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Welcome to /3/ - 3DCG, 4chan's board dedicated to 3D imagery and modeling.

If you're reading this, you probably got this linked to you because you posted a question that has already been asked many many times. Read ahead, and find your answer.

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James cameron team uses Blender
So.... Blender is not used in professional environments, hu! James Cameron design team uses it what do you think now
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/3/ Daz Studio - dollhouse general

Last thread: >>660707
Chacter creator 3 help ( (
resource pack (!OpE0XYKK!7wq_eI8OK1Xdvu6KHlUNu5FR7SUihrMHbNMcbia-QCA)

Vroid and the blender vrm importer (QUIDAM)

Hair creation:!uywlSQqS!GzZTEOGcRhiEr8Ve5hwsfQ

Pose tools for reference

Install Manager Package Maker (

For posting nsfw images, post them in the /aco/ general here >>>/aco/daz/
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No title

Did you hate it too?
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Who /3pol/ here?

Post your /pol/ related work
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previous: >>662167

This thread is for any simple and/or stupid questions about techniques/software. If you think you have a question that deserves its own thread, such as thoughts on [new technology], etc., by all means go ahead and create your own! Otherwise, please post in this thread.

Also, please do head over to the previous thread and help to answer any unanswered questions!
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Vray Next Vs Corona...Vs Fstorm

I have noticed in the last year or so many arch viz artists are moving form vray to corona.
Do you think its better? what about vray next- Gpu is pretty fast and the viewport live render is a good addition to. how about Fstorm?
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/wip/ - Works in Progress

not the questions thread edition

previous: >>664455

This thread is for comments & critique on whatever project you’re working on / have completed.
QUESTIONS GO IN THE /questions/ GENERAL: >>>/3/questions/

List of free resources (textures, assets, etc.):
If you’d like to add more links, post them here: >>637415
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No title

Corona Final Render 1
Feedback please!
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No title

Since avoiding insane poly counts is vital for game modelling, what do you find easier - straight up polymodelling or sculpting something out and then performing retopology? What parts about one method make you prefer it over the other?
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give me a plausible reason not to use sketchup
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No title

Shells 3
What is the best way to make fur shells in Blender? I can't seem the find any tutorials or information on this. Everything I turn up involves baking everything from the fur mesh to a single texture and mesh, nothing really covering shells.

Pic related is my attempt at baking a hair particle system converted to a mesh then baked to 5 textured shells only baking the direct diffuse light. So far after messing with the bakers in blender such as AO and Normal, this seems to yield the best results, but I am sure better can be done.
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No title

oot comparison
How did they go so wrong?
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No title

I'm trying to model a face with poor references: one front view and a 3\4 portrait style view.

I have no information on the camera used, focal length, lens or anything like that.

Other that fucking around randomly with scene cameras to try and get it right, is there any method or utility that can be used to at least get it in the ballpark? The few I've found through Google only seem to work with architectural photos with plenty of orthographic lines to reference.
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How to not go full retard in Blender

Hey /3/
Any advice on how to get started as a noobie in Blender? I tried watching tutorials but my eyes started bleeding. Tips and references would be nice. Thanks!
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No title

So whats the general opinion on 2.8?
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No title

>be me
>making nsfw comic for discord group
>send progress pic, image related
>forget to clear browsing history
>next morning
>preview wide open when i get up
>live only with my mother
>conservative christian boomer
>tfw your mother sees your wip tentacle porn
>tfw she leaves it open and says nothing

While i'm slitting my wrists, post your nsfw work in this thread
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No title

/ic/ here, I'm slowly mastering the trad art, at what point should I advance into blender and 3dsmax (know some basics, but still grinding hands and faces and perspective daily and it keeps me busy)? And what should I consider if I want to do /3/ stuff for living? I'm 25, no time for failures or changes of mind, anymore.

Are video games and TV (quite common in here) the only jobs that make use of 3d stuff?

Is 3D printing (modeling in CADs) an employable skill outside of niche marketing companies?
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No title

The cost/effectiveness ratio in the field of 3D is worse than in any other design branch.

The amount of time need to be put in to even learn even the slightest of basics is not comparable with any form of visual design.
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No title

>forgot that you're using a cracked version
>send crash report to autodesk
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No title

Rate my low poly model. Also general low poly thread. I am gonna post some.
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Easily deserved! I admired the final battle! Next up... Best Picture!
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No title

How do they keep getting away with it????? This entire movie is shit babby tier cg. Why do we even try anymore when this is what gets released into theaters?
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SceneCity download

Does anyone have a (torrent) link for a SceneCity download?

Ive been trying to model a city for 4 days now and it just looks absolute shit. The addon is way too expensive right now.
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No title

Arashio for mmd
This, please
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How much should I charge my client?

I'm doing the cover for an album, need to do the 3d design for a creature and then some graphic design (probably illustration) on top.
How much should I charge my client considering this is the first commissionI take?
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Topolology thread

quadlets b.t.f.o.
>n-no ngones and t-triangles
How can quad fanatics even recover from this? Boys who made the very algorithm you model for tell you it's o.k. to put them strategically if you have no other choice
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Were CGI actors the stupidest thing?

Why would anyone think it was a good idea? The whole advantage of non-live-action is that your characters are built from the ground up, they can look exactly like their creator envisioned. They aren't just another actor playing a different role, but the character at its purest.
But, yeah fuck that, let's constrain ourselves by reusing the same character models.
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is there money to be made in cartoon porn parodies

Is cartoon porn parodies a lucrative industry? I think I’ve got some pretty good ideas. I’ve been doing a lot of tutorials from this guy called
Blender guru and I’m ready to take the next step in my career
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No title

where do i go for quality anime modeling
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Blenders 2.8 addon treasure trove

I want to start modelling and UVing in 2.8. /r/ a list of the required addons to make this doable, and if paid, where to find the free versions.
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Drawing vs 3D

Sorry for this generacy.

But. im a failed comic artist. Or rather one in training. I wanted to make a hentai with a story. I uploaded pages online, but i just never got any views cause im pretty bad at drawing. ive been tossing and turning in my bed, thinking about future. And i come to conclusion; drawing doesnt feel rewarding at all.

im thinking about what i want from art. And
i want to capture that feeling of being 14 again and watching hentai at 3 am on a school night- the greatest feeling in world.

so. i was thinking. Maybe i should try to do some episodic porn series, with 3d animation. But. i have no idea what i would be getting myself into. And how many months of work i would be looking forward to; creating my 5 min episode 1 of porn series

So /3/. I ask.
Should i do it. Should i try to make my hentai series with 3d modeling and give up drawing? Or not. I will say, it will be weird doing animation, since i am a manga purist (except for fapping)
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Gravity Rush 2 models

kat worker cute
Someone finally ripped models from the game
Is anyway gonna do anything with them, if it is even possible?
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No title

I have no idea if this is useful to anyone but here,100 premium 4k materials for blender for free

Also free resources thread (not only Blender)
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What do you guys think about MOL 3D?

Looks really great for rapid prototyping stuff
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Newfag here

images - 2019-02-15T17:26:08.632Z
Any tutorials to make a female body with CAD? Used a CAD software to model some robots before but I wonder if this could work for more organic stuff
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No title

Any recommended tutorials for creating hard surfaces in ZBrush?

I've tried shadow boxes and using the clip curve thing but they don't look as clean.
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Should the bottom face of the floor overlap with objects?

At least on render, it doesn't seem to affect the top floor.
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mRay (1989 - 2017)

anyone still using this legend?
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Replicate this style ?

I realise it might be a meme question (At least it's not a programs war thread) but do you people have any ideas, advices, explanations on how to replicate the style they used for this JoJo fighting game:
(Especially starting from the timestamp I put since the models are slimmer and that's what I'm aiming for)

I'm getting into 3DCG specifically for video games and when I see the critics of some assets you people posts, I definitely know that I'm not reaching for the level of details you guys aim for.
I love that game's artstyle so if I could specialise on that particular artstyle, I'd be more than happy even tough it's not that detailed (compared to models for movies or shortfilms I mean or even other games).

So tell me everything you can tell me by looking at this video, I mean everything, I need as much infos as possible so I can practice to reach that level. Let it be in terms of texturing, modeling, shading, I need every information about that artstyle.
I'm a little bit more interested in the faces than the rest but like I said, I want every piece of knwoledge you can extirpate from this video.
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ITT: Old 3D


Do you think they also played with boob size parameters back then?
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No title

ITT: Photographs that look like bad renders
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No title

New version of houdini officially on the way for March 7th, what's on your wishlist lads?
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No title

Where can I find a quality update of a Night Elf model with the WoD update?

There's a huge assortment of links through Google that are all of questionable quality (old model, custom edits). I just want the canon WoD model for the Night Elf.
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No title

I used to do tons of work with 3DS Max back in 2000-2009. It has been a decade since I touched 3D programs. What is the best way to dive back in? Which program (Max or Maya) is better (I do architectural renderings mostly)?

Thanks for any help, truly, getting back to the skill level I was at seems like a daunting task, any other tips?

pic not my work, just something similar.
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No title

Is it true that video game companies forbid 3D models of children to have anything beneath the clothing? It's apparently to prevent nudity in mods.
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cant into SSS

guys i want to make sweet shinny monster skin and guts but i cant find any good resources on painting subdermal epidermal and scattering maps.

p.s. im not rendering in blender guys sorry
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No title

Working on recreating my room in blender as a bit of practice (all I've done before is the donut)

any suggestions? I'm trying to make all the materials procedurally using nodes, should I just suck it up and stop fucking around with that and download some premade materials?
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No title

hello i just made 3d
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No title

Need help,
Couple of years back there was a very easy to use software for creating avatars, I cant recall what the hell it was called. It suited me because absolutely every aspect was controlled by sliders, almost like the way you'd create an avatar in SecondLife but far more detailed.
Does anyone know the name of this software?

pic nor related , but life size Baby Groot so why not?
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No title

How do I make poly that looks pixelated/no aliasing?
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No title

>when you put the animation to render overnight and you go to bed and the pc acts like a room heater
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The Hollywood Sonic Modeling thread

With the recent reveal of the Sonic face from the sonic movie, the obvious course of action for /3/ is to be making the movie model for animations. So, i´ll be using 3dsmax an Zbrush to sculpt him, as he is... well, curiously similar to the models i usually make.
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No title

How long would an employer expect you to work on an individual model? pic related, how long should it take to model for a professional?
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Integration Fusion in DaVinci Resolve

Fusion has been integrated into DaVinci Resolve. I do not know what to choose. How well Fusion is integrated into DaVinci Resolve? It turns out now you can get by just DaVinci Resolve and Fusion not needed separately? Or does fusion have more features?

I am interested in compositing static images using complex masks. But I would also like to try editing video in DaVinci Resolve.
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/fractal general/

anyone on this board know anything about 3d fractals? especially in houdini and mandlebulb 3d.
Im looking for a reliable way to use them in realtime in ue4. I always used mandlebulb's voxel slicing to get a mesh, but thats quite messy.

Just started to learn houdini and its amazing how much easier stuff is. the downside here is that I have to program most stuff myself in order to make the fractals as modifiable as in m3d.

Any helpfull tips on how to approach this?

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No title

Best software for freelance work?

3 images | 13 replies

Babies first doughnut. Was fun and a "more productive" hobby.

Copied Guru's tutorial. Next up i'm making an anvil, i'm a pretty slow learner but if I mash my head against it enough i'll start to get okay.
Share your doughnuts or first renders, would love to see em.
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Day E7
last thread hit the bump limit >>664179
show us what your'e working on
post questions here
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Manuel Bastioni Lab Backup

Does anyone have a backup of the plugin? I don't have the zip anymore and since the project is now "discontinued" I can't get them from the official site, and can't find them online anywhere either. I have the plugin installed on 2.79 now but I can't be sure I'll get all the correct files if I try to manually re-extract them.
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No title

I am advanced in IRL drawing and design as well as zbrush modeling, I want to learn how to make relativity simple to more advanced animations (not like a full movie) is cinema 4D the best option and if so do i need to use after affects in conjunction.

sorry if this is a dumb question i know nothing about animation or motion graphics but dont know where to start
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No title

Does 3D animation have as many liberals in the industry as 2D seems to have nowadays?
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Othagraphic references

Orthagraphics, model sheet, character sheets, turn-arounds, references

What ever you call them, post them in this thread
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No title

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Japanese common street stuff

Do you think I can find somewhere a collection of stuff that are common to most of Japanese urban settings like signs, poles, street lights and that kind of stuff?
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No title

it's over
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/UE4 & Unity/ - General Thread

OP of the UE4 general here - yep, I was pissed the thread didn't survive for the full year. I was planning to update it in 2019, but didn't really pay attention in the last few months to notice that it has actually been killed by all the new garbage threads that got opened in the meantime.

Opening a new one, but this time let's add Unity here as well. It keeps getting better and better and it has actually been my main engine for the last few months (still prefer UE4 though).

Hopefully these threads will be more active this year.
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No title

>shitty unedited videos filled with ums and ahs that don't answer any questions
>short, edited and scripted videos that answer the question from beginning to end, and even answers questions you didn't think to ask
SEO was a mistake.
Videos were a mistake.
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/wip/ - Works in Progress

argument-free edition

previous: >>662591

This thread is for comments & critique on whatever project you’re working on / have completed.

List of free resources (textures, assets, etc.):
If you’d like to add more links, post them here: >>637415
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No title

Screen Shot 2019-02-01 at 3.40.45 AM
What's the best way to make a face?

Pic related
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Copyright infringement modelling

Hey guys, recently I got started using Blender. I'm working for a person who seeks to make a profit off of a copyright licensed franchise for his videogame. Will I get into legal trouble if I don't make any profit from said work but the company does? I'm only working for this guy in order to get valuable field experience. Pic unrelated
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Lets talk /3usiness

To all the artists working for themselves (not in a studio or a company).

How good you are at marketing and selling your services and creations? You could be an amazing artist busting out phenomenal meshes/sculpts, fantastic textures, smooth animations but if you are not a business guy you will end up starving.
Name a few ways you are turning those polygons into cash.

Local market research?
Sites that sell 3D stuff?
Spamming your portfolio to companies and offering them your services?
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No title

Starting with polymer clay or Play-Doh a good way to practice the fundamentals since my PC and laptop are too low end for 3d modeling?
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Arch Viz

anyone into archviz?
I use 3ds Max and VRay

share resources, tips, tricks, whatever

also do u think UE4 will be important going forward
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Purl - Pixar’s awesome new short

>be me, late afternoon yesterday, cleaning up the house and preparing dinner so it’s ready when my wife gets home from work
>I hear the school bus pull up outside and suddenly my son races through door
>he’s screaming about Pixar, I can barely understand him
>I notice immediately he has grass stains all over his brand new skirt I just bought him, I scold him and tell him to go change so I can try and get the stains out
>he doesn’t even listen, he’s too excited, he grabs my iPad and pulls up the newest Pixar short
>it’s flipping awesome

Thought this was a cute story I’d share. This short is seriously awesome and the animation is absolutely phenomenal. Both my wife and I are 3D animators (we actually went to college together—I used to have to fix all her work so she wouldn’t fail her classes lol), and my son is becoming interested too. My wife works for one of the bigger studios, and we’re currently working on improving my portfolio so I can work at the same studio with her some day.

What did you all think of this short?
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No title







1 images | 6 replies

Persona 5 animations

Hopefully I'm posting this in the right place, I've been looking around but haven't been able to find what I'm looking for in terms of threads.

Would anyone have the animation files for Persona 5? Or at least point me in the right direction? I'm making a little present for a buddy of mine who's obsessed with Persona. Specifically the Protagonist and Mona, from Persona 5.

I've managed to collect all the character files I need but I'm coming up completely dry on any animations.

I've never actually tried ripping animations before, and I'm trying to hold off on buying the game just to give an attempt at ripping out the animations myself if I can avoid it. Wouldn't want to waste the time and funds for it if I end up not being able to do anything.
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No title

How do I extract mesh from unreal engine asset /3/?
Umodel doesnt seem to work on this model.
The game name is ascendant one by the way
2 images | 18 replies

I realy need a CGPeers acount

Captura de pantalla 2019-02-01 a las 10.48.49
i always get this fucking error
any advice?
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No title

Hi guys, I looking for model of APP3 pistik from Syndicate game. Is possible to port it, whether in obj or 3ds format?
Thank you.
0 images | 3 replies

No title

What was your longest render?
Do you have a renderfarm?
0 images | 12 replies


/3/, have you seen this? Substance has a new program in development in a closed beta called Alchemist.
This is fucking insane.
also has anyone tried Quixel yet? we are living in the future, anons.
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Vray for Maya 2019

the last vray for maya release on cgpeers is like 8 months old.

where do I find Vray for Maya 2019?
1 images | 11 replies

No title

Does anyone know of any hair brushes for Zbrush that work with the current version?

I downloaded MAg_Hair_Clump and MAg_Hair_Detail brushes but they don't seem to work anymore.
1 images | 9 replies

No title

Thank you Andrew Price, what a great tutorial!
Nearly 4 hours of video for a torus, couple of moves and a particle setting. And just wait, there's more... a cup. Now that's in depth.

I had to go on this epic adventure after seeing all the hype, to see if it really is a legendary experience as you folks make it seem. Not disappointed.
9 images | 46 replies

No title

mama MIA
according to, /3/'s next GET should be imminent.
2 images | 4 replies

No title

Whatever happened to bodypaint 3D?

I never heard about it after this movie (2007?).
1 images | 7 replies

Good Rigs.

Where do people download Character rigs extracted from games?

I'd really like to study the weight painting and topology of the street fighter series in general. I've also heard the Overwatch models people use to make SFM porn are astoundingly well rigged.

I know how to rig for film/tv, but I want to study it for games where you can't rely on blendshapes and shit.
0 images | 7 replies

Radeon ProRender thoughts?

Have you tried ProRender?
1 images | 8 replies

No title

what is the most snobby,hipster avant garde render engine?
0 images | 7 replies

Learning Resources

Can we have a nice, friendly, thread linking to learning resources we have used and enjoyed?

The paid ones I'm linking to are on cgpeers.

Anything goes, just provide a brief blurb:

Arnold Renderer:

Mograph Plus introductions:

If you want someone to read and demonstrate the manual to you these are great.

Arvid Schneider:

Long form videos mostly on procedural shader work. Can be a little rambly and disorganised, but I enjoy it because he'll solve problems during the videos instead of preparing everything in advance.


Houdini Dynamics. Excellent mix of organised tutorial with on-the-fly problem solving. Talks through his reasons for what he's doing in detail and is unambiguous.

Mostly fancy, VEX focused, tutorials. They have an introduction to vex and volumes on their patreon as well (on cgpeers)

Houdini infection system tutorial.

I'm just going through this now. Does what it says on the tin.


Four part series on sub-d modelling. Focused and concise. Enjoyed it a great deal. Taught in Maya but should be easy enough to translate to your DCC of choice.

Zbrush for Ideation:

Michael Pavlovich's updated introduction to zbrush.
Great for getting up and running.
2 images | 25 replies

What makes Maya especially good for animation?

Not intending to start yet another software war, but I'm relaly curios about the differences when it comes to rigging (and animating) in Maya versus Blender.
Whenever people bring up Blender, Maya people tend to reply with "but Maya's rigging and animation tools are way better". But what exactly does Maya do differently in this department?
I'm no master at rigging or animation, but both tools seem very similar to me. In my limited experience, I have come to prefer Blender because "it just works", in the sense that I don't have to pay strict attention to hirarchies.
I can simply make a rig in Blender and scale the root bone to scale the whole rig uniformly. When I make control curves, these don't have to be placed in their own special hirearchy. When I make a pose, I can copy and flip any part of it with a simple key-stroke (have to manually input inverted values in Maya for each and every bone - unless you have some sort of script, which often happens to be specific to a specific typeof rig).
So far, I just find rigging a lot more painful in Maya, and I'm wondering what the actual benefits are.
Maya also doesn't allow me to store several animations in one file, which makes it a bit clunky to use for video games where you need a lot of separate loops.
I'm pretty shit at editing curves, but here it seems Maya looks a little neater - Blender has one curve for each value on each and every bone on each and every axis, and it just turns into a massive spaghetti for me, most of the time. Is this what you mean when you talk about how Maya is "better for animation"?

Anyway, hoping for some actual answers, because I'd just like to figure out what tools are available and how to best use them.
3 images | 50 replies


previous: >>656785

This thread is for any simple and/or stupid questions about techniques/software. If you think you have a question that deserves its own thread, such as thoughts on [new technology], etc., by all means go ahead and create your own! Otherwise, please post in this thread.

Also, please do head over to the previous thread and help to answer any unanswered questions!
58 images | 321 replies

The Uncanny Valley

In aesthetics, the uncanny valley is a hypothesized relationship between the degree of an object's resemblance to a human being and the emotional response to such an object. The concept of the uncanny valley suggests humanoid objects which appear almost, but not exactly, like real human beings elicit uncanny, or strangely familiar, feelings of eeriness and revulsion in observers. Valley denotes a dip in the human observer's affinity for the replica, a relation that otherwise increases with the replica's human likeness.

Examples can be found in robotics, 3D computer animations, and lifelike dolls among others. With the increasing prevalence of virtual reality, augmented reality, and photorealistic computer animation, the 'valley' has been cited in the popular press in reaction to the verisimilitude of the creation as it approaches indistinguishability from reality. The uncanny valley hypothesis predicts an entity appearing almost human risks eliciting cold, eerie feelings in viewers.

Post examples.
18 images | 76 replies

No title

What do you consider reasonable pay for /3/ work?
1 images | 9 replies

Forest Virtual Reality 360º 4K CGI 3D

(Use your mouse to navigate around the 360º by clicking and dragging the video around).
1 images | 6 replies

No title

Somebody has her for xnalara?
0 images | 2 replies

ITT: We predict wich software will be next

to be neutraliz- ...added to a big software company! :)
3 images | 37 replies


Sup /3/, I was wondering if you guys have any new years resolutions? Not only 3DCG related, but any at all?

Share them here!
3 images | 34 replies

Where the hell did this pic come from?

So I am currently using this as my profile picture for youtube, I remember doing a reverse image search fo the boi and got some mod for gmod.

I'm sorry but this pic is just too funny.
2 images | 12 replies

No title

anyone else here have a degree in 3d but forced to flip burgers to make ends meet? I just had to get a real almost minimum wage full time job. Was just in the interview today. Now I'll have so many less hours to git gud. Wat do?
2 images | 15 replies

No title

Has anyone got renders like this beutiful man?
0 images | 5 replies

/3/ OC model database

Has anyone thought of creating a booru style user-uploaded archive for /3/ models? It could accept stl/obj and show previews for the models so you know you're not downloading shitposts.

I think this would be incredibly beneficial if something like this was created and put on the sticky and would be a good way to explore OC without searching through archived threads etc.
1 images | 3 replies


Post your anvils itt. You do have at least one, don't you, anon?
14 images | 41 replies

No title

this place really needs a separate gamedev/programming board
2 images | 28 replies

No title


Well, it's been fun while it lasted.
54 images | 268 replies

Anyone want to work on an indie horror game with me?

I don't even know if I'm going to talk monetization (but we could see) but I want to work on some kind of project to stay motivated and practice.
I admit I'm not the best and still learning so beginners who want to practice also are more than welcome. I can texture using substance painter and if I had to choose an engine it would be unreal chink shit 4 due to being a bit easier to handle. Also I figure if we as a team don't even finish we could always part out or package our assets for $ in a store and at least get something out of our effort.

Also as for coding mechanics we could keep it simple enough that even if need be we could find someone with basic skills to help us finish on that end after we have a solid enough 3D asset base built up and maybe a basic prototype...
Could be fun! Discord me at PallyCookie#9194 if you'd like to learn with me! (I'm heading off to work and my phone is bricked so won't be in thread much until later tonight sorry)
1 images | 24 replies


last thread hit the bump limit >>659820
show us what your'e working on
post questions here
86 images | 323 replies

No title

ITT we post images and others draw an outline other the images on what the low poly lines would be placed
5 images | 12 replies

No title

A single RTX 2080ti vs dual RTX 2080 on NVLink for archviz?

This is killing me right now.

Softwares used would be
3ds max
Vray rt/ next
0 images | 2 replies

No title

Something I've been working on which is inspired by metro and mad Max, I've tried to go for a very salvaged feeling to it. Although I am not happy with the shaders because my potato PC takes ages to render c:
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Re-Bake on Substance

the symmetry on my UV fucked up. If I re-unwrap, will I have to re-bake all the maps?
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First animation...preview export from 3ds.
What is this and why is it all black white and why are there vertical lines all over.
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Do you make new textures every time or just reuse already existing? What's the percentage of both? How big a material library should be?
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What's your
>job position
>formal education
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Windows7 Maya 2013 to Windows10 Maya 2018

Hay guys, haven't posted anything scene Christmas. Got burned out and I'm in the middle of switching to a better PC (*coaff* used *coaff*) Went over a video on 15 things to change when starting Win 10. Just got Maya 2018 working. Still loading the scripts I used.

Is the switch worth it?
What does it have that makes it better then Maya 2013 with rapid rig?

Also getting back into Zbrush.

WARNING Off Topic.
January I spent my time reading up on character arch types and design to give them personality traits and back story. To help the direction of my concept art. John Truby "GOLD" (learned about him when Stephen was talking with Brittany Pettibone) and google "character arch types" help. Along a with basic story. My current (lazy way) of doing it is to give them personality traits a, overall goal and then try and work out how they would act. Reminds me of D&D so much I think I will run a group in 2020. Will make an improvised sound room so my apartment neighbors wont think I' tripping on drugs.
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i made a Sonic

Show me your best work
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Is messing with the reflection strength / weight setting of a renderer allowed at all, if you want to get physically accurate results?
Pic related seems way too shiny to me. (100% reflection weight, 90% roughness weight, IOR 1.3)
Am i allowed to turn it down if i want to achieve photo realistic results?
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does anyone recall that visual effects book that had nonphotorealistic rendering of flames and it looked like something that had a really good stylistic twist? i was interested in buying it but i forgot the author's name. he posts a lot on twitter although that's probably not helpful. he animated all his effects and looped them in his tweets.
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Is Cinema4D or AfterEffects capable of procedually generating planes and other objects like in pic related.
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How do I make something with SOUL in Zbrush?
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If you are making a non-porn movie that takes place in a society that practices toplessness, is making it in CGI for that reason alone cheaper than filming it in live-action?
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Texture enhancing

So I’m working on remastering some old models and I want to increase their texture quality. Using photoshop only makes it blurry and it loses detail. My question is, Is there any AI software, or app, that can increase texture quality for free? I know let’s enhance exists, but the 5 pics limit makes it a no-no.
Also, my pc died and I’m stuck with a mac for now. So hopefully it works with a mac, or i can emulate it with one. I’ll go back to windows after that.
Pic semi-related
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If you had to model a face from a single, distorted photo, how would you go about doing it?
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Tell me what you wish you knew before you started doing 3D modeling?
Or the advice you wish someone gave you?
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cgmasteracademy courses

anybody bought their courses and asked for a refund?

This is their policy:
In general, there are no refunds for CGMA Master Classes. To obtain a full refund you must contact CGMA at least 5 days prior to the starting of the course.

Do I have access to the videos right away or do I need to wait until the course officially starts?

obv I want to buy and get refunded, ain't nobody got $700 to spare to git gud.
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Pls rate.

How do I improve this render?
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I am talentless
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big fat 3D cat tats get 88million views on YT

maybe we t/3/apots actually will make it in the end
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I´ve been playing around with this Jojo´s models, but i got a problem with textures being fucked up.
i havent learned yet about using textures, so anybody can give me a hand?
by the way found out the models by searching in google "jojo's eyes of heaven models" and the first forum from firepunch.
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is it sexy
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Is Animation Mentor courses worth the price they're asking for? How good are they? Can I find equally good or better tutorials on cgpeers? Is this all meme and I'd better learn everything by myself?
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Why is it when I copy pasted a 3D character, I have double the skin, double the faces. It tottaly fucked so much shit up for me, I have to individually delete every extra layer of faces just so I can repaint everything again with skin weights, what a bummer.
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Action figures

Just got a 3d printer, and am looking for a guide on creating my own action figures or some stl files of some. Thanks
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I have been out the loop with 3D for quite some time but now i need to create some 3D models for some gayms. What in the year of our lord almost 2019 is the most comfy and fun/easy to use software for 3d modelling and sculpting, is it Blender which now i heard has a cool new version?
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3D scares me

Any 2D artist here that moved to 3D?

I want to start learning 3D but the whole medium is incredibly intimidating to me, I think students might be fine but I'm self taught and don't know where to even begin.
If we were in 2004 when technology was simpler It might've been easier, but during the last 10+ years a lot of new techniques and methods to create and render a model are out there, making it more confusing

And the UI, just baffling, for 2D I can open any random Graphics program and understand what each tools mean in 5 minutes, but 3D is a high learning curve.

Some people say 3D is easier than 2D, but I find that hard to believe
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15 minutes /3/ modelling challenge

ITT: We model a dog (full or partial)
>15 minutes max, not a second longer
>quality and how you model it is irrelevant, just get it done
>post the result ITT
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retard attempting to character model

whats the best way to go about putting this head onto the body? tutorials I've seen don't seems to work this kind of head. i plan to use in a game.
this model doesn't have much of neck, is it viable not attach it to the body and just rig it how it is? If i must attach it whats the best way to deal with difference in polygons.
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Bet you can't model this

Title says it all, show what you got.
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maya blender etc

Ok I know we have 17 threads on maya (or maya vs blender) but none of them actually answer the question?

why is it that maya is better, an industy stanard and blender is literally never ever software?
why is the streamline into game engines so easy with maya?
why do blender models always look so cheap in comparison to maya?
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cinema4d users are worse than blender users

Like holy shit %70 of the C4D users are just beeple wannabe instagram cucks that can't do a shit without their kitbash sets and "if it looks bad just add more bloom" Octane renderer. Oh and also what kind of a retarded nigger pays for a plugin that solely adds reflections to materials? Man I miss XSI..
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Im trying to figure out how to aproach such object as shown at this image.

Im trying to create similar effect using 3ds Max, Im not really sure how to aproach it.

Is that more of a liquid or smoke? also how should I aproach and what soft should I really use to create it.


PS. Anyone experienced in simulating fire wants to give me some lessons for a buck?
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Legal thread

I made 80% of the assets in my game in the educational version of Maya.

I heard that if you purchase the monthly Maya subscription, you can just open the asset and re export the model in order to clear the educational tag and make it available for commercial use.

Is this true?
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Octane 4 for c4d

Is there a octane 4 or at least 3.08 crack out there? for c4d

thanks, im newb to 4chan
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Exactly how old are the younger Daz characters supposed to be?

What age is Olivette?
What age is Julie?
What age is Josie/Kaylee etc?

Its all fairly ambiguous
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Houdini apprentice

Houdini apprentice has export restrictions in FBH and alembic. I can use OBJ to export the grid in May for the next render.

The only restriction is the export of particles and liquids?
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THIS is how you do it.

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Realistic Human Faces

So over time, ive noticed that both videogame and render human faces tend to look less reslistic. Not because lf the texture or model quality, but there is something I feel after looking at them that doesn’t tell me “This is a guy I might see on the streets one day”
I don’t know what it is, I think it has to do with the eyes. They always look a bit big and like “default slider in character creation program”
What are your advices on realistic faces, in terms of characteristics and general shape?
For now, I dlnt have any pic, wich is why that unrelated.
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Can someone please help me? I need help weight painting. I have NEVER Done it before. I rigged my model, the only thing left is weight painting. It's only Arms and hands... if someone doesn't mind, could they do this for me? If you are interested, let me know and I'll send .max file... thanks
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Can't find textures

Screenshot (12)
I tried making Guts DragonSlayer(from berserk), but i can't find any good texture website where i can download textures for free
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