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Welcome to /3/ - 3DCG, 4chan's board dedicated to 3D imagery and modeling.

If you're reading this, you probably got this linked to you because you posted a question that has already been asked many many times. Read ahead, and find your answer.

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What is your job role and what software do you use?
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last thread >>666179

what are you working on?
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how do i do this but in 3dsmax?
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No title

Is it possible to make a render like this without any use of photoshop?
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No title

Any good exercises or resources to practice 3D? I'm a beginner in blender and while I know the basics I want to learn fundamentals and general knowledge. Cheers
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No title

I am either stupid or Maya is extremely cumbersome unless heavily customized or you learn to use the pie menu like some mythical god.
I have worked in 3ds max and blender for a few years and i tried to get into Maya, someone please give me some motivation or im just going to give up and stick to those two because going into menus for every operation will drive me nuts.

Good for retopo tho, that thing they have down from what i have experienced so far. Edge relaxing is cool tool

oh and,
Can you customize mouse navigation?
Can you get rid of the stupidly high thickness of the edges when you crease them?
Is the nurbs modeler worth it or should i go straight for rhino?

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Redpill me on Rhino.

What are my options if this is the only software I know?
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No title

so /3/, how's the job search coming along?
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No title

2.8 or 2.7?

All the tutorials and materials (including huge amount of books I got for free as a local college was throwing them away) are for 2.7, but learning 2.8 seems more future proof as it's an almost complete overhaul of UI and it is the future and will be a standard for a while.

In classes and in my imagination, making low-poly furry games, the 3D business seems fun, but browsing youtube and /3/ makes overly worried over redlines of vertex. I regret dropping PhD in romantic comedies so much.
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/3/ Daz Studio - Leatherman edition

hey buddy i think you got the wrong thread
Last thread: >>672649
Chacter creator 3 help ( (

Vroid and the blender vrm importer (QUIDAM)

Hair creation:!uywlSQqS!GzZTEOGcRhiEr8Ve5hwsfQ

Pose tools for reference
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No title

>be me in 2008 have shit computer
>use maya
>computer shits itself with a mere 100k polys
>use xsi
>no problem bro, I've got your back
>handles 5m polys easily
>There will never be another 3d software as intuitive, fast and responsive as XSI
>future versions of windows wont support it
>linux versions are nowhere to be found on the net
Why bros? Its almost as if it was erased from existence.
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No title

When God created the universe and the Earth, if he used a 3D Modelling program what would it be?
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How ???

How the fuck i can animate 3d PORN (SFM/Blender/Maya/etc) without fucking horny godfucking dammit.
Everytime i animate porn, i always get fucking horny, faps, cums, and lost motivation and will to animate. Repeat that at every fucking single day.

Someone help.
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contributors edition

previous: >>672337

This thread is for any help you need with your work, regarding technique and/or software. All simple and/or stupid questions should go in here too.

Also, please do head over to the previous thread and help to answer any unanswered questions!
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jewish industry plant funny rapper releases woke climate change CG video


what do we all think of the CG in this? and feel free to post high res stills if you have any so we can make fun of the shitty hair rendering
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No title

opinions about rhino6???'
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No title

is this a Meme?

Thinking about buying this, Blender is giving me cancer since I cant even select and parent Objects in the Outliner or delete them without having to move my cursor in to the viewport like I have autism.

My Idea is that I can get around buying Cinema 4d Studio by using this plugin in Cinema 4d prime
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should I put this render in my portfolio?

what are the chances that my job employers would know where this is from?
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No title

What's the best way to do character models for an rpg game?
I'm currently trying to do my first one, starting from a cube. Am I doing it right?
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ITT: Old 3D


Do you think they also played with boob size parameters back then?
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Othagraphic references

Orthagraphics, model sheet, character sheets, turn-arounds, references

What ever you call them, post them in this thread
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Why the fuck are these godawful things used in every single 3D editing program nowadays? Are regular human beings expected to be able to read this tangled spaghetti of wires or do you need to be a reptoid from the 8th dimension to do anything in this industry?
Fuck, it hurts my eyes just looking at them.
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No title

>browsing random animal models in turbosquid
>everything is above 30 dollars, most of the time costing 100 and up to one fucking thousand dollar tiger
Why are 3d models so expensive? Lots of them even look like garbage but they still cost 60 dollars
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No title

Where I can see low poly nudes of waifus having sex?
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No title

I am talentless
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No title

Is it just me or is 3ds max so fucking gardbage?

>long time user in blender
>decide to move to 3ds max for architectual visualisation, since everyones using max apparently.

>oh, everything done to the object are added as modifiers. thats fine....
>want to extrude something
>huh thats funny I need to convert the object using a modifier, instead of puhsing the tab button in blender
>huh thats funny, the extrude function is only going in one direction.
>thats ok, i'll watch a tutorial on how do it properly, thats from 2006 , but it doesnt matter since max hasn't changed at all since then.
>remind myself that the simplicity in blender was better because you could create what you wanted faster.
>remind myself again that blender has changed FASTER than max.

I get 3ds max has a big learning curve , but it can't be this difficult just to make simple objects? Compared to my start in blender all those years ago, I was faster at creating and editing things than I was in max. At least Maya is better in every regard because it closely resembles blender functionality. Simple functions and shortcuts to edit your mesh. So why cant max do the same? Get rid of the uncessasary options and modifiers, and update the UI.
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Animating low poly character models?

Hi guys, freelance gamedev here. I got into the developer side of gamemaking with a very strong 2d art foundation, which has allowed me to actually make some really nice stuff leveraging texture painting skills. So I'm also a little bit good with blender. I can make decent low poly models and texture them quite nicely.

Now I have a new project in mind, it's a 3d shooter that will attempt to capture the low poly charm of quake1 (the game that defined my childhood).

I'm torn between a crucial question though: how hard is it to animate low poly enemies? they don't have to be beautiful animations by any means, but I'd like them to read and transition somewhat cleanly ofc. If you guys advise me against it, I can always do billboard agent enemis in the style of doom and duke nukem3d (pic related). but that would be a bit less awesome than if I were to manage to model and animate them.

I look forward to you guyses advises
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Substance Painter/Designer

Oldfag here. Trying to pickup whats considered industry standard tools.
Been using mudbox for the longest time, recently finished my first 'real' project in zBrush, as an example.

When it comes to texturing I have always used Quixel, but want to pick up Substance designer/painter now.

What are some things you wish people had told you about substance when you started out?
Any guides you guys reccomend?

Tldr. tips for beginners in substance painter/designer.
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/wip/ - Works in Progress

we're all shader techs edition

previous: >>674186

This thread is for comments & critique on whatever project you’re working on / have completed.

THIS IS NOT THE THREAD TO ASK FOR HELP. If you need any assistance in your work, visit: >>>/3/questions/

List of free resources (textures, assets, etc.):
If you’d like to add more links, post them here: >>637415
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Hey, where can I find some images/references of good modeling topology? I'm talking about for animation of mid poly characters, say 10,000 verts or less, maybe even half.

What are some good search terms or websites?
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No title

Extremely new here. How do I create wire frames like this? Is it hard? I'm only interested in creating wireframes to convert the design to embroidery. Could you do this with free software or am I better off just paying someone to do it?
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No title

how do you create this in blender

i killed a thread for this without even breaking a sweat so you better tell me or else
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No title

I'm modelling my own minigun because 100% of the free assets one can download for games are utter complete super horseshit and I'm so tired of it.

But how can I make it so Blender places the UV's of duplicate objects exactly above one another? Or can this only be done manually?
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/UE4 & Unity/ - General Thread

OP of the UE4 general here - yep, I was pissed the thread didn't survive for the full year. I was planning to update it in 2019, but didn't really pay attention in the last few months to notice that it has actually been killed by all the new garbage threads that got opened in the meantime.

Opening a new one, but this time let's add Unity here as well. It keeps getting better and better and it has actually been my main engine for the last few months (still prefer UE4 though).

Hopefully these threads will be more active this year.
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Can I get legit reasons why I should learn Maya instead of Blender 2.8 for modeling?

I already know blender is shit compare to ZBrush in sculpting
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Who /3pol/ here?

Post your /pol/ related work
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Fisheye Lens

Is there any fast 3d software that allows you to do real-time quick mockups of fisheye lens perspective?
Something like SketchUp but suppoorts fisheye lens.
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Free, Easty-to-Use Animation Software

What is the best free, easy-to-use software that you can create shitty animated videos with? When I say shitty animated videos, I mean simple things like these based boomer videos: [Embed] [Embed]

I am trying to emphasize "easy to learn" and ease-of-use. I simply want to create shitty animations like the above two as quickly and easily as possible, nothing extremely professional.

What were those videos likely made with? How does animation work? Do you have to draw by hand and then polish it up/use it via software or can you create it via software? How can I take an image/drawing and then use it to be animated in other scenes? How long does it take to learn? (I realize that is vague and depends, but oh well.)

Bonus if it's on Linux also.
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Importing fbx in Blender with textures

I've never tried importing someone else's fbx model into Blender until now and I can't seem to import it with all the textures applied to every part, Its just all white I would have to assign every texture manually which would be.. very tedious.

Am I doing something wrong or? This is a very commonly searched question and yet none of the videos or posts have my exact problem.
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No title

You are all so fucking pathetic I swear. Constantly bitching about material designed to teach newbies and echoing the same dead memes about donuts and shitting on industry level work you wish you could have been a part of.

How about this. One of you, please humor me and post some actually good 3D work of YOUR OWN. I am not talking the usual WIP stuff, I want to see some production ready assets, animations, custom materials, python scripts. Let's see some fucking work.

And with that work of yours, I would love to see at least one bit of positive advice for the newbies here based on your work.

I wonder how many of you can actually do this. Willing to bet this thread will die like the last thread I made calling you faggots out for how pathetic you all are.
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No title

I have no idea if this is useful to anyone but here,100 premium 4k materials for blender for free

Also free resources thread (not only Blender)
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Architectural Design is a fucking joke

>Work for an engineering firm as an in-house graphic designer
>Pretty much no interest in architecture or buildings, just a day job
>Company comes out with a new residential lighting system that they want to show off
>Problem is we have no budget to pay some company to make a concept render of the installed system
>Using Blender and a cracked version of Corona I fuck around extruding some shapes for about a week, watch some pajeet tutorials
>End up with the most boring cookie cutter pinterest-core minimalist house design you can possibly imagine
>Company has nothing better so we end up using it in our advertising push
>A month passes
>Get an email from HR
>My design has been nominated in the yearly national arch design competition by one of our customers
>It's actually fucking real
>5 months pass, I'm at the fucking awards show
>I don't win but come 3rd and pick up a cool $4000 USD for a design I smashed together in a week with a bunch of free models
>mfw someone fucking asked me what architecture school I went to
A fucking chimp could do this shit, get out there and do architecture /3/, it's ripe for abuse.
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Flat render on Blender?

I need to find a way to render only the texture applied to the model. I was a 3dsM user now I'm linusfag I use Blender and I know how to make the same procedure?
This a example what I'm looking for:
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what was the VERY first thing you ever made inside a 3D program?

inb4 dick
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No title

Looking for advice for the best way to learn Grasshopper in Rhino 3D for architecture, seriously struggling out here
(picture is not mine)
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No title

Can I hire people on here to do fairly low poly creature/character models? You wouldn't even need to texture them, I am more than happy to do that myself. You should however be able to deliver with a nicely unwrapped UV for this purpose.
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Sculpting muscles

hey guys where do you get your references when sculpting muscles in action? i know its hard to know how muscles should behave when all you have is man boobs and love handles so you guys must have tons of references or websites for this kind of situation right?
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No title

How to make rig on this? "follow the path" doesn't work. It need move forward from position A, down and change the angle. What else can I use?
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No title

Captura de pantalla de 2019-04-16 17-08-59
This is literally peak waifu /3/ skills.
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Hows this lookin?

Ok so im learning blender and im using a sackboy refrence sheet any feed back?
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No title

Massivit 1500
What's the best 3D printer? The one with the least amount of visible printing lines
3 images | 26 replies


Houdini general
What are you working on?
Post questions here
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SFM is dying
Stop using SFM. It is abandonware and will be unusable in about 2 years time. Put your efforts into something worthwhile like Blender.
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No title

Rate my low poly model. Also general low poly thread. I am gonna post some.
78 images | 200 replies

No title

Is anyone capable of ripping 3D models from Starcraft 2? If so, can anyone rip Zurvan's body version? I want to study the model a bit on Blender and can't find it online.
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No title

What program do people make those 3d hentai comics in?
God bless.
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No title

Do /3/ jobs even exists?
All I see is unpaid/revenue share work and jobs that require to have 10+ years industry experience + a portfolio that can compete with the best artists in the industry. How does anyone in 2019 even get a job?
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No title

Name one movie that utilizes CGI better than pic related. I'll wait.
2 images | 7 replies


Need help with three.js for an art project
1 images | 4 replies

The Hollywood Sonic Modeling thread

With the recent reveal of the Sonic face from the sonic movie, the obvious course of action for /3/ is to be making the movie model for animations. So, i´ll be using 3dsmax an Zbrush to sculpt him, as he is... well, curiously similar to the models i usually make.
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Need some constructive criticism..

I have been trying to make a realistic terrain render, specifically a scene where a hole in the ground appears.

Wanted to know how close to realism I am here, made a gif of the before/after. How close am I to realism? Thanks bros.
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No title

ITT: You recommend to me a tutorial where I (a retard and beginner) can learn how to create a simply high poly model , then create a low poly copy of it, and then bake a normal map of the high poly model. In blender.

>pic related: what I've chosen to create in this exercise.

I want the low poly model to be 6 faces only, but I want some scratches and tiny details to be normal map baked so it looks proper and nice.
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No title

Any tips for animating sfm/blender/Maya lewd? The best I can do is 3 keyframe loop
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No title

>forgot that you're using a cracked version
>send crash report to autodesk
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No title

>Browse a bunch of PBR models
>Take a peek at the unwrap
>See this

So is this how people UV unwrap nowadays? Just use 4K textures for everything so its fine?
2 images | 33 replies

No title

3d noob here interested in character design, how do i get started? which should should i learn first modeling or sculpting?
2 images | 37 replies

No title

How does one with absolutely no skills or knowledge in modeling, animation, or cg get into it?
0 images | 1 replies

No title

Are there any alternatives to his tutorials for learning blender? I cannot sit through his tutorials they feel very boring and I seem to loose interest really quickly. Do you anons know of anythings I could use to learn blender?
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No title

How can I map my UV's to SHARE a TEXTURE with different models in Blender?

There is no, to me, apparent feature that allows me to view the unwrapped UV's of ANOTHER model (that I do NOT have currently selected and am editing) while unwrapping my CURRENT model.

This feature would be necessary and expected, in order to be able to place the UV's optimally and save texture space. There is also no feature that permits me to export the STACKED UV's of all selected models as a single file.

Why Blender? Why don't you have such seemingly basic features? Is it time to drop blender and upgrade to one of the pro packages?

Pic related: What I'd like to do but cannot because Blender is garbo
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No title

ITT: we talk about how amazing my gibs look

Anon goes first. Well anon?
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No title

Where the hell are Kingdom Hearts 3 models bros? Rapunzel, Elsa etc? What the hell are you doing?
1 images | 18 replies

No title

Will 2.8 have big improvements to sculpting?

Will 2.8 be able to have an alternative to Substance designer and painter?

It's there any FOSS alternative on linux to substance painter and designer?
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No title

what does maya have that blender doesn't, except jobs and cooler animating tools

not a bait, really, i'm a begineer, just interested what can maya users back themselves up with, except "muh blender-cultists"
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No title

Do you guys think the business model of the vfx industry will change in the near future? Are we constantly going to be ignored and treated like shit by the big 6?
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No title

What’s 3DCG’s thoughts/opinions on Gnomon?
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No title


Sooo.. this ultra-realistic Pokemon design mixed with live-action and Reynolds' voice is shit, right? Why do they do this instead of actually creating a visually original movie that fits the series style and won't cause long-lasting nightmare? The old Pokemon/Hollywood bashing thread is RIP, so I'm reviving it I guess..

>inb4 a thread died for this, it was obviously a maya vs blender debate and nobody cared
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i made a video

0 images | 2 replies

Lighting in Unity for avatar

Which lighting do you prefer?
Any ideas how to make it better?
It's a static perspective. Real time rendering in Unity.
5 images | 26 replies

No title

how do you retopo properly?
is this good retopo?
i tried /3/
9 images | 36 replies

Opinions on the Rocks and Overcast Light Simulator 2019?

1 images | 21 replies

No title

How do you get bedrooms and small areas to look big in renders?

What field of view should I be using?
0 images | 11 replies

No title

Mari 4.5 has now a Materials System. Is this the beginning of the end for Substance?
1 images | 29 replies

What the fuck do you open a ".g2m" in

Right, so i'm a filthy pleb and knows fuck all of anything and I might as well ask here, in a certain game I play I had interest in just editing a model for shits and giggles and then seeing what happens, the issue is I can't even look into said model if I don't even know what the fuck to open it with, textures are picture related.
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No title

>the great debate

I'm a product deisgner and I usually work with Rhinoceros+TSplines and grasshopper but I want to step my game up (even if this setup is ideal for product design)

anyway, I want to create more complex objects, and since I'm learning Cinema4D I'd like to animate something to

what's the best of the big three, in term of versatility, resources and features?

also, keep in mind Autodesk 360 Fusion is pretty dope
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No title

A guy I know has been making a game in Unity and we've been arguing about whether or not its graphics qualify as isometric. To me, the answer is incredibly obvious, but I'm interested to see what y'all have to say about it
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Gravity Rush 2 models

kat worker cute
Someone finally ripped models from the game
Is anyway gonna do anything with them, if it is even possible?
2 images | 34 replies


i'll make some interesting op images soon enough edition

previous: >>669725

This thread is for any help you need with your work, regarding technique and/or software. All simple and/or stupid questions should go in here too.

Also, please do head over to the previous thread and help to answer any unanswered questions!
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No title

vivian james
We can make 2D art look 3D, but is there a way to make 3D art look 2D while still keeping 3D aspects. So something like this, but with 3D model.
21 images | 87 replies

How I add mesh for each face in Blender?

Hi, /3/
Somebody know how add mesh in each face?
This image will help you to figure.
1 images | 5 replies

Arch Viz

anyone into archviz?
I use 3ds Max and VRay

share resources, tips, tricks, whatever

also do u think UE4 will be important going forward
13 images | 101 replies

Looking for some models

So years ago I downloaded some metasequoia models from this Jap 3d artist off of his site. I'm trying to find them again, but I don't remember the name of the site I got them from. All I could find were a couple of stolen one's off of turbosquid for $9. Anyone got the source?

Pic related one of the only images I could find of it, the turbosquid one.
0 images | 0 replies

No title


Newest movie from the blender foundation.

Let's start the shitposting war.
22 images | 97 replies

No title

Need help with the textures from cc0textures.
Where does the disp, col, mask, rgh, nrm each respectively goes?

Using 3DS Max 2012 and V-Ray 2.0 (both cracked)
0 images | 2 replies

No title

Will I get shit on if I use sketchup?

It's so easy to use compared to 3DS Max but I get the feeling it's got a bad reputation.
0 images | 3 replies

>tfw your 30day trial of MD ended and you go back to making cloth creases by hand

2 images | 15 replies

Maxon Acquires Redshift

6 images | 20 replies

No title

look at this smol boi, isnt he adorable
8 images | 38 replies

Stl sharing

Where do people share paid STL files?
1 images | 2 replies

New blender open movie

Why tf nobody here is not talking about this movie?
For me it's better than previous movie called agent 327 or somothing but the mountains, rocks and all "nature" don't fit at all. Looks like they've bought assets for Unreal Engine 4 with super realistic shit.
0 images | 2 replies

ITT: What you like about making 3DCG and what you hate about it

2 images | 31 replies

My new render

What do you guys think about my last render?
0 images | 2 replies

Transitioning from drawing to 3D sculpting

>be drawfag for the last few years
>started using blender for the first time a week ago
>fuck it im giving sculpting a try although it will propably look terrible
>it fucking worked in the first try

Pic related, its my first sculpt. Could it be that drawing experience is actually 1:1 translatable to 3D?
2 images | 32 replies

What tablet do I need

I notice the regular Intuos doesn't have tilt, is that necessary for zbrush and other sculpting apps.
8 images | 33 replies

Custom Multi GPUs

Is there a company in Europe that builds solid stable custom GPU stations?

>>InB4 build your own
I rather not, got two left hands.

Any laptops worth buying for GPU rendering when on the go?
0 images | 6 replies

No title

Can anyone direct me where to acquire 3ds max for free? I'm a novice designer falling for the video game meme
2 images | 10 replies

No title

Screenshot_2019-04-08 ~ MIQUELA ~ ( lilmiquela) • Instagram photos and videos
What's this shit? Is it DAZ?
2 images | 15 replies

No title

2019-03-31 22_03_01-MainWindow
Need some quick help for Maya, looking for the best way to alter the mesh AFTER paint weights, rigging, etc

I'm currently making modifications to a model that I made and rigged and painted weights on, and I'm wondering, let's say I want to go in and delete or add some edge loops, something simple like that, what would be the simplest way to do this? I think I did this once already, but I think it was a fluke and I can't figure out how to do it again.

I would keep trying to figure it out through trial and error but my Maya keeps crashing when it gets confused with the skin weights, even if I unbind the mesh first, and then rebind. can anybody offer some tips on how to do this?

...btw, is 4chan the best place to post questions like this? I posted this exact thing on Polycount last night and I've got 0 replies and 20 views. There's no way fucking 4chan is the best place to get answers, right?
1 images | 12 replies

No title

Wwow this is hard
what do you wish someone had told you during your first 10 hours of modeling?

this is a first try at a head, so obviously I've got a verrry long ways to go, but I'm having fun and want to get better

i know blender sucks but im super poor
9 images | 59 replies

I made this

1 images | 2 replies


Is anyone using Terragen? I've been playing with it, but I confess I have no idea what I'm doing and need to find tutorials to learn it.
I've been recommend to try E-on Vue instead, but I'm not familiar with it.
0 images | 6 replies

specularcolor = (1,1,1,1)

0 images | 3 replies

No title

Hello, I've never really tried my hand at it, but I'm looking for suggestions on modeling hair. I'll probably port them to different games, etc Suggestions?

(Pic isn't my work)
7 images | 32 replies

The Uncanny Valley

In aesthetics, the uncanny valley is a hypothesized relationship between the degree of an object's resemblance to a human being and the emotional response to such an object. The concept of the uncanny valley suggests humanoid objects which appear almost, but not exactly, like real human beings elicit uncanny, or strangely familiar, feelings of eeriness and revulsion in observers. Valley denotes a dip in the human observer's affinity for the replica, a relation that otherwise increases with the replica's human likeness.

Examples can be found in robotics, 3D computer animations, and lifelike dolls among others. With the increasing prevalence of virtual reality, augmented reality, and photorealistic computer animation, the 'valley' has been cited in the popular press in reaction to the verisimilitude of the creation as it approaches indistinguishability from reality. The uncanny valley hypothesis predicts an entity appearing almost human risks eliciting cold, eerie feelings in viewers.

Post examples.
23 images | 94 replies

3D modelling

Hi guys. I'm fairly new to the whole 3D modelling world, so I would like to ask you, what is this kind of design called, the way the leg is made?
1 images | 10 replies

Autodeck to Blender

Is it true - rumors that Autodesk is paying to Blender to make its interface as bad as possible in order to circumvent the EU Competition Committee and maintain a global monopoly in the 3D market?

Is the EU Competition Committee aware of this?
2 images | 18 replies

No title

Okay guys, I'm feeling generous and is willing to give you the most valuable thing you can buy, which is time.
I recently got my hands on a more than average gpu, 8go of vram and I'm willing to make the render for you on Blender. Set up the camera and the resolution, the samples amount and I'll do it. Whether you don't have a gpu or wanna use this time for something else, I'll do it for you
Don't expect a 72h render tho, as my kindness is limited
>Pic related, vega 56
Oh and if noone is interested than that'll be just fine
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Maya 2019

How good is the new version? Was it a successful update? Is there an increase in stability compared to 2018.5?
2 images | 32 replies

/wip/ - Works in Progress

hope we don't need that message all the time edition

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This thread is for comments & critique on whatever project you’re working on / have completed.

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List of free resources (textures, assets, etc.):
If you’d like to add more links, post them here: >>637415
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Terrain Generation | Ari Danesh

>Masterclasses on houdini terrain by Ari Danesh
he mentions it in this video:

where can we pirate it?
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Does anyone have any recommendations on freeware to create 3Dpdfs ?
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Are there torrents for the CGCookie blender videos?? Where to find them?

I've lost my CGpeers login info, I had made an account there a while back and I always forget to make a new on on the 1st/15th of every month :(

pic unrelated
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Hey guys I need some help here, I dont understand why the edgeloop takes a 45 degree turn instead of going down the straight path can someone point me into the right direction?
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I want to learn blender, but it'll take a while because I'm so tuned to 3dsmax. Key and mouse controls are pretty much completely flipped so I'm struggling to get comfortable.

Is it worth it?
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Walrus Sculpt

Someone on a discord told me to start over cuz it looks like a lumpy sack of potatoes. I think that is fantastic advice/critique.
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Can't find love in this

:T i really not have fun making 3D models any more

but this is all i have

my day is boring
movies, games, series etc
its all boring

i don't know what to do with my life anymore
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Dark Shadows on Hair in Blender

What causes this and how can I fix it?
This is a xnalara model converted to Blender with an addon.
It happens to every model I use that has an abundance of hair planes/sheets.
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Paid rigging job/commission

There's a character from SFM that I really want to use in DAZ. If I was to offer cash for an artist to rig it for me how much would they expect to be paid? Pic unrelated.
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what should i do to practice

i bought monster clay and tools to get into sculpting what should i make to practice
pic unrelated
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How do you adjust the weights like this in maya instead of painting them with the brush? I can't seem to find the answer anywhere
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Want to make some money?

Hey guys, long time no see...

I need one of you modelers to build me a transformer head. I've built and rigged a transformer through kit bashing and modeling of my own. i could never build a good robot head tho...

the next few posts ill show you what i have so far and the kind of head id like you to build. the best head ill pay a minimum of 50 and a a max of 100

I'm a real industry guy i just suck at heads for whatever reason so this is a legit offer...
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Computer problem. Need input.

Computer was acting up last week and crashed on me with graphics failures. Thought it was graphics card. Updated and continued on my way and today it crashed and corrupted my boot drive. That's a new one for me.

Reinstalled Windows 10 and re-installed my editing software. Decided to test things out. Now that things have cooled down and were up to date, I started up a game that caused the crash and hard drive errors. Crashed again. But this time I restarted before computer could go full retard.

Turned comp off, pulled the GFX card, and started up no problem but with the obvious "you don't have a graphics card" aesthetic.

Ok, it must be the card... But wait... There's more.

After ordering a new card and fucking with some settings, i started to see hesitations. Well, duh, I have no GPU to share the load. But it started to show the same signs as card failure. So I started the same game but reset all the graphics to default. Immediately shit started flickering. Not the light show and sparkles that you get with the GPU, but like 1/4 of the screen going all diagonal and flickering black.

Question: I know the mobo isn't capable of handling extreme graphics, and even on the lowest settings, it can still get rough. But would it flicker or just skip frames as though laggy? I don't have another comp to toss the card in to try it out, so how do I know it isn't mobo, memory, or CPU problems, and the GFX is just fine?

I can't start the computer with the GFX card in. It says the boot drive can't be read when I do. So to me, that's a card issue, but my old experience with mobo gaming is just laggy as hell crap graphics. Not flickering and corrupted visuals.
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1553402899454 (1)
Suppose there was a person who was willing to spend any amount of money to 3D print a model's face and bust as realistically as possible. How realistic could you do it and how much would it cost? Asking for a friend.
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how hard is it to become a level modeler?
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disipline and motivation

how does 3 stay motivated? everything in cg takes a long time to do - especially animation.
I try to limit scenes to a minute, keep a proper routine when working and stream stuff while animating.
But the grind is still crushing. Sometimes I'm lip syncing for 5 days straight. Especially in blocking with no proper results for instant gratification I'm often left feeling lost.
How do you guys do it?
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How do I get a job?
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How to not go full retard in Blender

Hey /3/
Any advice on how to get started as a noobie in Blender? I tried watching tutorials but my eyes started bleeding. Tips and references would be nice. Thanks!
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crappy model

Screen Shot 2019-03-12 at 10.01.53 AM
this is first thing I ever made in 3d, I call it an Autard
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New major ZBrush version
buckle in
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what do you fellas think of "4k" update of ness' ssbb model?

>used ai gigapixel to upscale textures and to generally fill in gaps as well as attempt to increase quality
>cleanly subdivided the model (still some lighting errors sadly, im not perfect)
>recolored textures because its my preference (may have resulted in loss of quality)
>rendered with some neat lighting just because

im still fairly amateur but i thought it turned out pretty good, if anyone wants the .blend (im aware of how bad that sounds all things considered but its free) i'll post a link or somethin
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Night scene

This was my secondary scene. Inspired by one of GITS concepts.
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Photon printing problems

I've been getting this weird thing where the slicer file looks fine then the print just translates and mirrors a bunch of layers off to the side. Awful rafting all around. This does not happen with all models but rather only some even in the same print. Even changing the orientation of the model and doing the supports again sometimes fixes it.

Main screw is cleaned and greased. Platform is zeroed and leveled properly. Film is clean. Bottom layers, layer size, exposure time, and so on works with other models of a similar size and complexity. Tried slicing the same models in ChituBox and got the same result, just with ten times longer wait to slice.

Seems like it might be a firmware issue? Is this a known issue with a known solution? Google mostly just turned up contacting Anycubic for warranty crap or some facebook groups which I can't view. But it's getting fucking annoying. I bought the Photon new in December 2018 so it should be the latest I think.
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Tell me something optimistic regarding finding a /3/ job. I'm depressed but I suffered the past year to learn /3/ and /ic/, but the future's gloom. Add basic python knowledge and certified IT specialist and I'm jack of all the useless trades, but maste- employable in none.

Also, I'm fearing the fact that model might look "OK", but it's not Okay because there are better ways of making it or even internally it's a mess.
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/3/ Daz Studio - dollhouse general

Last thread: >>665682
Chacter creator 3 help ( (
resource pack (!OpE0XYKK!7wq_eI8OK1Xdvu6KHlUNu5FR7SUihrMHbNMcbia-QCA)

Vroid and the blender vrm importer (QUIDAM)

Hair creation:!uywlSQqS!GzZTEOGcRhiEr8Ve5hwsfQ

Pose tools for reference

Install Manager Package Maker (
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replicating shaders

anyone's got any leads to replicating shaders from other media? i'm specifically wanting to replicate shaders from ffxv or dissidia nt into ue4,any leads? i'm pretty fucking clueless here, i figured my best bet would be looking at colorless surfaces and trying to replicate it,or even downloading model rips and trying to make it look on par,i accept any suggestion or idea
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/wip/ - Works in Progress

>posts that are directed to the artist and not the work ("stop posting", "stop spamming", "you're shit", etc.)
>posts that do not elaborate (stopping at "it's ugly", "disgusting" without actually saying WHY)
>posts written intentionally to incite responses (nonsensically incorrect posts, anything that makes you irrationally upset)
We can't stop the posters, but we can discourage them by simply not acknowledging them.

we broke the streak edition

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This thread is for comments & critique on whatever project you’re working on / have completed.

THIS IS NOT THE THREAD TO ASK FOR HELP. If you need any assistance in your work, visit: >>>/3/questions/

List of free resources (textures, assets, etc.):
If you’d like to add more links, post them here: >>637415
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show us what your'e working on
post questions here
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Thank you /3/ for the textures. I'm getting the hang to it now.
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Guys you have to help me please. The limitations of my knowledge are like a massive ball shackle on my heels. I have a series of questions the answers to which might help me out tremendously. In the past I spent countless hours doing frustrating and stupid methods to achieve things that, had I known the proper workflow, would have been a 5 minute job in Blender. So I come to you instead of grinding on like an autist.

1. How do I make it so that I can actually put the UV's of all objects on the same file for eventual exporting? Right now Blender is treating all of the separate 'objects' (what are they even called? The things that represent several different 'parts' of the whole model in the upper right hierarchy) as if they required a unique separate UV. However in order to save performance and memory I figured it would be best to use a single Material in unity, and thus I want to export all of the UV's in one go. How do I actually set this up?

2. How do I export my UV's in a very high resolution? Right now (check following pic for example) my UV's are so packed and low res that I cannot possibly properly hand-paint them. But I see no option to export in 2048 or perhaps even 4096. Standard seems to be 1024 and that's it?

3. Is there actually an easier way to do this? I tried a pirate substance painter version ages ago and had an incredibly difficult time getting into it, but back then my research indicated that this is the go-to package for handpainting models. I mean there has to be some application that allows me to paint 'in real time' ?

4. How are normal maps actually made? In the past I kind of got away with creating a height map in crazybump or materialize based on the greyscale painted texture (diffuse I think it's called), and then working out a normal map based on that, with a little bit of photoshop editing afterwards to smooth parts out. Is there an easier way?

Thanks in advance boyos, I love you all. Sorry to spam your board so much.
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No title

Uncertainty regarding working in the game industry, is it worth it?

Currently I'm a 3D artist working in the marketing/advertising industry and while the work is totally underwhelming and average, the job stability is solid.

It seems like even the larger game studios are vulnerable to large layoffs or even completely shutting down shop if their latest title receives bad reception.

I'm just curious regarding other's thoughts on this, or hopefully hear from someone who landed a cushy 3D job and left to work on a game. I would like to do this in the near future but have a lot to consider since i'd be moving not just myself but also my partner.
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No title

Could you recommend a new computer for me to model on? Currently, I have a regular i7 core samsung windows 8 laptop and i just model on blender. it's not a great setup.

but I'm interested in an HTC vive and gravity sketch.

this computer is finally starting to crap out and im thinking its time to upgrade. i always wanted one i can draw on too, like a wacom cintiq (pic related.) if possible i want both if not, that's ok, maybe i'll keep them separate.

Any advice/suggestions?

(pic related is my pathetic attempt at 3d modeling rendered on sketchfab)
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