of crap rated so highly, /a/?
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No title

Happy birthday to the best OreImo girl
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Kaguya thread

I beg you just give me another chapter already
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No title

Lets see....we got a 15 year old with little to no personality of his own, he wins literally all the fights hes been depicted in, and his stand is literally a one shot kill. And people think he’s the most well written jojo.
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Kyochuu Rettou anime incoming!


Where is the hype?? Why is no one talking about this?
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Ano Hito no I ni wa Boku ga Tarinai

Ch 11.5 of Kawaii Eldritch Abominations
dumping. By the way being a side chapter and all it's a bit short.
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No title

What will anime look like in future decades?
16 images | 72 replies

No title

What comes to mind?
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No title

Why does this show feel like Futurama?
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Zombie Land Saga

This is my incredibly beautiful zombie DOYANSU wife who just got a haircut. What do you think?
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What do you think about Kobayashi-san-chi no Maid Dragon: Lucoa wa Boku no xx Desu?

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Hi, we make orchestral (and also other styles of) arrangements of anime music, record it and produce it to then post in on youtube for fun, and for the satisfaction of having you think we're very cool.

We put out these three arrangements this week:
Fly Me to the Star (ShoujoKageki Revue Starlight) -
Happy Interlude (ShoujoKageki Revue Starlight) -
Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san PV music -
Next month is usually the busiest of the year, so expect to see more stuff on our channel in the coming weeks!

We're always looking for others to join us and have fun by arranging, playing and mixing stuff.
Come here to see what pieces need what parts recorded -
No matter how rusty you are, we're sure to find some way you can contribute, and you can record stuff with your phone so don't be shy.
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maid dragon 82: fafnir and akiba

1 images | 4 replies

What is the appeal of Nee-sans?

What makes them so great?
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No title

ITT post literally me's
12 images | 14 replies

How would you fix SHAFT?

Anime DVD/BD Sales in Japan
Shaft Bakemonogatari *79201
Mappa Yuuri!!! on Ice *69520
Sunrise Gundam SEED *68959
Pierrot Osomatsu-san *66770
A-1 Granblue Fantasy *57041
Ufotable Fate/Zero *52285
Wit studio Shingeki no Kyojin *52078
Satelight Macross Frontier *46297
Kyoto Animation K-ON *43878
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No title

which name does /a/ prefer, Oliver or Tsubasa?
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(It Seems I'm) Young Again in Another World

You wouldn't a demon girl (male), would you?
avoid the other "anime-only" isekai thread if possible]
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No title

What a rad lil' fella
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No title

[Akashiro] Brother, Dear Brother - 21 [720x544-H264-AC3][E49FE2DB].mkv_snapshot_05.47_[2019.04.21_01.11.40]
>What is this, a sorority for ants?
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No title

It's been 10 years
12 images | 103 replies

No title

Quality children's programming.
8 images | 14 replies

No title

Season 2 when?
72 images | 199 replies

No title

Why allow kids to learn knowledge they can use for their escape?
Why not only select books that teach medieval level science?
Why teach kids about technology like bugs when they don't even have to deal with them on the farm?
Why let kids learn about geography?
Why not teach kids that the lump in their ear is a natural part of human anatomy?
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No title

[HorribleSubs] Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai - 03 [720p].mkv_snapshot_10.46_[2019.04.20_22.33.59]
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Sailor Moon

The movies got cancelled and they haven't told anyone right?
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